There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 11

The scenery outside the window was becoming more and more unfamiliar. Ye Zhizhou got up from the backseat and leaned forward to Li Qun's ear and faintly asked, "Uncle Li, where do you want to take me?"

Li Qun got surprised and suddenly hit the break. After stabilizing his body, he quickly locked the door. He turned back and stared at the teen, "You, you're not fainted? Didn't you drink the soup?"

"I did." He said with a smile. He looked straight at Li Qun's eyes, his spirit force slowly spinning inside Li Qun's body. "But in my dream my sister told me not to sleep, so I woke up."

"Sis, sister?" Li Qun's face became pale. He clenched at the steering wheel and trembled up, eyes filled with terror. Then with a fierce tone said, "Young Master, don't blame me. It's you......." After saying only half of it, his head was suddenly hurting. His expression became dull and finally turned empty.

Recovered his spiritual energy back again, Ye Zhizhou then messed up his clothes and hair. While holding his own clothes with his hands, he turned on the car recorder and quickly enter his acting mode, panicky said, "Uncle Li, what are you doing? Where do you want to take me?"

Li Qun's dull expression changed and infected with malice. He rushed to grab him, tie his legs with a necktie and use some thread to wrap his hands. Fiercely said, "I advise you not to do some useless struggle and just be obedient. Don't worry, I won't hurt you. Uncle Li will give you a happiness."

Ye Zhizhou kept wiggling and struggled a bit. His mouth kept spouting panicky strike but his face that was covered by shadow was completely calm.


Party hall, lounge corner.

Yang Zhi (Mr. Assistant) was talking to four clients, helplessly looked at the frowned-face Yun Ke. He consoled, "Boss, Xiao Yang must be sleepy and returned home to sleep. He also has Uncle Li to take him. It's nothing."

"He usually won't sleep this early." Yun Ke still frowned with some worry in his eyes, "I'm afraid his body is unwell but endured it and didn't tell me." His mind still not relieved. He took his phone and dial Li Qun's number, ready to ask the details.

Yang Zhi could only sighed seeing this, accept his misfortune and excuse his self.

The call got answered by the machine. He held the phone tightly in his hand.Somehow there's some uneasy feeling crawling inside his heart. He quickly called Ye Zhizhou's phone, no longer mind about the noise.

The phone didn't switch off but there's no one answering it.


He stood up and directly went outside. Xiao Yang could text him about his early leave and Li Qun never turn off his phone. The anxiety in his heart became bigger and bigger. He always think that he's been ignoring some important thing.

The phone suddenly rang. The familiar name on the screen made him stop his urgent pace. After taking a deep breath and laughing at his blind nervousness, he picked the phone and warmly said, "Xiao Yang, are you at home yet? I don't mean to disturb you. You......"

"Excuse me, is this Du Yang's family?"

Unfamiliar voice accompanied by a noisy background burst into his ear. He hardly suppressed the uneasiness and the tensing in his forehead. His fingers moved nervously, and then with a bit shaking tone, "I am. You are......"

"Here is the 2nd line on the ring man died on the spot......into the hospital......please......"

He couldn't clearly hear what the other person said because of the noise. But from the partial news, his body instantly tense up. His pulse throbbed violently, making a painful pang.

Xiao Yang......Xiao Yang!


Ye Zhizhou's head was covered with blood. When he first arrived in the hospital, the doctor and nurse almost think he couldn't live much longer. But it turned out just a false alarm. The blood on his body was actually not his own. He only has a minor injury on his forehead.

"You could be considered very lucky ah. Such a tragic car accident and you actually ended up with only a cut on your forehead." The traffic police who deal with the accident sighed. Seeing his lower head and frightened face, he quickly appeased, "Your family will come soon. Don't be afraid. How about you eat something? Uncle will treat you."

Ye Zhizhou shook his head, wrap his body with his own hands, softly said, "I want to report."

"What?" The traffic police uncle couldn't hear him clearly.

"I want to make a report" he looked up. His face was covered with a look of feared and scared. His hand clenched his body tightly. His shirt's cuff accidently rolled up, showing a bruised on his wrist left by the binding. "It's not a car accident. Uncle Li want to harm me. He said he'll kill me and already kidnapped Sister Lili, and then she'll take the blame for the crime." He said while shrank in fright and use more force to hold his body. So frightened and kept saying incoherently, "also sister, he killed sister......where's Brother Yun? I don't want to be here......I want to go home......"

The traffic police uncle was stunned by this info. Realized that this is not simple matter, he quickly called to inform his superior.

Yun Ke rushed to the hospital. He followed the guidelines and came to the waiting area on the first floor. He looked at the shrunken Ye Zhizhou who was being surrounded on the corner. His heart clenched fiercely at once. Dashing in few steps and hold the young man into his arms. Repeatedly checked for any injury and said with unsteady tone, "Xiao Yang, don't be afraid. It's all right. It's all right."

Feeling the familiar scent, Ye Zhizhou moved lightly and released his own hand from his body and clenched into Yun Ke's clothes. His body unconsciously trembling, "Brother Yun......"

"I'm here. I'm here." Seeing him like this, Yun Ke's chest became even more painful. He constantly kissed the boy's forehead. His hand patted his back reassuringly. "It's nothing. You're already safe. Don't be afraid."

With the Interpol colleague came over, the traffic police uncle was a bit embarrassed and cough awkwardly. He step forward and asked, "Excuse me. Are you Mr. Yun who's talking to me before? I hear about the situation a little bit......"

Yun Ke glanced at them and nodded his head as a greeting. His hand never stop patting and comforting the boy. While whispering comfort in low voice, he quickly put his own jacket to wrap the young man in his arms, not letting his neck or head to be seen by others. After doing this, he looked at the other two and answered, "Yes, it's me. What is the situation?"

The Interpol officer was more serious than the police uncle. With professional tone, he said, "According to clues provided by Mr. Du, 10 km from where the car crash occurred, we found a warehouse and an unconscious Ms. Bai inside. In addition, from the car record box, Li Qun was suspected for intentional murder. Because the suspect was already dead, we would like to ask some questions to Mr. Du about the situation."

Car accident, kidnapped Bai Li, murder. These words being put together made Yun Ke face sank down. His whole body covered with coldness. Ye Zhizhou moved worriedly. Yun Ke quickly restrained his mood. While still appeasing the boy's back, he said to the police, "Xiao Yang is in a bad state now. Not fit for questioning. Sorry."

The two polices/officers knew the condition and they also fear the current look on Yun Ke's face and his cannot-be-refused manner. After looking at each other, they turned around and left to investigate another's trail.

Ye Zhizhou saw the police/officer walked away from the corner of his eyes. Then buried his face deeper in Yun Ke's chest, his lip slightly hooks up.

This matter has already been this big. This time who don't want to escape?

After a shallow slept later, Ye Zhizhou opened his eyes in a daze and found himself already sleeping in a single ward room. His body felt very refresh, it's clear he was carefully taken care by someone.

"Waking up?" A familiar voice heard from the bedside. Slightly turning his head, he saw the other approach him with a cup of warm water. "Come, drink some water."

His throat indeed felt a bit painful, he obediently drank two mouthful of water and coughed. "Brother Yun, Uncle Li is......"

"Don't mind him." Yun Ke's eyes quickly infected with murderous intent. His hand holding the cup was clenched tightly. Ye Zhizhou instantly sobered up. His remaining words got choke down in his throat. Feeling a bit stupid, he asked in his heart, "Heaven, Did an attack mode of spiritual force just shown from Yun Ke's body? Isn't it? But this world doesn't have spiritual force, right?

The system remained silent.

You have a problem! Ye Zhizhou marked the system with big question mark in his heart.

Yun Ke saw the teen looked a bit distracted after the interruption. He thought the teen was scared, so he quickly relaxed his expression and kissed the teen 'eyes. With gentle tone said, "Sorry. I didn't take good care of you. I'll solve the matter. You just take a good rest."

But my revenge project just about to start ah...... wait, where did you kiss? Are you blind! You want to kiss then just kiss! We're both man, you have a problem you know!

He raised his hand to cover his eyes. Brain filled with junk lines circling around.

Yun Ke was amused by his reaction. Although a bit untimely, he couldn't help but hold the teen in his arms and kissed the back of his hand, saying, "Xiao Yang, let me take care of you, ok."

The back of his hands felt tingly, as if a bug is crawling over. He felt electrocuted and put back his blanket again, uncomfortably struggling a bit. His brain became more stupid. In his heart he madly poke system, "Heaven, why I feel there's something a bit wrong with Yun Ke. His gaze gave me an electric shock. I do not dare to look at him at all."

The system is still silent.

"Xiao Yang......" Yun Ke dragged him back into his arms. Helplessly said, "Don't avoid me, ok? I just can't stand losing you......"

Ye Zhizhou's face was stiff while screaming in his heart, "Heaven! Your family male lead is mad! Why would he say this easy to misunderstand words!"

[Male lead and protagonist's love probability has dropped to 15%, please make persistent efforts, Host. Also, the male lead is not my family.]

Heaven you bastard!

"I won't force you." Yun Ke saw the teen always turning his head refused to look at him. His eyes infected with sadness, but instantly became firm. "Xiao Yang, I'll wait until you can accept me."

Ye Zhizhou mind was running grass mud horse*, "Is it what I think it is? Really? Male lead has bent down? Also he like me?"

(*have the same pronouncement with the word means "f*** your mother". It's basically a cursed word)

[Male lead and protagonist love probability has dropped to 10%, please make persistent efforts, Host]

Nima!* Really bent ah! This is irrational!

(*homophonic with word means "your mother!". It seems chinese swear word usually involve family member.)

"Xiao Yang, I......"

"Wait!" Ye Zhizhou quickly turned his head to interrupt Yun Ke's words, afraid he would keep going on and make that curse love probability directly down to zero. He need to think about it. "I am a little dizzy, want to rest......"

His words not finished yet when the door suddenly pushed open. Bai Li shrieked loudly, "Du Yang! You're shameless! No wonder you had been peculiar with me before. You also like Big Brother Yun, right? You also seduce him. You're disgusting evil!"

[Male lead and protagonist love probability has dropped to 0%. Congratulations Host for pulling out the first soul flag. Please make persistent efforts.]

The notification he always wait almost poke him on the face. He desperately looked for the soul flag above protagonist's head and saw it slowed down and gradually disappear. His heart didn't have the happiness of completing half of the mission at all.

This totally not good.

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