To Be a Heartthrob in a Horror Movie

Chapter 25 Mystery

Chapter 25 Mystery

Su Min wiped the water from his face and sank into the water again. He saw only the endless sea water, not even the fish.

He didn’t hear anything, and even the groggy head became sober, then, he resurfaced.

Chen Xingzhou was shocked outside and said: “Su Min, are you okay?”

Su Min shook her head and said: “Nothing.”

He rubbed the water in his ears and felt uncomfortable, especially the sea water on his face.

Chen Xingzhou said: “This sea is not safe, let’s go back quickly.”

Someone suddenly grabbed his foot, and at that time only he and Jiang Yunhuo were in the water. Jiang Yunhuo was in front of him, and it was impossible for him.

This kind of exclusion is almost impossible for people to do.

Chen Xingzhou also regretted that it was so direct to go into the water. it should be better to be vigilant, and it would have caused Su Min to almost lose his life.

Su Min said: “Go back.”

They carefully swam forward for a while, finally touching the wet sand and stepping onto the beach step by step.

Once you step on the ground, it feels a bit safe.

Su Min said while thinking:”Jiang Yunhuo is not right, there should be no water plants near the beach.”

Chen Xingzhou did not enter the water, and did not know that it was because of the water grass. “Water grass? My ankle was caught by a hand before this happened.”

He said his experience again.

Su Min’s face is weird.

It won’t be Shen Su, he shouldn’t be this character, and he has never shot anyone else.

Chen Xingzhou said: “Is it a water ghost?”

Su Min went down. “It is possible, I think it might be a corpse, but I didn’t see the body in the water.”

After all, the body of this island can knock on the wall, and it is not surprising that one of it will catch people in the water.

The water ghost is actually not uncommon, and almost every child who grew up in the countryside has heard it.

Strictly speaking, a water ghost is a ghost that people become dead in the water. Often these water ghosts die very reluctantly, so they think about harming people.

Those who are pulled down by the water ghost will become the fall gay of them, so that the water ghost can be free from the form of the water ghost.

And the dead people will become a new water ghost, infinite loop, so a lake will continue have drown people.

The water ghost has another name, called the water monkey.

Chen Xingzhou thought of the image he had been caught by the body. He was scared. “Forget it, don’t think this again, I will not sleep tonight.”

Stay away from the sea, neither the water ghost nor the body can catch him.

Su Min said:”Okay”, and he continued walking back, thinking of the things about Shen Su.

He did not expect that Shen Su appeared in this horror film.

Su Min could not help but doubt.

He is the only person who watching this movie Holographically. it is impossible for New century movie theater to enter another person. The other one should not be the same audience as himself.

Or the “Desperate Island” and “Thriller College” have chosen the same person to be a ghost, and finally did not write on the cast?

What is the role of that Shen Su?

In the last “Thriller College”, he used to make soy sauce, and he swayed on his side. He did not play a small role.

This time it should be.

In any case, Shen Su saved him, although he did not know whether the other one had or did not have the upper memory, and there was no danger to him.

Su Min never doubted his instincts.

Jiang Yunhuo has recovered on the beach.

Chen Yixin and Zhao Mingya came to care: “Is it okay? Just watched you have not come back.”

Chen Xingzhou said: “It’s okay.”

Su Min looked at the sky and reminded: “The sky is getting dark, we have to go back soon, or we have to go the night.”

The night road represents insecurity.

Especially this mysterious island, it is even more unsafe, not to mention that they must also go up the mountain to get to where they live.

The island is divided into mountains and hills. The mountains that I saw all the way yesterday were all kinds of fields, and the houses are all on the hills.

This small island is not big, the house can count as many as you can, just like an ordinary small village.

Jiang Yunhuo stood up. “Thank you for saving me , or I am afraid I will die in the water today.”

He is really grateful. At that moment, It was useless for Chen Xingzhou to pull him. He was still sinking into the water. It was really desperate.

Su Min said: “Nothing.”

For him, this horror film is just a departure if it fails. But when you watch people die, he can’t do it.

Not the Virgin, just can’t do this.

The clothes on Su Min are all wet, and it is very uncomfortable that it’s stick to his body. I have to go back to take a bath and change clothes.

Zhao Mingya said: “Go back and change clothes first.”

“Yeah, you will be sick like this.” Chen Yixin also said: “I brought a mobile phone, just to be able to illuminate.”

Fortunately, I brought it, otherwise I have to go back to the black.

Fortunately, Su Min still knows the road. The five people go back while chatting and put the things happening during the day to the bottom of their hearts.

After all, walking in the night and discussing the horrible things will be even more horrible.

If they want to come back to the place where their live, they must go back to the mountain, which is tired than go downing the the mountain.

When they walked to the half hillside, several people took a break, and the clothes of Su Min were dried up.

Chen Yixin suddenly asked: “What is that person doing?”

Zhao Mingya doubts: “What?”

Chen Yixin pointed to the front, there was a person standing there, the clothes on his body were floating, and I don’t know if it was a skirt.

Jiang Yunhuo said: “I have never seen a girl here. Today I finally saw a girl on an island.”

After he finished, he was screwed up by Chen Yixin and did not dare to say it again.

Su Min stared at it for ten seconds and suddenly found something. “She came to us.”

When a few people saw it, the other one really went to them.

And when the girl walked, the clothes on her body floated a lot, like wearing a large lantern skirt.

Chen Yixin couldn’t help but point the phone over there.

The mobile phone has limited light and can’t show how far it is. Instead, it will make the girl shine, and walking is like running on the feet.

Su Min’s instinct was not good, saying: “Don’t block her way.”

He reached out and grabbed a handful of Chen Xingzhou, and took a big step back and retreated to the edge of the road.

Zhao Mingya reacted slowly. When the other party ran, it was able to reach the roadside, and the arm touched the skirt.

It’s very cold.

She couldn’t see the girl’s facial features, it was like a layer of yarn on her face, so she didn’t see it.

It was obviously running, but the girl in the lantern skirt suddenly disappeared on the road, as if it had never appeared.

Su Min’s heart beat a little faster. “Don’t look, go back.”

This road is surrounded by bushes, and far away is the woods. The girl in the lantern skirt can’t disappear even if it is fast.

Unless she is not a person at all.

But what is specific, Su Min is completely unclear, can only say that the other side fortunately did not shoot them.

Zhao Mingya has not recovered from the shock.

Chen Xingzhou quickly helped her and said, “Are you okay? Did you just touch it?”

Zhao Mingya said: “I have encountered it, it is very iced...”

She swallowed and could almost feel the horror at the time, and there was still a cold feeling in her arm.

It’s no longer known whether the lantern skirt is a skirt.

Su Min said: “Don’t say it, go back first.”

The more time they spent, the more difficult to go back, the strange things in this island are too many, it is best not to go out at night.

The next five people didn’t stop all the way, so they went back to where they lived.

Several people were relieved to see the familiar door.

But soon they thought about the things in the wall. When they think about it, it is much safer than the things outside.

Just then, Chen Yixin saw another shadow.

She grabbed the arm of Jiang Yunhuo and whispered: “Look, is there a person in the yard?”

The heart of Jiang Yunhuo’s fall was raised again.

Chen Xingzhou also jumped into the drums and looked at the yard. His eyes were sharp and he found out that was Uncle He, and he was relieved.

He whispered: “He is Uncle He.”

This one after another is simply testing a person’s heart tolerance.

Chen Xingzhou raised his voice again: “Uncle He, how are you here so late? Is there anything?”

Uncle He turned and saw that five people were there.

He said: “I saw you guys haven’t come back, a little worried, just come and see. You are so wet, Are you going to sea?”

Chen Xingzhou consciously concealed what happened on the road and nodded: “Of course, it is necessary to swim at the beach, otherwise it will waste resources.”

Uncle He nodded and then asked: “You guys were grew up in big cities, there is no security measure on the beach, Did you guys meet some dangerous things?.”

Su Min touched Chen Xingzhou and said on his own initiative: “No, quite normal, the water here is very clean.”

He and Uncle He have been in contact several times. In the dark, He Shu’s face is not clear, and he can only feel that he seems to be laughing.

Su Min wants to know why he doesn’t turn on the lights. It is weird that one person stand in a dark yard. Is it really waiting for them?

Of course, this is not known, he will not ask him.

Uncle He said: “No danger is good. We have never been outside to travel. They are all original people on the island, so the sea is clean.”

He highlighted the clean word.

Zhao Mingya and Chen Yixin are not particularly fond of He Shu. His looks are like the underworld people in the movie, although he often laughs.

Chen Xingzhou said: “If there is nothing, Can we go back first?”

Uncle He waved his hand and said, “You are coming back so late, certainly not cooking, come to my house tonight to eat dinner?”

As soon as he mentioned eating, several people subconsciously wanted to refuse.

Before he gave the bucket of fish, the broken fingers in the fish belly made them all remember.

Jiang Yunhuo thought of the following possible developments.

– Uncle He turned them all to his house, then killed them all, and finally feed the fish...

Jiang Yun shook his body and was a little cold.

Su Min frowned: “Uncle He, you see that we are all sea water and sand, we have not washed, It is not very good to come to your house.”

Uncle He waved his hand and said: “Nothing, you just have to take a shower first. I will go back and cook a few more dishes. I will come over and call you.”

Without waiting for them to answer, he turned himself and go to the slope.

Su Min’s face is not very good. They have encountered several things today and still have to go to Uncle He’s house at night. Who knows if there are other things.

He looked up and saw the direction of Uncle He’s departure, which is the direction that the mysterious men staring at them last night.

The place where the islanders live is above them, and they can pass there.

The house where they lived this time, is said to be the house that He Shu’s younger brother wanted to get married, but he didn’t find his wife.

In fact, Su Min has only seen a woman who is blind now.

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