There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 19

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At 10.30 a.m, Ye Zhizhou rolled out from his blanket with dispirited look and a gloomy air; "Heaven, give me some sweet bean."

Heaven moved his fake ears, and with a 'clack' sound, he exposed an orange pill; [It's not sweet bean, it's a soothing pill.]

"Okay, soothing pill." Ye Zhizhou just echoed blankly, and picked it up. Slowly closing his eyes, he swallowed the pill. His mind finally cleared up after getting rid of his hangover. He confusedly touched the bump on his forehead, "Why did I get this swollen?"

Heaven answered his silly question; [Knocked something.]

Vague memories came through his mind - a faint mint fragrant, a strong warm embrace, a deep and gentle voice... He forcefully pressed down the bump on his head, and the instant pain made all his thoughts go away. While holding back his tears, he poked the system wildly, "Quick, give me some painkiller, it's really hurts."

[The system is not an omnipotent existence.]

"Don't you specialise in selling drugs?"

The system was quiet as a chicken.

The warm morning interaction was broken by the ringing of the phone. Ye Zhizhou rubbed his face and wiped a tear. He took the phone and saw an unknown number calling, and after some debate, he then picked it up, "Hello, who's this?"

"Xiao Cheng!" Li Hao's murderous pig-like howl shot through his eardrum, "You must calm down. I'll try to find someone to control the public opinion on Weibo. You just have to calm down!"

"You're the one who must calm down." He put his phone away and covered his ear, "What happened? Are they saying I harassed Zhang Xinran, or my aunt came out to blame me?"

Li Hao stopped his shouting, then said "You know?"

Of course he knows, he was the one who orchestrated this whole thing from behind.

After calming Li Hao down, he stretched and got out of bed. He simply washed his face and brushed his teeth before finally settling down for breakfast. He turned on his laptop to see the big drama.

A fan's power really was something. He just posted these photos at 9.00, and by 11.00, the furious fans who were enraged tried to found out the connection among the accounts. Following the trails, they found out Deng Jun's small account, and with this account, they finally found his main account. Because of this shocking news, they madly shooting questions at him.

Deng Jun has a narrow and bad temper. He could only endure less than an hour of these bombarding questions. He had yet to join any company label, so his actions had no restrictions. After the explosion of the drama, and his high empty popularity, he became somewhat smug and conceited. He talked without regard to his image, saying what he wanted to say without a filter; unconsciously revealing his jealousy and disgust towards Yao Cheng; and complete admiration for Zhang Xinran.

Fans were stunned; the love triangle between those three unexpectedly transferred from the drama into the real world! It's just that the affectionate and gentle perfect second male lead turned out to be this jealousy filled ugly heart in real life; just like a vile character shadowing from behind.

This image overturn is too much! Fans feel the need to calm down.

After calming down, they got excited once again. Although Deng Jun was very low and very annoying, he broke out an incredible news; Yao Cheng really likes Zhang Xinran! He also chased after her! The gossip wasn't completely fake!

Some fans were so thrilled that they were overjoyed in spreading the news. The vast majority of fans were in a subtle mood. And a small number of fans were heartbroken, and became a ball crying in the corner.

Deng Jun absolutely hated seeing Zhang Xinran and Yao Cheng's name linked together, and seeing how the fans were getting foolishly excited, he couldn't help but to pour cold water - Your beloved Yao Cheng was just in a one-sided love with Zhang Xinran, even after she rejected him many times, he still pestered her. It's particularly disgusting, Xinran also feels very vexed towards him.

With this cold water pouring down, the fans' hearts cooled and their spirits went flying.

Some fans were vigorously risen up and torn down, a few fans were trembling like a tiger seeing the dawn, and majority of fans were calm and merely chuckled in their heart. Before smearing Yao Cheng with black material, they didn't even know whether the news was true or false; Deng Jun's words couldn't be trusted completely either. If they just made a chicken fly, and a dog jump, it's simply wasting time. To smear someone, or expose some scandals, first please speak with evidence.

Exactly at 8 a.m, the evidence came out. Yao Cheng's aunt's interview broke the media. In the interview, she harshly criticised Yao Cheng, talking about how he was such an ingrate; forgetting his family after getting famous and rich. Finishing the scolding with resentment, she also blurted out Yao Cheng's bad conduct from childhood till now. Skipping class, rebelling at the teacher, smoking, getting a tattoo, and getting mixed with a bad circle. He got puppy love at 16 years old, and at 18 years old, he harassed a girl which led to her father coming and beating him up.

After being accepted into college, he ran away from home. Only acting studying for 2 years, he dropped out. Really, full of notorious misdeeds and has no repentance at heart. In the end, his aunt also shed crocodile tears and apologized to Zhang Xinran, saying that its her family's fault for not disciplining the child properly. She also asked the 'great' person to not make a larger dispute.

So when Li Hao woke up and found the news, public opinion had already been uncontrollable. Many of Yao Cheng's former childhood classmates also spurted out the next jump on Weibo. They constantly made explosive news till now; so the white clean Yao Cheng had been finally stained all black.

Ye Zhizhou yawned, very pleased with this outcome. While moving his finger, he was ready to post the previously well-prepared material to the internet, waiting for the best time. A wonderful reversal was about to begin.

Calculating the time from the system data, it should be just a few days before the protagonist joined the Mu Tian label. He took his phone and searched for Li Hao's number, ready to use his connections to get himself into Mu Tian too. After coaxing and feeding him for all this time, it's time for Li Hao to return the favour.

When he was about to dial the number, an unknown call suddenly came in.

After the press conference, he had changed his number, and not many people knew his new number. This sudden unknown call... with a guess in his mind, he touched his chin, then cleared his throat, and answered, "Hello, who's this?"

The opposite voice is very pleasant to hear, the attitude is also quite attentive. With just introducing himself...

"Mu Tian?" Surprisingly, not like the original plot, is Yao Cheng's good luck star finally flowing? He was a bit surprised and asked, "You want to sign contract with me?"

Qing Xiao looked at the man sitting with drooped eyes across of him, the Ouyang Chun whose thoughts couldn't be predicted. He spoke more cautiously, "Not us. It's my boss who wants to sign you."

Not aware why the man intentionally emphasized the word boss to him, Ye Zhizhou now felt like a very sleepy man who was bestowed a pillow by God; a joyful feeling of a starving man who received juicy meat from the Heavens. He directly answered, "Yes. I want to sign the contract. When can we discuss this?" Thank God! His popularity was now all black, and Mu Tian unexpectedly wanted to sign a contract with him. Miracle! An unexpected joy! Thanking the boss who has insight in recognising pearls!

After getting the other's positive response, Qing Xiao felt the pressure, so he suggested, "How about two o'clock this afternoon? We can send a car to pick you up." The low pressure had been there since morning, he didn't dare to delay this any longer.

"No problem." Ye Zhizhou was also afraid to lose this chance to embrace the juicy meat, so he hurriedly took a bite, "You don't have to pick me up, I live near the Mu Tian building. It's very convenient. No need to trouble you."

After hanging up the phone, Qing Xiao looked at Ouyang Chun, "Uncle, the time is decided. Want me to call He Zhenheng? Also, which contract grade will you will be signing him?" The salary was definitely the highest, but about the term; the longest term, which was 10 years? Or the flexible term of one year?

"No need." Ouyang Chun finally came to life from his silent state. He removed a few dust particles and held the bead on his wrist; faintly talking, "Not an actor contract. Assistant contract."


"He can only sign as an assistant." He slightly narrowed his eyes and seemed to think about something. Slowly, slowing down, "My assistant."


At 2 p.m, Ye Zhizou entered the gorgeous Mu Tian entrance, but very unfortunately met face to face with Zhang Xinran in the elevator.

"Why are you here?" The always showing her 'mature and calm' side, Zhang Xinran, finally showed her rarely seen 'young girl unstable' expression, staring at Ye Zhizhou with an unbelieving face. She saw the farce on Weibo this morning, and although the event far exceeded her plan, Yao Cheng's popularity was truly in the slump. He should be under the pressure while staying at home right now. How can he show up here?

Ye Zhizhou also didn't expect to meet the protagonist here. But his brain finally cleared up; she must have also come to sign the contract. Then, he hooked up his lips and showed his perfect smile, "Xinran, why are you also in here?"

Zhang Xinran who quickly lost her good mood only glanced at him. Do not understand why he still shows kindness and good opinion towards her; she slightly raised her chin and indifferently answered, "I came to sign the contract."

The protagonist always ignored Yao Cheng, or replied with cold look after rebirth. Ye Zhizhou didn't mind, he leisurely said, "What a coincidence. I have also come to sign the contract."

Zhang Xinran's proud face suddenly stiffened, and she faintly knit her brows, "How can you..."

The elevator dinged, and slowly opened, interrupting her speech.

Remembering her goal in Mu Tian, she quickly sorted out her expression and bearing, preparing to use the most perfect image to start her Mu Tian career. As for Yao Cheng, this almost obsolete actor, there was no need to pay attention.

Both of them didn't expect that there was someone outside the elevator who was waiting to greet them.

"Welcome to Mu Tian." He Zhenheng stepped forward and shook their hands. His slightly prominent ordinary face made people unconsciously relax, and he spoke, filled with a smile, "I'm He Zhenheng, Mu Tian's agent." Then he pointed to the slightly serious looking woman beside him, "This is Zhao Ping, and both of your contracts will be separately discussed by us."

He Zhenheng, Mu Tian's top agent; outstanding network skills, and many methods in nurturing an actor. Now, he personally came to welcome the protagonist, surely they must have been in contact before. Thinking like this, his eyes moved from the intimacy between He Zhenheng and protagonist, towards Zhao Ping. He Zhenheng and the protagonist together made a heap, so his contract should be handled by this serious lady. But in the original plot, there was no agent called Zhao Ping. Ah, was her presence just too weak or had he simply missed it?

Aware of his glance, Zhao Ping slightly nodded to him, and walked towards the elevator, pushing the up button.

"Going up?" He said, while catching up.

Zhao Ping nodded, then enter the elevator and said, "Your contract will be signed upstairs."

He followed her in with some doubt inside his heart. Highest floor... isn't that the President's office? He only came in to sign the contract, why does he need to go to such a high class area? Moreover, why didn't the protagonist have to go?

Downstairs, Zhang Xinran noticed these two people leaving, and pretending to be curious, she asked with a puzzled look, "Why are they going? Are they not signing the contract?"

"Of course not." He Zhenfeng laughed while waving his hand. Unwilling to talk more, he just vaguely responded, "That child's contract and your contract are not the same. It's for the higher ups to see, so he need to go up."

A light flashed through her eyes, and then she smiled, "Oh, not the same, ah." With Yao Cheng's current popularity and circumstances, how can they be signing the same contract, right?

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