These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

Volume 1, Chapter 22 - Being threatened already

Volume 1, Chapter 22: Being threatened already

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This morning, I went to the classroom way more earlier than usual, who knows, the class duty might not even be earlier than me.

Also, what’s extremely rare was that Xin Ran and Ke Ling went to school together with me! In the past, when the three of us left the house we’ll always go off at different timings. Usually, it would be me who left the earliest, next Xin Ran, and lastly Ke Ling.

Normally, Xin Ran would be riding a bicycle and ferrying Ke Ling along together to school, but today, they didn’t use such convenient tools as like the bicycle. Instead, the both of them hugged onto my arm at each side while walking to school.

Luckily since the time was slightly earlier, there wasn’t much people at all on the way as a result, otherwise I’ll definitely be treated with ‘jealousy-enviousness-hatred’ personalities ver 2.0 buffed up edition, and the statuses within my vision would probably be blanketed again in a huge lump of blackness.

Aah, I had a distinct feeling of lament; as long as I don’t consider other factors, this kind of scenario would already be the so-called family harmonious bonding, I guess.

Entering the main school building later on, we went our separate ways at the second floor, as Xin Ran and Ke Ling continued to proceed up to the third.

Xin Ran and Ke Ling were based in the first classroom, Year 2 Class 1 on the 3rd floor, but what followed closely next wasn’t our Year 2 Class 2, but Year 2 Class 3 instead. Only our Class 2 was being separated onto the second floor, also it being located at the very end of the corridor, hence this special classroom was also mocked as a ‘222 classroom’. Also worth mentioning, was that there’s a ‘111 classroom’ at the first floor, with a similar ‘333 classroom’ on the third floor, they were also being separated right above and below of our class, and all of us were being grouped as the ‘666 classrooms’. When I was in my first year, I was being assigned to the Year 1 Class 1 right below us.

(TL: Check glossary for lengthy pun explanation)

There seemingly wasn’t any special intentions behind arranging the classes like that at all, plus anyway, since I didn’t realize that there’s anything special with my class at all……….no, wasn’t there something special with it! The classmates in my class were all abnormal!

Now that I think of it, other classes didn’t have that kind of special titles for them, but only ours had!

Wasn’t this a grouping of all the abnormal students together already!

Who’s the one that did it? The principal?

Speaking of which, the principal should be Li Li’s mother, right. And that means the principal would be a succubus then, a non-human………..she intentionally separated the abnormalities alone from the rest?

No, then why would I be in that class then! Even if I could see some nonsensical stuff right now, but the me last time couldn’t see anything at all!

…………I had the feeling that if I was to continue pursuing about this, I definitely would be brought into something extremely ominous, so it’s better that I stop now then.

I’ll just treat it as I didn’t see anything at all, and continue to be my normal self as usual………..if there’s some sort of way that could make me not see those words…………oh yeah!

Through the mirror, I’m unable to see my own status; it’s the same as well through outside of the glass windows, me being unable to see other people statuses. Since it’s like that………..won’t it be solved if I put on some glasses?

I’ll go make a pair of clear lens glasses on Saturday then.

Thinking about such things, I walked onto the very end of the second floor’s corridor, and pulled open my class’s door.

I originally thought that since I came that early today, I definitely would be the first to reach the classroom, but I didn’t expect that there were already people in the classroom, what’s more its two people as well.

One of them was Ji Lian Bing who had given me a headache thoroughly, while the other was Lan Hua-tongxue who had a stalker title above her head. Mm? Why was her status grey-colored? And what was that expression of hers, eyy………..a look of resentment?

Why would she be displaying that sort of expression that early in the morning? Was it because she didn’t sleep well last night due to a nightmare, hm?

Forget it, it’s best to not bother about other people’s stuff, lest attracting problems onto me as well.

I walked to my seat, and pulled open the chair after placing the bag onto the table. In the wide spacious classroom, only our very corner had people residing, which gave off a rather strange feeling.

Ji Lian Bing who was ignoring me all the way after yesterday afternoon seemed to had regained back her mood after a night, as she smiled towards me and greeted.

“Jun Cheng-tongxue, good morning~.”

I lightly brushed her off with a reply.

“Ah, morning.”

Maybe Ji Lian Bing didn’t expect me to be composed and directly greeting her, as she blinked her eyes and unveiled a mocking smile.

“Ara, this time you’ve actually greeted me so straightforwardly, does that mean you’ve fallen in love with me already?”

“Yeah, yeah.”

I flipped a white eye and used an extremely prefunctory tone to nonchalantly respond to her.


That sound didn’t came from Ji Lian Bing, but had emanated from Lan Hua-tongxue who was sitting right beside her.

Why did she react so hugely?

Speaking of which, her status’s color was grey-colored………..

I remembered that grey color refers to the emotion of jealousy…………………then that means…………

Lan Hua-tongxue can’t be a lesbian, right?

I of course had grounds that made me being able to come up with this sort of conclusion, ① Ji Lian Bing asked me whether I had liked her already or not ② I very perfunctorily responded ③ Lan Hua immediately made out a questioning sound of shock.

Basing on these three leads, I could roughly guess Lan Hua-tongxue’s inner thinking: ‘What, this person would actually be treating Ji Lian Bing-jiejie that perfunctorily, he’s such a shamelessly horrid man!’, roughly something like that.

Wahh, so impressive, I didn’t expect that Ji Lian Bing would actually be so popular among the ladies (monotone voice).

As expected, my prediction made yesterday was correct. The girls weren’t mass isolating Ji Lian Bing alone, but it’s actually because they were idolizing her, which was why they dared not approached her ultimately. Speaking of which, up till now Ji Lian Bing still hadn’t dated with any males yet, could it be that she actually liked girls too?

Ohh~ The popular school flower was actually a lesbian, what a big scoop indeed.

“I have the feeling that you’re thinking of something very impolite, An Jun Cheng-tongxue.”

“Nothing, nothing.”

“Heeeeh~ is that so?”

“Yep, yep.”

I still continued to use a perfunctory attitude; even she should be finding it rather uninteresting by now, and not bother me afterwards then.

And as I’ve expected, Ji Lian Bing didn’t come to harass me anymore…………all the way until 2 periods of lesson later.

I as usual was preparing to head towards Jun Cheng Pavilion to spend this period of time, but when I’ve just walked to the small path beside the basketball courts, reaching the bend at the science departmental building, I met Ji Lian Bing over there.

It gave me a huge shock! I remembered that when I had walked out of the classroom, she was still sitting on the seat, but how did she exactly do it until she’d reached this place earlier than me and was waiting for me here!

“Ara~ what a coincidence, Jun Cheng-tongxue.”

“Coincidence my head, you’re practically waiting for me here, right.”

Ji Lian Bing suddenly approached forward a step, with the both of her hands tucked behind her back as she raised her head to gaze at both of my eyes. That pair of black-colored pupils that seem to be able to suck people within made me paralyzed motionlessly.

“That’s right, I was waiting for you here~, I want to listen to your reply~.”

Reply, that’s referring to the confession yesterday, right. She actually wanted a reply that fast already? Well, it’s better that I give out a reply earlier too, it’ll prevent her from continuing to pester onto me.

“I’m really sorry, it’s just like what I’ve said yesterday, I feel that the both of us aren’t compatible.”

“Why did you so decisively reject me~? I’m being completely sincere about it, it’s too much already, I’m going to cry out now, mn?”

“What being completely sincere and so on………’re practically just lying, right.”

“Lying? You thought, that I’m lying?”

Humph, what else could it be other than lying. Let’s first not talk about your status being only green-colored, with that sort of confession, no matter who heard it, they would know that it’s a lie already.

“Other than lying, what else could it be.”

“Uuu, it’s too much already………..I reaaally reallly liked Jun Cheng-tongxue tooo………..”

I originally thought that after I had exposed her lie, Ji Lian Bing would then give up on her disguise, and directly speak out her true motives.

But she didn’t!

She really was like a small girl being rejected from confession, her emotions feeling downcasted as she cried out rather prettily!

Plus her status had turned pink-colored already!

Ehhhhhhh? Why did it suddenly become liking me already? Or was it that my ability had gone wrong?


She really liked me? Oioi? Really?

I dumbly stood onto my original spot, like an idiot who didn’t know what to do at all, should I go comfort her? By the way, since she really liked me, I should agree to that confession then? But, that title of her’s………….the thoughts within my brain were messily clustered, and I once again fell into a state of confusion.

“Umm, sorry, I only thought that……….err………..”

“Just~ kidd~ ing~”


“Huhuhuhu~ As expected, if I carried around real emotions with me, Jun Cheng-tongxue would be unable to differentiate out lies then~.”

Her status turned back to the original green color, and tears didn’t continue dripping after she had wiped her face; in just a short 3 second interval, Ji Lian Bing finished a complete change from a crying to smiling expression!

Wahh! What’s the matter with this woman! She could even freely control her own emotions too?!

It’s too scary already!

“Your expression finally had some changes, hmm?”


I shouldn’t have responded to this woman! I should have just directly ignored her from the start!

I displayed out a flusteredly exasperated expression as I walked around Ji Lian Bing, angrily walking towards the pavilion.

Ji Lian Bing followed behind me as she lightly said.

“Angry already? Don’t be angry alrighttt~ hereherehere, let me show you something precious~”

A bishoujo like you shouldn’t say that sort of obscene lines at all!

(TL: It’s a pun in reference to exhibitionists who wanted to show off their……..)

Nonono, don’t respond to her, right now she’s enticing me to have a conversation with her.

“Are you really not looking at it? This photograph to Jun Cheng-tongxue will probably be very importanttt~”


Humph, anyway it should be some kind of photo from when I was young or something, that sort of thing wouldn’t even sting me a little.

I rarely left myself any black histories back then. I didn’t suffer from any chuuni before, even more not done anything embarrassing before, hence the photograph that Ji Lian Bing held would at most be photos of me when I was young.

“Ai ya~, what a real pity. Since it’s like that, I’ll send this photo to Jun Cheng-tongxue’s dad then, I’m sure that your father would definitely be grateful to me.”

Send to my Laobà? Why must it be Laobà……….don’t tell me it’s some kind of ancestry family photograph or something?

Ji Lian Bing seemed to have seen through my inner thoughts, as she continued to spout out words that kept stringing onto my nerves, and I had that sort of feeling that I was being played around within her palms.

“Well, let me say out pieces of clues on the photo then, who knows, Jun Cheng-tongxue might be interested in it too~, firstly, it’s inside the toilet.”


“Next, the subject involved are Jun Cheng-tongxue and meimei-chan.”

Me and meimei………..

“Lastly, the position’s a inverse-behind placement.”

What the heck’s an inverse-behind placement………….was it referring to the female hugging a male in a placement from behind?

Piecing the three leads together, it’s meimei hugging me from behind inside the toilet?


The scenario that floated into my mind made my forehead profuse out cold sweat.

I immediately spun around, grabbing Ji Lian Bing’s wrists and plastered myself close to look at that photograph.

“The f**k! Why did this sort of photograph existtttttttttttttttttttttt!!!”

Just by seeing that piece of photograph on Ji Lian Bing’s hands, my entirety instantly became terrible already! My brain was like as if a vampire had used its claws to forcibly knead it into a doughly pile, as my whole body became submerged into a state of extreme disorientation!

The me in the photograph had my upper body naked as my pants were stripped off, while my meimei who was almost fully naked, which was Xin Ran hugging onto my back, as her hands squeezed my……….


You’ve even procedurally slapped up censorship onto it! It wasn’t even like that it all!

By the way, why was it white-colored fluids! It’s P-ed, right! It’s definitely P-ed! My urine weren’t white-colored at all!

This completely looked like a meimei helping her gege to mast**bate, wasn’t it! Just a glance and you’ll know that they were doing an extremely appalling PLAY!

“What’s the matter with this photograph! How did you exactly obtain it!”

I really couldn’t stay composed any longer already!

My biggest black history was actually being recorded down by modern technology!

I’m completely going bonkers already!

After Ji Lian Bing had seen that the photograph in her hand had successfully attracted my attention, she then dexterously passed the photo to another hand as she pressed her hand onto her lips and said.

“Ai~ya, after I’ve returned home from yesterday, I requested my house’s maid to investigate clearly onto your home’s address…………but I didn’t expect to actually have this kind of unexpected reapings too~”

“Your house’s maids could even sneak in and secretly take photos?!”

And I actually didn’t even realize it at all, rather than saying that it’s a maid, you may as well say that she’s a ninja!

“Fufu, let’s first not bother about how my house’s maid managed to sneak into your house, this piece of photograph………….there’s a huge problem with it, hmm?”

“………..That’s only!”

“Only what?”


Quickly think, An Jun Cheng! Quickly think up of a reason that sounds logically reasonable!

Ji Lian Bing looked at the speechless me, and used her left hand to clasp her mouth and displayed out a look of heartbreaking expression and said.

“Ai ya ya………..what a world this had morally degenerated into, it’s such an utter moral bankruptcy, between siblings there’s actually such maliciously impure……….”

“Give me back!”

“Huhuhu, if you want it then come and get it~”

I anxiously went forward, wanting to snatch that photograph back. Actually, if I was to logically think through about it, I would know that snatching that photograph back wouldn’t be of any use at all, for as long there’s an original copy you could print out limitless duplicates out. But I who had lost my composure had already rushed forward snatching, doing these sort of meaningless actions.

And what’s even more embarrassing was that I actually didn’t manage to snatch it!

Just when I stepped frontwards, Ji Lian Bing dexterously dodged the hand that I stretched out towards her, and she even extended her leg and tripped me.

Just when I was about to fall down, Ji Lian Bing then grabbed onto my wrist and pulled me up, and under the reverse motion, I then leaned backwards.

Ji Lian Bing steadily hugged onto me who had nearly fallen down onto the floor, and placed the back of my head onto her breasts.

I glanced up my head, looking at her and gulping in the saliva within my mouth, as she lowered her head, gazing onto me while licking her moist red lips.

“Well then, you should know what to do already, right? An Jun Cheng-tongxue………, Cheng Jun? Huhuhuhu~”

De, demon indeed………..

My biggest secret was actually at my classmate’s disposal………

I didn’t think that the ominous feeling I had earlier would so quickly turn into an unfortunate event which would then invade right into my life.

I could already seemingly foresee my upcoming life being gloomily spent under coercings and threats………..

Painfully closing my eyes, I succumbedly said towards Ji Lian Bing in an announcement of submission.

“As you wish, dàxiaojie………..”

My future really’s a piece of bleak darkness……….

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