To Be a Heartthrob in a Horror Movie

Chapter 20: The Bathroom (part 1)


Holographic viewing technology allowed audiences to enter a movie and personally experience it for themselves. Hence, romance movies were the most popular, while nobody was interested in horror movies.

Su Min was the first viewer to experience a horror movie.


Ferocious Ghost: I dare not scare or frighten my sweetheart...

Su Min: Actually, horror movies aren’t scary at all.

Audiences: No, no, no, you are playing in a roman film!

The audiences suddenly discovered that the recent released horror movies were much better than the original ones. Furthermore, to everyone’s surprise, the ghosts were very sweet...

Perhaps it was near the island, the danger instead of seasickness.

Su Min felt tight.

Chen Xingzhou was still planning the future very beautifully: “If you live for ten days and a half month, Mingya will definitely reconcile with me.”

Su Min wanted to blow his head.

He thought too good. I was afraid that they were not yet reconciled,several of them on the ship had to die on this small island.

This time a total of five people came, except for the hero Chen Xingzhou and the heroine Zhao Mingya. The rest was him, as well as Jiang Yunhuo and Chen Yixin.

Jiang Yunhuo was their other roommate, and Chen Yixin was the girlfriend of Jiang Yunhuo, and also a classmate of Zhao Mingya.

Coming to this island was the arrangement of them and Chen Xingzhou.

Su Min sighed and thought that it was impossible to turn round now, and how the horror movie should continue to develop.

After half an hour, the boat finally landed.

There were not many houses on the island, but the scenery was really beautiful and the greenery was very good. It could be seen from the beach.

And near the evening, they could see the sunset here, it was very beautiful, not lost in comparing with some magazine photos.

Several people got off the boat and Chen Xingzhou went to contact somebody.

After a few minutes, he came back. “Okay, somebody will come and pick us up. Let’s walk around outside and the house is on the hill.”

Zhao Mingya was curious: “There is nobody at the pier.”

Jiang Yunhuo said: “The island is sparsely populated and basically has no fame. If there are many people, then how can we play?”

Su Min followed them without saying a word, they only thought that Su Min was still seasick.

From the pier they went forward along the way, and soon to the foot of the mountain, this side of the road became complicated.

Chen Xingzhou stood at the intersection and waited for someone to pick up.

At this moment, Chen Yixin suddenly shouted and jumped off the ground: “How come so many toads, I am scared to death.”

They only noticed that they were many toads jumping on the road, and the toads were still on the road, as if they were in their nest.

At first glance, the girls were sacred to go.

Su Min was not afraid of these things, seeing them all the way ahead, but also a bit scalp tingling, He felt that the island wasn’t too calm.

This new horror movie was more psychologically stimulating than the previous “Thriller College”.

Su Min heard it and turned around. “There is a grandmother over there.”

The grandmother took a stick made of a branch and walked slowly on the road, and soon she came to them.

Chen Xingzhou whispered: “Her eyes seem to be invisible.”

Su Min thought that what was wrong with her, it turned out that this grandmother was a blind person, so when she was looking at them, the eyes were like that.

Grandma asked: “What are you doing here?”

Chen Xingzhou went forward and said: “We are here to play.”

She coughed: “Play? Nothing fun, hurry, it’s not fun here, or you can’t go back later...”

Chen Xingzhou frowned, didn’t know what to say.

He scheduled for the time, and the ship would come here to pick them up, so he didn’t worry at all.

She was still repeating : “There is nothing in this island, there is nothing fun, there is nothing on the mountain, you still go back...”

Su Min ’s heart moved.

The grandmother or grandfather who appears in this horror movie usually lives to the end, or is a reminder, this grandmother may be.

He thought about it and whispered, ” Grandma, why can’t I play here? What happened?”

If you asked something at the beginning, it might be very simple later.

Grandma was about to talk, and suddenly came a middle-aged man. He said, “You just contacted me?

The blinded grandma turned and left with the stick.

Chen Xingzhou quickly replied: “Yes, it is us.”

The middle-aged man said with a bad face: “Why don’t you tell me until today, I have not prepared .”

Chen Xingzhou scratched his head: “I told you before that we will come today.”

The middle-aged man did not panic: “the man who was in contact with you before was my brother, he went out of the island, so I don’t know about it. You can call me Uncle He.”

Since what he said , Chen Xingzhou did not ask again.

He contacted another person before. He told the man that they would live here,and they wouldn’t leave until the arranged time. he has already transferred the money.

Uncle He led the way ahead, bypassing the path on which the toads were around , and went up the mountain from the other side.

Su Min looked back and saw that the blind grandma’s figure had disappeared and he did not know where she went.

After about ten minutes, everyone finally saw the house.

This meant everyone could have a rest after taking an whole afternoon boat,

Uncle He opened the door with the key. The room was a very ordinary bungalow. There were only beds and tables. Even the lights were ordinary light bulbs, and the walls were painted white.

After they settled down, Su Min finally slept in the room.

The script from the theater said something happened to him in the shower, he was safe before the shower. So there was no problem sleeping now.

After waking up, the body was much more comfortable. He got up and went outside.

The sky was already dark, and Chen Yixin prepared the tool needed to grill outside, singing unknown songs.

Su Min went outside and walked around. When he went back, he always felt that someone was staring at him, but he couldn’t see anything around.

In the dark night, there seemed to be an unknown monster crouching.

Su Min remembered a movie called “The Mist.”

In that movie, there were supernatural monsters in the fog, and they were dark here, the ending of the movie was terrible, and this ending was terrible too.

The danger was like the last day, the most test of the heart.

The feeling of being squinted became stronger and stronger until Su Min looked up again and found several strange men looking at them on the hillside.

Because of the darkness, he couldn’t see what they looked like.

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