These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

Volume 1, Chapter 5 - No more normal people already

Volume 1, Chapter 5: No more normal people already

TL: flarewk

After walking for a moment, I’ve finally calmed myself down.

Right now, I still can’t be sure whether that thing that looked like a game’s IGN and title was real. Up to now, I’ve only seen those strange texts from above both Xin Ran and Ke Ling’s head so far.

I’ll still need to have more examples to prove it’s accuracy! Yeah, right now I mustn’t biasedly conclude yet!

Walking on the way to school, I started to seriously observe the crowd.

As expected, above everyone’s head had words displayed.

And these words were all faced towards me. No matter whether that person had his back or his sides facing me, those words would definitely be facing me, as if it’s for my convenience to read it.

It doesn’t seem like to be a misconception or hallucination. Maybe my brain really had gone wrong somehow, or maybe I’ve awakened some sort of ability. In any case, above everyone’s heads, there always were texts, without an exception to anyone.

But it seemed to be limited to humans only.

Like this cat who had just passed my side, or this sparrow who had stopped onto the tree, I didn’t see any words above their heads.

Of these two rows of texts, one should be the name, while the other from my initial deducing, should be something like a title……….

An example was, the male student right in front of me who’s wearing another school’s uniform, the two rows of words were [Mentally unsound patient] [Liu Yi Bing].

…………Oioioi? Even though he looked like a normal person, he’s unexpectedly mentally unsound?!

Oioioi, where’s the doctor! And what’s he doing! The mentally unsound patient had already ran out onto the streets!!

Cough cough, calm down, if I was to really consider about this, I, who was able to see this sort of strange texts am also considered to be mentally unsound too, so I don’t even have the right to criticize others.

What’s important right now wasn’t about other people’s stuff, but about the thing I saw……….’Liu Yi Bing’ should be that person’s name, and ‘Mentally unsound’………..should be his ‘identity’?

When I thought up to this point, a new doubt developed within me.

A person can have many identities, and just a single title shouldn’t be able to disclose out all of that person’s identities, right? Well then, this title depends on what exactly, for it to be chosen?

For example, that male student earlier, he doesn’t recognize me, and I don’t recognize him as well. If I was to use myself as a foundation to deduce him, his title instead should also have [Stranger] [High school student] kinds, right? But his title instead was [Mentally unsound patient]………..

Wouldn’t this be too extremely biased already?

Next up, I observed quite a few more people, and the titles on their heads include [Wrestling enthusiast] [Lolicon] these types of hobbies indication, and there’s [Climbing expert] [Fishing specialist] these types of specialty indication, plus also those types that I’ve been expecting, [Male high school student] [High school Mathematics teacher] kinds of normal identity indication titles.

And that also means, this title should represent that person’s most fervent, most innate character-rooted, and most important portion of him then.

But……….when I recall back to Xin Ran and Ke Ling’s titles, I started to daze out again.

Xin Ran’s was [Coldhearted type Bro-con meimei (false)], and Ke Ling’s was [Haraguro type Bro-con meimei (true)]………

Let’s first not discuss on what that ‘true false’ was exactly meaning about, but meimeis actually were spilt into categories? Wasn’t that exposing out their traits already? Haaa?

I really don’t want to believe those things that I’ve been seeing, but from yesterday night’s experience………..these titles in a 8/9 out of 10 scale would probably be true. And that means Xin Ran really had feelings towards me, plus Ke Ling………..pu……….

(TL: pu = sfx sounds)

Whenever I thought that the gentle, cute, kind plus shy Ke Ling was actually a haraguro…………my mind briefly visualized a stimulation of Ke Ling unveiling out an expression of scorn as she spoke to me.

“Humph, usually I gave faces towards my parents to address you as gege, otherwise who would recognize you, this dense person as a gege! Enough narcissism already! Disgusting!”

………..Mm? It mysteriously made me a little excited………..nowaitnowaitnowait! Don’t suddenly awaken a strange trait, me!

Haaa……… any case, the title’s contents accuracy should be proven already.

Lastly, there’s still one thing that still made me rather curious.

And that’s those names and titles of these people; they were all ‘white colored’.

That’s right, it’s a blanket of white cloudy colors, but the names and titles on top of my meimeis’ heads were ‘pink colored’.

Right now, what I still don’t understand was, why the names and titles on top of both Xin Ran and Ke Ling had a different color than other people’s……….

What does this color exactly signifies………..

And by the way, I can’t see my own title at all.

When I was washing myself up this morning, I didn’t see any words above my head while looking at the mirror. Then that means, these words must be personally seen to be able to be viewed, and I won’t be able to see it through the reflection of a mirror .

Although I can’t see it, but I guesstimate that above my head should display [Male high school student] or maybe [Normal person] these kinds of obscure titles.

Ahh, no, I’ve thought of it too perfectly already.

It’s even plausible for it to be [Invisible person (lol)] or maybe [Fated to be single pleb] [Loser in life] these kinds of mockery titles……….it might even be [Maso pervert] kinds of title too?

Enough thinking about it, I still think that I’m quite like a normal person. Although right now I’m able to see a few strange titles, but from the final conclusion it’s just only being able to see it, and as long as I act as if I don’t know at all, there won’t be any problems.

Because I spent quite some time on the way observing other people, it caused me to reach school slightly later than usual.

But it shouldn’t be up to the extent until I’m wholly late, but stepping into the classroom on the dot like that was also an extremely rare situation.

By the way, I don’t know if those people in class would have what kinds of titles too?

As the saying goes, when the things that you know increases, your life’s experience increases as well, and when your vision had broadened, you’ll uncontrollably want to know even more things as a result…………it’s similarly suitable to apply onto me as well. The me currently forgot about ‘Curiosity killed the cat’, this sort of simple-understood principle, and only succumbed to the curiosity and knowledge desiring within my heart, as I very eagerly walked into my classroom, the entrance of Second year Class 2, and swept my gaze around those classmates that I’m completely unacquainted with………..

Afterwards I turned blind.

Really blinded.

If I was to say, that previously seeing Ke Ling to actually be a haraguro meimei resulted into the collapse of my entire worldview, right now it’s my thinking onto life, outlook onto the world, and thoughts about ethics all crumbling together as well. Should I say that the me last time knew too less already? Or should I say that I knew too much now already?

In any case, the classroom that was originally to me an absolutely normal place with unfamiliar classmates, had occurred a dramatic 180 degrees change, it’s just like playing Sile** Hills when suddenly you jumped from the surface world to the other world, the contrast was just that huge!

Oioioi, enough joking already, what kind of novel plot was this exactly? The development’s a little too extreme already heeh?

Compared to this, those titles that I’ve seen in the streets earlier were completely nothing! There’s not even a trace of comparison to it!

………..So my classmates all were a bunch of dazzlingly outstanding, no, some of them weren’t even considered to be human already!! No matter how far I glance, it’s all exotic rare bizarre titles; the ratio contrast was extreme for ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’……… wait, I can’t even find any normal person within all of them!

It can’t be that the only normal person around was me?!

Nonono, that’s too abnormal already.

It’s impossible that I’m the only normal person here.

“An-tongxue? What are you doing standing here? Quickly go back to your seat, the bell had already rung.”

From my back resounded the voice of the homeroom teacher Xiao Zhen-laoshi, which made me realize that the bell had already ended since long ago, yet I still dazedly stood at the door entrance……….but for me to into this dangerous region akin to a bear’s cave or tiger’s den……….

Turning my head around, Xiao Zhen-laoshi whose height barely reached my waist had her hands carrying textbooks, while looking at me with a confused tilted head.

And what I saw was……….

[Human clone No. 223]

[Ke Xiao Zhen]

“An-tongxue? An Jun Cheng-tongxue! Jun Cheng! If you continue to be like this, Xiao Zhen-laoshi will start be mad already, alright!”

After switching around three addressings repetitively towards me for a few times, I then regained back my senses; that title so saturated with science fiction novel feelings from Xiao Zhen-laoshi really gave me some sort of continuous varying imaginations inside my mind.

“Nngh?! Aaaahh, I’ll go in right away!”

Our homeroom teacher Xiao Zhen-laoshi looked like a girl who’s quite childish, and just from the appearance alone there’s no difference compared to a little student at all. She had a nickname called ‘loli-laoshi’, and she’s very famous in the school as well as in the nearby surroundings. On the first day that Xiao Zhen-laoshi took charge as our homeroom teacher, she said that it was because she had dwarfism which was why she’s that tiny, and her actual age was already 24 years old. But right now, it looked like it wasn’t like that after all……….’Human clone no. 223’…………..

And the others as well…………I gulped in a mouthful of saliva, and looked at each of their rare and peculiar titles; my gaze was wavering about, unabling to calm down…………I really wanted to immediately turn around and flee………..

Don’t tell me that there wasn’t any normal person anymore?!

What the hell was this!

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