There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 8

A few days after the tea result came out, the new investigation report about the protagonist was send into Yun Ke's hand.

"Miss Bai already arrived at Du Residence for a few days. Half a month ago at the first flower showing, she made acquaintance with the youngest grandchild of Wen family, Miss Wenna. Through her, she got to know the fourth son of Wen family, Wen Zhegang. They secretly had been in contact for several times. Besides, Wenna's mother has a relative that own a pharmaceutical company. The drug must come from that place."

"I understand. Keep your eyes on Bai Li. Immediately report if something come up." Yun Ke hang up the phone, carefully read the report once again. He frowned while thinking about this.

In the next room, Ye Zhizhou used his spirit to connect with Yun Ke and listened to the content of the call. He also thinking about this.

Wen family, pharmaceutical company, Du family's enemy...... From that report, protagonist and Wen family just met few whiles ago. They also didn't know each other before that. It means, the chance of protagonist deliberately get close to Yun Ke is zero. That car accident and memory loss was just a coincidence. The, the poison tea must came from Wen family after seeing the opportunity through the protagonist.

The Wen family have hatred toward Du family, so the one that they actually want to harm must be the original character. He remember in the beginning of the story, protagonist and original character relationship is not that bad. They also hanged out together sometimes. For Wen family to be mistaken about their relationship was very normal.

Assuming that the drug was indeed for the original character......

The protagonist has been in contact with Du father's enemy, the fourth of Wen family...... thinking of the original plot, this character was only a cannon fodder. Now after getting these clues, Ye Zhizhou was terrified. He couldn't help but rubbed the sudden chill on his neck.

If protagonist's actions in Yun residence was influenced by Wen family, and Wen family will use any method to target the original character, then that plan about the car crash meant for Bai Li but hit Yun Ke was highly written by Wen family to frame the original character and forced him out of Yun Ke's protection!

Then, the drug was not cause by Bai Li evil intention?

So the tea is clear, the car accident was also clear, they're all clear. Everything is all aim for the original character. She didn't have any rotten intention toward Yun Ke at all!

But why......he slowly frowned. In the original story, why did the protagonist cooperate with Wen family to harm the original character? Those two didn't have any conflict of interest ah. Also, before he came to this world, the original character was very dependent and quite fond of the protagonist. There isn't any hostile situation.

He dug out the system data once again. Leaving aside the stupid romance thought, he looked at the story plot with a rational cold eyes. Seeking any line that may include Wen family.

"Here" He stopped scrolling the page, enlarged a paragraph and carefully read it. Even though in high fever, the protagonist still persist in making the tea for Yun Ke. She was bedridden for six days. The previous info has mentioned that in order to keep the tea fresh, protagonist had to went out and replenish the ingredient every five days. Because of the illness, the replenishment cycle was broken. After not drinking the tea for two days, Yun Ke's sleep became bad again. Seeing this, the protagonist was very worried. Even though she's very sick, she still went out to replenish the ingredient.

There's a detail here. The first day protagonist went out, she didn't manage to buy the ingredient. Her face was very pale. Yun Ke thought that was because she's very worried about him. His heart was touched and became chaos a bit. The next day, she went out early and returned home very late. Yun Ke was worried and made a temper. Then the protagonist suddenly cried and kept saying sorry. Yun Ke became distress and hugged her for the first time.

That conversation was also heard by Du Yang who also there. It should be the moment when protagonist found out about the additional compound in the tea, but because she was afraid of losing Yun Ke, she agreed to cooperate with Wen family. Also from this moment, the timid and introverted character suddenly began to "bully" the protagonist and he always had a "bad luck" to be seen by Yun Ke. Making Yun Ke impression of him became worse and became more cherish toward the protagonist.

The protagonist gradually gained Yun Ke's love while the original character slowly being rejected, and then he finally driven out and was force to his death.

"Ha..." Ye Zhizhou turned the screen off. He couldn't help but uttered out a bitter laugh from all that big drama. A "gentle and kindhearted" protagonist. A quiet and calm, hidden in the dark, Wen family.

Wonderful, really wonderful.

That pitiful character's is a timid and introverted student. He was being smeared with mud, misunderstood, trapped, and finally killed.

Negative energy was filled his heart, he lied down on the bed. After staring at the ceiling for a while, he finally asked the question that's been bugging him "Heaven, if I was occupying this character body, then where did he go?"

[The body used for the mission is a contribution of the characters himself. Then he'll be put into a new world. Please rest assured, host. The original character will have a happy new life.]

"Happy new life ha......" he mumbled. The one stone that has been pressing his heart had finally lifted. He turned around and hug the pillow, "After I complete the mission and leave, what will happen to the body?"

[He will die in a reasonable way.]

"......the original character, no, Du Yang's reason to voluntarily contribute his own body......May I know?"

[Confidential file. Host has no authority to read it.]


[Please try hard to complete the mission, host. Extra effort could improve your authority level.]

"How many mission do I need to do before I have the authority to read it?"

[Until the progress bar has complete.]

"......" System goodbye!

His mood had been flipped around. He rubbed his face to rise his spirit. The data was full of holes everywhere.

There must be a reason why Wen family want to harm him. Wen family has been in festive mood since Du father's early dead. The next in charge, Du Yun, already passed away years ago. Wen family actually went to a lot of trouble in a roundabout way to avoid Yun Ke just to harm a not fully grown timid child. However he looked at this, it's very strange.

Intuition told him that Du Yang surely has something that Wen family afraid of.

He carefully read the plot over and over but still found nothing. The system data is too one-sided focusing on the love story, and nothing about what's really happen under it.

It's a dead end. He messaged his temple, trying to found clues from another aspect. Suddenly, Director Hu's face flashed in his mind.

Right, that drug!

The drug in the tea was provided by Wen family for the original character. That drug side effect are......irritability, slower reaction time, and memory loss......memory loss.

At this few pointer, his thought cleared up a bit.

That thing Wen family afraid of should be something in Du Yang's memory. But what could it be? After he was adopted by Yun Ke at 13 years old, the only places he ever go are Yun Residence and the school. He also didn't have any contact with anyone.

Or could it be something from before that? He's a bit hesitate thinking about this. In order not to violate Du Yang's privacy, he didn't access his memory from before the adoption. Now......

With some contemplating, he finally clenched his teeth, opened the blanked and cover his body. He close his eyes in the darkness, gathering his spiritual energy toward his mind. A blue mass of air representing the memory spread out.

Happy childhood. Well-known beautiful sister. Gentle and considerate mother. Dignified and reliable father......the memory gradually spread out. His wrinkled brow gradually loosened up. Consciousness sank deeper into the memory.

Yun Ke finished dealing with the official matter and came out from his study. Thinking for a while, he turned and walked toward Ye Zhizhou's room.

He knocked on the door but there's no answer. He frowned and looked at his watch. It's only 9 p.m. did Xiao Yang already sleep this early? With some doubt and a bit hesitation, he turned the door handle.

The door was unlock, he gently opened it.

The light was still on. There's a small bulge of blanket on the bed.

He really is sleeping......Yun Ke's face soft down. He lightly walked toward the bedside and poked the tightly wrapped blanked. "Xiao Yang, don't cover your head when you're sleeping."

The ball of blanked didn't move, that person was sleeping really well inside.

"Really......" he helplessly bent down and pull the cover from the teen's head.

Because of this movement, the one inside the blanked finally moved and turned his body. His head and shoulder were all exposed. His faced directly buried in the pillow.

"How could you not even took your clothes off......" he slightly frowned.

The room was very quiet. Only the teen's steady breath could be heard. Warm yellow light fell toward the teen's side face, his eyelash cast a faint shadow under it......very adorable. He couldn't help but reached out his hand to touch.

Too thin. He thought, but his hand still moved gently toward the jacket on the teen's body.

After unbuttoning the jacket, a white shirt was exposed. Probably because of the bad sleeping posture, the white shirt collar slightly pulled open, revealing a delicate collarbone and small part of the teen's chest.

His heart swayed a little. He quickly moved his sight. Half hugging and half holding up the teen's body, he carefully removed the jacket.

The teen's head moved toward his neck. The warmth breath tickle his Adam's apple, making his heartbeat speed up a bit.

He quickly put the jacket away and put the teen back on the bed. He frowned while rubbing his neck. His eyes finally swap toward the teen's pants...... this pants is cotton, it must be fine to sleep in it......right?

His heartbeat gradually stabilized.

He pulled the blanked again and cover the teen. He sat by the bedside, quietly looking at the teen's facial features. After he became thinner, he became really beautiful. Slightly sharp face outline, straight up nose, witty and pretty large eyes, also......his gaze moved down, slightly halted his breath......also, the always smiling rosy lips, make one want to kiss it up...... obviously the main attractive part is the gentle and beautiful facial features. Combining them together, it also has a young, inexperience and gorgeous feels in it. The Du family's gorgeous feels.

"Don't go......" the sudden sound brought Yun Ke back from his pink fantasy. He grab the teen sudden moving hands and slightly creased his brow.

"Xiao Yang?"

It seems the teen suddenly had a nightmare. His body moved around restlessly. His talk gradually became a low wailing. From the corner of his eyes, tears are coming out. "Don't go. Dad, Mom. Don't go...... Sis, don't get on that car. No. Don't go......"

"Xiao Yang!" seeing the situation was not right, he quickly took the teen into his arms. Patting his cheek to wake him up, "You have a nightmare. Wake up. Xiao Yang, wake up. It's all right. It's already in the past."

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