These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

Volume 1, Chapter 21 - Being cured already

Volume 1, Chapter 21: Being cured already

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The time now was slightly a little over 5 am in the morning. Previously, I always made western-style breakfasts, as it’s more simple and less time-consuming to make. But since today’s time was rather luxurious, I’ll just make a more scrumptious breakfast instead.

Just when I was starting to wash the rice in order to cook porridge, a ‘Huaaa~’ yawning sound resounded from the living room’s entrance. It’s Laomā, who had walked into the living room.

Her hair had been slept into an utter mess, with her panda eyes being as thick as usual, as both of her arms hanged loosely from the shoulders, carrying an unmotivated look on her face. With this kind of condition, rather than saying she didn’t sleep properly, it’s more like she didn’t sleep enough.

“Mm? Jun Cheng? You’ve awakened that early………..”

“That should be you instead, didn’t you mention that you’re able to rest today? Why did you wake up so early?”

It’s only 5.30 and yet she had woken up already, I had thought that Laomā would be sleeping all the way till noon before waking up. I was planning to prepare her lunch as well when I’m making the lunchboxes later, but I didn’t expect that she would actually wake up at such an early time.

“Ahh, it’s because I thought that it’s rare that I’m home, so I wanted to make breakfast for all of you for once~. It’s Jun Cheng who’s been preparing breakfast all along these two years, right. This motherly role of mine is simply too irresponsible already………..”

“Heeh, it’s nothing as well, I’m already used to it.”

Because of Laomā’s work, she would often return home in the middle of the night, hence it would be hard-pressed for her to prepare breakfast for us in the morning.

But all the way until I’ve graduated from elementary school, Laomā still persevered doing it. Afterwards, because I really didn’t want her to be that overworked, I thus actively took over this mission from her.

In other people’s eyes, doing household chores was probably an extremely troublesome and unenthusiastic act to carry out. Indeed, when I just started doing them, I had those sort of feelings too since I wasn’t used to it yet at that time. But since I was rather free anyway, doing household chores could also help me while away my spare time. Also, it’s not bad feeling as well, being able to master the skills of doing these household chores. While in the act of both sweeping and tidying, seeing everything to be in proper order would make my mood be gratified. It’s the same as well when I’m doing the cooking, and I especially love making desserts, as kneading the dough, baking cakes and all were actually rather interesting things.

Also, “Veggies swift slicing”, “Carrots pattern carving”, “Pan-tossing” and so on, don’t these skills look to be rather cool too?

“Just leave it to me for today, Jun Cheng. What were you preparing to make?”

“Umm, about that; adzuki bean porridge, stir-fry celery with cashew nuts, green pepper scrambled eggs, fruit salad, and maybe some taro cake as well.”

“Huh? Adzuki bean porridge, it’s red bean porridge right? Taro cake, err……….”

Laomā awkwardly combed her hair; maybe she wasn’t that clear on those dishes that I was talking about.

“Ahaha, just let me do it, mom, go ahead and lie on the sofa and catch some more z’s.”

After the sole cook of the household changed holders to me, I of course kept improving myself continuously. Because Laomā and Laobà’s provided allowance wasn’t less at all, plus the fact that they also specially bought an oven for me, hence I’ll often go buy a few ingredients to experiment new dishes. The menu of course was from Laomā’s initial teachings which then expanded to many more varieties later on.

“You’ve unconsciously grown so big already huh, my dearest son.”

Laomā suddenly became reminisced, as she hugged me from behind and plastered her cheeks onto my back.

The act of hugging me from the back made me recall that scenario where Xin Ran earlier hugged me in the washroom, and my entire body gave off a shudder as a result, nearly making me cut my finger.

“Err, mom? What are you doing………..”

“Just lemme hug for a little while~, no hugs anymore after you’ve grown up? Sobsobsob, mummy is about to cry already mn?”

“Don’t play already, it’s dangerous here.”

“I remembered during the start last time you still called me An Yue-ahyi, and you even blushed when you called me mummy for the first time too, huhu~ just like that, 10 years had gone already huh……….”


“Fufu, that girl, Ke Ling would definitely be head over heels for a gege like you.”


I didn’t expect that the problem I was worrying about to be actually spoken out of Laomā’s mouth, which made my entire body freeze up instantaneously.

But because Laomā was behind my back, she didn’t notice onto my abnormality, and continued to use a casual tone to speak: “Since that girl’s favorite type of men are the same as mine~, and since you’re so alike with your dad, she’ll definitely like you very much till the point of being hopeless.”

Phew……… nearly scared me to death, as I thought Laomā knew about something already.

“Is that so?”

“It’s definitely like that! And Xin Ran as well! Although she expressed it rather aloofly, but she must be a good meimei who loves gege a lot, since she’s……….cough, anyway, she definitely must be in love with you.”


Laomā, you had really hit the nail onto that one, she’s indeed a good meimei who loves her gege, except that her love was way too overboard already………..

“And so my dearest son, you’d better be careful with that girl Ke Ling, who knows that there’s a day when she’ll do something extremely overboard.”

“It can’t be, Ke Ling’s so well-behaved………..”

Although that ‘Haraguro type’ on her title made me a little concerned, but since it’s pink-colored and carried a ‘bro-con’ as well, it should be fine then………..maybe…………

“Fufu, who knows, last time when I was chasing after your Laobà, I used a lot of means as well, mm? That girl’s my own daughter after all……….”

What made me very concerned from that speech, was that did Ke Ling too learn plenty of those means under her listening and viewing from your examples?

Wah! Laomā, what did you exactly teach her!

That’s why she would be a haraguro type, right!

Return my gentle, kind, cute and clingy Ke Ling-meimei to me!

“Well, the useless mummy will then wait to eat her dearest son’s personally made breakfast~ good luuck~, Jun Cheng~”

“Okay, okay……….”

After an hour later, when it’s almost reaching 6.20, I finished making breakfast as well as lunchboxes for lunchtime later. It’s time to call both meimeis to wake up.

After taking off the apron and hanging onto the hook by the fridge, I woke up Laomā who was drooling while she slept noisily on the sofa, and proceeded up to the second floor afterwards, preparing to wake meimei up.

I’ve just walked up to the second floor when I met Xin Ran who had already put on her school uniform, and although she looked to be no different from last time, the feeling she gave to me was that she’s way different from then already.

“Breakfast is done, go downstairs and eat it, alright.”


“Then I’ll first go wake Ke Ling up then.”



“Ke Ling, she……….comfort her well.”

“Ahh? Comfort? What do you mean? Ah, ooii!”

Xin Ran didn’t give me an answer at all, but straightaway walked downstairs, with only the back of her figure being displayed to me.

Why did she suddenly change back to her aloof personality again already, at least explain your words properly………..

I shook my head and walked to the front of Ke Ling’s door and gently knocked 3 times. I didn’t get any response at all, hence I just directly pushed open the door and entered. Let me say this beforehand, I’ve already obtained Ke Ling’s permission to just directly open the door and enter when I’m waking her up in the morning, otherwise I absolutely wouldn’t do any such thing like barging inside my meimei’s room without consent at all!

Entering the room that was almost seemingly stuffed full with dolls, I came to Ke Ling’s bedside and gently called out.

“Ke Ling, time to wake up~.”


Ke Ling blearily responded a sound, and squirmed within her blankets twice.

Hm? This reaction’s a little strange. In the past, whenever I called her to wake up, Ke Ling would always get up from bed deftly, thereafter energetically saying good morning to me, but today she became submissive to her bed instead.

“If you’re still sleeping you’ll be late, hm? Breakfast had already been prepared, come on and wake up, I’ve made your favorite adzuki bean porridge.”

Even if Ke Ling wanted to cling onto her bed, it’s impossible for me to pull out her blankets in response, or to even do that sort of crazy act like lying down on her. Hence, I could only use food to entice her.

Although Ke Ling’s age was the same as me and Xin Ran, but the feeling that she gave me was that she’s a meimei that’s way, way younger than me.

No matter if it’s that petite body or that cute personality of hers, it all gave me just that kind of impression.


From the blankets echoed out a voice that’s even more delicately weaker than usual, there’s even a little tremble to it as well.

“What’s wrong?”

Ke Ling only poked out half of her head, with both hands squeezing onto the upper edge of the blanket, as she said with an ailing sad voice.

“Ke Ling’s sick already……….”

“Ehhh?! Is it a fever?! Let me feel!”

I hastily used my hands to press onto Ke Ling’s forehead to check whether her body temperature was abnormally high or not.

Mm…………it seemed to be a little high, it’s a minor fever I guess.

“It really seemed to be a fever, I’ll go get a wet cloth, just get a proper rest first.”

“It’s not a fever……….what Ke Ling have is a heart sickness.”


“Only when gege hugs me, this sickness then will be cured……….”

Haaa……… the end she only wanted to spoil cutely with me, huh. As for her forehead being warm, it’s probably due to she covering her head.

But luckily, it’s fine in any case if it’s not a real sickness.

This girl, she really loved to spoil about cutely, eh……… real!

Ke Ling’s title indicated a ‘Haraguro type’!! A haraguro type!

Wasn’t haraguro referring to those people who looked to be gentle, kind, caring, and endearing, but in reality their inner hearts were dangerous, malicious, and wholly evil, huh!

Then that means, she’s planning to do something to me right now?


“Aah, ah?”

Maybe it was because that my thoughts were clogged up, which caused my reaction to be slowed, with the result that Ke Ling’s eyes started to well out tears rapidly.

“Gege……….hated Ke Ling already?”

“Nope, why would I hate you at all!”

“Then why are you so unwilling to hug Ke Ling………..”

“I’m not! Why would I be unwilling to hug you!”

I hastily gave Ke Ling a hug and gently patted on her back, comforting her just like coaxing a baby.

Ooh, just now Xin Ran asked me to comfort Ke Ling……… it’s as what the surface meanings of the word meant, huh.

“Gege, do you love me?”

“Of course~, I’ve always loved you very much, Ke Ling.”

Ke Ling also stretched out both of her hands and hugged my neck tightly, and smiled through her tears while saying.

“Love gege the most already~”

“Mm, mm!”

What the heck was I suspecting earlier! Ke Ling’s my meimei! Even if she’s a haraguro type, she wouldn’t do anything bad towards me at all! I must believe in her!

“Since it’s like that, then Ke Ling will become gege’s wife, okay?”

I didn’t expect that I’ll have a day when I can hear my meimei say out ‘When I grow up next time, I want to be gege’s bride~’ these sort of lines that only appeared in ACGN.

Ahaha, but really, marrying meimei for real would only happen in the world of ACGN, right.

Since it’s like that, I’ll first agree to it then, otherwise she’ll start crying out in tears again.

“Sure, next time gege will marry Ke Ling as his bride then.”

“Hehee, love gege the most already!”

“Mm, mm.”

Aah, while I was comforting Ke Ling, I felt that I was being cured too as well.

As expected, Ke Ling was my only source of comfort within my soul.

“Well then, hurry up and get up from bed, Ke Ling.”


Ke Ling energetically replied towards me, and I left her room after stroking her head.

I felt that my energy meter had been filled up completely already!



“Sure, next time gege will marry Ke Ling as his bride then.”

“Sure, next time gege will marry Ke Ling as his bride then.”

“Sure, next time gege will marry Ke Ling as his bride then.”

“Sure, next time gege will marry Ke Ling as his bride then.”

“Sure, next time gege will marry Ke Ling as his bride then.”

“Heeheee, I’ve recorded it down already~ gege……….gege, Ke Ling has always loved you~……….”

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