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Chapter 30 - Siege of Beasts, Part Three

Chapter 30 - Siege of Beasts, Part Three

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Back at the northern gate, the logistics department had done an excellent job cleaning up the area, and the door was closed again. Ouyang Shuo once again climbed to the top of the tower.

In less than two minutes, he again saw smoke in the distance.

The time, it was wolves. Nearly a thousand wolves under the leadership of their king quietly rushed out of the woods, heading to Shanhai Village. Wolves were level 4, with a large population. Their elites were 6th level, while the pack king was a level 9 Boss.

Like the first wave of wild dogs, the wolves did not escape the nightmare of the defending traps. As the saying goes, even cunning prey cannot escape if a fine hunter sets a trap. Even with the wolves’ cunning nature, they also sustained heavy casualties passing the four consecutive rings of traps. Eventually, the wolves remaining to attack the village numbered less than six hundred.

However, the wolves were, in the end, wolves. More cunning than the dogs, after reaching the village they did not divide their numbers, but went instead straight to the western gate together. This unexpected tactic once again gave Ouyang Shuo a surprise.

With the wolves’ running speed, moving the militia to help out the western gate would be too little, too late. Ouyang Shuo could only gnash his teeth and tell Militia Reserve Team Two to stay put. Ouyang Shuo and second squad of the cavalry dashed immediately out of the gate to circle around and meet up with the other teams stationed by the mining field. Together, they would ambush the wolves in a bigger formation.

By the time Ouyang Shuo led the team there, the remnants of the wolves were about to climb the fence. He saw Lin Yi leading the other three squads in, riding hard. The two groups immediately moved to pincer the wolves between them, like two blades thrusting deep.

This time, the advantages of mounted archers were displayed. Before the cavalry even reached them, bow fire had paralyzed the wolves’ command system.

Although wolves were ferocious fighters, they had no defense to speak of in the face of fast attacking cavalry. With fragile bones, they could be stomped to death by a pair of hooves riding over them.

Even if they escaped the trampling crush of the horses, the soldiers could easily kill them. After all, they were only level 4.

Twenty minutes later, the wolves were finally destroyed, with Lin Yi having stabbed the pack king to death. The lead wolf dropped a small surprise for Ouyang Shuo.

Space Stone (small): After using this item, the storage capacity of your supply bag is increased to 10 cubic meters.

A player’s initial storage space was only a cubic meter in size. In order to enhance the capacity of the space, you could only use a space stone. Space stones were divided into small, medium, large, and giant sizes. Respectively, this represented 10 cubic meters, 100 cubic meters, 1000 cubic meters, and 10,000 cubic meters.

Ouyang Shuo directly used this, and watched his storage bag’s capacity immediately increased to 10 cubic meters.

During this whole time, the regional announcements did not stop. More and more territories fell, their names stricken from the rolls.

"Regional Notice: Dongchuan area Peach Blossom village failed to resist the beast attack, its name is expunged!"


"Regional Notice: Wuding District Baiyun Village failed to resist the beast attacks, its name is expunged!"


"Regional announcement: Lianzhou area Surabaya village failed to resist the mass of herds attack, its name is expunged!"


Ouyang Shuo took note of this. At this time, seven villages had fallen in the Lianzhou Basin area, their names taken off the list. There were a little under a hundred villages in the Basin originally. The quest was only half over, nearly a tenth of the lords were gone. The pain of this mandatory quest could be seen quite clearly.

This time, there were actually some wounded from the brief contact between the wolves and members of the militia reserve . Fortunately, the medical team members were standing by with Dr. Song to see to them.

Cleaning the battlefield was the responsibility of the logistics department, Ouyang Shuo did not tarry. He led the second squad back to the northern gate quickly.

Five minutes later, smoke rose to signal the alarm once again.

Horn of war, blows again!

The third beastwave was the level 5 boar group. Their elites were level 8, while the wild boar king was a level 10 Boss.

Speaking of wild boars, this could be a big issue for Shanhai Village. Ouyang Shuo had killed the previous wild boar king, its mate, and stolen their entire group of piglets!

This time, in order to take revenge for the previous wild boar king, the new generation had convened a horde more than four hundred meters across, leading nearly three thousand boars to Shanhai to take revenge.

Given the size of the boars were bulky, and the layout of the traps was extremely effective against them. Unfortunately, the preceding two waves of dogs and wolves had already triggered half of the traps. So after forcing their way through the rings of traps, the whole setup was mostly destroyed, and yet still more than two thousand boars were left behind. The next wave of beasts wouldn’t have to enjoy the hospitality of the traps.

400 meters from the village, the boars separated into two herds, heading for the north and western gates. They had the potential to bring Shanhai to ruin.

Ouyang Shuo looked at nearly a thousand boars heading towards the north gate, and his heart was bitter. This was a true cycle of causality, and the harvest of retribution was really bad.

Passive defense would not be enough. Shou came down the tower, called Zhao Dewang over, and put the flag into his hand, ordering him to head up the tower and take command.

“Captain Zhao, I pass over command to you. I have only one request, and that is you must hold for the arrival of reinforcements. You are the line of defense.”

Zhao Dewang’s scalp was tingling, looking a bit shellshocked. Heavens knew, before now, he wasn’t even official militia, and now he was in command?

Ouyang Shuo saw his nervousness, patted his shoulder and said gently, “Captain Zhao, do not be nervous, I believe you have the ability.”

Dewang did not say anything, but merely nodded his head.

This was an emergency, and Shou did not have the time to order everyone about. He rode out of the north gate with the second squad of cavalry. His plan was very simple: Use the advantages of the cavalry team, take the initiative, and split the numbers of wild boars to take the pressure off of the militia.

Before the wild boars could complete their encirclement, Ouyang Shuo and his team successfully broke out. Seeing a group of humans escaping seemed to drive the boars into a frenzy. The elites immediately split the herd, and half the boars made a U-turn to chase madly after the escaping cavalry.

As a direct result, the pressure on the northern gate was immediately reduced. Zhao Dewang stood on the tower, staring at the incoming pigs. When they were sixty meters away, he waved the flag and shouted, “THROW!”

With three consecutive volleys of javelin tossing, close to three hundred boards were instantly killed. Still, more than two hundred boars rushed to the fence. Zhao Dewang seemed to have been infected by the atmosphere of the battlefield, and rushed down the tower. He lifted a javelin in his hands, shouting, “Brothers, with me!”

He then rushed forward to engage the boars in close melee. Infected by his example, the militia reserve roared and charged to keep up, meeting the boars at the fence line.

Unfortunately, the number of militia units was limited, and in their hands a simple wooden javelin was not that dangerous. In less than five minutes, injuries began to accrue. Several times the boars almost broke through the fence, and the militia barely stopped them.

Zhao Dewang felt they were running out of time very fast, when finally the figures of the cavalry appeared in the distance, nearly fifty of them. Two volleys of arrows came streaking in, and the remaining wild pigs there were wiped clean away.

Behind the cavalry was the wild boar group that Ouyang Shuo had lured away. The cavalry rushed into the village, dismounted, and readied arrows for the incoming boars.

Seeing the rescue team arrive, the morale of the militia immediately rose, and they returned to their original positions. Once again, when the pigs arrived at the 60 meter mark, they did not hesitate to throw their javelins out.

With close to 100 members of the militia, plus almost all of the cavalry, the fate of the boars was sealed. The remaining boars had no defense, and soon were shot dead.

Ouyang Shuo finally breathed a sigh of relief. This wave had scared him too much. He walked over to Zhao Dewang’s side, patted his shoulder, smiled and said, “Captain Zhao, you did a great job. I heard your deeds have been heroic, just like a true man!”

Zhao Dewang smiled in relief. “The situation was urgent, I did not think much. Anyways, we could not let those beasts rush into our village.”

“Well, the fence is the last line of defense for our village, we must hold here,” Ouyang Shuo agreed solemnly.

He went to middle of the town to visit the injured. This time, more than 20 villagers had been injured, a heavy loss. In addition, one person was severely injured, his left hand bitten almost completely off by a wild pig.

Ouyang Shuo told the medical group to help the truly wounded back to the hospital for treatment. As for the minor injuries, as long as it did not affect them throwing a javelin, after their injuries were dressed, they returned to their posts. Ouyang Shuo could not forget that they still had one more beastwave to deal with.

Sure enough, after less than ten minutes of rest, the distant smoke from a sentry tower rose again.

The last wave of beasts was the most powerful. They were level 6 buffalos, their elites were level 10, while their king was a level 12 Boss. In front of this herd, most of the traps had already been destroyed. Except for an occasional loss, the traps didn’t form much of a threat to the incoming herd.

Still, even with a bull’s huge and robust body, the pits could be a threat, but there simply weren’t enough of them left. So, by the time nearly a thousand head of buffalo had wandered through the four rings of pit traps, the herd still numbered more than nine hundred.

Similar to the previous waves, the buffalo divided their force to attack the north and western gates. The northern gate’s force numbered less than three hundred head.

Although this last wave’s herd was extremely strong, Ouyang Shuo was not worried. He still had his trump card of the killer fire array, but had not used it yet, leaving it ready for this last wave.

In his ear constantly sounded the system announcements of territories fallen, but none that had resisted the Siege of Beasts. This showed that Shanhai’s efficiency in eliminating the beastwaves was actually pretty high.

Ouyang Shuo stood on the tower, calmly watching the bulls charging towards the fence. When they reached 50 meters from the fence, he lit a readied fire arrow. Hissing fiercely, the fire arrow was accurately fired down into the trench filled with hot oil.

It took merely seconds for the two hundred meter ditch to fill up with fire. The foremost bulls charged right into the flames and bawled endlessly as they burned. Behind them, the rest of the buffalo pulled up in fright at the sight of the flames.

At this time, the militia’s javelins and the crossbows of the cavalry descended like a wave of death, volley after volley coming down on the cattle that had come to a complete stop.

In less than ten minutes, the buffalo outside the north gate were completely eliminated. As for the western gate, Ouyang Shuo was not worried at all. He knew there was an even more powerful fire array set up there.

Sure enough, even before Ouyang Shuo could rush over to the western gate, a burst of pleasant system music sounded in his ear with another announcement.

“World Announcement: Congratulations to Shanhai Village in China. Under the leadership of its lord, it has succeeded in resisting the Siege of Beasts, and is now ranked first in the world!”

“World Announcement: Congratulations to Shanhai Village in China...”

“World Announcement: Congratulations...”

The triple announcement started a global outcry. This time, Ouyang Shuo was truly going to be famous...

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