These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

Volume 1, Chapter 4.7 - A [Haraguro type Bro-con meimei (true)] situation

Volume 1, Chapter 4.7: A [Haraguro type Bro-con meimei (true)] situation

TL: flarewk

[Haraguro type Bro-con meimei (true)] situation:

Tick tock tick tock, tick tock tick tock………

Aaaaaa! So annoying!

So annoying!

So damned noisy, careful that I’ll break you, stupid clock!

I hugged the bolster as I rolled about on the bed, with an extremely vexed mood.

Right now it’s 11 pm already! E-le-ven pm already! E-l-e-v-e-n pm al-rea-dy!!

But gege still hasn’t come back yet!

Wasn’t night self-revisions suppose to end at 9 o’clock! Even if he was to crawl all the way home, he should have reached by now!

But gege still haven’t come back yet………

Why! did! he! still! not! come! back! yet!

Aaaaaaaa! I’m really worried! I really want to call him! I really want to confirm where gege exactly is! I really want to immediately dash towards gege’s sides!

Forget about usually being unable to return home early because of that annoying night self-revisions, he actually still needed to return home even later and whatnot, it’s simply unbearable!

If it’s like that then won’t I not be able to say goodnight to gege already! If I can’t do that, then I can’t spoil cutely towards gege already!

I really hate it! I hate it! I hate it!

……….Xin Ran-jie still should be waiting outside, I might as well go ask her about the current situation.

I opened the room door, and asked Xin Ran-jie who was standing at the corridors: “Gege haven’t returned yet?”


“Damn it, which slut was it that had seduced away gege………..”

I’ll kill that slut!

Don’t let me find out who was it that seduced away my gege………if not I’ll let her have it!

But who exactly is it? It should be that I’ve removed off all possible candidates already, right? It can’t be that librarian teacher..? No, it cannot be, that ugly woman, gege couldn’t possibly have feelings for her at all………..exactly what’s going on…………

“……….Uuu, damn it, then I’m counting on you, Xin Ran-jie! You must wait up for gege, okay!”

“Mm, go ahead and sleep first then, it’s fine if I just wait over here.”

Closing the door and returning back to my room, I uncontrollably gave off a sigh. Xin Ran-jie’s so lucky, she could so naturally face gege, plus she need not mind gege’s thoughts of her, and express out her own personality.

But it can’t work for me already, although I would really want to express out my true side in front of gege…………but with my this sort of twisted personality, gege definitely wouldn’t like me at all then.

I hugged the bolster and laid sideways on the bed, curling up into a ball, while imagining the bolster to be gege……….Xin Ran-jie every night would secretly run into gege’s room……….I’m so envious! I also really want to hug gege to sleep too!

But I can’t break the promise, me and Xin Ran-jie already promised, during the day, gege belonged to me, while at night, gege would be given to Xin Ran-jie.

If there’s anyone who broke the promise, then the other person’s secret would be exposed to gege. And if that kind of resolute gege knows about that sort of things, it’ll definitely be finished! Gege would definitely unhesitatingly distance away from us……….so, me and Xin Ran-jie kept to our promise, and right now it’s been four years already.

Actually, if gege was to stay out all night, the most saddened person should then be Xin Ran-jie. Because the time that she could stay with gege would be drastically shortened

At the very least, I still could go find gege to eat lunch or something at school, but Xin Ran-jie was like a stranger at school towards gege.

But being able to hug gege and sleep, it’s still extremely enviable! Umu, when there’s gains there’ll also be losses too……….sigh………..

Listening to that infuriatingly annoying clock sounds all the way till early morning, when it’s almost reaching 1.30 am……….


A shout of shocked surprise reverberated past the closed door and echoed into my ears, this familiar voice is definitely gege’s! Gege finally returned!

I immediately straightened up my upper body, went towards the front of the door, and secretly observed gege through the door crack.

Xin Ran-jie’s saying something to gege……….uu, the distance’s too far already, I can’t hear what they’re saying at all.

I endured dashing out of the door, because in gege’s impression, Ke Ling is a well-behaved meimei, and right now she should have been long sleeping already.

I can’t ruin that impression of ‘Ke Ling-meimei’ within gege’s heart.

If gege knew that I’m actually a malicious rotten girl instead, he’ll definitely completely distance himself away from me.

But returning home in the middle of the night at 1.30 am………..where exactly the hell did he went to already! It must be like what I’ve imagined earlier, it’s some slut that have seduced gege! I’m going to kill…………….!

No wait, calm down and think carefully, there shouldn’t be anyone who had fallen for gege at all. Those people who may possibly fall in love with gege had all being forced-couple together with others by me already, plus Xin Ran-jie also was paying attention to the things onto gege’s side too.

Plus gege himself in the school wasn’t that type who was quite popular, he didn’t even have a single male friend at all, much less a female friend who could seduce gege. According to gege’s behavior, he also won’t actively piss off anyone as well, which meant that this time he should have met onto an accident which caused him to return home late.

………..I’m slightly assured already.

But there still could be people who might fall in love with gege, and right now, the woman who was in close contact with gege the most was gege’s homeroom teacher……… that person who sat at the sides behind gege!

Tomorrow, I’ll definitely investigate properly, I must eliminate every single possibility, I must not let gege be snatched away by any other people!

But it’s so late already, Xin Ran-jie shouldn’t have gone to gege’s room already right? Might as well that I…………uuu, forget it, if I’m being noticed then it’s not good then.

Although I’m a little interested on what gege spoke towards Xin Ran-jie, but since I’ll need to keep to the promise, I can’t go ask Xin Ran-jie about what happened at night.

I’ll go sleep first then………I must wake up earlier than gege too.


5.50 am in the morning, before the stupid alarm clock rang, I punctually woke up and shut off the alarm clock.

Gege will wake up at 6 o’clock to prepare breakfast, afterwards at around 6.30 plus will knock on the doors a little to wake me up. So, from 6 to 6.30, during this period of time it’s an empty interval of priceless duration!

I stuck my ears onto the left side of the wall and listened……….after a few seconds when 6 o’clock had passed, I heard the ‘hua la la’ sounds of water running. As expected as usual, gege punctually awakened to wash up. No matter how late he sleeps, the next day’s morning still being able to punctually wake up to prepare breakfast and lunchboxes for his meimeis, that’s one of gege’s positive traits.

Seizing the duration that gege was washing up, I proficiently opened and closed the door silently, afterwhich dashing in a puff of smoke upstairs towards gege’s room.

After gege had finished washing up, he’ll straightaway return downstairs to make breakfast, and during this period of time I can just casually go into gege’s room already~!

I pounced into gege’s bedding, hugging gege’s blankets while immersing myself to smelling gege’s scent………..aaah…………I’m so happy!

It’s just like I’ve been hugged by gege, as I uncontrollably squeezed my thighs tightly together……….uu, I can’t dirty gege’s blankets.

Phew, what scary demonic fortress that is…………being gege’s blanket! I’ve nearly lost myself within it!

Oh right, I must seize the chance right now to properly search gege’s room. Although there wasn’t anything unhealthy inside gege’s computer hard drive, and there wasn’t any such books underneath his bed too, but a check is still necessary. What if there’s one day when suddenly that sort of thing appeared, doesn’t it mean then that gege had someone he liked? Plus at the same time understanding gege’s fetishes, hitting two birds with one stone.

I’ve checked around all four corners, yet still not discovering anything unhealthy at all.

Suddenly, I noticed the trash can.

There’s a lot of tissues in the trash can, it can’t be that gege mast**bated already? Or was it because of a wet dream? But this amount was also too much already……….so many tissues……….all had been stuck with gege’s………’s alright if I just take one, right………..

No, I can’t! I can’t do that sort of thing………………’s just to take a look, yep, I’m just checking gege’s body condition only! It’s definitely not to…….coughcoughcough…….

Although there’s no one around, but I’m still extremely nervous. I used my index finger and thumb to grasp up a bunch of tissues towards my nose……….


It wasn’t the scent that I had been expecting, it’s a thick aroma of coffee instead.

Disappointment welled, it’s actually coffee……….mm? Why was it coffee? By the way, why must it be poured into the trash can?

I haven’t had time to carefully ponder over it when my watch gave off ‘ti ti ti’ warning sounds, this was the alarm that I’ve set.

It’s almost 6.30 am already, gege’s going to wake me up, I’d better hurry up back to my room!

Returning gege’s room back to it’s previous state according to my memory, I immediately dashed towards my room and pulled the blanket over myself, and acted a look of sleeping soundly.

One minute later……….

Huh? Gege actually didn’t came to wake me up today?!

What is exactly going on here? It can’t be, how could gege, that kind of promise-keeping till reaching a-level-of-sickness person be forgetting to wake his meimei from bed?

After waiting for a few minutes later, I finally couldn’t resist walking out of the room and going to the first floor. Gege’s currently making dishes……….uu, was it because he didn’t sleep properly, thus forgetting about it?

He actually forgot to wake me up……..I’m disappointed……….

After changing into a well-behaved mode, I walked to behind gege and softly asked: “Ge, gege? Why didn’t you come back yesterday night…………where did you go already?”

Gege turned around whilst saying to me: “Mm? Ah, Ke Ling, huh, yesterday I’ve accidentally overslept in the park. Ahahaha, I’ve made you worried………nngh!?”

He froze the moment he saw me.

Gege’s looking at me?

No wait, he’s looking above my head?

Just like that, gege dumbly stared above my head, and I couldn’t resist opening my mouth to ask.

“Ge, gege? What happened? You didn’t sleep properly? Your face looked quite terrible……?”

Gege’s gaze moved from the top of my head and onto my face……….afterwards, gege’s faced turned pale green, it’s like he had seen the end of the world already, with his expression full of despair.

This reaction………! It can’t be that gege had already discovered………

Even I’ve nearly couldn’t resist putting down my well-behaved mask, and unveil out expression of despair as well.

“What are you doing?”

Just at this moment, Xin Ran-jie’s voice broke the stalemate. Xin Ran-jie must had been hiding upstairs looking at us, and probably called out as she saw the situation being not too right.

Under Xin Ran-jie’s voice, gege regained back his senses, and turned back to his normal self, saying: “Nothing, nothing at all, I’ve just slept too late last night. Just hold on for a little while longer, breakfast will be finished right away……..”

But I’m still able to see the wavering within his eyes.

“Are you really alright? Gege? It can’t be that you’ve fallen sick already……?”

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing.”

Gege turned around and continued making breakfast, perhaps he realized that his face expression doesn’t look too good.

In the end, all the way until finishing eating breakfast and leaving the house door, gege was still in that state of befuddlement, and no matter what I said, he’ll respond with a ‘Mm’, ‘Oh’, ‘I see’ perfunctorily, with a look of not paying the slightest attention at all.

It’s not normal, gege’s state is definitely not normal!

After gege had left, me and Xin Ran-jie glanced at each other in a state of remained silence.

Although we had already promised not to interfere with each other during the day and night respectively…………but, today I can’t just endure it anymore!

“What happened last night exactly! Xin Ran-jie!”

The balance that was being maintained for 4 years broke at this very moment.

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