To Be a Heartthrob in a Horror Movie

Chapter 155: Short Movie 2

Chapter 155: Short Movie 2

The beautiful glass room was obscured by curtains in all directions so the people outside couldn’t see anything inside.

The two stood together at a very close proximity.

Chen Su’s fingers were pressed onto Su Min’s back. His fingers were cold. It slid across his bare skin and then stopped in place and drew small circles.

Su Min took a deep breath in, “Let go.”

Chen Su reluctantly removed his hand. He even licked his lips. He felt a little regrettable.

Seeing his look of dissatisfaction, Su Min felt a headache forming. He could still vividly feel the sensation left behind by Chen Su’s touch.

He looked away, “Why are you here?”

Chen Su said: “With you here, of course I’ll be here too.”

Su Min wasn’t surprised by this answer. He had only asked it out of habit and didn’t expect Chen Su to answer any differently. In any case, now that he was here, he wouldn’t be able to get rid of him

He fastened the towel tightly around his waist to avoid it from falling off halfway.

Su Min walked past him and went over to the bed. He saw the mess on the table and suspected: “My clothes were burnt. Don’t tell me you did that?”

Otherwise why would a fire start out of nowhere?

Chen Su walked over, “Not me.”

Su Min was still suspicious: “Really not you?”

Chen Su could neither laugh nor cry: “No.”

“Don’t blame me. It’s all because you have always been up to no good.” Su Min waved his hand and sat on the bed: “And they were things on par to burning clothes.”

But he didn’t know why it would burn.

Chen Su sat next to him and said: “I didn’t expect you to have this kind of impression of me.”

Su Min even felt that he heard a hint of grievance in his voice.

For a moment, he was speechless. He could only explain himself again: “Because it was too strange for it to burn so I suspected you first.”

Chen Su sighed quietly.

Su Min simply decided to ignore this topic and changed the subject: “Don’t tell me this will also change into a horror movie?”

Chen Su blinked, “I don’t know.”

Su Min: “..........”

A human and a ghost sat on the bed. Su Min suddenly recalled Su Xiaoya’s strange actions and asked: “Did you do something to Su Xiaoya today?”

Chen Su said: “Yes.”

Su Min: “As expected.”

Su Xiaoya’s expression change at the end of Werewolf Game was too sudden. She had retracted her hand too quickly. It was the same when they were in the bus. At that time, he didn’t notice anything but when it happened again, he felt that something wasn’t right.

In fact, even if Chen Su didn’t do anything, he wouldn’t send Su Xiaoya back.

The boyfriend of the party was still there. Also, with Su Xiaoya’s attitude until now, he didn’t have a good impression of her.

Although Su Min had always been nice towards girls, he wouldn’t rashly send someone back to their room to avoid causing misunderstandings.

But it seemed that when he was at school no one had asked him to do that.

The more Su Min thought about it, the more he found it strange. He burrowed into his blankets and covered himself up before tossing out a sentence: “I’m sleeping, good night.”

Chen Su: “.........”

He sighed again and then laid down next to him.

After thinking for a moment, he felt that it wasn’t enough. He decided to cut off the power.

Su Min didn’t notice it at first, but he soon felt the temperature increase. He sat up and said: “Power outage?”

Chen Su watched him.

Su Min didn’t suspect him this time. He went and called Zhou Chenguang: “Do you have a power outage on your end?”

Zhou Chenguang: “No. No power outage.”

After hanging up, Su Min opened the door and glanced outside. It seemed to have only affected his room.

He turned and looked back at the bed, “Chen Su.”

Chen Su lifted the blankets, “Come into my arms.”

Su Min: “.......”

He didn’t want to give the crazy Chen Su any attention and just laid back down. Fortunately, the bed was a bit cooler.

Perhaps it was because he was sleepy, Su Min soon fell asleep.

Chen Su quietly waited.

After waiting for half an hour, a particular sleeping individual slowly shuffled closer towards him. Soon afterwards, his entire body was stuck against him.

Only then did Chen Su reach out and wrap his arms around Su Min’s waist.


The schedule for the next day was to hang out.

Su Min had no knowledge of his actions last night. He didn’t give it too much thought and tossed it to the back of his mind.

After walking around all day, he was tired when he got back at night.

In the car, Lin Hui Hui stared at her phone for a long time. She then couldn’t help but slap her thigh and say: “Wow, this news is too shocking.”

She immediately sent a screenshot to the group chat.

Su Min casually clicked it open and almost thought he saw wrong.

It wasn’t domestic news. It was about two Italian government officials who weren’t able to restrain their impulses and ended up doing unspeakable things in the parliament building bathroom.

The most shocking thing was that they were from different parties.

More importantly, the entire thing was filmed by another member and it consequently ended up being exposed.

The Italian media even used “tall and beautiful men” to describe the two government officials causing imaginations to run wild.

After seeing this news, Su Min even wanted to know what they looked like.

By the time they returned back to the villa, it was already dark.

The couples returned to their rooms in pairs. Along the way, Lin Hui Hui and Su Xiaoya quarrelled. Su Min watched on for a while before walking off.

When he walked down the path leading to his glass room, he was still pondering over the earlier argument between Lin Hui Hui and Su Xiaoya.

Her secretly recorded videos were probably found out.

He didn’t know why Su Xiaoya wanted to film them. There didn’t seem to be any rivalry between her, and Lin Hui Hui and she didn’t seem to have feelings for Zhou Chenguang.

In any case, Su Min didn’t get it.

As he thought this, he continued to walk ahead. After walking for a while, he realised that something wasn’t right. Despite walking down the path that should only take about a minute for more than a few minutes, he couldn’t see his destination in the distance.

In an instant, Su Min thought he must have encountered a ghost.

The paths in the holiday villa were lined with bluestone slabs with some cobblestones embedded in the centre but the path right now was just an ordinary stone road.

The glass room ahead was gone. Replacing it was a wooden house. It sat there against a black background and even the moonlight was gone.

Su Min hadn’t seen this wooden house around. It also looked as if it was deserted. It was quite terrifying.

His first thought was that it may have been caused by a ghost with bad intentions.

Ever since Su Min started experiencing horror movies, most of the ghosts he had encountered had been rather friendly and they basically didn’t do anything to him. This one didn’t seem to have good intentions.

As he thought this, a child appeared from behind the door.

He wore tattered clothes and there were no pupils in his eyes. It was completely white. Like this, the child stared at Su Min.

Su Min felt that he looked quite scary,

The child standing not far from him smiled and beckoned at Su Min. He seemed to be calling him over but the smile on that pale face also looked a little like a sneer.

Su Min wouldn’t stupidly go over.

He stood in place staring at the child wondering if he could still walk back and act like nothing had happened. He then saw that child go inside and bring out a plate of something.

It was a little far away so Su Min couldn’t tell what it was.

But his intuition told him that it wasn’t anything good. The thing on the plate appeared to still be alive as it moved around.

All kinds of strange foods have appeared in horror movies. It solidified Su Min’s resolution to stay in place.

Probably because they were at a deadlock for so long, when the child saw that Su Min wasn’t going over, he came over himself while carrying the plate stably in his hand.

Su Min saw writhing bugs on the plate.

Su Min: “.............”

Why are all these ghosts so keen on being chefs?

Never mind the domestic horror movies, it was also true for Thai horror movies he had watched in the past.

Could it be that they could only do this to demonstrate their abilities?

Su Min couldn’t figure it out.

Seeing that the child was coming closer, he took a few steps back. When he felt himself bumping into a cold, firm chest, he subconsciously felt relieved.

Chen Su supported Su Min’s shoulder. Before he could do anything, the child holding the plate had ran back into the wooden house with the plate.

It happened almost in a blink of an eye. The building before them then reverted back to the holiday villa.

Su Min blinked: “What the hell is going on? Don’t tell me there was a murder case here?”

Chen Su said: “I guess so.”

He held Su Min’s hand and interlocked their fingers before saying: “Were you scared just now?”

Su Min said calmly: “No.”

He pulled at his hand but was unable to pull it out. Thinking that Chen Su had saved him earlier, he hesitated for a moment before deciding to just leave things be. In any case, he wouldn’t be holding his hands for a long time anyway.

One person and one ghost returned to the glass room.

Because the curtains were not pulled down during the day, the structures inside could be seen. Chen Su’s eyes flashed, he felt that this was pretty good.

Su Min’s mind was preoccupied by the events earlier and he wasn’t paying attention to curtains at all. He only noticed that something was wrong after taking a shower.

He walked over to get the remote.

He didn’t expect the remote to suddenly fly into Chen Su’s hands. Chen Su reluctantly closed the curtains and then threw it aside.

Su Min expressed his satisfaction.

Chen Su boldly pushed Su Min onto the bed and whispered next to his ear, “Shouldn’t I be rewarded?”

Su Min still hadn’t had the chance to change into the pyjamas he bought today and just had a bath towel wrapped around his waist. It didn’t do much in terms of protection.

He pushed Chen Su: “What reward?”

“You’ll know later.”

Chen Su’s body was cold. It pressed against his body allowing the cold and warm body temperatures to intermingle. It gave him a very strange feeling.


Su Xiaoya walked down the path.

She was slapped by Lin Hui Hui and now half her face was swollen. She wanted to use this opportunity to find Su Min to complain.

Su Xiaoya also didn’t expect Lin Hui Hui to find out about her voyeur shots. She was the one in the wrong so no one stood on her side nor did they help her. Lin Hui Hui had a bad temper and immediately got physical.

She felt wronged. She didn’t even show them to others.

Su Xiaoya didn’t think there was anything wrong with her actions. Lin Hui Hui and her boyfriend were the ones doing those things in public. What was so wrong about her filming things in public?

As soon as she entered the company, she noticed Su Min. He was good looking, had a good personality and was much better than her current boyfriend who’s neither rich nor good-looking.

If he saw her looking like this in the middle of the night, he would probably let her in.

Su Xiaoya thought everything through. When she reached Su Min’s room, she just happened to see the curtains slowly closing. Because it had only closed halfway, she saw a dark shadow covering Su Min.

She instantly became nervous. Did someone manage to get to him first?

Su Xiaoya hurried closer but no matter how hard she looked; she couldn’t tell who that other person was. It was just a dark shadow.

Even until the curtains were completely closed, she couldn’t make out that person’s appearance.

Su Xiaoya recalled for a moment. It seemed that everyone else had returned to their own rooms earlier and no one had come out.

Then who could that person in Su Min’s room be?

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