There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 2

"What's in your hand?" seeing he's not replying, Yun Ke frowned and walked toward him.

Ye Zhizhou quickly withdraw his line of sight. While supporting his knee to get up, he put the mirror back into the bag's side pocket. Recalling the original character's setting, he bowed down his head into an introverted timid look and whispered, "Nothing…… Brother Yun, do you already have dinner?"

Yun Ke didn't respond, instead his tone become colder and grimmer, "Lift up your head when you speak."

Ye Zhizhou obediently raise his head and meet the man's dissatisfied eye.


What? To concern whether you have eaten or not make you feels dissatisfied?

After the brief mocking, he turned his head down to avoid the male lead gaze. He quickly rummaged his brain to access the data and received the original character memory. After three seconds, he figured out the reason of Yun Ke dissatisfaction. He remained silence for a while, silently curse in his heart.

So Yun Ke isn't dissatisfied just simply because of that greeting just now, he just dissatisfied with Du Yang entirely!

From the information data, Du Yang identity is "Yun family's adopted son". But from the memory, Du Yang status is not simply just "family friend's orphan", he's also the younger brother of Yun Ke's wife! That's right. Before the protagonist arrived, Yun Ke already had a wife! But that wife is very unlucky, the same day as their marriage day, she died. Yes, died from car accident, in order to save Yun Ke's life.

Wedding ceremony turned into a funeral, it's simply a tragedy.

And this unlucky wife is Du Yang's older sister, Du Yun.

Du Yun died, leaving behind huge Du family properties with no one to take over. Du Yang still young at that time. Du family people have died few years ago leaving only pair of brother and sister. Yun Ke couldn't bear it, he took over all Du family properties as Du Yun spouse. He's also has been preparing Du Yang to become a qualified heir, so he can hand over those property to Du Yang later. Unfortunately, with no parents in childhood, also witnessing his sister tragic death at such young age, Du Yang has become crooked. But toward Yun Ke, he become timid and weak crook. Obviously, Ye Zhizhou showed that timid and introverted look just now has successfully poking in Yun Ke sensitive "cultivate an excellent heir" nerve.

Ye Zhizhou want to sigh again.

Yun Ke saw him looking at him but became afraid with only a glance then looked away again. Yun Ke's looks became even darker, his cold tone almost make people get frostbite, "I said lift your head when you speak."

What a bad temper.

In order to avoid the male lead cold air and be freeze to death, Ye Zhizhou didn't dare to continue on with the "timid introverted" act anymore.

He raised his head once again, not avoiding and looking straight at Yun Ke chilly gaze.

Seeing his straight fixed gaze, Yun Ke frowned, "Are you dissatisfied with me?"


He obviously gave this kind of haughty and confidence gaze.

Male lead, do you have bad eyes?

Ye Zhizhou couldn't help but glare at him.

The usual full of fear and nervous eyes now filled with rare energy, shining brightly and not avoiding anymore. Yun Ke was a bit surprised, doubting his eyes. He couldn't help but look carefully into those pair of eyes. Suddenly those eyes quickly blink and then closed tightly, covered by a fat hand.

……is that recent energy just an illusion? Yun Ke thought so. Although his mind is still full of dissatisfaction toward the youth, but his face finally eased down. With a rare slightly caring tone, he asked, "What happened?"

"Got sand in my eyes." Suddenly attacked by sand, Ye Zhizhou bitterly put down his hand and bow down his head, wiping the falling tears. He sighed inside on his current bad luck.

Because of height difference and standing position, when Ye Zhizhou bowed down his head, Yun Ke can only see the tiny whorl on top of his black and soft hair which surprisingly look a bit cute. The sudden strange thought on his mind made Yun Ke went blank. He recomposed his face and faintly said, "Come inside to eat." He turned around and took a large stride toward the door.

Fill with excitement, Ye Zhizhou hurriedly dismissed his train of thought and catched up with him.

The ever silent with no existence protagonist, Bai Li, as if suddenly came alive. She carried a small bag full of flower seed on her side and walked toward Ye Zhizhou. She gently looked at him and spoke with a low soothing voice, "Xiao* Yang, don't be afraid. That just Big brother Yun bad temper. It doesn't mean he doesn't like you. Oh, right, yesterday you said you like tulips. This afternoon when I and Big brother Yun went out, we accidently saw and bought the flower seed back home. Plant them under your balcony, ok? This way, later when you open the window, you can immediately see your favorite flower."

{*used to call someone younger or same age to indicate familiarity and show affection, the usual pattern is: Xiao 'last name'}

Ye Zhizhou heard her. He took a glimpse of the protagonist lucid and elegant face. His heart quickly tighten, entering mission mode. Here it comes! The female lead unique skill that captivated all the male leads —— anytime and anywhere releasing the gentle, easy-going, and radiance feels —— the max healing ability.

He turned his head toward the door and sure enough saw Yun Ke's step slightly paused before entering the house. His mind became alarmed, he rush to take a step away and increase his distance from her. While shaking his head he said, "No, I don't like tulips. You are mistaken."

The protagonist was somewhat ignorant by his answer, "But yesterday didn't you say……"

"Yesterday, I merely said I don't dislike tulip, that's all. Compare to this delicate flower, I prefer to raise cactus." No longer gave the woman a chance to reply, he quickly run to Yun Ke and pulled his sleeve toward the dining room. He really want to drag him away from the female lead charm's range. While pulling he said, "Brother Yun, my stomach is starving. Hurry up. Let's have dinner."

Yun Ke never let anyone easily touched his body, so he became somewhat displeased. His thought about Bai Li just thrown to the back of his mind in a flash. He wanted to get rid of the other person hand, unaware that his heart had been swayed by the boy's illusion-like brimming energized eyes.

It truly is a very pretty eyes, bright and also quick witted, make people unconsciously want to look into them.

He looked down and saw his sleeve that being grab tightly by white fat palm. He also saw the back of the youth confused head. Showing compromise, he gently remove the power on his arm.

Only this once, he'll comply with this boy.

Bai Li, who had been left alone, saw their back gradually disappear behind the door. She couldn't help but knitted her fine eyebrow. A trace of unhappiness quickly flashed inside her heart.

What's going on? Normally with just few casual caring words, the young fat boy will eagerly come over. Why did he ignore her today? Is it really because he doesn't like tulip? So hateful, if he doesn't like it just say so yesterday ah, making her lose face in front of Big brother Yun.

Only until they sat down on the bright dining room did Ye Zhizhou clearly saw Yun Ke's face. Arch sharp eyebrow, slightly upright eye corner like almond shape, straight nose, sexy thin lips, and plus the expressionless face…… what a perfect cold abstinence handsome face, it's simply heavenly.

Looking at the other person, Ye Zhizhou once again thought about his current looks, he deeply acknowledged this world's biased.

"What are you looking at?"

"Your handsome face."

Yun Ke's chopstick stopped, Ye Zhizhou's mind also stopped.

It's finished, the setting downfall is too big to handle.

The atmosphere on the dining room immediately drop down, after a long time, just when Ye Zhizhou thought that conversation merely an illusion, Yun Ke's indifferent voice echoed, "You'll also become very handsome in the future."

Ye Zhizhou looked down at his white fat hand and round belly, silently showing his doubt.

"There're no ugly people in Du family."

"……" so this body has mutated gene then?

"There're also no fat person."

"……" damn it. Male lead, can't you just shut up?

"When you get taller naturally you'll also become thinner."

"…… I hold your words." He was in deep comprehension. Former Yun Ke was not dissatisfied with the original character, on the contrary, the character's self-confidence is too excessive ah. He can become thin after getting taller? The original character is now 17 years old, height 175, weight 85 kg! How to get taller than this? Isn't this going to require great effort to become thin and handsome?

"Don't mention it. After dinner, bring your midterm report to me."


After the weight topic, the two people in the dining table quiet down. The kitchen lady, Wu Ma, is very capable. Her meal has all nutrient balance and filled up Ye Zhizhou's stomach, he ate very satisfyingly.

Until he finished his meal and drank his milk, then Ye Zhizhou just found out that the protagonist is not at the dinner table. He curiously asked, "Where is Sister Lili? She's not eating together with us?" From the system's data, Yun Ke treat Bai Li very well. Although he hire her to be the family gardener, but in his heart, she's never be a servant. They had always been eating at the same table.

Yun Ke who was intending to leave and went to his study, hearing the boy, sat down once again. With expressionless face, he looked at him from top to bottom.

Being looked at like that make Ye Zhizhou somewhat nervous, he couldn't help but shrank and asked, "What? Is there a sticky rice on my face?"

Yun Ke frowned, his face darkened.

Ye Zhizhou actually knew the reason of his darkened face. The man chilly gaze made him quickly straightened up his body, as if he and that shrank man just now are not the same —— needless to say, it's the other's "cultivate an heir" nerve itching again.

Yun Ke indeed eased down his face. He folded his leg and leaned his relaxed body at the chair. He found the suddenly became fearless youth is very interesting. He leisurely asked, "Do you like Miss Bai?"

Miss Bai? Why such an unfamiliar way of calling? Ye Zhizhou's heart doubted, but his face remained insignificant. He said while shaking his head, "No. I don't like her." He isn't blind of those two male leads. Wanting to step forward between two boats like that, he absolutely doesn't dare to like that "gentle and kindhearted" woman.

Yun Ke's face is showing a thoughtful look and leisurely said, "I thought you like her."

"Not at all." Perhaps the original character does like her, but unfortunately the original is gone.

"I understand." Yun Ke nodded, got up and fixed his clothes. His tone turned indifferent again, "Follow me to the study. Bring your midterm report and test paper."

What did you understand? Ye Zhizhou couldn't keep up with his thinking, busily grab his bag from the stool. He quickly chased the tall long leg Yun Ke. As a result, he barely catch up with the man. Still didn't have time to speak, standing in the corner of dining room and living room, he saw Bai Li carrying a tea tray.

With a very red eyes she looked at Du Yang as if he gave her a very deep heart wound. She hold the sadness and vulnerability on her face, with trembling voice said, "Xiao Yang, I didn't expect you to hate me …… where did I upsetting you?"

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