There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 17

Although 《Fate, let me love you》was a low budget idol drama and all the actors were newcomers, but because the high status of Li Hao's grandfather, Li Zhen, in the film circle, this movie conferences still get many media attention.

Li Hao watched the media at front and walked toward the actor's lounge in high spirit, counted the people and angrily said, "Where's Yao Cheng? Didn't I already notified you to arrive early! Xinran, you give him a call, within 10 minutes, I want to see him here!"

From the center of the crowd, Xinran slowly stand up, purse up her rosy lip and shyly said, "I just called him, but no one answered...... it's my fault, I insisted on everyone to eat seafood yesterday, causing Cheng Ge's allergy and triggered a rash on his face...... I'm sorry."

A beauty initiative an apology, Li Hao's heart swayed to the horizon. His tone calmed down and he comfortingly said, "You are just being considerate on everyone for working hard and treat them. I'm not blaming you." He thought about that rash on Yao Cheng's face and got angry again, "It's Yao Cheng's fault. Has seafood allergy still eat so much! Anyway, he can't meet people with his rash face. Forget it. Give him a call, tell him not to come. A good conference and all are lost. Wretched!"

"Yao Cheng indeed always screwed things up. He also came late a few times when filming......" the second lead actor, Deng Tun, has a feeling for Xinran. Seeing Yao Cheng always fawned on her made him resent Yao Cheng even more. At once he seize this opportunity to add fire.

Hearing this made Li Hao got angrier, he hit the table making a bang noise, "Simply outrageous! What's gotten in my eyes to choose him as the lead actor that time!

"Who make Hao Ge to be this angry?" A bright and clear voice came from outside, everyone's ear was tickle by this voice, they looked toward the entrance.

Ye Zhizhou wore a simple white shirt and a pair of jeans. He raise his hands full of package breakfast in front of his face with a big smile. Seeing everyone look at him in puzzle, he just blinked and laughably said, "I got up early. I took the liberty to buy breakfast for everyone." Then he looked at Li Hao. With a big smile and a friendly cheerful voice embed with spiritual force, he said, "I remember Hao Ge like to eat Chinese burger? I see one at the street corner and just buy some. I also add hot pepper in it. Hao Ge, you like spicy food right?"

"Huh? Ah, Yes. I like it spicy." Li Hao awkwardly retracted his hand from the table. His anger just burst out like a popped up balloon. With a guilty feeling of someone who got caught when talking someone behind their back, his eyes wavered not looking at Ye Zhizhou. He reached for the burger, opened it and took a mouthful. He dryly said, "Everyone quickly eat ah. Then we can begin our work. Don't starve, don't starve......" He pretending to be busy and hurriedly turn toward he lobby.

Everyone watch him leave. They looked at the delicious breakfast on the table and at Ye Zhizhou's fine handsome face. Silence. What did just Xinran say to the director? Allergic? Rash face?

Many people will want to have this kind of "rash face" ah......

Ye Zhizhou saw no one moved, his smile got even bigger and the spiritual force slowly spread out, entangling with his soft voice, "I don't know everyone's preferences, so I just buy some porridge and steamed bun. Don't say I'm stingy, ok?"

Everyone seems to be awaken, they looked at Ye Zhizhou once again. The more they looked at him, the more pleasing to eyes he became. They step forward and took the meal after saying thanks. His way of talk and attitude also became more amiable and gentler. For a moment, the atmosphere in the lounge has never been more harmonious.

After breakfast and exchanging friendly greeting full with laugh, not only the antipathy and hostility was dissolved but also it increased people's good opinion on him. Ye Zhizhou was very satisfied.

Zhang Xinran stood outside the crowd. She secretly glanced at Yao Cheng's acne-free face. She slightly frowned, her heart filled with suspicion. Obviously his face was full of rash and acnes yesterday. How could today...... not only he got rid of his stingy self, but also since when did Yao Cheng learn to bribe people with food like this? Suspicious, very suspicious.

Aware of her gaze, Ye Zhizhou's smile paused then became brighter. He turned and looked at her with concerned look, "Xinran, why are you just standing there? You don't have any appetite?"

"No." She turned around and saw everyone busily taking the meal and exchanging laughs and words, she joined them and kindly thanked him for the breakfast. Her attitude was very pleasing, not showing any fault.

Ye Zhizhou politely leave her after exchanging some words. He stood at the side eating some steamed bun while watching her chatting with the crews. He slightly admired her, worthy of being called an actress, her acting was very good.

The conference started fifteen minutes ago, Li Hao took a bottle of cola from the corner, pass on everyone, and then put it in Ye Zhizhou's hand. After the host finished introducing him, he walked first to the stage.

Ye Zhizhou looked at the unopened cola in his hand, his mouth slightly hooked up. Is this Li Hao's way of returning his breakfast? Li Hao is exactly the same with the information. He was both difficult and awkwardly kind person, very tsundere.

In order to hold the suspense, the lead actor and actress were the last one to appear. The media show no interest in seeing those green newbie on stage. Their mind was thinking hard on how to make this story more eye-catching. Ye Zhizhou then was introduced and called by the MC to come to the stage.

White shirt, light colored jeans, white sneaker, neat and tidy short hair, fine eyebrow and smart eyes, straight nose thin lip, wide shoulder, slim waist, long legs, a white fine skin, with no feminism air at all. His temperament was gentle and comfortable. He walked in natural posture filled with his own aura. And wait, ah! This sultry voice, this neither servile nor overbearing manner, this natural way of talk with interval jokes in it.

Potential stock! Hot news!

The reporters who were like tiger in human skin instantly jolted up, they picked up their camera and clicked madly at Ye Zhizhou. They finally looked at Li Hao seriously—— really worthy of being the great Li Zhen's grandson. This casting vision, really cruel!

Li Hao was annoyed with the media's casual attitude. He didn't expect once Ye Zhizhou came to the stage the situation would reverse, it was so exciting. After Ye Zhizhou sat down, he couldn't help but patted his shoulder and haughtily said, "Well done. After this I'm gonna treat you to big dinner."

Ye Zhizhou was amused by him. While joking together, he lower his voice and said, "Hao Ge, the equipment you mentioned last time, I know how to brush it."

"What!?" Li Hao sudden shout startled the media and MC. The media that were initially on the protagonist shift their attention toward Li Hao.

"Hao Ge, calm down." Ye Zhizhou hint about the media.

Li Hao hurriedly shut up and straightened his body, pretending nothing had happened.

The media have no choice but to go back to the protagonist. However they enthusiasm obviously faded down because of that. They carelessly take some shoot on her and then put down their camera at a right moment.

Zhang Xinran who specifically requested to be the last one to appear just maintained her smile and sat beside the director. Under the table her hand slowly clenched tight and her heart sank. Why is Yao Cheng so strange today? The director's surprise just now clearly because of his words...... did he deliberately target her or it's just a coincidence? Also the method of using food to bribe people and the suddenly disappearance of his allergy traces...... she definitely saw him eating that food yesterday, then that food...... No. Don't think about it. She forcefully pinched her thigh to calm herself and put her attention into the conference. This is the beginning of her debut in the entertainment circle, she must not make any mistake. As for Yao need to hurry, there will always be a chance to pick on him.

After the introduction, the next segment was interview. Zhang Xinran picked up her spirit. Thank s to her mature and smart reply, media's attention gradually pulled into her. She regained her confidence as a rebirth woman.

Ye Zhizhou didn't care about the protagonist stealing all attention. He ignored Li Hao and occasionally looked at his side. He tapped the compact mirror and connected the system with the owner's cell phone. The system screen then showed the owner's blog.

Yao Cheng's character is a little strange. He's a conceited and inferior person, very difficult to get along. His blog directly showed his character, unbearably messy. Occasionally he'll make a cynical remark about male chauvinism, very stupid. In the original plot, the protagonist used this blog and gave him a well-known man doctrine's hat. Once the negative image printed on his back, it's difficult to wash out. But now he's occupying Yao Cheng's body, naturally he will run everything properly.

Without fooling around he deleted the blog and wiped any Yao Cheng's negative trace on the internet. He also checked the owner's bank deposit silently. Then he created a new blog and simply took care of it, and he opened the phone address and deleted all the contact record. After finishing this, he disconnected system from the phone and finally looked up and pays attention toward Li Hao.

The interview went smoothly. Zhang Xinran glanced at him with a bit of ridicule look on her eyes, but seeing him not paying any attention at her but instead was whispering with Li Hao with face full of smile, it's making her smile stiffened up and eyes loomed down.

This Yao Cheng, what is he up to?

The conference ended without a hitch. Li Hao waved his big hand and proudly set the box at Four Season Park, decided to take everyone to a good rub.

On the way, Ye Zhizhou's strategy was succeed on making Li Hao pay attention to his blog and sent a like. He was very satisfied. Li Hao's three generation network is powerful. Originally, the reason why protagonist could get the best offers was not only because she had a good manager but also because Li Hao used his grandfather's connection to support her. Now that he is here, it's natural to make a useful good relationship with him.

After chatting and laughing they finally arrived, everyone got off and surrounded Li Hao.

On the second floor of Four Season Park, Ouyang Chun suddenly stopped walking, he looked down at the hall to take a look but only caught a glimpse of white figure in a large group of people heading toward the first floor.

"Uncle?" Qing Xiao doubtly stop and follow the man's line of sight and said, "What's the problem?"

"Nothing." He withdrew his gaze, held the beads on his wrist, and commanded, "Let Dr. Zhang has a visit this afternoon."

Qing Xiao cautiously said with a grave look," Uncle, does your head hurt again? Want to go to the hospital?"

"No." he lowered his eyes. The always indifferent looks suddenly washed away with an emotion. He slowly stopped stroking the beads in his wrist. "It doesn't hurt." Just as if something suddenly come to life in his heart. Very strange, very......happy.

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