To Be a Heartthrob in a Horror Movie

Chapter 154: Short Movie 1

Chapter 154: Short Movie 1

Su Min never thought that the world of an 18+ movie would be like this. It was actually quite unexpected.

Before he entered the movie, he had checked the movie details. Because it was an 18+ movie, there weren’t any important plot lines. Everything was designed to lead to the bed scenes.

The male and female protagonist of this movie are employees working in the same company. They had both just joined the company and it just happened to be time for the company’s annual trip so they decided to go there together.

As someone who had worked in the company for a few years, Su Min also had a spot reserved for him for the trip.

It was just that the others went in pairs while only himself went alone. The couples would have couple rooms while he himself had a single suite.

Su Min expressed that he didn’t mind.

As soon as he entered the movie, he found himself on a bus. There were the sound of singing and occasionally intermittent moans accompanying it.

Realising what was going on, Su Min instantly felt his scalp go numb.

The couple sitting at the back were immersed with themselves to the point that they had forgotten about the others. The bus was even shaking a little but no one else had noticed.

Su Min was sitting two seats in front of them so he could hear a little. He didn’t expect such a scandalous scene from the get-go.

He himself had not watched 18+ movies before. Even if he did, it would be gruesome ones you see in horror movies. It was nothing like this.

It could be said that he had never watched films like this before.

Su Min forced all his attention to the game being played by the people sitting in front of him. As he listened to them play, he soon forgot about it.

Afterwards, he fell asleep in the car.

When he woke up again, Su Min looked around and saw a woman sitting diagonally across from him holding up the phone secretly filming the two at the back.

He searched though his memory. This bespectacled short-haired woman was also someone who had just joined the company. Called Su Xiaoya, she had a very outgoing personality.

She didn’t look like someone who would secretly film others.

Su Min didn’t know who the couple was at the back but when he was rearranging his clothes, he saw a girl with long hair walk out.

He recalled that this was the female protagonist.

The female and male protagonist in this movie used to be lovers but they later broke up after graduating from college and went their separate ways. Unexpectedly, they once again ran into each other two years later and their passion was rekindled.

Su Min didn’t have much of an impression of these two.

As their senior, newcomers would always treat him with respect. If there was anything good, they would always notify him first.

His impression of Su Xiaoya was that she was very chatty.

When Su Min saw her secretly filming the others, he wondered if he should stay away from her but he quickly stopped this thought.

This was just an experience. It was fine as long as he wasn’t harmed.

Su Xiaoya noticed his stare and looked back. She grinned, “Senior Su, do you want some candy?”

She pulled out a handful of candy and held it him her palm while she used her other hand to tug at Su Min’s sleeve.

As soon as she said that, she felt a sharp pain on her hand.

Su Xiaoya wasn’t afraid of pain but that sudden sharp pain made her cry out. She quickly retracted her hand with a frown.

There weren’t any wounds and it wasn’t something caused by static.

Su Min himself didn’t know what happened. He asked: “What’s wrong?”

Su Xiaoya quickly restored her expression. She didn’t want to offend her senior, “It’s nothing. Just a bit of pain on my hand.”

She again handed the candy over.

Su Min politely refused: “I’ve recently have been having toothaches so I can’t have sweets. Sorry, you should have it yourself. Don’t worry about me.”

Su Xiaoya could only take them back.

They arrived at their destination an hour later.

They were at a holiday villa and there was even a hot spring for them to use. Not far away was the beach. Everything was there to facilitate the love between the male and female protagonist.

Su Min casually took in the scenery and felt that it was quite good.

The room he used was a glass room. All four walls were glass allowing him to see the view outside.

Su Min was surprised.

The director of this movie was truly brave. It was no wonder this was an 18+ movie.

Su Min found a remote. Only after lowering the curtains and turning on the lights did he feel safer.

Although he was staying there alone, there were a lot of things in the room. Even the bed was heartshaped.

Su Min felt that it looked very incompatible.

If he got a few more things, this place could easily be used as a newlywed’s home.

He sighed.

As he thought this, the phone rang. From it was a clear male voice: “Senior Su, do you want to come and play a game with us?”

Su Min asked: “What game?”

“Werewolf Game.”

Su Min became interested: “Okay.”

He had played the Werewolf Game several times with his classmates. These kinds of games were more exciting when done in person.

Several people were already there when Su Min arrived.

There was another senior there called Zhang He. She was usually quite friendly and at this moment she was dressed maturely and elegantly.

Su Min had a slightly better impression of her.

The Werewolf Game wasn’t actually very difficult. It depended on one’s logic and behaviour.

Su Min may just be okay at other things, but he had good logic and memory.

He could pretty much remember everything that was said and be able to accurately point out the wolf as soon as something inconsistent was said.

“Senior Su, why are you targeting me so much?” The other party would try to throw the blame back, “Are you the wolf?”

Su Min smiled and just repeated his own justification.


“Alright, alright.”

They had decided that the loser would have to drink. In the end, Su Min won every round so he didn’t have to drink a single glass.

The others drank until their faces were red. When Su Min was playing the role of a human, the humans would win. When he was the werewolf, the werewolves would win. Anyone in the opposing team would meet miserable fates.

After a few rounds, an hour or two had passed.

The most unfortunate one was Su Xiaoya. She was almost always in Su Min’s opposing team and had drunk until she was almost about to vomit.

She waved her hand: “No more, no more. No more drinking. I’m going back. I feel sick.”

Su Min took advantage of this opportunity: “Then let’s stop playing. Everyone should to and rest up.”

They packed everything away. With a flushed face, Su Xiaoya said: “Senior Su, would you please send me back?”

Su Min glanced at her, “What about your boyfriend?”

Su Xiaoya’s expression was resentful, “I had a fight with him.”

She used the excuse that she was drunk and reached over wanting to grab his shoulder, but she suddenly felt a chill pass through her finger and travel all the way down her spine.

Su Xiaoya instantly sobered up.

Her cheeks were still rosy, but she had a bad feeling.

Su Xiaoya swallowed and looked at Su Min.

Su Min asked: “What’s wrong?”

He felt that Su Xiaoya had a tendency to stare at him absentmindedly. She was like that on the bus earlier today and she was doing the same thing now.

Su Xiaoya quickly shook her head. She wanted to reach out again, but she stopped herself when she recalled the feeling earlier.

That feeling was too scary.

There clearly wasn’t anything, but it made her scalp go numb.

Su Xiaoya didn’t know if it was just her own imagination. She forced out a smile and was almost completely sobered up. “It’s nothing. I’m better now. I won’t bother Senior Su.”

Su Min oh’ed, “Then I’ll head back.”

He calmly turned around and left.

Su Xiaoya watched his leaving figure and for a moment felt that she saw another shadow reach out to him.

She rubbed her eyes and that figure was gone.

Su Xiaoya rubbed her arms. She felt a chill down her back.


Although Su Min basically didn’t drink, everyone around him did so he was covered in the smell of alcohol.

He took out some clothes from his suitcase and set it aside on a small table before entering the bathroom.

Half an hour later, Su Min smelt something strange.

He tied a towel around his waist and, as soon as he opened the door, he saw that the small table and the clothes on it was on fire.

Su Min hurriedly extinguished the fire.

The fire wasn’t too big but by the time it was extinguished, half of his clothes were burnt. They couldn’t be worn at all.

He was so angry; he was about to explode.

Why did it catch on fire out of nowhere? He didn’t light anything in this room, nor did he smoke.

It was extremely strange.

For the first time, Su Min was about to get angry.

With both his sets of pyjamas burnt to crisp, he could only sleep with bath towels tonight. If he wore the clothes for tomorrow to sleep, it would be too uncomfortable.

Su Min took a deep breath and calmed down.

Fortunately, he was alone in the room so no one else would see. Everything would be fine after tonight.

Su Min was glad the original character had packed several sets of underwear. He had only taken one out earlier, so he just needed to buy a new set of pyjamas tomorrow.

He just needed to bear with it for tonight.

As he sat on the bed, he again felt a little uncomfortable.

Su Min had never slept naked before. Now that he was going to try it in a movie, he felt even more unaccustomed.

This trip was proposed by the male protagonist Zhou Chenguang. He had been here before, so he should be more or less familiar with the place.

Su Min grabbed his phone and called.

“Xiao Zhao, do you know if there is a pyjama shop around here?”

Unexpectedly, Lin Hui Hui was the one who answered so she heard this question, “Pyjama shop?”


Lin Hui Hui laughed, “That, I don’t know. I brought my pyjamas over. I don’t know if there are any pyjama shops around. You can try shop around tomorrow?”

Su Min rubbed the inner corners of his brows, “Okay, I’ll do that.”

Lin Hui Hui suddenly became excited: “Should I lend you a new set? I brought over new ones this time. They haven’t been worn.”

Su Min refused directly: “Thanks, but no need.”

He didn’t want to wear someone else’s clothing.

Lin Hui Hui was a bit regretful. The pyjamas she bought this time were all sexy pyjamas and she had wanted to introduce them to Su Min. With him being so good-looking, she wanted to see what it would look like on him.

But she couldn’t do anything with him rejecting her offer.

Su Min was afraid that Lin Hui Hui was persist, so he quickly hung up. Sitting on the bed, he let out a sigh.

There was a knock on the door.

Su Min thought it was someone from his group and asked: “Who is it?”

No one answered. Instead, a card was pushed through the slit below the door. He bent over to pick it up. Seeing the words on it, his face blushed red.

Unexpectedly, he was given a soliciting card.

Not only were there passionate photos on it, the advertising words on it were like the ones on Weibo; each and every one of them very seductive.

The corners of Su Min’s mouth twitched. He threw the card aside.

As he was about to turn back around, a shadow fell onto him, and a cold pair of hands touched his bare back.

It had not been long since he had exited from the bathroom and because he was worked up earlier extinguishing the fire, his body was still hot. With that cold touch, he was instantly stimulated, and he inadvertently curled up his toes in response.

Chen Su’s voice was lustful: “Are you trying to seduce me?”

Su Min took a step back. He quickly pressed down onto the towel around his waist: “Stop dreaming. Wake up.”

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