There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 12

Bai Li's current state was very bad. Unkempt hair, deathly white face, a big and loose patient gown on her body, and a purple mark left by the IV at the back of her hand. She look like a madness, not a single trace of her former gentle and graceful self could be seen.

"Du Yang, I hope you die!"

Yun Ke's face sank. He put Ye Zhizhou back into the blanket then got up to block the flushed Bai Li. With ice cold eyes he said, "Miss Bai, please get out."

"Big brother Yun, you were cheated by him!" Bai Li screamed out and grab his arms, hastily said, "Big brother Yun, he's a liar! His timid and introverted looks are just a pretence. You don't know, he secretly threatened Wen--"

A huge amount of spiritual force instantly unfolded and wrapped up the whole ward. Ye Zhizhou moved his blanket and sat up, looking straight at Bai Li and smiled, "Threaten who? Wen family? You meant when I sent that children's cloth designs to the Wen's fourth, right?" He got out from the bed and walked behind Yun Ke and grabbed Bai Li's hands, innocently said, "Sister Lili, don't misunderstand. That design was my mother's left remnant. I heard that Uncle Wen and my parents had a good relationship. I just sent it to him to ask what time the works will begin. By the way, Sister Lili, how did you know about me sending something to Wen family?"

As if her brain got needle thrusting in it, Bai Li's forehead oozed cold sweats. Her hand was trembling, but didn't have any power to pull it back. "That, that I unintentionally found......" she said while rigidly staring at Ye Zhizhou. Suddenly her tone changed, "You want to harm me. Wen family also want to harm me. Just you wait. I'll let my uncle kill all of you."

Two young polices suddenly charged into the ward and stopped in front of Bai Li. With stern voice said, "Bai Li, according to the car's record on Li Qun's speech, we suspected you collaborated with the suspect to do an intentional murder crime. Please come with us."

From victim turned into a stupid accomplice with no IQ. This is also the plot's great turn. After hearing the car record's content, the young polices didn't look awkward (?).

Bai Li kept struggling while being dragged away.

The ward became calm again. Yun Ke turned and looked deeply at Ye Zhizhou. He caress the teen's sticky forehead, eyes filled with some thought, "that recent event in the room......and the daily instrumental sound that make me sleep, also Li Qun admitted guilt in the that your doing?

Ye Zhizhou's joy in seeing Bai Li's end instantly turned into a startled, stiffness and a complete loss. Yun Ke was aware of his spiritual force. Is he awakened? Is, Isn't the spiritual force only arise after a long time of evolution? Yun Ke, this old antiques......also those attack type of his spiritual force before......

"I guess right?" Sensing his stiffness, Yun Ke just smiled. Suddenly he lowered his head and kissed the teen's lips. He softly said while still capturing his lips, "Xiao Yang, I said I'll take care of you......regardless what kind of person you are. Don't be afraid." Light peppermint fragrance came through, the warm touch on his lips and the faint gentleness, a pair of beautiful amber eyes that was slightly closed. His shoulder was held and then his body was moved into a strong warm embrace.

How, how could it, how could he kiss a relative? Shouldn't he afraid of the consequence? Shouldn't he lock up to study? What is this situation?!

"Xiao Yang, open your mouth."


His lips and teeth were pried open, his tongue was entangled, and his jaw was gently licked, bringing a trace of sweet trembling on his body. He want to turn his head to get rid of this man's tortured intimacy, but the back of his head was suddenly being held. The entanglement became more intense.

"Brother Yun......" his hands pushed in panic, but unfortunately his body doesn't live up to his expectation and became soft and powerless.

After a good while, Yun Ke retreated in satisfaction. Caress the teen's back to help him breath smoothly. Voice filled with pleasure, "Next time remember to breathe through your nose, ok?"

"There, there's a next time?" Ye Zhizhou stern voice asked in erratic tone and destroyed the mood. He pushed the man in annoyance and firmly wiped his moisten lips with his sleeve. "Don't you need to ask me?" Hateful. He actually didn't hate this kiss! There's absolutely a problem with this world!

Yun Ke looked at him with smile. He thoughtfully asked, "Hungry? I told Yang Zhi to buy a porridge. It's still warm."

"Yun Ke!" Ye Zhizhou felt he's about to blow up.

"I do have a lot of questions to ask." Yun Ke came forward and hold his shoulder, soothing his sudden irritability. "But I don't want to force you. Wen family, car accident, Li Qun, Bai Li......also about a design you just mentioned. I've been checking and found something, but it seems still far from what you had. Xiao Yang, this, about your......ability, you want to tell me?"

Ye Zhizhou looked at the gentle eyes. He opened his mouth yet nothing came out. Due to anxiety and decreasing on his sudden outburst, he sat on the bed in helplessness. Details about all kind of interaction he had with Yun Ke rolled around in his brains. After a while, he finally made up his mind. Raise his head in certain, "I tell you." This man can be trusted. He's very confident now, but with Yun Ke's help, taking revenge will become much easier.

They sat side by side on the bed. One slowly talked, one quietly listened.

Obviously the details is not that much, but they spent more than an hour talking about this. He drink the water to moisten his dry throat, then went to the bathroom to get the USB from his dirty pants and gave it to Yun Ke. "This. Inside, there's enough to break Wen family."

Yun Ke took and touch it for a while. Then he suddenly got up and hold the teen and rubbed his hair, slightly sigh, "Xiao Yang. It's been hard for you."

"Not hard." He didn't resist this hug but didn't cater with it either. Getting those things is really not hard.

"I'll deal with the rest." Yun Ke released him, a cold light flashed in his eyes. "Wen family will pay the price."

After tucked in the sleeping young man, Yun Ke carefully left the ward. His gentle and calm face suddenly turned cold and stern. The whole body possessed an imposing aura, pressured anyone to not dare to lift their head. Three humans' life, close to ten years of waiting. Just wait Wen family. Just wait Wen Zhegang!

"Bo, Boss......" Yang Zhi who's standing by the door got scared by the sudden violent atmosphere. He stammered, "The car is ready, and the things you've mentioned is also ready."

"To the police." He slightly calmed his mood, and walked outside with large strides and a dark expression on his eyes. Xiao Yang did very well, but not enough. Far than enough.

At the ward, Ye Zhizhou opened his eyes. Touched his phone on the side of the bed to search for the unfamiliar mail--the soul flag has disappeared. The protagonist is in the verge of collapse. It's time to pull another move.

Yang Wei received the unfamiliar mail when he's having breakfast. Saw it came from domestic mail, he smiled, thinking it probably from his upset fiancée who finally calm down. However, as soon he finish reading the first line of the mail, the idea was completely kicked out of his mind, smile quickly faded away.

In order to escape the engagement, she's been hiding in the country, then got into a car accident and lost her memory. Later stalked the man who save her and was driven away. She even want to murder the benefactor's younger brother. Now she's being suspected of intentional injury crime and detained by the police.

That thousand words has describe a completely unfamiliar Bai Li. There're also a few photographs at the end of the mail. He opened them one by one, heart is getting colder and colder.

There's few pages of Bai Li and He Fangfei's chat records. They wantonly criticize him for foolishly gave up his inheritance's right. They also made plan on how to escape the engagement ceremony and removed her engagement in case she found a man with more 'ambition' than him.

Bai Li's number and writing style he couldn't recognize, also in some of the chats, Bai Li and her mother used nicknames only they both know......Yang Wei felt he landed into a huge lie. His fiancée always been gentle and considerate in front of him, but these......

The chaos only last a moment. He quickly regain his soul back, thinking of all possible loopholes in the mail. Then he finally calm down. He took out his phone and called He Fangfei.

Two minutes later, the phone hanged up. He leaned back again. After few months not having contact with his fiancée, Yang Wei finally had to admit perhaps travelling abroad was only Bai Li's excuse to deceive him.

More than ten years of feelings. He's not willing to doubt Bai Li, but when he received the news in the afternoon, he felt stupid. He couldn't find it. He really couldn't find the information about Bai Li's return home info and also her whereabouts within the country.

......the speculation in the mail is all came true.

He sat back in front of the computer and opened the mail once again. His handsome face filled with serious and heavy feeling. One by one he looked at it again carefully, then finally decided--what's the truth in the end, he need to personally go confirm it.

Ye Zhizhou looked at the screen's notification and slightly raised his eyebrow, "this genuine fiancé has a really deep feeling for the protagonist, ah. Looked at this person's strength, the love probability has only dropped by 2%."

[Please make persistent efforts, Host.]

His eyes flashed, knocking on the mirror and faintly said, "Heaven ah, I have a lot of problems here. Only you can answer me. How was it? Want to have a frank dialogue?"

The screen flashed then disappeared.

"Play dead again?"

The system remains silent.

Ten minutes later, sure that he won't get a response, Ye Zhizhou clench the mirror tightly. With gritted teeth said, "Just wait, sooner or later you'll ask me.

The compact mirror suddenly shook. The TV in the ward automatically turned on. The screen jumped into a local news channel.

"Recently, Wen brocade clothing was suddenly burst with plagiarism scandal. The boss, Wen Fuqiang, was suspected of stealing business secret and do unfair competition, therefor was legally detained......"

Ye Zhizhou's attention was immediately attract by the news content. He was somewhat amazed by Yun Ke's speed. It's only been ten hours since he gave that thing to Yun Ke. The current in-power of Wen family was already arrested?

This work efficiency is......really high.

But it was proved that he was too early to be surprised.

A few days later, Wen family continuously appear on media. Tax evasion, substituting shady goods, oppressing the staff......and all various scandal of Wen people. The eldest son was stealing public money. The second daughter got pregnant before married and become a third concubine of some man. The third son was a drug addict*. The fourth son was suspected to buy/use/kill with poison in the tea and already detain by the police...... in just a few days, Wen family completely wiped out.

{T/N: the * was written in the raw. I guess it's get censored. my guess is that he was OD}

However, this is still not the end. Next is the turn of Wen family in-laws. First is the clear account of the one who's providing drug for the protagonist, Sun family. Then Illegal use of drug, selling fake drugs, illegal drug smuggling......these big piles of criminal charges was enough to make Sun family sit to the ground.

Ye Zhizhou completely ignorant. In his plan, to actually break down Wen family is not a short process. After all, it involved three human's life and a long time plagiarism case...... And now, all of this, Yun Ke accomplished it in a few days. Also along the way, the whole Wen family's relatives are all down brother is so awesome.

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