To Be a Heartthrob in a Horror Movie

Chapter 20: The Bathroom (part 2)


Seeing Su Min suddenly looked over, the men quickly turned around and disappeared into the night.

Su Min determined that it was a man who was not a ghost, but his intuition was not almost right. He did not dare to catch up, because if you were alone, you would be the first one to be solved in the horror movie.

Jiang Yunhuo came over and asked: “What are you looking at?”

Su Min told the truth: “There were a few men who have been staring at us for a while, I smell a rat.”

And the men’s reaction that they were found by Su Min made him uncomfortable.

Jiang Yunhuo frowned and guessed: “It may be that the island residents see us as new, so be curious.”

Su Min said: “I hope so.”

Going back to the open space in front of the house, the barbecue has been set up, and the charcoal fire inside was also burnt red, braving the fire.

At this time, Chen Xingzhou and Zhao Mingya came back from the outside, carrying a small bucket in their hands.

Su Min observed that the hero’s mood seemed to be very good, probably the reason for being alone with the heroine.

Chen Yixin greeted: “The food are here finally, Great.”

Chen Xingzhou put the bucket in the middle. “It’s going to kill me all the way back. We will eat this tonight, seafood barbecue.”

They specially bought some dishes here, and the rest of them were just made from the beach, they felt happy .

Jiang Yunhuo walked over and said “Yohe”.

Then he tilted the bucket to the side of Su Min. “Look at these scorpions, it is as big as a big palm, and they must be eaten to be super fresh.”

The food would be delicious while the coming barbecue.

Su Min haven’t been to the beach, and he did not eat seafood , only heard of the scorpion, the island was next to the sea,the seafood here is naturally more delicious than those on the land seafood shop.

He asked: “Do you want me to help?”

Chen Xingzhou refused. “You are a patient, go to bed and just come to eat directly at night.”

Su Min did not insist on either, he left there, walked around the place where he lived, and found nothing wrong.

The house was with a yard, with three rooms side by side, like home stay, and there were three wooden doors side by side in the hallway.

Su Min did not see where the bathroom was.

When he was about to turn away, his eyes suddenly slammed into the figure over there. it was Uncle He carrying some seafood and vegetables in his hand.

Uncle He said with a smile: “I’ll send you some food.”

Su Min nodded: “Thank you, Uncle He, where is the bathroom here, I haven’t found it yet.”

Uncle He paused and said: “It’s a bit remote, come with me.”

Su Min followed behind him, Uncle He was a bald head, and he was quite tall , but liked to laugh, although he didn’t look good as he laughed.

Coming to stop without a minute, Uncle He pointed to the front. “Hey, there, it is a bathroom, the island is not convenient, so this bathroom is shared by yours.”

Su Min’s line of sight moved in the direction of his fingers and he saw the bright red “bathroom” on the door.

These two words were written in red paint, and the paint were dripping down, shoddy, and dragging out traces.

It’s a bit like the bloody poster name of a horror movie.

Su Min suddenly got this idea, and it was a bit cold behind. He turned to see Uncle He staring at him. Su Min smiled: “Okay, I know.”

Uncle He also laughed and said, “Okay, then I will go back .”

After he left, Su Min took a serious look at the bathroom, it’s not far away.

Looking at the red words, he was more determined that he wouldn’t take a bath tonight until tomorrow daytime.

Compared with bathing , life were more important.

After the theater gave the character script, there was no prompt word. Su Min guessed that he would have to live tonight.

Su Min took the things that Uncle He gave and went back to the barbecue.

Chen Xingzhou got over the things, dealt with the seafood happily , and caught Uncle He’s fish, a big one, very fat.

Jiang Yunhuo volunteered to kill the fish.

As he scratched the scales, he spit out: “Only one grilled fish, it is not enough to eat. I will kill another one.”

How could be enough to eat for five persons? He can finish eating this fish by himself. This wild fish was better than the ones on the market.

Su Min was kneeling and looking .

The water here was connected to a water pipe, from the bathroom side, so it should be used frugally that the night’s bath water was not used up .

After washing out the scales, Jiang Yunhuo broke the fish belly with a knife.

He was still explaining knowledge with Su Min: “In fact, there are a lot of things to eat on the fish. The fish seeds are delicious if they are well handled. I will let you see my chef Jiang’s cooking skill.”

Jiang Yunhuo threw out the things in the fish belly and threw it aside.

Subconsciously Su Min followed to look at the things, saw the bloody things and took back the line of sight, but quickly turned back too.

He took a twig from the ground and poked the debris.

The things were quickly poked, and Su Min blinked, and there was a bad feeling in his heart. “What is this?”

“What?” Jiang Yunhuo stopped handling the fish, looked at the debris, pulled it directly by hand, and everything inside was turned over.

A small piece of thing fell out.

Su Min’s eyelids jumped.

Because of the darkness it was not clear, Jiang Yunhuo had to pick it up and looked at it. He felt a bit familiar: “This seems like...”

His own hand was a comparison on the side, he suddenly remembered something, threw it out like an electric shock, his face turned pale.

Su Min directly replied: “If you are not mistaken, it is a finger.”

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