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Chapter 31 - Ranking

Chapter 31 - Ranking

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Even Ouyang Shuo couldn’t believe that Shanhai Village turned out to be the first village in the world to successfully resist the Siege of Beasts. The alchemical fire oil had really wrought a miracle.

Because it was a worldwide quest, the rewards would wait until all the lords had finished the quest before they were issued. With the free time, Ouyang Shuo went to the west gate to look over the situation there.

Along the west side of the village near the gate, the fire array was still burning. The fire array had basically trapped the buffalo herd inside a large trap, albeit without using spikes. Cattle corpses with arrows and javelins sticking out of them were everywhere. Even the buffalo king had been directly killed by General Shi with a bow and arrow with no way of fighting back.

Ouyang Shuo told the Logistics Department to fill the ditch of hot oil with soil and extinguish the fire. If they just waited for it to go out, he had no idea how long it might take.

After the fires had been put out, he walked out in the array, stopping next to the body of the boss buffalo to see what items had fallen. Picking it up, a look told him that it was a manual.

This was a really good thing. The animal breeding in his territory would usher in a whole new era of development!

Ouyang Shuo immediately called Lin Yi, telling him to take forty cavalry, and fly along the path that the herd of cattle had come from. They were to take full advantage of the lack of danger in the wilderness and to capture as many small buffalo as possible, bringing them back to be domesticated.

With the mobility of the cavalry, rounding up the smaller cattle and herding them into a group together to bring them back to the village should not be a problem.

Similarly, he called on San Gouzi, and had him lead the Second Squad and 30 Team militia reserves, and head back in the direction the wild boars had come from. They were to look for piglets. Although he already had a dozen of them, that was far below the numbers he would need to seriously establish a pig farm. Why not take advantage of this great opportunity to catch enough piglets at once and expand the scale of his pig farming?

Waiting until the two teams were on their way, Ouyang Shuo also called over the Construction Division secretary, Zhao Dewang. “Secretary Zhao, I have two tasks to give the Construction Division!”

“Lord, please tell me!” As long as it was about building things, the secretary is not worried about anything.

“First, as soon as you can organize the staff, on the west side of the village we need to build a large cattle pen and pig sty. This will ensure that when the cavalry teams bring back the young cattle and pigs, they have somewhere to live.

“Second, work with the Material Reserves Division to clean up and fill in the pit traps. The animal corpses in the pits are the responsibility of the Material Reserves Division, and filling them in is the responsibility of the Construction Division, restore the original appearance of the land. Remember, do not miss any of the traps. Otherwise, catching some of our people wandering around would be a really bad joke,” Ouyang Shuo said seriously.

Zhao Dewang looked serious and said firmly, “I guarantee it will be done right!”

At this time, General Shi came over to him, smiled, and handed him an object. It was the thing the wild boar king had dropped.

Ouyang Shuo examined it, finding out it was a talisman. Such a talisman was a trump card, the kind of thing that if you used it at a key moment, it could save your life.

[ Talisman of Blood Thirsting ]: After using this, you enter into a bloodthirsty rage. Your combat power is doubled for half an hour. After the rage expires, you will be weakened for two days.

During this period of time, he was constantly hearing more system announcements. Most of the lord players had failed and their territories were removed from the lists. But then finally came another success, and one after another, names were filling the the world ranking lists.

“World announcement: Congratulations to the Free Village of the United States! Under the Leadership of their Lord Jeff Dawson, they have succeeded in fighting off the Siege of Beasts, and are ranked second in the world!”


“World announcement: Congratulations to the Handan Village in China! Under the Leadership of their Lord Di Chen, they have succeeded in fighting off the Siege of Beasts, and are ranked fourth in the world!”


“World announcement: Congratulations to the Vic Village of France! Under the Leadership of their Lord Henry, they have succeeded in fighting off the Siege of Beasts, and are ranked tenth in the world!”


In less than an hour, the top ten of the world charts were set. Ouyang Shuo looked at the world list. The only difference in it from his past life was that Canada’s Maple Leaf Village was not there, having been squeezed out of the top ten as a direct result of his own appearance.

1st - China - Shanhai Village - Qiyue Wuyi

2nd - The United States - Free Village - Jack Dawson

3rd - Russia - St. Petersburg - Pushkin

4th - China - Handan Village - Di Chen

5th - Germany - Rhine Village - Manstein

6th - Japan - Sanli Village - Honda Keisuke

7th - India - Bengalore Village - Durava

8th - Britain - Avic Fort - William

9th - South Korea - Ulsan Village - Park Wins

10th - France - Vic Village - Henry

Because of the emergence of Ouyang Shuo, the top ten list of the world now had two Lords from the same country. Suddenly, the Chinese scene looked very different.

At this moment, near Handan Village, a handsome young man was staring at the world rankings, his expression gloomy. He was the lead of the Handan Six Tyrants, Di Chen. Next to him was sitting a peerlessly beautiful woman, named Juedai Fenghua. Nobody except Di Chen was aware of her identity in reality.

In the past life, out of the women on China’s top ten beauty billboard, she was ranked second from the top. The first was the only woman lord player in Handan Six Tyrants, Feng Qiuhuang.

Juedai Fenghua was not a vase on a pedestal. Di Chen considered her his first counselor. Anyone who underestimated her wisdom would not have a good ending.

“You said that this Qiyue Wuyi was not merely lucky?” Juedai Fenghua asked.

Di Chen frowned, hesitantly admitting, “His identity, I am afraid no one knows yet. But for Shanhai Village, I have some conjectures.”

“Oh? What kind of thoughts?” Feng Huajue seemed a little surprised.

“I heard my father mention something about the village order. He said, that in order to balance out your privileged players, gold-level village tokens were hidden in the village build task,” Di Chen told her uncertainly. After all, the news about the inner workings of the game were very confidential, outsiders could only hear rumors.

“If you do not remember, he was the seventh in China to build a player village. From the opening of the game, it took him less than two hours. That is, he should be the fastest player to actually complete building a village. With that speed, his task completion rate should not be so high,” Juedai Fenghua analyzed, somewhat hesitant.

“No matter what, this time Handan Village did not even enter the top three of the world, instead some nobody from nowhere had claimed the throne. This is a great blow to our prestige, and I am afraid that the rats, those who are ready to act will become restless.”

Juedai Fenghua laughed gently. “Those rats will never be enough for the real stage.”

Di Chen was silent. This was truth, but difficult to swallow.

Following this, China’s rankings were also officially released. Unsurprisingly, almost everyone from the previous forecast on the forums was on the list.

What left Ouyang Shuo dumbfounded was that the person he had ‘stolen’ the gold-level village token from, Xunlong Dianxue, was actually on the list, having been second on it in his previous life. Because Ouyang Shuo had entered the world list, Xunlong Dianxue had come in twelfth and received the tenth prize. How fate made it happened, was difficult to say.

1st - Dali - Shanhai Village - Qiyue Wuyi

2nd - Jingdu - Handan Village - Di Chen

3rd - Xiangyang - Pill Sun Village - Chun Shenjun

4th - Chengdu - Swordsman Village - Feng Qingyang

5th - Luoyang - Fallen Phoenix Village - Feng Huajue

6th - Xianyang - Asura Village - Sha Pojun

7th - Jianye - Blood Red Village - Zhan Lang

8th - Quanzhou - King Village - Xiongba

9th - Chang’an - Fallen Leaves Village - Wandering Magic

10th - Jingdu - Stone Village - Wu Fu

11th - Dali - Consonance Village - Baihua

12th - Quanzhou - Seeking Dragon Village - Xunlong Dianxue

Description: Because there are two China players in the world ranking, the rankings were automatically extended by two.

Out of the list of 12 lords, the one Ouyang Shuo was most concerned about was the other lord in Dali. Consonance village lord was the legendary Chinese electronic sports star, Baihua.

According to the news in his past life, Baihua should be the same as him, a civilian player. To achieve results like this truly showed her strength. As she also ranked in the top three of Chinese beauties, as well as being a master player, Baihua’s appeal in the player groups was very powerful.

Also in the previous game, Baihua was not alone. Three years ago, she established her own game studio - Consonance Studio. The core members of the studio were all beautiful women. In addition to Baihua, there was Zi Luolan, Hong Ying, and Tsing Yi.

An hour later, Dali’s regional rankings were finally released. This really showed the difference in the local lords’ abilities.

1 - Lianzhou area - Shanhai Village - Qiyue Wuyi

2 - Kunming area - Consonance Village - Baihua

3 - Sishui Area - Liangshan Village - Zhanxingji Land

4 - Liuzhou area - Floating Village - Fluttering Liu

5 - Lianzhou area - Broken Blade Village - Ba Dao

6 - Tengyue Area - Ancient Village - QinHan Siyuan

7 - Lianzhou Area - Mulan Village - Mulan Yue

8 - Guilin Area - Vest Village - Passers-by

9 - Dongchuan Area - Villains Villager - Villains Must Die

10 - Wuding Area - Famous Village - Written in the World

11 - Chuxiong Area - Wuli Village - Li Xiaobo

12 - Lianzhou Area - Windy Days Village - Xiaofeng Moon

Note: Because Dali had two players enter the national list for China, the list has been extended by two.

In the Dali regional list, the Lords of the Lianzhou Basin had four people in the rankings, accounting for a third of them. In addition to Ouyang Shuo, the three major overlords from his previous life were all represented here.

After the last of the three lists was released, there was a burst of music in Ouyang Shuo’s ear again.

“System Tip: Congratulations to player Qiyue Wuyi for leading Shanhai Village to resist the Siege of Beasts and completing the mandatory defensive quest. Your quest rewards follow…

“System Tip: Player Qiyue Wiyu, for making it into the top three of the world list, you have achieved a reward of 3000 merit points, 600 gold coins, and a random secret building!

“System Tip: Your random secret building has been selected - Recruitment Hall! Your building has automatically been generated in your territory, please inspect it!”

Oh God, it was actually the Recruitment Hall! Ouyang Shuo had a feeling of ascending to heaven. In his view, the combined merit points and gold coins could not even match the value of the Recruitment Hall!

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