This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome

Chapter 1292: I Am the Lord of the Original Supreme Energy

Chapter 1292: I Am the Lord of the Original Supreme Energy

The four great Celestial Lords could not believe it, but to Lu Xuan, it was nothing. With the support of the law of time, the flow of time was a million times faster than the outside world. It was increasing at a shocking speed almost every moment.

It was just that no one knew about it.

In the outside world, the war chariots of the Heaven Realm ruled over all the realms for only a dozen years. However, for Lu Xuan, it had been at least another ten million years.

How could such an understanding not be profound!

In addition, as more and more worlds were conquered by the Heaven Realm, the strength that was being fed back to Lu Xuan had reached an incredible level.

However, the four Celestial Lords still couldn't accept it.

Lu Xuan didn't pander to them. He took out the Primitive Law from their bodies and fused it into his own body.

At this point, Lu Xuan's aura became even stronger, almost invincible.

"How... how did he do it!"

"Unbelievable, this is impossible!"

"If this goes on, there will be no one in the world who can stop him!"

A group of Celestial Lords hiding in the dark watched this scene in disbelief.

Lu Xuan's speed of improvement was too fast and too shocking.

The four great Celestial Lords were all well-known figures among the Celestial Lords, but in the end, it was not just one round.

Lu Xuan was the clone of Original Supreme Energy, the clone of law.

He was everything!

No one could stop him!

After the four great Celestial Lords died in the hands of Lu Xuan, there was no longer any obstacle in the way of the unification of the Heaven Realm and the War of Realms.

This time, they saw with their own eyes that Lu Xuan had killed the four great Celestial Lords like pulling weeds. Countless living beings' beliefs were crushed, but at the same time, they also knew how terrifying Lu Xuan was. They did not dare to resist him anymore.

After a thousand years, the Heaven Realm had completely unified the upper-class world. All the upper-class worlds in this dimension had merged into the Heaven Realm. There were no exceptions.

And the Heaven Realm, which was constantly strengthening, was also showing signs of erupting. Everyone knew that the stronger the Heaven realm, the more experts it could accommodate.

After the Heaven Realm unified the upper-class world of realms, the Heaven Realm was bursting with geniuses. Especially the Lu family members who had cultivated to the Imperial Emperor Realm. With the help of Lu Xuan, they used the power of the law of time to help them improve at the fastest speed.

In the outside world, they had only cultivated for a few hundred years to reach the level of the Imperial Emperor at the summit. Then, with Lu Xuan's help, they successfully broke through into the Celestial Lord Realm.

In any case, Lu Xuan had all kinds of primitive laws on him. It would not be a problem for him to help the people of the Lu family and his family and friends achieve the Original Supreme Energy.

In addition to the people of the Lu family who became Celestial Lords, the Moon Empress also returned as the Celestial Lord hundreds of years ago.

With the help of Lu Xuan, the Moon Empress had successfully fused with the Primitive Law of the Moon and advanced to become a Celestial Lord.

Apart from that, the various Imperial Emperors in the Heaven Realm were like a gush of water. In just a short thousand years, more than a thousand Imperial Emperors had been born, and their ranks were unprecedentedly powerful.

Under the leadership of Lu Xuan, the Heaven Realm entered an unprecedented glorious era. Even the most ancient experts had never seen the Heaven Realm so prosperous.

The originally fragmented born taoism aptitude was now complete, and it could accommodate more Imperial Emperors and Celestial Lords.

Even the four great Celestial Lords, who had left the heavenly court for a long time, returned to the Heaven Realm.

However, the Heaven Realm was now filled with talents, and there were more than ten Celestial Lords. Therefore, even if the four great Celestial Lords returned, they could not take the lead. They could only become one of the ordinary Celestial Lords under Lu Xuan.

Time passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, another ten thousand years had passed.

In the Heaven Realm, in the Imperial Palace Lu, Lu Xuan opened his eyes. There seemed to be a river of stars in his eyes. It was extremely transformational.

Only ten thousand years had passed in the Heaven Realm, but in his time, more than ten billion years had passed.

It even exceeded the time when the entire universe was born!

At this time, he had already reached another realm. If the Celestial Lord was a concept, a clone of the Original Supreme Energy , then Lu Xuan was another kind of living creature.

It was the realm that the Celestial Lord dreamt of reaching.

However, he was still one step away from completing the final transcendence!

"It's time!"

Lu Xuan said slowly, and then his figure disappeared into the Imperial Palace Lu.

When he reappeared, he was already on the World Tree Continent.

On the World Tree Continent, many Celestial Lords were startled when they saw Lu Xuan suddenly appear. They were so sensitive that they felt their hair stand on end.

Lu Xuan was too famous for his viciousness. The number of Celestial Lords who had died in Lu Xuan's hands had almost reached ten. Even in the ancient war, only a small number of people had died.

Now that they had all died at the hands of one person, they could not ignore Lu Xuan.

Suddenly, Lu Xuan reached out with a large hand. The golden hand grew larger and larger. It was light years long, and even the huge planet seemed extremely small under the contrast of this large hand.

Such a large hand grabbed the World Tree out of the main road.

In an instant, the World Tree exploded with endless light. It was the light of the world and the light of the great path.

"What is he trying to do?" A Celestial Lord asked in disbelief.

No one had ever done this to the world tree before. What a terrifying method.

Then, they saw Lu Xuan's hand explode with endless light, enveloping the World Tree within.

The terrifying aura shook and destroyed the World Tree Continent, which was light years in size.

Bit by bit, the aura of the World Tree was being absorbed into Lu Xuan's body.

"He's refining the World Tree!"

A Celestial Lord immediately reacted. wasn't he refining the World Tree?

This was something that even a Celestial Lord wouldn't dare to do.

It wasn't that they hadn't thought about it, but it was simply impossible. The essence of the World Tree surpassed that of a celestial lord. It was simply impossible for a Celestial Lord to refine the World Tree.

They could only see time flowing rapidly on Lu Xuan's palm that blotted out the Sun. Clearly, Lu Xuan was using the primitive law of time to speed up the refining of the World Tree.

For ten days and ten nights, the World Tree was refined by Lu Xuan bit by bit. Bit by bit, it merged into Lu Xuan's body.

Finally, Lu Xuan completely refined the World Tree. His essence had changed. His eyes could see through the world of realms at a glance. His body was the World Tree that connected with the heaven and earth.

Countless great paths were boiling in Lu Xuan's body.

If a Celestial Lord was the clone of a certain great path, then Lu Xuan was the lord of all the great paths in the heavens and the world of realms.

"From today onwards, I am the lord of the Original Supreme Energy!"

Lu Xuan spoke slowly. His voice spread throughout the heavens, and all living beings prostrated themselves, cheering for the birth of a supreme being.

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