There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 16


There's still some confusion with the names of companies and people, so there might be a change in the future. And both of the male leads in this world has the same name with just one different character, so i just change one of the name.

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The third years after returning home, Ye Zhizhou is stuffed in bed on Yun Ke's birthday in vicious way, "Say, those things in your diary, is it true? You and my sister are truly nothing?"

Yun Ke gently looked at his increasingly dazzling sweetheart and nodded, "Of course it's true. Otherwise why should I let you see the diary?" Back then, his marriage with Du Yun is actually each other compromise. Du Yun need a way to move out and a husband that could suppress the demons and ghosts of industry; and he also realize that it can't be help that he has to be married someday. Furthermore, he and Du Yun grew up together, their affection deep like sibling, then he also agreed to this marriage. Both of them are strong and assertive people, it's difficult to fall in love with each other. They get along more like relative and business partner.

"Xiao Yang, you're my first love." He lifted his hand and stroked his sweetheart's cheek, the tenderness in his eyes almost spilled out.

Ye Zhizhou blushed, eyes waver a bit. He lowered his head and for the first time he took initiative and kiss Yun Ke's lip. After ferociously gnaw a mouthful and letting go, he threatened, "If you dare to wrong me in the future, I'll cut your third leg!"

After listening to his word, Yun Ke first felt baffled, then suddenly turned over that person under his body and excitedly kissed, "There will never be such a day."

Yun Ke didn't break his promise, until the end of his life, his heart still firmly tied to Ye Zhizhou's.

"It's a pity I didn't walk behind you." White-haired handsome old man fondly caressed his lover cheek, wiping out his tears. He tried to smile, "Don't cry. I'll wait for you in the next life." Then his hand slowly hanged down, the eyes that gently looked at his lover also tightly closed.

"You're a liar." Ye Zhizhou cried like a child and hit him a few times. "What wait in the next life, I don't even know where I'll be in the next life......"

System timely pop up a screen, [are you ready to enter the next world?]

He gritted his teeth to hold back his tears, carefully tidying up his lover's appearance. He lied on his side, facing sideway and embraced his lover before slowly closed his eyes, with determination in his heart.



The first thing he felt when he opened his eyes was the bad smell, a very bad smell. Ye Zhizhou covered his nose and observed his surroundings.

This is a clean bathroom with a white bathtub, brown floor tiles and a brown sink table beside the toilet with some skin care products messily scattered around.

And in such a clean bathroom, he was having diarrhea...... Ye Zhizhou who just lost his lover couldn't keep on feeling sad because of the stinky smell covering the room.

After tidying up himself and put on his pants, he got up and stood in front of the mirror. He looked at his new appearance and dumbstruck, "Heaven, this face full of acne is me? Last time it's a fat boy and now this acne-boiled male. What grudge did you have on me?"

A small compact mirror on the sink table shook and the next second the pimple youth's reflection blurred up and replace by a large segment of text.

He looked down blankly, staring at the pink rabbit shaped compact mirror, then looked up at the wall mirror filled with text. His heart blew a bleak wind, "Heaven, how much do you like pink?"

The system ignored him and just diligently provides information.

He sighed and began to read the love story of this world's protagonist.

Zhang Xinran, an actress with a slag father, a stepmother, and a useless younger brother, these three pig-like relatives. At the age of 18 was discovered by a scout and entered the entertainment circle. After instantly become a hit, her family egged her to abandon her study and focused to work in entertainment business. 10 years later, when she was about to win the award in upcoming award ceremony, Yao Cheng, her boyfriend she loves for ten years and his other woman, Liu Feifei, suddenly break the media and she lost the trophy. Then she quickly past her prime-time and finally died at home from CO2 poisoning.

Then she was reborn.

Ye Zhizhou : "......"

The protagonist was reborn back to 18 years old, one week before she encountered the scout. In this life, she vowed to live out her life to the best, becoming an actress she wanted to be, stamp that slag man and her mistress, finished her study! She will never be an idiot pretty face with no culture!

After setting the goal, she quickly tidied up herself to a better image and met the scout, once again appear in the idol drama that make her instantly famous like her past life and frankly refuse to appear in any drama starring her former boyfriend Yao Cheng and reject his courtship. At the same time, she studied hard and admitted to B city best college, shocking everyone.

After receiving her first payment, she immediately left her pig-family house. She also avoided her past life label, Huang Tu, and transferred to Mu Tian label that will be big in the future.

Although Mu Tian is a new company, but its strength and background is very powerful. After the protagonist signed the contract, she used her past life knowledge for her advantage, obtained the gold medal and a respectable manager. Then by recommendation she finally got a role in a historical drama as the second female lead.

Through this historical drama, her popularity raise to the next level, gaining the attention of top company. The manager saw this opportunity and pushed her to participate in a famous director audition for the lead actress. So in this audition, she met the first male lead of this world, the money cow, the big and top quality actor, Ouyang Di.

Ouyang Di is the male lead actor chosen by the director. That day he was required to be present in the audition. He hurriedly go over, unfortunately he got caught by paparazzi. In that helpless state, the protagonist coincidentally met and then save him, thus he noticed her. He thought that this is just a short meeting, but in the audition stage, he saw this newcomer once again and her sophisticated stunning acting. He also learned that she was from the same company as him, so he became more interested on her.

After shooting the movie, as the same predecessor and younger generation of the company, their relationship was getting better and better. The actor gradually has good impression on the protagonist and the protagonist's heart also faintly moved by the actor......but unfortunately, the beautiful love story had to take a turn here.

The actor accidentally got a fracture. In order to not affect the filming and also not to make the protagonist worried, he called his twin older brother abroad, Ouyang Zhi. Letting him to take his place to continue appear on the movie. The brother who loves his younger brother dearly agreed to this idea. He learned about his brother behavior and habit to undertake the task.

Those two men look exactly the same. Ouyang Zhi's acting skill was also impeccable. And with Ouyang Di off-site coaching guidance, no one found out that the male lead actor was not the same! The filming continued, the protagonist affection toward the actor also continued. Ouyang Zhi just ignored the protagonist's concern and attention at the beginning, but after a long time of interaction, he actually fell in love with the protagonist! He fell in love with his younger brother's beloved woman, while pretending to be the younger brother!

Reading here, Ye Zhizhou covered his face in despair. He just felt that this second world is more terrible than the last one.

Twins, falling in love in the same woman ah. Final still together, but also for a lifetime! Moreover the protagonist knew very late that her lover is actually two people, at that time she already had relationship with two people...... Do twins connect deeply? Always having the same gesture? The same habit before and after the event? The same way of breath when excited? feels like his morality is already dead.

He wiped his face, threw the yellow garbage out of his head, and kept on reading the information in front with an upright mind.

If we put feeling aside, the protagonist was very successful after her rebirth. She got rid of her slag father and stepmother, managed to discard her useless younger brother, crush her former slag boyfriend and his woman, then embrace the male leads' thigh. With the male leads' power she was protected and escorted. After getting the trophy from that movie, at the age of 26 years old she quickly went international, conquered the entertainment world instantly. At 35 years old, when she was at the top of her career, she bravely withdraw from the entertainment industry and threw herself at charity. She got a PhD in law from H University and become the front line in children assist and abused woman.

At 85 years old, she passed away. Because of good deeds she did in her life, all the country leaders mourn for her. The later generation wrote a monument and build a memorial hall for her. Before their death, those two men also ordered them to protect and develop the protagonist's work in child assist and abused woman prevention and let her soul stayed in people's heart in eternal glory.

The later generation accomplished it, and they do it very well. They use the protagonist's name to establish a foundation, invest a lot of money to continue her noble work.

100 years later, the foundation turned into a religion and became the focus of woman's right; 150 years later, the religion grew and strengthened, also getting more and more believers; 200 years later, believers all spread around the world; 270 years later, the doctrine became twisted, it began to emphasize on women's power in violent aesthetic; 300 years later, believers began a terrorist attack, woman began to rebel in places where men in serious power; 320 years later, the fight slowly spread around the world and people has forgotten the original reason of the fight; 370 years later, after decades of war, the world finally perished.

Shutting down the information screen, Ye Zhizhou stared at mirror that shows the pimple youth once again. His heart filled with ellipsis.

This kind of world destruction, seriously? Why the entire mission world is so capricious......

The toilet door suddenly knocked, a gruff voice could be heard from outside, "Cheng Ge*, I buy you some medicine, come out after you clean yourself. The director said, if in the morning your acne still not gone, he won't let you go to the conference."

(*Ge means brother, so it means Brother Cheng)

He turned and stared at the door, then tapping the rabbit mirror, "Cheng Ge? Who?"

[The body you're currently using is Yao Cheng.]

"......The ex-boyfriend?"



The door was knocked again, "What did you say?"

"Nothing. You go rest first." He used the original body's way of talk to send that person away. Then flipped over the information system gave to him.

Yao Cheng, an orphan, raised by his uncle till 18 years old then got driven out by his uncle's wife. At second year in university because he doesn't have money for the tuition, he drop out of school. By chance he was picked by Director Li Hao to starred in an idol drama 《Fate, let me love you》, after the big success of the drama he sign into Xing He label, walk in the flower boy route, get cast in variety of idol drama. After a few years getting past his prime and be the top actor, he took a fancy on an older woman from Huang Tu label, Liu Feifei. In order to get her support, he betrayed his ten years girlfriend, Zhang Xinran.

Of course, this was before the protagonist rebirth. After her rebirth, Yao Cheng was constantly involved in a dark scandal since his debut. By "fateful chance" under Liu Feifei's support, when his career just improved slightly, a scandalous photo of him and Liu Feifei break out to the media. Then he quickly past his prime time and just became a pretty boy object, a very miserable and frustrated life.

Turning off the screen, he took a deep breath and let it out. He tapped the compact mirror once again, "Heaven, about my face, you can solve it right?"

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