There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

After the conference ended, Ye Zhizhou became idle.

A few days later, he took his newly earned paycheque, called his landlord to withdraw his single room rent, and then promptly booked a ticket, packed his luggage and went to the airport...... He took advantage of the fact that the series was still in the editing phase and that the protagonist was still struggling with her college entrance exam. To make a hole, you first have to earn money! Furthermore, Li Hao's paycheck was next to nothing.

Want to make a good standing in the entertainment circle with this kind of money? Dream on!

First, he went to S city stock exchange and exploited the system data to double his money. He then turned to the gambling resort located in Y city. Using his spiritual force and system's sensor function to analyze the situation, he directly placed a huge bet in Heaven with a bright feeling. One month later, he returned to B city pleased and immediately went to the best and quietest area in the city to purchase a small villa. After buying some furniture, he finally moved in.


After comfortably soaking in the bathtub to wash away his exhaustion, Ye Zhizhou climbed on to the bed and grabbed his phone. He looked at the calendar to calculate the passing time while thinking about his current accomplishments.

He poked the compact mirror and asked, "You said I'll get a reward if I completed a mission. So, where is it?"

He'd been busy with all sort of things since coming to this new world and had almost forgotten all about it.

The compact mirror moved its fake rabbit ears, and with a 'clack' sound, the lid opened. Light emitted from the mirror and swept Ye Zhizhou's wrist. When the light eventually disappeared and the lid closed again, a screen pop-up message came up: [The reward is complete]

He looked at his wrist only to find a mole-like thing on it. He speechlessly opened his mouth, "Are you kidding me?"

[Space Dimension. Essential for world-traveler. You deserved it.]

"......So I worked hard to save the world and the reward was a booger-like looking space dimension on the wrist?"

This kind of thing can be easily obtained with a little money in his world. What kind of reward is this?!

The mirror lid opened once more and the light swept his wrist again. The mole-like thing transformed into the shape of a delicate and antique small hand mirror.

"...... I'll tear down your fake ears!"


In a flash, time finally arrived at the middle of June when protagonist had finished her college entrance exam. The drama series had also finished filming and was now being broadcasted every night. In just barely half a month, 《Fate, let me love you》's rating had gone from the bottom to the top in beautiful counterattack. The actors in the drama had also risen in popularity, and quickly grabbed the public's attention. The hard to brush off sense of existence!

The media responded instantly. They continuously went with the flow to report this summer drama's dark horse. They also released a bunch of the conference photos. Starting from blog ranks to a public platform version.

Still photos from the series, private photos, interview photos, Zhang Xinran and Yao Cheng's face were everywhere. Public opinion on them, along with the drama's publicity, kept rising up. Their scandals and works continuously being mentioned by fans.

After more than half a month since the drama's initial broadcast, to follow this small tide of enthusiasm, Zhang Xinran posted her exam grade on her blog along with her admission notice. It surprised many of her fans and also stirred up some people to dig up some dirt about her scandalous partner, Yao Cheng's educational background.

High school graduate and only two years in college...... One is a future great university student, while the other only has a high school level education. Seeing them side by side, it's somewhat not well-matched, ah. Besides his background, many negative news about Yao Cheng was also dug up. A hypocritical and selfish nature that hard to get along with, always late with no sense of responsibility when shooting, rude manners with an arrogant way of talking...... In short, apart from his face, he has no other advantage.

One by one, the people's good opinion of him was flooded in dark powder, gradually wearing down. After his idol halo light was strained, his unripe acting in the drama also being criticized. Especially when he acted along the outstanding Zhang Xinran, the awkward performance felt increasingly more severe.

Along with the professional aesthetic part on the lead actress, the topic of the newcomer's act also was flooding the internet. About how Yao Cheng is unmatched with Zhang Xinran, the same opinion about the best and worst acting skill, and topics about how a morally lacking person shouldn't enter the entertainment circle to just 'dredge for money' also began to emerge.

Gossip gradually disappeared, Zhang Xinran's CP powder was not shown again, whereas for Yao Cheng, he was covered with dark powder.

{Ed. Note: Internet slang. CP powder is referring to fans who wish for the main couple of a movie to get together in real life (in this case, Yao Cheng and Zhang Xinran), and dark powder is referring to anti-fans}

Zhang Xinran closed her blog in satisfaction and opened some new contract invitations. After some consideration, she chose Mu Tian's. Her first step in the entertainment circle was very successful and now it's time to start the second step.


Yao Cheng was vigorous, and with Ye Zhizhou inside his body, the game was joyful. Thanks to his detailed strategy and tremendous luck in the game, he gained Li Hao's friendship very quickly, also becoming a top rank in the game that no one could shake.

After KO-ing Li Hao once again, he took of his headphone and scrolled down his blog on his phone. He squinted his eyes and pondered for a moment. Then he poked the lifeless Li Hao and grinned, showing his white teeth, "Hao Ge, do you want this rare orange necklace?"

{T/N: An accessory in an online game, same with the equipment he mentioned in the last chapter. They're discussing a game}

Li Hao instantly changed from a salted fish to a fierce tiger, he pounced to hug Yao Cheng's thigh, "I want it, I want it, I want it. Seek for guidance!"

He laughed while waving his phone, "Then we should take a picture of this evening and then invite the brothers over to eat some meals."

The brothers he talked about were several young actors who also played in the drama. During this time, he used food and money to build a deep enough friendship with them.

Li Hao stared blankly, then frantically nodded, "Yes, yes, yes. Take photo. Invite them. Whatever they want to eat then eat, it's my treat!"


At 9.30 p.m, after strolling around on some blog, the idle fans finally come across Li Hao's. Seeing the new post about the famous new game blogger, they curiously went in only to be surprised.

Photos! Many photos! Obviously these're recent photos. 《Fate, let me love you》most of the actors' dinner photo! The main thing is that the photos were sent by the game blogger and forwarded by Li Hao! From the photo's point of view, the game blogger seems to be Yao Cheng himself!

...... The original Yao Cheng doesn't have an open blog, he can't use his blog in a proper way, ah! Fans are busy dissing him in various way but he himself just simply drinks, eats, and plays games. Totally different from what it said in the news!

Take a look at this casual eye-catching photos, at that not just pretty face but also fair and delicate skin, finally at those arms around each other's shoulder and the director who was almost clinging on to his body...... Loathed by everyone because of his difficult personality and always late behavior? The director never praises him and regrets choosing him as the lead actor? Looking at these photos, the former news just fooling everyone, right?

Anger came fast like a hurricane. Thinking that they are just being played by the hot-headed fans, they started digging the original source of this negative news. A bloodbath was about to unfold on the internet.


Ye Zhizhou pushed the drunk Li Hao away. He stood up to go to the nearby restroom, but after finding out that they're all full, he helplessly returned to the second floor. While rubbing his dizzy head, he followed the sign that led to the place he can solve his physical problem.

Wine can indeed torture people, no wonder Yun Ke never let him touch it too much.

Yun Ke...... His hand stopped moving, then he kneaded his head harder, unconsciously increasing his walking speed.

Must not think, must not think. Must do the mission properly......

A door in the middle of the corridor suddenly opened, and a tall figure came out from inside. Catching him unguarded, the man knocked against him and unfortunately also knocked his forehead against the door. His dizzy head because of the alcohol became even dizzier, and everything was all blurry.

A faint of mint fragrance came to him, making him unconsciously grab its source and get closer to it. He said in a low inaudible voice, "Yun Ge......"

Ouyang Chun reflexively reached out and held the youth, his brows slightly wrinkled. He was surprised with himself as to why he did this kind of movement. When he was just about to push aside the youth in his arms, that strange sense of happiness suddenly appeared again and quickly occupied his brain.

Can't lose, must hold tight.

Intuition told him so, his mind doesn't have enough time to analyze this but his body already held the youth close to him. He couldn't stand intimacy, let alone letting someone approach him, yet the youth in his arms fit and made a feeling of not wanting to let go in his heart.

This is the person; he must not let go of him.

"Uncle." Qing Xiao finally caught up to him, and seeing the person in his arms, he asked in puzzlement, "This is......"

He looked away for a mere 10 seconds, where did this guy come from?

Ouyang Chun didn't answer, opting to look down at the person's face in his arm. He looked at the youth's unfocused eyes which were filled with confusion, and that strange happy feeling got even stronger.

Ye Zhizhou's dizziness quickly went away, and his vision got clearer. He saw an unfamiliar face but the aura surrounding this man was very familiar. Then the tenth year spiritual force of Yun Ke instantly activated, moving around on the man in front of him.

No, Yun Ke is already dead, dead in his arms.

His reasoning quickly come back. His spiritual force suppressed the newly activated force and he pushed away the man's body. Attempting with no avail, he couldn't help but feel his face sink.

"Sorry to bump into you. Sir, can you let me go?"

"Your name."

Deep and gentle voice, very pleasant to hear.

He stared blankly, looking up at the other's indifferent and cold eyes, his heart swayed and quickly sobered up.

"Strangers met by chance that's all, no need for introduction. I still have something to do. Goodbye."

Then Ye Zhizhou rudely pushed the man away to walk ahead and quickly disappear around the corner.

The happiness in Ouyang Chun quickly faded away, his chest that was being leaned on a while ago gradually lost that person's warmth.

Not enough, just merely hugging like this, not enough.

He looked at his hand, all kind of dangerous thoughts dashed in his head.

Want to take that person back, hold him, tie him in his arms, lock him, occupy his body and mind, cut off all his ways out, completely own him, encroach him, have him for life.

Qing Xiao was startled with his uncle's current dark aura, he hesitated called, "Uncle......?"

Ouyang Chun put down his hand, his gaze became soft and turned indifferent, but still let people tremble in fear.

"I want him."

"Uncle?" Qing Xiao truly surprised this time. After following his uncle for all these years, this was the first time seeing him want something this intensely. Thinking carefully, Qing Xiao opened his mouth to ask for the reason, but after seeing his uncle's dark hooded eyes, his heart trembled. He swallowed the words and carefully lowered his head. "......Yes."

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