These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

Volume 1, Chapter 7 - Being confessed to by the school flower already

Volume 1, Chapter 7: Being confessed to by the school flower already

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It’s not right! It’s not right at all!

How could the abnormality ratio be so huge? Wasn’t that too strange already? A class of 40 plus students, but there’s only 1 person, me, being a normal person!

No matter how I think about it, it’s not right at all.

Afterwards, I instantly calmed down.

Because I started to suspect the accuracy of these ‘titles’ already.

Ultimately, weren’t these titles just a figment of my imagination? Or was it because in my consciousness, I felt that the ‘daily life’ was too mundane already, thus I’ve been struck by an unknown object onto the head, this sort of ‘un-daily life’ event, as a trigger to create all these fantasies………

Otherwise, how could these kinds of settings had happened, that the entire classroom’s students were all made up of abnormal people?

If those titles were to be real, for starters, don’t even mention about this classroom, wouldn’t the entire world already be in a mess then?

How could everyone be so unitedly cohesive onto protecting their own secrets?

No matter how I think of it, the problem could only be onto me, and that means…………my brain had something wrong to it already.

I suspected that I’ve attained some sort of mental condition.

Although I felt that my current mental condition and way of thinking were still rather normal, if something was to go wrong it would be my sense of vision that would have a problem then, but those people who were mentally unsound usually would say that they weren’t mentally ill at all, so I must definitely have been unsound.

In any case, no matter what, let’s first attribute all of these that I’ve seen onto my mentally unsoundness, for now. If not, when I continued on to look at these bizarre titles, I’ll really turn insane then!

I don’t know whether it’s because I’ve given myself an excuse (self hypnosis) then, for I finally regained back my usual mood.

As expected, these were all psychological delusions, for in reality I’ve never ever personally seen before scenarios of my classmates turning into monsters or murderers, and that proved that the accuracies of those titles in example forms was 0.

And that’s why it couldn’t be possible, that a bishoujo like Ji Lian Bing would actually be a homicidal maniac and whatnot, right, ahahahaha………….

“Umm, An Jun Cheng-tongxue?”


My heart vigorously shook for a moment, I didn’t expect her to actually strike a conversation with me.

But it’s fine, because the me right now, won’t be afraid of anything already! Ji Lian Bing also wasn’t anything like a raging flood or ferocious beast at all, furthermore a twisted corpse lover homicidal maniac, so I have no reason at all to be terrified of a bishoujo who’s captivating looks could rival even angels, right.

Regaining back to my normal self, I calmly asked towards her: “Mm……….is anything the matter?”

“Just now when you looked at me, you made a ‘Pu’ sound, right. Was there anything on my face?”

As expected, it was that sound that had attracted her attention.

But right now, I don’t even have anything to be terrified of already, you could even say that, the fact that Ji Lian Bing had approached me to talk, would already cause me to not even have had enough time to start being delightfully joyful.

“Ah, it’s not that. I wasn’t looking at you when I made that ‘Pu’ sound, and it have absolutely nothing to do with you.”


The moment I’ve finished saying that, I silently ‘Pu!’ out a mouthful of blood within my heart.

It’s like that again…………once again I’ve habitually said out these sort of words. It’s because of these kind of obviously rejectful way of talking that had caused me to not even have any single friend at all. Think of it like this, who would want to be friends with this sort of person like me who couldn’t carry on the conversation at all?

I’ve been like this from a long time ago, always inadvertently ending conversations, which made everyone speechless. That’s right, it’s because of my this sort of naturally unaware ‘Awkward silence King’ personality, which caused my interpersonal relationships to be incomparably terrible.

Who knows, the title above my head right now could even be [Awkward silence King] too.

Afterwards, I originally thought that this time would be like those previous times, where Ji Lian Bing would be like the rest of them, never speaking to me again, but the outcome unexpectedly didn’t turn out to be that way.

Should I say that it’s expected of a popular school flower? Even being treated rather coldly by me like that, her face still continued to maintain a good-looking smiling expression, plus she even composedly said to me: “So it’s not because there’s something dirty on my face that caused you to make that ‘Pu’ sound~ it’s such a relief to know.”

Afterwards, she even boldly pretentiously thanked me: “Thank you, An-tongxue.”

But I didn’t even helped out anything in the first place?

“But I didn’t even helped out anything in the first place?”

Oh shit, my stupid mouth accidentally blurted it out!

Right now, the conversation’s really gone for good already! Even though Ji Lian Bing wanted to provide both parties a good descending platform to step down, which was why she would say those words in the first place. This way, there wouldn’t be any need to let the conversation be cut off in awkwardness………..why couldn’t I see the slightest bit of atmosphere at all!

As of this moment, I can already conclude the reason of I, An Jun Cheng not being able to make friends at all, and that is: A direct personality, not being able to see the atmosphere at any place, just speaking whatever that comes to mind, no foresight at all, and conversation skills being 0.

I’m completely hopeless already, so I gave up on treatment, but to any student out there who had this kind of symptoms, please don’t ever let the situation continue to worsen like that, alright? If not you’ll really be lonely for your entire life………..

Being talkblocked by me like that, ordinarily if it’s a normal person, he or she would possibly already have smacked onto the table in a bout of anger and walked away, but Ji Lian Bing still continued to respond very naturally: “It’s not the case at all~, it’s all due to you that I knew that my make up today didn’t have any problem at all~. If it’s other people instead, they won’t even tell me about this. Because, those who dared to talk to me like that is you alone, fufufu………..”

“That’s because you also don’t have any friends, right.”

As everyone knows, Ji Lian Bing was the school’s most well known school flower, she was very popular with the boys, but you could also say that, she was extremely unpopular with the girls too.

She’s probably the same as me, not having any friends at all, as usually I didn’t see her with any girls being good friends with each other.

After all, if I’m a girl, I’ll definitely be envious of her too.

As for male friends………..Mm, a nicer way to put it was, those boys weren’t fit to be her friends at all. The harsh way to put it was that those boys only wanted to fuc-, cough, obtain her………..

Afterwards, even though I knew that I shouldn’t say these words out at all, I still spoke it out………..I’m really hopeless already.

“Yeah………I indeed don’t have any friends at all……….then, can An-tongxue be my friend instead?”


I didn’t react to what happened during that brief moment, and no matter how I visualized it, I would have never thought that things would actually turn out to be like this.

Forget the fact about admitting that she don’t have any friends at all, I’ve already so vocally talkblocked her, yet she still requested to be my friend?

It can’t be that Ji Lian Bing was actually an M, right……….

Or was it that I’ve heard it wrongly already?

Since I had this sort of mysterious text viewing delusion, it also won’t be strange that I also had some sort of imaginary figment of listening onto incomprehensible voices as well, right?

“Can you please be my friend?”

She actually repeated it twice!

“I want to be friends with you, can I?”

And she actually repeated it for the third time!

“Can you please be my boyfriend.”

“Enough! You don’t need to repeat it so many times, I’ll just be, already……………………………………Mm?”

Wait wait, that sentence earlier, didn’t it had one extra word in it?

Just when I was in the midst of confusion, Ji Lian Bing clasped her hand with a delighted expression on her face, chuckling: “That’s great, so from now on, you’ll be my boyfriend then. Can I directly call you ‘Jun Cheng’ ?”

The entire classroom fell into a deathly sort of silence.

I can feel numerous set of eyes all gathering onto this corner where me and Ji Lian Bing resided.

This sort of reaction made me understood that what I heard wasn’t wrong at all, she just now really said out that sentence ‘Can you please be my boyfriend’ !


What the hell!

Why did it become like this? Was it only just my delusion? Or does it mean that I wasn’t the only person who’s mentally unsound, and that Ji Lian Bing actually was also a brainless girl too?

And at this moment, the school bell rang impeccably.

The maths teacher that came for the second period of lesson had an expression of shock while looking at the completely deathly quiet classroom, exclaiming: “What an unbelievable sight, the most noisiest Class 2 would actually be so silent today…………you people were mass practicing Mouth shutting Dhyāna today?

No one answered the teacher’s enquiry, for everyone including me still were in a state of shock.

That → school flower actually, towards a person like me, an → unsociably eccentric person, made a love confession!

If it was to say that I’m currently dreaming, then please hurry up and let me wake up already!

This type of divine u-turn of events, the lowly me can’t take it any more!

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