These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

Volume 1, Chapter 3 - Meimei crawled onto my bed already

Volume 1, Chapter 3: Meimei crawled onto my bed already

TL: flarewk

My god, what did I hear?

She, she, she, Xin Ran actually actively asked me whether I want to drink anything? And it looks like her meaning was that she seemingly wanted me to let me carry these too, eh?

I immediately turned around and exclaimed frighteningly: “Umm! No need to trouble you onto that! I’ll do it myself!”

But Xin Ran turned around and said: “Don’t misunderstand, it’s just in passing only.”

Phew, I knew it……….but she helping me to make coffee was already a rare event by itself, usually she would even ignore me when I wanted her to help pass over the remote control too, so I’ve really no idea on what kind of wind was blowing right today.

I originally wanted to follow her to the living room and wait for her there, but Xin Ran said to let me wait upstairs, so I just returned to my own room first.

My room was on the 3rd floor, and although I said that it’s at the third floor, my room’s actually only just an attic. Originally I was living at the 2nd floor, but later when I went on to middle school, I moved to the 3rd floor instead. Because the second floor had only 3 rooms, my parents in one, the other two rooms were being shared with the three of us………originally it was me and Xin Ran living in the same room, because we were blood-related siblings.

But even if it’s blood-related siblings, we also can’t keep staying within the same room, right? There ought to be a little privacy among us another, and so I’ve moved to the attic.

After waiting anxiously in the room for a while, Xin Ran held a cup of coffee and walked upstairs, and because I was afraid to be blocking Xin Ran’s advancing, I didn’t close the attic doors.

“I’ve placed it on the table already.”

“Mm, ahh, thanks for the trouble………..”

Stammering while thanking her, Xin Ran didn’t say anything afterwards and just turned around to head downstairs, while casually closing the doors of the attic as well.

I sighed again as I walked to the table, and was about to lift up the cup and take a sip, when I suddenly realized something.

Hold on………..she had taken the wrong cup……?

Looking at the purplish Cercis Chinensis flower pattern on the cup, my eyebrows frowned, and if I didn’t remember it wrongly, this should be Xin Ran’s own personal cup.

And if Xin Ran was to know that I’ve used her cup, she’ll definitely look at me with eye gazes of looking at trash!

But it’s rare of her to care about me once, what furthermore making a cup of coffee too, and if I didn’t drink it at all, who knows that she’ll distance herself away from me even more……..

………..After weighing both pro and cons for a moment, I then decided to still not use Xin Ran’s cup. Sigh, distancing away then distancing away then, at least it’s way better than being completely hated.

It’s time to hurry up and go sleep, since right now it’s almost already 2 o’clock, and I’ll still need to wake up at 6 am in the morning to make breakfast………..I’m also not like a humanoid made out of wood, unlike a certain butler who only needs to sleep for an hour before being completely energetic to move about for the entire day.

(TL: wood = plants is very sensitive to sunlight, hence the ‘wood’ reference)

(TL: ‘butler’ also a subtle reference to hayate, from hayate no gotoku)

Taking off my clothes, switching off the light and lying down for more than half an hour later, I still had zero sleepiness. Just at this moment, I heard a very soft door opening sound, but I didn’t open my eyes at all.

Who could it be? Isn’t it obvious, other than me in the house, there were only two other meimeis.

The well-behaved Ke Ling would had already been sleeping long ago at this timing, so it’s definitely Xin Ran. I’m guessing that she had discovered the matter of taking the wrong cup, hence coming over to acquire the correct cup.

So I’ll just continue to pretend that I was sleeping then, since she’ll just leave after taking the cup, and if I was to wake up right now it’ll seem to be a little awkward, plus I also don’t know what to say as well.

Who knows that after she saw that I didn’t use her cup, the imagery of me within her heart may be slightly higher. At least that I’m not a lousy gege who don’t even have an appraising eye, right?

By then, letting her call me ‘gege’ wouldn’t also be like such a strange and bizarre task already………..

While thinking of these kind of dream-like wild delusions, a series of soft whispering floated into my ears at the same moment.



Meow meow meow?! What the heck’s going on?!

My heart violently contracted momentarily, and my eyelids ferociously jumped too, nearly wrenching my eyes open in the process.

If it wasn’t for my natural-born calmness, I would have already uncontrollably shook my body by now.

This voice is undoubtedly Xin Ran’s, and she just called me………’gege’?!

Nonono, I am indeed her gege, but the problem wasn’t at that point, it’s because she’ve never cared about me, to call me gege at all!

Normally always treating me like a stranger, and not addressing me as gege too, she was even too lazy to call my name out, directly using ‘oi’, ‘you’, ‘that person’ these kinds of words to address me on behalf instead………although she looked extremely cute, but she completely doesn’t like me at all!

Even at school, there’s no one who knew that An Xin Ran was my meimei, if not, everyday definitely would have people who want to converse with me, because of them desiring to me to be their brother-in-law, right?………..

Or could it be that I’m just hallucinating? Speaking of which, earlier I’ve also seen that there were strange texts on top of Xin Ran’s head, so first a delusion appeared, afterwhich hallucination appeared huh?


Just as I kept repeatedly suspecting myself on whether I’m still dreaming or not, my elbow suddenly felt an icy cold sensation, which made me shocked to discover that this wasn’t a dream at all, and at the same time, it frightened me till my skin’s hairs stood on ends, and my entire back instantly was soaked with cold sweat.

She crawled up onto me!

She-she-she-she-she actually crawled up onto my bed!

Oioioi, what is exactly going on right now!

Am I dreaming? Or was it that in reality I was already being struck dead by some unknown flying object in the park, and had reincarnated into another parallel world? Or was it because my delusions had already become so severe to the point that not only illusions appeared, but hallucinations too, and even came out phantom sensations as well?


Repetitively saying ‘gege’ this kind of addressing over and over again, my this entire lifetime’s heard amount of it wasn’t even as much as what I’m currently hearing right now. My brain felt rather befuddled, and it’s even more of a confusion that when I’ve awakened just now at the park bench. This sudden moment of contrast appearance made me unable to accept reality, and just when I was still at a loss on what to do………..

She went on to hug me!!

A soft and realistic sensation, Xin Ran hugged onto my left arm……….even though I shouldn’t have been hugged by her before, but I mysteriously felt a sort of familiar sensation surging within my heart, as if that my body had already been used to her embrace.

Mm……………used to her embrace?

Suddenly, a sort of unfamiliar sensation emerged, but it’s because Xin Ran took another step to stick onto my body even closer, which completely disrupted my thinking.

Although I barely managed to restrain my breathing, but my heartbeat still unnaturally stampeded on even faster.

Be calm, that’s right……..Laomà said something before, when feeling nervous, just imagine ourselves to be like a corpse……….relax the entire body, think of the body to be already out of your control, just like an out of body experience………..that’s right, just like that, I’m a piece of corpse………..


After calling for the unknownst time of ‘gege’ already, I felt a hand groping onto my chest, and initially I thought Xin Ran wanted to initiate the next step onto hugging my body, but I didn’t expect the next second……..a warm, soft and dampish sensation touched my cheek, as a sweet smelling fragrance hurtled into my nose……….this, this, this can’t be………that’s right, based on it’s shape, this feeling can only be……….lips already!

What the heck man! Not only hugging, but she also kissed me too!

To hell with being a corpse! Right now it’s already a miracle that I didn’t open up my eyes and jump about, okay!?

If I want to control my heartbeat, the only way would be for my heart to directly stop beating!

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