These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

Chapter 53 - V3C28: My Girlfriend Was a Savior (1)

Chapter 53: V3C28: My Girlfriend Was a Savior (1)

Before I came here, I had already psychologically prepared to run into danger and envisioned all kinds of situations that might occur. I thought that even if I couldn’t ensure absolute safety, I could do my best to avoid the worst situation. But now I came to realize… I was still way too naive.

This was not danger that could be countered by human power. It could even be described as ‘disaster’ or ‘catastrophe’.

I couldn’t see hope at all.

All I saw was the white blotting out the sky and the black covering the earth. The white were some translucent specters floating in the low sky and undressed fleshless skeletons. The black were unquestionably what I called the walking dead and zombies.

These monsters, collectively referred to ‘the undead’ and ‘ghosts’, approached us at a subtle speed from all directions.

After they were close enough, I could see their titles.

As Li Nai said, there were basically four types, namely [zombie], [walking dead], [skeleton] and [specter].

Their names were all invisible, same as the zombies seen in the cemetery.

How could one survive this situation? Even if I racked my brains, I could think of no way.

We would die. Absolutely would.

The moment we came into contact with the corpse tide, we would be torn into pieces. The best ending might be to become their companions. The greater chance was to be eaten up by these starving monsters with no bones left. Maybe even our souls would be shared by those specters in the air.

I stood there, my eyes not focusing on those ghosts but indifferently gazing at the void.

I wasn’t taking any action because from the bottom of my heart I had accepted the established fact of imminent death.

As for things the results of which were already clear, I wouldn’t resist in vain. That was meaningless.

Having decided to give up struggling, even my spirit became hollow, and I then reached a state of transcendence beyond life and death.

Since I would die pretty soon, I was no longer obsessed with anything; so I might as well abandon my “heart”…

My right hand was clutched, and the sweat in our palms made the gripped hands sticky.

That hand was not big and had been held in my hand, but I loosened my grip unconsciously.

However, she didn’t let go of mine, but held it more tightly instead. Her fingers crossed with mine; she was ready to face anything together with me even if it were death.

My heart that had been hollowed out was refilled, and I suddenly realized how brazen I was!

I even thought of abandoning the person beside me and seeking relief on my own!

I really wanted to punch myself. What was I thinking about!

Moe Bing was still here by my side! However, I actually had already given up! Damn it! Even if we were almost destined to die, we should at least rise up to fight desperately.

“Junjun… will we die?”

“Probably will.”

The ring of encirclement of the ghosts had been narrowed almost to the minimum. It was estimated that they were only about 300 meters away from us.

“If it were another me, I might laugh instead… But somehow I can’t laugh at all.”

If it were Lian Bing, she would definitely laugh out, more wildly and more enthusiastically than she did when I saw her that time.

After all, this was the very place she had always wanted to visit; it was a dream place for her.

Unlike me, she would never remain still in blank astonishment. I supposed that at the very moment these ghosts appeared, she would approach them without hesitation. And nothing could stop her from doing so.

“I can’t resign myself to this, Junjun… I still want to have good memories with you, Junjun. I didn’t expect to encounter this situation on the first day of seeing you. Am I a jinx for you? I’m so sorry to have dragged you into this…”

“What are you talking about? It’s not your fault.”


“Enough. Come here.”

I took Moe Bing’s hand and pulled her to my chest; I embraced her tightly as if in return for her holding my hand tightly.

Even if we were bound to be engulfed, I would stand in front to protect you and ensure that you would live longer than me, even if it was only a few more seconds…

“Be happy and show me a smile.”

“How could I smile under this circumstance?”

“What a rare opportunity this is! For a pair of lovers, one of the best endings is to “die together”, isn’t it? So, I should thank God for giving us such a chance. At least we will not experience the pain of separation.”

“Hehe… This is indeed the case. It is indeed the greatest happiness to die in your arms.”

Ah, really, I actually said these embarrassing words…

However, it was rewarding enough to see Moe Bing smile again.

And I once read many romance novels in order to recommend some to my mother, and that work was not in vain…

They had arrived and we would be attacked soon.

I pushed Moe Bing to the ground without thinking and then covered her with my body.

“Ah! Hmm…!!!”

Then my lips mashed hers.

Since I could find no way to have the first experience to have sex before death, at least let me enjoy some sweet kisses.

Moe Bing might feel greatly aggrieved to be kissed in such an unpleasant place.

Perhaps my feelings were conveyed to her through the contact of mucous membranes, so Moe Bing loosened her teeth directly and then used her tongue to guide mine into her mouth, completely accepting me being so capricious at this moment.

The sweet and sour taste, the wet and sticky touch, and the soft and silky twist were all unspeakably wonderful.

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