These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

Chapter 54 - V3C28: My Girlfriend Was a Savior (2)

Chapter 54: V3C28: My Girlfriend Was a Savior (2)

As for my rough kiss, she didn’t rebel at all; rather, she tried her best to cater to my movements. However, she was not forcing herself to do it but felt sincerely happy about dedicating herself to me.

She was there for me wholeheartedly -[Love Monarchical type Girlfriend], she was ‘my dream girlfriend born for me”. For the first time, I understood the meaning of this title.

Her changing expressions from surprise to shyness to enjoyment filled my heart again.

Although it was a bit ridiculous to say these before I died, please allow me…

Everybody! My girlfriend was surely the best in the entire world! ! !

Well, I could die without regrets.

……………… So, why hadn’t they arrived yet?

Moe Bing was almost out of breath because of my kisses, but the undead still hadn’t attacked.

Even if they crawled, they should have reached us?

It turned out to be an anticlimax again… Eh? Why had I said again…

What on earth happened that kept those undead monsters from attacking us.

I removed my lips and slowly turned my head to look around.

I looked right into its eyes.

No, not right. Not into its eyes, but through.

Because what I was looking at were empty sockets with no eyeballs.

The skull was lying on front, watching me and smiling.



Why did I think a skeleton was laughing?

Not only this skeleton but also the heads of other zombies who seemed to have lost their jaws, the walking dead whose eyeballs were rolling, sclera exposed and mouths grinning, as well as specters who maintained their dead postures.

They were all looking at me and smiling.

Frantically smiling, just like the deformed moon hanging in the sky.

Realizing that things had become weird, I rubbed Moe Bing’s face with mine and shouted by the side of her ear.

“…Moemoe, hey, Moemoe!”

“Guhehe… I like it best…”

But Moe Bing was so delirious and spellbound because of my kisses that her inner brain might have melted.

A shinning trace of saliva flowed down from the corner of her mouth and her cheeks were so hot as if steaming. Although her eyes were open, there was no focus. And her body lost all of its strength and thus became soft.

She had already become a complete fool…

But this silly expression was also cute.

If I took a photo of this expression and then showed it to Lian Bing, she… well, she would probably kill me.

Uh, no. It was not the time to be fascinated by various new expressions of my girlfriend at the moment.

What was wrong with this group of monsters?

They had obviously encircled us but would do nothing?

Just watching us kissing for such a long time? !

Wait, our kiss was seen by tens of thousands of undead onlookers… F******k! What the hell was this? Wasn’t it quite weird?!

And they were still laughing. So this was actually that kind of meaningful and frivolous smile!

“Go away, you are disturbing them.”

An old voice rang outside, and afterwards the undead who were watching me and Moemoe dispersed. Then I slowly stood up and took Moe Bing into my arms.

This voice was also from a skeleton. But unlike other skeletons, it wore a crown and the blue light shining in its eyes was even deeper. It was not naked but wearing a robe. A strong flame was burning in its exposed breastbone.

[Skeleton King (awakened)]


“Dedicate the highest respect to our savior.”

Clicking sound rang before us and then spread like a ripple. That was the sound of the skeletons kneeling down.

Not only the skeletons but also the zombies and walking dead got down on their knees, even afraid of raising their heads. The specters were also crawling on the ground. Because they had no physical bodies, they wrapped up the kneeling skeletons, which seemed like x-rayed human bodies.

All the undead kneeling down and crawling on the ground formed a spectacular scene.

“I’m very sorry that the team to greet you is so shabby. Only a motley crew whose self-consciousness even hadn’t awakened. You must be greatly ashamed.”

Was the team like this still shabby?

“No, well, I think this is magnificent enough…”

“Anything to do with you?”


It seemed that it was not very friendly to me. In this case, they were not worshipping me, but Moe Bing?

Why Moe Bing…

“Well, Junjun… this was…”

Moemoe who had come back to herself was also very puzzled about the current situation. She looked at the undead around us with fear and shrank further back into my arms.

“We are “the forgotten” who have abandoned our names, dead but still existent in the world.”

The nameless Skeleton King said so.

“Our existence is meaningless. We can neither depart because of attachment to this world nor ascend to heaven due to our grudges about the past. We are wandering in between, not accepted by either party and also unable to transcend… But I never thought that there were actually people like you who exist for us.”

Then he took off his robe, spread it before Moe Bing and slowly knelt down with the same gesture as other skeletons.

“You are the savior who can take us out of chaos and grant us the meaning of existence.”

The nameless Skeleton King took off the crown from its head and dedicated it to Moe Bing with both hands.

It was not swearing allegiance but worshipping.

As if… she was their only faith.

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