These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

Volume 1, Chapter 8 - Met a kuudere girl already

Volume 1, Chapter 8: Met a kuudere girl already

TL: flarewk

I thought that it’ll be able to return back to normal after the first period of lesson, but instead, when it’s the second period, I still was feeling restless………….

All those things that happened in such a short morning duration, were even more plentifully vibrant than the entire combined events of my past experienced year. Although sometimes I would think to myself, it’ll be good if the unchanging daily lifestyle would have a slight change to it………..but I didn’t expect it to change that dramatically!

This sort of changes were even more dramatic than the chemical reaction of nuclear fission already!

At the same time, I also thought to myself on why Ji Lian Bing would suddenly say out those kind of words…………how do I put it, I just had the nagging feeling, that she didn’t really had feelings of “like” towards me when she confessed.

Maybe it’s because I myself am rather sensitive towards lies, as I can almost tell whether the words said by others were true, or false………..of course, it wasn’t completely accurate all the time, it’s only just a form of approximate feeling, with no guarantees of it being positively correct.

But this time, my this sort of hunch would probably be correct.

No, actually even if I don’t depend onto this feeling, just by logically analyzing, it would also provide me with the outcome too.

It’s completely impossible for her to like me; we weren’t even in contact with each other before, and she suddenly was secretly in love with me? What kind of joke was this. Although I think that my looks were slightly higher than the average crowd, but it’s still not to that extent of where my face would be able to attract dainty ladies.

…………Still, being confessed to by the school flower, this sort of dream-like development would really happen onto me, huh.

If I wasn’t showered in a bout of titles, I’ll probably would have been really dizzied with happiness, as that look of beauty would had probably beguiled me to the point of being a complete loss of myself.

But the me right now was extremely awakened, I clearly understood that the probability of Ji Lian Bing loving onto me was infinitely close to 0, and it’s 80 percent likely that she would only want to tease me, or maybe it’s because my words had pissed her off, resulting in her wanting to return an eye for an eye.

Well then, how could I just let her succeed with that? Hng hng………

(TL: hng hng is a sfx sound of mockingly confident demeanor, like: bring it on! that kind of feeling)

While thinking about all sorts of things, I was like a statue, sitting on my seat unmovingly, and this sort of unnerving feeling finally was about to end, at that moment when the clock above the blackboard pointed it’s minute needle towards 30, the after-lesson bell ringing out afterwards……….

Subsequently, from the moment that the teacher’s front footstep strided out of the classroom, I immediately stood up from my seat with a swift movement, and dashed-walked as fast as I could behind the teacher’s back towards the classroom’s doors!

“Jun Cheng!”

I heard Ji Lian Bing’s cries resonating from behind me, but I just ignored it completely, acting as if I hadn’t heard it at all and just walked out of the classroom.

Out of all the 36 plans, the best was to just escape!

At this point of time, don’t ever act a bravado of toughness, but to just abide by the teachings of my dearest Mother-dàren; when it’s time to escape, just unhesitatingly escape, and never to do unnecessary stuff just because of pride. If not, there’ll be trouble once you’ve been entangled into dangerous happenings!

Being able to correctly avoid various dangers of life, would one then be able to peacefully live through their existence…………

Right now, it’s a period of class PE session, but for our school, PE sessions equates to a period of free time, hence I’ve obtained an interval of being not too long, but also not too short breaktime.

Firstly, those populated areas definitely must be avoided, plus also, it’s best not to stray too far away from the school building, if not, before the bell ends there’s a high chance of not being able to return to class in time. Originally, the balcony was a good choice to pick, but now the school balcony was being occupied by hordes of couples, and so this single loner male which was me could only search for another comfortable resting location.

This problem had vexed me for nearly half a semester, afterwhich I’ve finally found a good location in the end.

Walking on the sides of the basketball court onwards, circling right behind the science departmental buildings, a dilapidated pavilion could be seen. I heard that the pavilion was already here before the school was even being constructed. Also, rumors say that when the science departmental buildings were being constructed, it originally was planned to be built together with the main school building in a 90° presentation, but just for preserving this pavilion, the principal actually ordered the change of proposal, which resulted in the science departmental building and the main school building having a subtle acute angle in-between each other instead………

Afterwards, everyone went onto gossiping of why the principal would so intentionally retain this pavilion. What followed was all sorts of exaggerated rumors to the point of being incredibly unbelievable. Like that pavilion building was being cursed, or it’s actually a tunnel leading towards the underworld, or zombies would be able to be seen there…………all sorts of horror stories were being spread here and there. Originally, behind the science departmental building was a mountainous forest being forestry gloomy usually; now added up with these inconceivable rumors, no one dared to come here eventually as a result.

But me, I don’t have a single belief onto these inconceivable rumors at all.

From young, I’ve followed Laomà to mortuaries, crematoriums, and even wandering around public cemeteries. I who had long been used to seeing the scene of dead people being cremated, had no inclination of even fearing these sort of things at all.

But this pavilion was suitable instead to be my resting point, as there’s a couple of rock benches there, and with an inflatable pillow, I’ll be able to have a good afternoon’s rest. You could say that this pavilion had almost become my specialized resting point, and if it was to given a name, even a ‘Jun Cheng Pavilion’ would be fine for it too.

And so, in order to hide from Ji Lian Bing this time, I once again returned to my ‘Jun Cheng Pavilion’. But this time, there’s someone who first reached this place a step earlier than me.

A grey hair color, but not similar to mine which was white strands of hair mixed in-between black, which arose into a false sensation of it seemingly looking greyish; that hair’s a true grey color. But it doesn’t seem like to be dyed as well……….it’s a very natural color of greyness.

She quietly sat onto the benches, and had a book placed onto her thighs, looking at it while flipping it page by page.

There wasn’t any sensation of beauty or breathtakingness, but instead it was extremely natural, blended within the surroundings into a single body. I’m not sure why, but I couldn’t move away my eyes at all. She seemed to have a sort of power, which would make the people around her to naturally feel serenity and harmony. Even though she was silent and nonspeaking, her presence however was extremely strong, and her quietness exceptionally vivid.

A gust of cool wind blew past, and I slightly regained my senses, and continued to approach the pavilion.

When I reached to nearby the pavilion, I saw her title and name clearly.

[Active type Handicapped Admirer]

[Jiang Xue Qing]

It’s Jiang Xue Qing…………that kuudere girl sitting just in front of me.

If you was to say that I’m aloof, then she would really be expressionless already. If you was to say that I can’t converse well at all, then she would really be not even completely speaking at all. I absolutely don’t understand what’s she thinking about, and that’s probably what other people thought too, those who knew about her.

Looking at it perspectively, her looks wasn’t any inferior compared to Ji Lian Bing, but because both she and I weren’t good at speaking at all, her popularity was lower than Ji Lian Bing by quite an amount. But I heard that in some kuudere-loving circles, she was being heralded as a god in any case…………

By the way, her title was extremely weird as well? Active type Handicapped Admirer?

I know what ‘Handicapped Admirer’ means, it pointed to having feelings for people who were crippled, right………..and it seemed from it that there may be a possible desire to want to be disabled as well……….don’t tell me that this ‘Active type’ would mean that she’s an admirer who desires to become a handicapped person?

I really don’t understand it.

But this sort of title didn’t made me that terrified already, since it’s just merely that person’s interest.

At this moment, Jiang Xue Qing also discovered me, as she lifted her head up to gaze at my face.

Our eyes connected.



The both of us didn’t have any inclination to open our mouth first to speak, and the atmosphere was a blanket of awkwardness…………who knows, maybe it was only me who was feeling awkward, as Jiang Xue Qing’s face still hadn’t any sort of change in expression at all, you could even say that it’s the most perfect poker face already.



Alright, alright, I’ve really been defeated by you already………

Under the situation of both parties being passive, only the side that faced another passive type should open up and talk first, right? If not, the conversation couldn’t even be continued at all, no, it can’t even begin in the first place……….I’ll just casually try asking and see how it’ll goes then.

“Why are you over here?”


Jiang Xue Qing lifted her head to glance at me, afterwards lowering her head to continue reading her book, seemingly being completely disinterested into me.

Now that you’ve mentioned it, I didn’t see her at all ever since the second period of lesson, so she’ve skipped class and came here instead to read, huh. And by the way, was it really okay to just so casually skip class like that?

I walked over and just sat at the bench opposite her; she didn’t had any intention of avoiding me at all………..or perhaps she had directly ignored me completely.

It’s best that I just recognize her intentions and not step forward to converse with her then, I’ll just stay here until the free time period had ended.

Right now it’s still March, and the benches indeed was a little chilly………..but luckily, I had already prepared for it long ago.

Marking this point as my specialized resting area was around last semester, and it was autumn then, at that time I cleaned away the dust on the benches all by myself and tried sitting onto it for a while afterwards. But the rock benches then felt a little chilly, so I’ve brought many old cushions from my house over………this way, by covering it up with cushions I’ll be able to lie down.

I stood up and jumped towards the sides of the pavilion, there’s a strange Land God shrine there………it should be a Land God shrine, right, although there wasn’t a drawing of the Land God himself, and didn’t had any words on it at all, but judging by this area, it could only be the Land God shrine itself.

Who cares about whether if it was or not, in any case I just thought of it as a storage point.

A portion of my collection of manga and light novels, a few cushions, inflatable pillow, portable hard drive, charger, portable gaming console, and even a thin blanket were all being placed here.

I even purposefully set up a mosquito netting to prevent small insects from crawling onto my storage items…………and right now it looked to be still effective, because those things of mine still seemed rather clean.

After taking one or two cushions, I returned back to the pavilion, and placed a cushion underneath my backside, while the other………I walked over and stretched it out to the front of Jiang Xue Qing.

Jiang Xue Qing lifted up her head and looked at me, seemingly not being able to understand the meaning of this actions of mine.

I scratched the sides of my face, and stammered as I said: “Err, wasn’t the stone bench a little chilly, sitting on a place that’s too chilly would make your stomach cold………that is, this cushion’s for you to use……….umm, just like that.”

Not waiting for her response, I just placed the cushion at her side, and returned to my seat afterwards while taking out my phone to while away my time.

Just like that, after quite a few moments later, I saw that the time was almost reaching near 10, so I stood up and kept my phone.

Glancing my head up towards Jiang Xue Qing’s side, she had sat onto the cushion that I’ve placed beside her already.

I don’t know why, but when I saw this scene, a feeling of unknownst-how achievement developed into my heart.

A smile naturally formed onto my face, and my mood became way better already. I took the cushion and was about to leave, when the opposite side’s Jiang Xue Qing also stood up as well, and judging by it, it seemed that she wanted to return the cushion to me.

I waved my hands to her and said: “You don’t need to return it to me, just use it first, and after finishing using it, place it back in the Land God shrine just beside the pavilion. And next time if you still come here to read, you can also grab some cushions from there for sitting too, there’s still some blankets and more stuff, just go ahead and use them.”

I don’t know why I’ve suddenly did such a thing like this………..originally I should be having an incurably hopeless passive personality, but this time I’ve inconceivably actively expressed out my kindness.

Maybe it’s because Jiang Xue Qing was an even more passive person than me………..and it was due to my pity of the both of us having the same symptoms as well?

I really don’t know, but in any case I just did it like that.


Although Jiang Xue Qing still didn’t say a word, but I saw her slightly nodding her head towards me…………this should probably mean a nodding of head to imply appreciation of thanks, huh.

I too nodded my head towards her as well, and just when I wanted to turn around and return to my classroom, I saw a scenario which made me wide eyed.

I saw that Jiang Xue Qing’s name and title changed from a white to a greenish color.

It actually changed colors?!

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