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Chapter 12 - Training

Chapter 12 - Training

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With the militia class change completed, Ouyang Shuo was ready to take them out leveling for the first time.

He led the group of people out of the barracks. He rode the poor horse and was in front of the new squad. General Shi rode his yellow horse and followed behind. Farther behind were the ten militiamen in leather, holding long spears in their hands.

Along the way, the villagers paused and stopped working, judging the militia who had undergone a big change.

“Hey, Niu Wazi, I have to enter the army! I did not know sire was recruiting people!”

“Don’t they look good! I have seen few armies so domineering. That armor is sparkling! Without acting, they could blind the enemy!” This was said in a jealous voice.

“Wow, we finally have an army. We won’t have to worry about wolves when cutting down wood. One thrust of a spear, the beasts will definitely die!” This was said in a happy voice.

“Wow, the general is handsome!” Auntie, please do not join in the fun...

“You have no taste. I feel our lord sire is more handsome. That marvelous stubble, the dirty linen clothes, that skinny horse, ah, ah, people cannot stand it, so handsome.” Auntie, are you boasting about me, or damaging me, ah? The great lord sire had an injured expression.

The recruits looked straight ahead with wide eyes, eyes not deviating. Their ears were opened wide, quietly taking in the words of praise and remembering them in their hearts. They followed Ouyang Shuo’s black face on his skinny horse, who led them quickly away.

For this time, Ouyang Shuo elected the leveling site to be the west side of the woods. This would not only give the team exercise, but also remove hidden dangers for the lumber teams, serving two purposes. While riding, he looked at his own stats.

Name: Qiyue Wuyi

Title: None

Territory: Shanhai Village

Merit: 500/800 Title: First Class Baron

Occupation: Officer (Sub-population)

Level: 6 (10000/15900) Reputation: Locally Popular (700/1000)

Body Structure: 18 Comprehension: 20 Qi: 5 Charm: 8

Commander: 12Force: 6 Intelligence: 6 Political: 12

Talent: Not open

Power law: None

Skills: Basic Collection, Basic Shipbuilding, Basic Diplomacy, Basic Assessment, Basic Weapons Proficiency, Basic Riding, Basic Spearmanship, Basic Archery

Mount: Poor Horse (bronze)

Equipment: Poor Iron Spear (bronze)

His time had been spent busily building his territory up. As such he had not taken a step out of the village, and was still at the beginner level of 6. Personal adventure mode players were already breaking level 15.

Teams of high-end players had finally been able to slowly kill enemies, getting the money and equipment needed to promote their strength and growth. From now on, the strength of high-end players was going to enter a relatively rapid growth period.

However, he wasn’t anxious at all. Lords had never relied on grinding to advance, but military action. Lords whose soldiers fought the enemy got 5% of the experience. In one battle it was easy to gain 3 or 4 levels quickly.

The group marched for half an hour and came to the primary logging field. They got off their horses and left them at the logging field and headed into the woods.

Their first encounter was with a pack of wild dogs. Ouyang Shuo looked at their stats with his basic assessment skill.

Name: Ordinary Wild Dogs

Level: 3

Skills: Bite, Pack

Evaluation: The dogs use teamwork to capture prey, their individual combat effectiveness is limited.

The level of wild dogs was only 3, just useful to train up low levels.

In front of this group of eight wild dogs, Ouyang Shuo told General Shi to select two men, each to take out a dog alone. The rest of the militia would split off to deal with the remaining five.

Seeing a wild dog charge his way, Ouyang Shuo did not retreat. Settling into his stance, hands on his spear, he followed the incoming dog’s path. As the dog leapt at him, his iron spear stabbed, straight into its neck.

Unfortunately, the spear barely went into the dog. The weight of the animal plus the force of its leap passed a huge amount of force into the spear, and he almost lost his grip.

Luckily, the dog was injured. Ouyang Shuo quickly pulled the tip out as he deflected it to his right side. As it landed, he thrust again, and pierced it dead.

“System Notification: Congratulations to player Qiyue Wuyi for killing an ordinary wild dog, your reward is 300 experience points.

To get to level 7, he needed 5900 xp, so he needed to kill 20 dogs. Using the basic collection technique, he harvested the dog’s body, and got a piece of wild dog skin.

[Broken Wild Dog Skin]: Quality 1, can barely be used to make clothing.

On the other side, General Shi was directing the two solo soldiers, and their two dogs were stabbed to death. To the side, the rest of the militia were fighting.

As it was their first time fighting, their performances were naturally miserable, and he was scolding them scathingly.

“Stupid, hold the spear stably! If you cannot even hold your own weapon, go home and be a farmer!”

“And you, aiming at empty air, are you a spearman or a fart?”

“You! Don’t stand motionless! Your feet move with your hands!”

Ouyang Shuo observed from the side that most of them were confused about what to do. There were only two of them who seemed to know what they were doing, jumping in and out while fighting.

One of them was the one who had been the first to change his class, Zhang Daniu, twenty-three years old. He was a horse-faced, tall man,who was very simple looking. He had said that his father was a hunter, and he used to follow his father into the mountains to hunt hunt often.

The other was called San Gouzi, twenty-seven years old, also very tall, but thin as bamboo. In the village, he was a character everyone called Dog Lord.

It took a full ten minutes for the fight with the wild dogs to finish. After a round of fighting, each militia member earned 150 xp, enough to hit level 2.

Two of them were bitten by the dogs, and had to apply Dr. Song’s golden cream to their wounds, then bandage them up. Taking advantage of this time, Ouyang Shuo harvested the other seven wild dogs, getting two good skins and three broken skins. Two of the dogs died so miserably that they didn’t even leave a broken or tattered skin.

[Good Wild Dog Skin]: Quality 4 points, suitable for making clothing.

After dressing the wounded, they continued forwards. Along the way, they encountered more wild dogs, sometimes in small groups, sometimes in bigger ones. With General Shi’s training, they didn’t panic, and started to show some basic discipline and teamwork.

The morning soon passed, the militia had risen to the 4th level, and Ouyang Shuo had 2000 experience left until the 7th level. At noon, everyone returned to the logging field to rest and get lunch.

In the afternoon it was back into the woods, directly into the depths of it. There , they no longer encountered wild dogs there, but level 4 wolves and level 5 wild boars instead.

Name: Ordinary Wolf

Level: 4

Skills: Bite, Pack

Evaluation: A group of cunning and patient hunters, always a headache.

Name: Ordinary Wild Boar

Level: Level 5

Skills: Charge

Evaluation: Looks stupid, but will attack until it dies.

The wolves were always in groups of less than ten. The boars were used to living alone, but sometimes a piglet and its mother would appear at the same time.

By 5 PM, Ouyang Shuo had reached level 7, and his collection skill had risen to the intermediate level, gaining a lot of wolf and wild boar hide. The militia had reached level 5, their combat power was now 6 points, and upgrading was becoming more difficult.

Unknowingly, they had come to the edge of his territory. A stone stood on the border line, engraved with the three characters of Shanhai Village. Next to the line was a line of small print, ‘Gaia, January 1, Year 1’, representing the date the monument had been set.

Because he couldn’t leave his territory, as he was the lord, everyone had to return with him, following the same route from which they had come from. Just as they were heading back, they heard a squealing roar nearby. Accompanied by the sound of breaking branches and thrashing leaves, the ground began to tremble.

Rushing out to take a look, it was a good target, which turned out to be a giant wild boar. It was twice the size of a normal boar, with big tusks curving up out of its muzzle. The hair on its back was white and bristling stiffly. With those two massive tusks, it looked like something dangerous to mess with.

Ouyang Shuo assessed it quickly, and was promptly terrified.

Level: 10

Skills: Brutal Charge, Earth Tremor

Evaluation: You would rather meet the god of the underworld than the wild boar king.

This was an unexpected surprise. In the game, monsters didn’t drop things often, with the exception of Boss creatures. The drops from Bosses were not money or equipment, but special items. Special items were very rare, and generally far more valuable than equipment.

To deal with this wild boar king, they needed General Shi to personally act. Whether it was Ouyang Shuo or the militia, sending either of them up would only be giving it free food. He couldn’t let the militia take the risk. Unlike players, NPC’s were dead once they died; you couldn’t resurrect them.

General Shi had spent the entire day playing coach and nanny, and his heart had long been tired of just watching. Seeing the wild boar king, he immediately grew excited. He first took out his white bow, aimed it at the boar, and with one arrow, hit and blinded it in its right eye.

Squealing in pain, the boar king immediately charged at him. By this time, Ouyang Shuo and the militia had discreetly retreated to the bushes and had hidden away. General Shi was worthy of his fierce name, choosing to neither stand nor flee, he threw himself directly at the angry pig.

Seeing that the man was charging towards it, the boar suddenly stopped and stomped on the ground with its front hooves. The ground under General Shi collapsed and he immediately fell to the ground. Seeing this opportunity, the wild boar king ran up, head lowered, its tusks glinting in the sunset.

In the nick of time, General Shi’s left hand slapped down and lifted him off the ground like a spring, escaping the pig’s charge. In midair, General Shi turned his body, feet together, his spear turning upon the big boar and holding firm. The pig barely reacted as the great iron spear punched into its neck.

At that moment, General Shi, seeing that the pig was going to hit him, leapt into the air. His feet came down on the pig’s back, driving his spear in with his full weight. He heaved the spear out in a spray of blood, and the pig’s inertia took it forward a few more steps before it bled out and crashed to the ground.

Because the boar was basically soloed by General Shi, nobody else had received any xp.

“Good! General Shi is really powerful!” Ouyang Shuo applauded from the side, a little stunned. This was the power of imperial officers? A powerful body, superb skills, precise combat awareness, it was all amazing.

General Shi stood to one side, breathing a little quickly, and laughed at that. “Hahahaha! For the first time in a long time, I finally got a workout!”

Scaring the piss out of us just so you could warm up? Ouyang Shuo could only remain silent. Then his greed arose, and he went to the side of the pig, looking to see what had fallen...and saw nothing. He circled around it, and located a booklet. Picking it up... Score! Such a generous pig; it was really a treasure.

It was a . After using it, the user automatically learns the ability to tame wild boars.

Lose in the east, gain in the west. Before, he’d gone out to get wild goats in the east, and to the Market to get the plans to domesticate wild goats. He hadn’t expected to get no goats. But now, in the west, he’d gotten this wild boar manual instead!

Putting the book into his storage bag, Ouyang Shuo began to collect the body of the wild boar, getting 4 wild boar skins and a pair of wild boar fangs.

[Perfect Wild Boar Skin] Quality 8, high-level leather collected from the wild boar king, can be used to make leather armor.

[Rare Wild Boar Fangs] Quality 7, advanced material from the wild boar king, can be used to make jewelry.

After arranging all the bounty, the group began their walk back to the logging field.

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