There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 3

Protagonist, what kind of demon disturbed you?

Ye Zhizhou was shivering because of her mournful melancholy tone. He couldn't help but step back and replied, "I don't hate you. I only say I didn't like you."

"Xiao Yang, you blamed me, didn't you?" Bai Li choked up and softly said, "You blamed me for not agreeing to tutor you on your English lit yesterday right? Xiao Yang, I didn't do it on purpose. I just heard that Big brother Yun had insomnia, so I spent some times to make this soothing tea to help him sleep. After all, not sleeping for a long time is very unhealthy……" she said while taking a glance at Yun Ke, her eyes full of delicate expectation and also shyness.

Ye Zhizhou stared with big eyes. Shy?! That's not right, could it be the protagonist already fall for Yun Ke? This fast? This is not the same with the data ah! This time didn't she supposed to only feel grateful and worship him?

[System energy shortage, some information data might be missing, the actual development shall prevail the plot direction.]

……system, you tyrant.

Wait, insomnia? Ye Zhizhou accurately caught the protagonist plot point. There is indeed such an info in the data. After the protagonist arrive in Yun residence, she found out that Yun Ke has insomnia. Any treatment do no good. Soon she thought to make a soothing tea, boiled it and gave it to Yun Ke with hope that the tea will relief some of his symptom. Originally, Yun Ke only thought of this as a small concern, but he didn't expect the tea effect would be that good. The same day Yun Ke drink the tea, he slept very well. The protagonist very happy then begin to boil the tea every day for him, never take a break and finally made her sick with high fever unable to get up from bed!

For the long term insomnia man, to be able to sleep that well is a huge positive point, plus the protagonist concern and considerate behavior is very satisfying. The stone heart Yun Ke gradually moved by the protagonist, quietly stirred his heart……

Ye Zhizhou mission radar quickly starting. He looked down toward the tea tray in protagonist hand, could it be this thing is……

Bai Li saw him not answering and firmly staring at the tray in her hand explained, "This is the soothing tea I mentioned earlier. I boiled it until midnight yesterday to make it good." Then he looked at Yun Ke, "Big brother Yun, I'll help you put the tea to the……"

It is indeed that annoying tea!

——absolutely, must, not, let, Yun Ke drink it!

"Wait a minute." He loudly interrupt Bai Li speaks, looking back at her with serious face, he asked, "Sister Lili, didn't you lose your memory? How come you still able to make the soothing tea? Could it be you regained your memory back?"

Bai Li was stunned by him. Seeing Yun Ke seems to look closely at her, she hurriedly shook her head and answered, "No, I still couldn't remember anything. As for the tea ……when I see these things I just feel that I can……"

"I still can't let Brother Yun drink it." He shook his head, looking at Bai Li with disapprove face, sincerely and earnestly said, "Sister Lili, I know you have good intention. But after all this is an import stuff, it's better to be careful. You also don't want to unexpectedly cause harm to Brother Yun, right?"

"No, I don't……" Bai Li anxiously looking at Yun Ke and hurriedly explained, "Big brother Yun, of course I won't cause you any harm, I already drank this tea myself and there's no problem, I only want to……"

"What? You already drank it?" Ye Zhizhou with surprised eyes and exaggerated tone asked, "You actually give Brother Yun your left over?"

"No no, I only pour a little to taste……"

"Just a taste and you already certain there's no problem with the tea? Sister Lili, how can you be so careless!"

"No, I'm not…… Xiao Yang!" Bai Li became flustered and exasperated from his constant interruption. She couldn't help but scream out loud.

Ye Zhizhou firmly shutting up, looking up at Yun Ke with wronged eyes, "Brother Yun, please don't blame my rambling. I only worried about you. Teacher told us in the classroom today that products with unknown origin should not be consume."

The thing she prepared meticulously being criticized as "product of unknown origin" almost make Bai Li faint out of anger. She took a deep breath to calm down, re-adjusted her expression and with great effort she gently said, "Xiao Yang, I know you're blaming me for not tutoring you in English, but you can't make a joke of Big brother Yun insomnia out of anger. You don't understand, insomnia is very dangerous, I……"

"I'm not blaming you ah." Ye Zhizhou looked at her with puzzled expression, "The thing about tutoring English is just a joke. Sister Lili, you're not taking it seriously, right? You lost your memory, even if you want, I won't dare to let you tutor me. What if you remember it wrong and mixed the grammar?"

Bai Li feels herself nearly explode. This damn fat boy, what medicine he ate today? Why he keep targeting her! But in order to keep good impression on Big brother Yun, she won't lose. She won't compromised with that hateful fatty wish!

"Big brother Yun……" She bite her lips and force a smile. With a look as if she didn't mind of Du Yang harassment, she softly said, "this child Xiao Yang just being troublesome. This tea is my intention for you……"

"Xiao Yang never trouble." The ever silent Yun Ke who heard their conversation finally opened his mouth. His speaks gave Bai Li cold from top to bottom, "I'm asking Miss Bai to not casually inquire information about the family host in the future. I appreciate your feeling for the tea." He said then no longer looked at her, turned around and walked toward the stairs.

Ye Zhizhou stared with wide eyes, and the blinked, happiness on his brow. He successfully destroy the protagonist tea strategy, right? Also, isn't that Yun Ke just helping him just now?

Good job, male lead!

"Still not catching up." Yun Ke stop at the stair's head and faced him, very dissatisfied seeing him dawdle, "Don't forget to bring your report and test paper."

"O oh, ok, I'm coming" He hurriedly dismiss the raising happiness on his face. While holding his bag, he eagerly followed up.

Today, this is the second time Bai Li see those two people's back disappear from her sight, it feels worse than the first time!

Hateful, really hateful! That damn Du Yang! If it were not for him, if not for him……Big brother Yun will never treat her this cold! This is all his fault!

Due to exerting force, her fingers that holding the tray became white, and her expression gradually distorted.

He's just a damn fatty who merely lived relying on other charity and made it to the family register! Just wait later for her……

In a place where nobody see, Bai Li who always gentle and amiable got a glimpse of bitter resentment in her eyes.

Ye Zhizhou happiness only stayed less than ten minutes.

"Literature 85, mathematic 72, English 53, physics and chemistry total is only 113. Class rank is second from the back, year rank is 586….. Du Yang, I thought you made progress recently."

Chilly tone, dark painted face, annoyed aura all over him, looking very dissatisfied.

No wonder the original character become more and more timid, there is such a terrifying guardian like this, it's really though for the child. Although this kind of result is indeed too miserable……

"Speak, and don't lower you head." Yun Ke tapped the desk.

Ye Zhizhou quickly straighten his chest and looked up. He looked straightly at Yun Ke's eyes, patted his bag and confidently said, "Brother Yun, this time my performance was not good. Next time I assure you I'll get good result!" With his level two spiritual power, few senior high school textbooks are clearly a small thing. Just flip it over, he can master them and guarantee to get full mark on next exam!

He saw that full of vitality and quick witted eyes again.

It's not an illusion…… Yun Ke briefly stunned before quickly recover his soul back.

He looked at Ye Zhizhou again when his chilly attitude finally scattered down. His attitude also become gentler, "It seems you really made progress." The youth slowly get rid of his coward and timid habit and he's having more confident on himself. This is very good.

Is it sarcasm or real compliment? Ye Zhizhou cleverly remained silent.

"Well, you may go." The never talk nonsense, Yun Ke, finally put down the report. He waved his hands and then picked up the document on the desk.

This calamity must be over. Ye Zhizhou couldn't help but heave a relieved sigh. He put the report and test paper from the table into his bag and walked toward the door.

"Are you afraid of me?"

Ye Zhizhou already grab the door handle when the sudden voice almost make his heart jump. He looked back at Yun Ke and saw he still didn't lift the document up. He stopped and regain his well-behaved manner and said, "No, I don't."

There's no way he will ever admit that he indeed felt a little intimidate by that man. This is just making him lose face as the man from the future!

"Hm." Yun Ke still not looking at him, as if he didn't care what his answer.

Ye Zhizhou felt a bit pressured. While enduring, he deliberately said, "Brother Yun, I know how to help you to sleep well."

The ballpoint in Yun Ke's hand stopped moving after hearing him. Yun Ke finally looked at his eyes. After two seconds, he return back to arrange the document efficiently and neatly. He lightly said, "Don't trouble. Go back to your room and study. I will let Uncle Fu to give you a midnight snack in a while.'

……forget it, just you suffer from that insomnia and be dead!

Ye Zhizhou furiously turned around. He deliberately shut the door very hard it practically ringing.

In the study room, Yun Ke put down the document and take a glance and the door, his thin lips slightly hooked up.

At 11.30 p.m, Ye Zhizhou quietly opened his room window. He stuck out half of his body toward the next door room. He tapped the compact in his hand and softly said, "You're certain if I play here Yun Ke could hear it?


"Ok." He pulled out an old harmonica from his pants' pocket. He found it on the corner of Yun family music room. He wiped it and brought it to his mouth, stuttering some tunes to test.

On a quiet night, a clear sound of harmonica could be heard along the night breeze till far away. Ye Zhizhou carefully used his spirit force and concentrate on sending the note along the fluttering wind. It flowed through the window and squeeze into the next room, advancing toward the only living being in that room.

Lying on the bed but still not sleeping, Yun Ke, felt something and open his eyes. But he didn't find anything unusual, only the faintly stuttering sound of harmonica from next room.

Xiao Yang still not sleeping at this late?

He frowned. When he just about to get up, the harmonica sound suddenly became louder. The gentle sound of harmonica tease his ear like a feather, inducing an itchy feeling. He couldn't help but rubbed his ear. The next second, the long absent of drowsiness abruptly hit his mind. The not so obedient youth next door who dare still awake at this late still hanging in his mind. He wanted to resist the sudden drowsiness, but the increasing gentle sound gradually loosened up his heart. Soon he sank into the dark and sweet land of dreams.

Next door, Ye Zhizhou gradually stopped his play and carefully withdraw his spirit force. He silently grinning.

He finally fell asleep. I've save the male lead's insomnia! This time the protagonist couldn't even do anything to move the male lead's heart!

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