These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

Volume 1, Chapter 4 - My world had completely crumbled already

Volume 1, Chapter 4: My world had completely crumbled already

TL: flarewk

Under the flurry of excitement, my breathing had become slightly rushed, with my chest rising up and down, and since Xin Ran’s hands were chancely pressing onto my chest, it’ll be weird if she didn’t feel anything at all!


Oh shit, she’s suspecting already! At this time if I was to suddenly awaken, Xin Ran would definitely kill me under embarrassed infuriation! It wasn’t easy to hear this kind of ‘gege’ addressing from my meimei’s mouth, so how could I simply die off just like that!

Just when I was trying my best to remain calm as my heart kept repeatedly praying ‘please don’t ever discover that I’m awakened!’, the pressure onto my chest suddenly vanished. Afterwards, a series of gentle-to-the-max words floated into my ears: “Ahh, I’ve accidentally pressed onto gege’s chest already, sorry…….it must have been uncomfortable, right………I’ll give you a massage then?”, and at the same time the hand that were still placed onto my chest started to massage about; from that extremely conscientious movements I could feel Xin Ran’s absolute care of devotion.

………..You see, life was just that strange, just by living, you could also meet even this kind of inconceivable stuff………..ha, ha, ha………

Such a gentle meimei, it’s really only that I’ll be able to meet this sort of her within my dreams……..

Maybe it’s because the impact that I’ve received was too severe, for my entirety became as if my spirit had left my body, with the result of not even noticing when Xin Ran had actually already left.

And on my cheeks, still resided the dampish sensation from Xin Ran’s kiss earlier, resulting that I couldn’t fall asleep at all, all the way till morning.

What kind of joke was this, since that sort of thing even happened, so how could I fall asleep at all!

Meimei! Meimei, she actually!! Coughcoughcoughcoaugh! A-actually!


After dryly laughing a couple of times, I raised my upper body while dazedly looking at the sunlight shining in from outside the windows.

It’s really too frightening already, it’s a nightmare that’s even scarier than a real nightmare…………I really, didn’t think that, she would actually do these sort of things to me.

And according to that extremely proficient behavior of hers, plus that unbelievably familiar sensation analyzed together, I can already deduce that she had already done this sort of thing (night assaulting) numerous times before……..

Oioioi, if it’s like that, it can’t be that I’m long ago already not a vir…………?!

No, no it can’t be, it shouldn’t be up that to kind of level, no matter how you’ll look at it she’s still my blood-related meimei, and Xin Ran was also not a person who’s that lacking of reason too, she at least won’t cross the borderline between siblings, right?

But her actions indeed were a little too intimate already.

The intimacy is up to the point where I don’t even have the slightest bit of delight, but felt terrified instead! It’s like a stranger that I don’t even recognize suddenly expressing such extreme fervor towards me, which made me completely unused to it.

What exactly was going on? If Xin Ran really was a bro-con, then why would she usually be so aloof towards me………..her fetish?

And that also means……….that title was also correct, right? But that ‘bracket false’………what the hell is that.

Bearing mixed feelings, I walked off my bed, and that cup of completely untouched coffee appeared within my eyes.

By the way, why would Xin Ran be so assured that I had already slept? At that time, it’s already 2 am plus, and it’s possible that I may not even be sleeping at all, right? It can’t be that……….it’s being spiked with sleeping pills or whatnot………..


I silently shook my head, and poured that cup of coffee into the trash can, afterwards pulling out a lot of tissue paper and throwing them into the trash can, this way, those coffee would be absorbed by these tissues. Mm……….although it looked like a lot of mast**bated tissue remains were being developed, but right now, just to disguise the fact that I didn’t drink that cup of coffee, I could only do this.

I should go forget what happened at midnight already, and just take it as if nothing had happened at all. Xin Ran definitely must have been too pressurized, thus her doing this sort of acts; one day I’ll need to find some time to properly chat with her.

Right now, what I should do is to wake up, wash up and make some breakfast, and be a gege that’s no different from usual,

Drawing open the curtains, I walked out of the room and proceeded to the second floor, at this timing, my meimeis still haven’t woke up yet.

After finishing washing up, I went to the first floor and walked into the kitchen counter and started to nervously prepare breakfast, the ingredients were already long been prepared, it should be Laomà who prepared those before leaving yesterday night. I’ll just need to simply cook these to dishes, but as I not only need to make breakfast, but also prepare lunchboxes for eating at lunchtime, I’ll need to spend slightly some time onto it. But I’ll only need to prepare two sets, because I always went to the canteen to have my lunch, as making a lunchbox for myself to eat doesn’t have any meaning towards it at all.

Finishing two sets of lunchboxes, I was about to start making breakfast, when from my back resounded a slight uncertain voice; if you didn’t listen carefully in the first place, you may not even hear it at all.

“Ge, gege? Why didn’t you come back yesterday night…………where did you go already?”

This kind of soft, embarrassed voice, just from hearing it alone I’m able to recognize whose was it.

“Mm? Ah, Ke Ling, huh, yesterday I’ve accidentally overslept in the park. Ahahaha, I’ve made you worried………nngh!?”

I etched a refreshing smile on my face as I turned around to greet my another meimei An Ke Ling, but that thing I saw when I turned around made me instantly frozen on the spot.

Gazing towards my meimei with a contracted body, on top of that short ponytail’s hair of An Ke Ling similarly had a series of pink-colored words. Also, since Ke Ling’s height was slightly shorter, these series of words perfectly appeared right in front of my eyes……….

[Haraguro type Bro-con meimei (true)]

[An Ke Ling]

So, should I say it’s just as expected? Above Ke Ling’s head also had a name and a title, and although there’s nothing wrong with the name, that title however…………it wasn’t a ‘well-behaved type’, and also not a ‘gentle-type’, or not even a ‘cute-type’, but…………a ‘haraguro-type’!

She’s actually a haraguro!

No, that’s impossible!

Ke Ling-meimei actually was a haraguro type! What kind of joke was this! That meimei whom everytime when I return home, would blush with a smile and greet me with a welcome back, that meimei who would make this kind of invisible me have the feeling of having a presence around, that meimei who not only cares about her gege and would also pass the chopsticks or pour some water for gege as well……….pu chi!

(TL: pu chi is bewildered choking sfx)

The word ‘haraguro’ were like a lance, stabbing into my heart, which made me puke out a mouthful of blood within my brain!

At this very moment, my world had completely crumbled! My thinking onto life, outlook onto the world, and thoughts about ethics were all utterly destroyed!


That absolutely well-behaved meimei in my mind was actually……….acted out only huuh!

No! I don’t believe it!

“Ge, gege? What happened? You didn’t sleep properly? Your face looked quite terrible……?”

Ke Ling went nearer towards in front of me, looking at my face of complete mute dumbness, with her expression filled with absolute concern.

But I seemed to have seen, that behind those expression of concern, there’s a scornful look of Ke Ling saying towards me: “Humph, just by usually showing you a nice temperament, you’ll be delighted to the point where you’ll lose away all your senses. This kind of incurable fellow is actually my gege, so gross! Absolutely disgusting!”

That, that cute and well-behaved meimei actually hated me as well……….I……….really want to go and die………..

fanart illustration by babydalyn (discord)

“What are you doing?”

That cold aloof voice of Xin Ran’s floated into my ears, giving me a sudden shudder, causing me to instantly escape from the sorrowful atmosphere I previously had.

“Nothing, nothing at all, I’ve just slept too late last night. Just hold on for a little while longer, breakfast will be finished right away……..”

“Are you really alright? Gege? It can’t be that you’ve fallen sick already……?”

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing.”

Ke Ling still had a look of concern on her face. I quickly waved my hands and squeezed out a smile in response, afterwhich turning around to continue making breakfast.

Because I’m really afraid, that my extremely depressed expression would be noticed by Ke Ling and Xin Ran………..

While eating breakfast, I was still in a state of befuddlement; the originally thoroughly aloof meimei was actually an extreme severe bro-con to the point where she would assault me at night, while the originally gentle well-behaved kind and cute meimei was actually a haraguro meimei who had her entire brain filled with malicious thoughts and whatnot………..

I, I, I won’t believe this world any more!

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