To Be a Heartthrob in a Horror Movie

Chapter 156: Short Movie 3

Chapter 156: Short Movie 3

Su Xiaoya squatted outside for a long time. As she filled the stomachs of numerous mosquitoes, she never managed to figure out that person’s identity. She gritted her teeth in frustration.

If she knew who it was that stole Su Min, she won’t let them get away unharmed.

Su Xiaoya was afraid of something happening inside. She quickly smacked away a mosquito and rushed over to press the doorbell.

It took about half a minute until the door opened slightly.

Su Min asked: “Who is it?”

Su Xiaoya said: “It’s me, Xiao Ya.”

She deliberately squeezed her throat to make it sound like she was about to cry. Through the corner of her eyes, she tried to look into the room.

But her view was blocked by Su Min. She couldn’t see anything at all.

Su Xiaoya felt a little discouraged. She looked up at Su Min again only to see a red kiss mark on his neck. She felt even more uneasy.

They’ve already gone this far?

Su Min watched her eyes linger on his body and subconsciously glanced down. Sure enough, there was a red mark on his collarbone.

He almost let out a sneer.

Chen Su was pressing him down earlier. He knew Chen Su was rather greedy but he didn’t expect him to do something like this and leave behind a mark.

Su Min pursed his lips, “If it’s nothing, I’m closing the door.”

Su Xiaoya said hastily: “I still hav—–”

The door closed with a slam.

Su Xiaoya almost ran into the glass door. She quickly stopped herself and stepped back. She almost cursed out loud.

Who’s gentle? That was all fake.


When Su Min returned to the room, he saw Chen Su lying on the bed watching him. He sneered, “When are you leaving?”

Chen Su said: “Not leaving.”

He wasn’t leaving. It wasn’t easy getting this opportunity and it would be a waste if he didn’t take advantage of it. That wasn’t in his character to do something like that.

Chen Su actually quite liked this glass room but unfortunately, he had to take things slowly with Su Min. He decided that he would build a glass room at home in the future and that he wouldn’t need air conditioning.

Su Min had no idea he was thinking this far into the future and was only thinking about the recent events. Seeing that he wasn’t moving, he went to the bathroom and checked himself out in the mirror again.

The mark wasn’t very obvious, but it could be seen from a short distance. That was why Su Xiaoya saw it despite it being so dark outside.

Su Min took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

He won’t waste his time bickering with a ghost.

Su Min pursed his lips. He walked straight over to the other side of the bed and laid down. With his back facing Chen Su, he resolutely decided to ignore him.

Chen Su waited for a long time before realising that he was truly angry.

He stuck closer to him: “Alright, I won’t do it next time.”

Su Min said: “There’s still a next a time?”

Chen Su: “..............”

Even his angry look is cute.

Despite his resolution to ignore him, he still ended up replying to him. He didn’t seem to be too angry.

Chen Su hooked up the corners of his lips. His arms passed through Su Min’s waist and wrapped around Su Min, “No more. No more.”

In any case, he was the one who had the final say but that was something to discuss in the future.

Although Su Min felt that his words weren’t sincere, it was an answer he expected. Afterall, based on his understanding of Chen Su, unless he switched the ghost it was basically impossible for him to stop his actions.

And that was naturally impossible.

Su Min didn’t want to continue with this topic because it forced him to remember the incident earlier. He could still vividly remember the way Chen Su buried himself in his chest.

He closed his eyes and pretended to sleep.

This continued until he felt something strange behind him.

Su Min opened his eyes and said in a low voice: “Chen Su, can’t you hold yourself back a little and not be so presumptuous?”

He could clearly feel the other party’s desire from his end.

Chen Su breathed close to him and said seductively: “Don’t you know that.........ghosts also have desires?”

Su Min’s ear twitched.

He didn’t know what this ghost wanted. The sensation pressing onto him from behind made him feel awkward. He adjusted his position slightly only to find that it made it worse.

Su Min laid there stiffly. He closed his eyes and said: “You should go take a cold shower.”

It would be better if he soaked in there all night.

Chen Su nuzzled up against him. He had no intentions to back down. He chuckled and said: “That doesn’t work for me.”

Su Min sneered: “Then what would work?”

That sentence was only said to ridicule him, but Chen Su replied honestly: “You.”

His voice was a little hoarse. The emotions within that single worded reply of his was clear.

Su Min had nothing to say. His Adam’s apple moved.

He didn’t dare move and just let Chen Su hug him. He feared that if he moved, Chen Su may suddenly do something.

Everyone has desires. He also has them but he couldn’t say that it was kindled by a ghost. He could only pretend and act like nothing happened.

Chen Su was sharper than he imagined. He laughed with a low voice next to his ear, “You’ve become excited.”

Su Min didn’t speak.

Chen Su laughed at his reaction. He licked his earlobe and watched him lie there motionlessly: “I really like you.”

He liked everything about him. It wasn’t just his self-sustenance. It was also his small bouts of anger as well as those moments of restraint. He couldn’t help but want to treasure him all the more.

Su Min didn’t answer him. He turned his face over slightly wanting to speak but before he was able to say anything he was kissed by Chen Su.

He was originally made excited by Chen Su and, with him being kissed so fiercely by Chen Su, he couldn’t get used to it. He frowned slightly and pressed his warm hands against Chen Su’s cold chest.

After an unknown amount of time passed, Chen Su finally released him.

Su Min’s face was a little flushed. He didn’t utter a single word. His lips were pursed tightly together and there was a look of restraint on his face but overall, he looked quite charming.

Chen Su kissed the corner of his eye.

Su Min said: “Don’t be so perverted. All those movies were watched by others and sometimes I don’t know how to explain myself.”

Chen Su said: “Then don’t explain.”

Su Min didn’t want to spare him any more attention.

It was getting late and he was really tired. After chatting with Chen Su all this time, he no longer had any energy left. He soon fell asleep.

Chen Su wasn’t sleepy at all. He quietly watched his sleeping expression.


On the morning of the next day, Su Min found himself unable to move when he woke up.

He thought Chen Su would disappear during the day, but he unexpectedly saw that he had not left and had embraced him all night.

To avoid ending up in the same situation as last night, Su Min pried away his hands, went to the bathroom and changed his clothes after washing up. By the time he came back out, Chen Su had left.

He felt a little complicated.

He could still remember everything that happened last night vividly. It was a little hard to describe. Even now, he could still remember the sensation from that time.

Su Min messed his hair and let out a long sigh.

Today’s schedule was again to hang out. Probably because he shut her out last night, Su Min felt that Su Xiaoya’s expression when she looked at him was strange.

But he didn’t pay it any heed.

This time, the male and female protagonists as well as the other supporting characters changed locations to do unspeakable things. He would often look up and see that they had changed into a different set of clothes.

He didn’t understand why some people liked to film these kinds of movies. In fact, you didn’t have to really do it when it was filmed. You just needed to give the viewers the feeling that it was real.

The length of this movie was much shorter than normal movies and there weren’t much to the plot. It was nothing more than changing locations to play.

The final day involved soaking in the hot spring.

Su Min didn’t like staying together with the others, so he stayed in the room watching TV and playing on his phone. Chen Su had made his appearance early.

Probably because there was still a lot of time, he hadn’t done anything to Su Min. He was even listening to him and would do whatever he asked him to.

Dinner was made by Chen Su.

Su Min didn’t know how to cook so he just watched him from the side. In the end, he couldn’t refuse the food and was sold by it.

Chen Su was quite satisfied with his expression.

Su Min didn’t expect Chen Su to be so skilled. With vibrant colours and mouth-watering aroma, it looked very appetising.

He spoke with surprise: “You ghosts can also cook?”

He even suspected that the ghost world had some form of association with the new oriental. Otherwise why would all the ghosts be so keen about cooking.

Though their cooking was not comparable to Chen Su’s.

Chen Su laughed at this absurdity, “What are you thinking?”

Just that thought itself sounded ridiculous.

Su Min’s ears turned red. He didn’t say anything. As the food was served, he couldn’t help but pick up his chopsticks.

Chen Su sat opposite him. He stared at him and said fondly: “I can make it for you as much as you want in the future.”

Su Min glanced over, “Don’t make promises you can’t keep.”

Though, he felt that Chen Su often said things like this to him. Since they first met he had heard it so many times he could no longer keep count.

Chen Su just smiled and said nothing.

Something like promises wasn’t something he would say to others. To him, this wasn’t a promise. He had long wanted to say this and planned to put it into action.

It was just that he didn’t know how long it would take until he would remember him.

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