There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 9

"Don't leave me, no......don't get on that car, sister——"

He screamed and was awaken from the vicious heavy memory. Tears are flowing down uncontrollably from his eyes. His body was covered with cold sweat. The original character had always been bearing this kind of heavy emotion by himself...... he couldn't even see Yun Ke's anxious eyes in front of him. His mind could only thought that breathing is very painful.

From child till now, this is the first time he received parents' caring love and knowing how happy it is as a child. But he also instantly knew how painful to watch your loved ones died ......very painful. It's so painful that he no longer wish to keep on living.

Yun Ke saw the sorrow and spiritless eyes on the teen. His heart was clenching tight. He pulled the teen's head and saw the face full of tears. He kiss the teen's ear lightly, trying to appease him. "Don't be afraid. It's just a dream. It's all in the past. I'll stay with you."

Ye Zhizhou's soul was gradually back. He couldn't help but reached out his hand and hold Yun Ke tightly. Yun Ke, don't you know, you're Du Yang's last loved one remained in this world. Why did you wrong him like that, why......

Tears dropped on Yun Ke's clothes then penetrate into it, making a cold sensation on his skin.

Feeling the teen's helpless grievance, the doting love in Yun Ke's heart was overflowing. Forcing him to hold the teen tightly in his embrace and kiss the top of his head lightly.

"I'm sorry......" he closed his eyes and held the teen even tighter. His low voice was full with guilt. With a trace of commitment, he carefully said, "Xiao Yang...... I'll stay with you. Always."

[Yun Ke and protagonist's love probability has dropped to 20 %. Please make persistent effort, host.]

Ye Zhizhou's eyes was hurting from crying. He struggle a bit from Yun Ke's tight embrace. Narrowing his read and swollen eyes to see the super close screen on his face. After inhaling the air, he said in his heart, "Heaven, I want to help Du Yang take revenge."

Silently setting down on the revenge huge event, Ye Zhizhou quickly fall asleep.

Yun Ke used warm water to clean the teen's face. He sat on the bedside and looked at the teen for a long time.

The next day, Ye Zhizhou came alone to Du family old residence in Furong District.

Following the original memory, he slowly went toward the second floor. Walking toward the end of the hallway and then entering the master bedroom. He opened the rightmost wardrobe. Squatting down, he reached toward the wall and explore away. At the deepest part of the wall, there was a small round place that sticking out. He couldn't see whether he found the right one or not. He just press it lightly and retreated. Then he went toward the family picture hanging on the bedhead.

In the picture there are a very young Du father and Du mother, with face full of smile. In her embrace is a baby Du Yang, a young girl looks like Du Yun stand at her side, curiously looking at her own baby brother.

A very happy family. And then Wen family destroyed all of it.

Soon a light sound of fingerprint confirmation was ringing. The family picture slowly slip opened, showing a snow white wall behind it. He stepped forward, pushed his finger on the tiny yellowish area on the wall. Three seconds later, the sound of fingerprint confirmation rang again. The concave wall slightly cut open, showing a safe inside.

This is exactly the location of the thing that caused death to Du Yang's parents.

When Du father and Du mother got into the accident, Du Yang was with them. Du mother in order to protect her child was died on the spot. Du Father used his last breath to tell Du Yang about the safe's location. Unfortunately, at that time he was still a kid and was very traumatized by that event. His mind sealed this tragic memory as a defense. Then, Du Yun take over Du family business. Wen family also extend their evil claw toward her.

Dark memories rolled back again. He forced his eyes shut and took a deep breath until the memory's effect was cleared. He stepped forward and pressed the safe's password.

The box opened, revealing document files and a small square box inside. He first took the box out, opened it and found a few diamonds and an USB. Didn't keep on looking, he just put the box inside his pocket. He then took the document and spread the files inside onto the bed. He tapped the compact mirror on his pocket, "Heaven, scan this files for backup."

Light screen appears and quickly scan the files.

[Backup scanning completed.]

He nodded and re-organize the files back into the safe.

When he just finished rearrange everything, the locked door's knob suddenly turned followed by a soft knocking on the door. "Xiao Yang, I heard Uncle Wu said you came. I prepare some dessert, do you want to come out and eat?"

It's Bai Li.

Ye Zhizhou tight nerve slightly relaxed. His eyes shining. Dessert? With that additional ingredient, I bet.

After checking there's no problem with the room, he took out a photo album from the bedside cabinet. Then he walked over to open the door. He nodded toward the protagonist and lightly greeted her, "It's Sister Lili ah. No need for the dessert. I come to pick up this photo album and just about to leave."

"You are......Xiao Yang?" Bai Li stared in shock. Looked at him from top to bottom. Her face was stiff. Her voice seems to choke out from the throat. Strange and awkwardly said, "You really are Xiao Yang. I heard Uncle Wu said you lost some weight. But you, how do you become......after you became thin, have we ever met? I think I've seen you like this......"

Ye Zhizhou didn't want to pay attention at her. He went around her and directly walked outside.

Bai Li quickly regained her self. Seeing the teen ignored her, her face became uglier. Looking down at her watch, she hurriedly arrange her expression back. With trotting steps, she pulled him while smiling, "Why are you in such a hurry. Let's rest first and eat something, ok. This is almost noon. How about having lunch here? I haven't seen you for a long time. I've been wondering about you."

"No." he frowned and shook her hands off. After receiving the original character's memory, he now tried to avoid those people that hurt original character and couldn't wait to cut them to pieces. He really couldn't put on a good face mask.

The always "gentle and thoughtful" protagonist as if currently possessed by sugar coating glue, stick to him tightly. Her mouth kept saying and begging him to stay. Later she even directly clinging to his waist.

"What are you doing?!" Ye Zhizhou finally exploded. He ruthlessly tore her hand open, eyes filled with disgust, "Stay away from me."

Tears quickly formed in Bai Li's eyes. She slowly retread toward the stairs, choking and sobbing. "Xiao Yang, I know you hate me. I just want you to eat a little. Why do you have to be so harsh on me? Also, also......" she said while turned her gaze, with a look of embarrassment and indignation on her face.

What is it about? Why the protagonist make this kind of fuss?

Ye Zhizhou was quickly on alert. He swept the surrounding with his spirit while remained calm and collected. Then he found a familiar energy's fluctuation gradually approaching the Du residence's gate——it's the spiritual energy of Yun Ke.

"Xiao Yang, I always thought of you as a little brother. You can't......" Bai Li wiped her tears and grabbed her front collar, quietly took a glance at her watch. Her tone more pitiful, "Why are you doing this to me? I believe I can't say sorry to you......"

The sound of the gate being opened can be heard. Bai Li voice became weaker and sadder, "Before, I only think because you're still small, so I don't mind the excessive closeness. But I didn't expect you...... Xiao Yang......" she suddenly grabbed Ye Zhizhou's hand and pressed it toward her body and screamed out, "Xiao Yang, what are you doing! You can't! I only think of you as a brother. Let go of me!"

Ye Zhizhou just watched her performance quietly. His hand hold Bai Li's wrist and pulled it to his arms. While the other hand firmly detained her from keep on talking. Then Yun Ke appeared from the door. "Brother Yun, Miss Bai want to harass me." He said and let go the struggling protagonist in his arm and threw her in disgust, "This old woman didn't even let a minor off. So disgusting."

"Come on." The dark look on Yun Ke's face became slightly better after seeing the teen threw the protagonist out. He just coldly glance at the protagonist who fell on the ground. Take a few steps upstairs while pulling the teen to his side. He raised his hand and began to unbutton his jacket. "This cloth was touched by filthy thing. Don't wear it."

"Wait. Let me take something from the pocket."

They both talked intimately without regard of others. Bai Li who fell on the ground was somewhat stunned. How could this be? She had deliberately adjusted the time to show that exact scene to Big brother Yun. Yet big brother Yun's respond......

Yun Ke took his own jacket and put it on the teen's shoulder. He looked at Bai Li and indifferently said, "Miss Bai, you're fired."

"No. Big brother Yun, you misunderstand! Xiao Yang is the one who harass me. He has been keep entangling with me and almost push me down. I......"

"I push you?" Ye Zhizhou sneered at her, laughing as if he just listened to world's funniest joke. "Miss Bai, my phone can always record sounds. Do you want to hear who is the one entangled with whom just now?"

Bai Li instantly paled.

"The next is about the dessert." He tightened the wide jacket on his body. While leaning over toward the protagonist, he stretched out his spiritual energy into the woman's head. He softly said, "Bai Li, Wen family ship is good?"

"You......" Bai Li stared in shock. Her face infected with panic strike.

Yun Ke was very dissatisfied with their very close posture. He frowned and pulled the young man back and tidy up his hair. "Don't get too close to her. I don't like it."

"I don't like it either." He shrugged and picked up the photo album on the floor, carefully wipe the dust off. He turned to see Yun Ke, "I want to go to a place. Want to accompany me?"

"Yes." Yun Ke hold his hand and then asked while walking outside, "Are you hungry? Want to have lunch first?"


After they left, Bai Li started trembling. She hugged herself in her arms. Then she took out a cellphone and dialed a number. When it connected, she hastily said, "Du Yang just came. I.......he knew. What to do? What to do?"


Du Yang took Yun Ke to a graveyard.

After placed a bouquet in front of a tombstone, Ye Zhizhou squatted down and quietly cleaned the grave. Yun Ke was by his side. As a consideration, he also stay silent.

They spent more than an hour before finally leaving. Ye Zhizhou look at the three tombstones that next to each other. He made a solemn commitment in his heart. Du family's hatred and enemy, he'll definitely help them get revenge.

Yun Ke looked at Du Yun's grave for a long time. Then he turned to hold Du Yang and said with warm voice, "Come on. Next time I'll accompany you to see them again."

He nodded and followed him out.


Before going to bed, Ye Zhizhou played the harmonica first. And then he turned off the lamp, covered himself with blanked and closed his eyes. He started focusing on moving his spiritual energy inside protagonist's head. He moved it toward the memory area and ruthlessly thrust in it.

Protagonist has lose her memory, right? He'll just helping her to remember it.

As for the brutal means that may or may not hurt her brain? Oh, to this "gentle and kindhearted" person, that just silly ne.

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