To Be a Heartthrob in a Horror Movie

Chapter 26: Shower

Chapter 26: Shower

Actually, that wasn’t quite right.

In fact, Su Ming had also encountered several people but the ones he really interacted with was only Uncle He and the two men in the bathroom. He didn’t know how many households there were living on this island.

After Uncle He left, everything was completely quiet. There was only the occasional sound of bugs chirping.

Zhao Mingya was filled with fear: “Are we really going to Uncle He’s place for dinner?”

She felt that something bad might happen if they went.

Chen Xingzhou was also very reluctant: “If we already finish cooking, he can’t force us to go.”

Jiang Yunhuo however disagreed: “How do you know? What if he uses violence to take us..........”

The three struggled over the thought of whether or not they should go.

Su Ming looked at Chen Xingzhou and asked: “You don’t want to go?”

Chen Xingzhou nodded: “Yeah. We haven’t been to Uncle He’s place, and we’re completely unprepared. Who knows what might happen?”

Su Min thought about it. He is the male protagonist for this horror movie so going to Uncle He’s place was a scenario that would undoubtedly arise.

Since it is an unavoidable scenario, the thought processes of the male and female protagonists should have never changed. That is to say, in the original horror movie, they probably didn’t end up going.

But if they didn’t go, the future would be even more unpredictable.

Su Min suddenly said: “Go eat.”

Chen Xingzhou asked: “Didn’t you say that we shouldn’t interact with them and act like we don’t know anything? Why did you change your mind?”

Su Min shook his head: “I don’t mean that. Since Uncle He specially waited for us today, there must be something going on. The reason why he wanted us to go was probably an attempt to test us out. If we refused, it would conversely make us more suspicious.”

Uncle He had stayed in the yard for who knows how long so that meant that he was determined to get them to have dinner with him. He didn’t know what would happen if they refused.

Zhao Mingya understood. As the female protagonist, her IQ isn’t low: “I understand Su Min’s intentions. If we go, we can pretend to be guests and if he asks us anything, we will just act normal.”

Chen Yixin rubbed her arm, “But what if we say the wrong thing?”

Su Min instructed: “Everyone pay attention to your expression and actions. If you can’t answer, leave it to me. Just act like you didn’t hear the question.”

Chen Xingzhou thought for a moment and changed his mind: “Okay then. I’ll hide a fruit knife in my pocket later.”

A fruit knife is used for cutting up fruit. He didn’t think that it would be used for this kind of purpose.

The five of them stood in the dark with only the thin moonlight shining down upon them and covering the entire island.

Su Min: “Let’s go shower first.”

The others agreed and went to the yard.

When they returned to their rooms, Su Min specially examined it and noticed that their luggage appeared to have been moved.

They naturally didn’t need to think to know who did it.

Su Min opened it and saw that the things inside also appeared to have been looked through. However, there wasn’t anything missing nor was there anything new inside.

Why did Uncle He go through their suitcases?

There are many possibilities. Su Min couldn’t determine the reason at this moment, but he could at the very least confirm that something was wasn’t right.

Chen Xingzhou walked over holding his phone, “They said the boat will be back in the next two or three days, so we still have to wait.”

They couldn’t use the internet here to buy tickets online so they could only wait around like headless flies.

Su Min expected this.

This horror movie takes place on this island so if they could safely leave the island, the movie will need to change its name.

He comforted him: “A couple of days it is then. We just need to pay a little more attention than usual. Didn’t we safely get through today?”

Jiang Yunhuo sat on the bed and continued to sigh: “I really want to fly away. This place is too scary.”

What holiday? He’s just getting scared all the time.

When he remembered that he was the one who found this island, Jiang Yunhuo wished that he could turn back time and beat himself up.

Su Min stood up: “You guys can go shower first.”

Chen Xingzhou shook his head: “Mingya and Yixin first. Yunhuo and I will wait outside and then we’ll see who goes next.”

Su Min had no objections.

When they took a shower tonight, they ensured that they had someone guarding outside.

When it was finally Su Min’s turn, he specially checked the vent to confirm that the thing he had put in earlier was still there.

Chen Xingzhou said: “I’ll sit here. Shout out if you need me.”

Su Min responded: “Okay, I’ll be fast.”

There was nothing complicated about a shower. He just needed to rinse himself, wash his hair and then he can leave. It won’t take more than ten minutes.

Zhao Mingya and Chen Yixin together took up about half an hour. It is said that they had cut down the time significantly because they were scared.

The lights in the bathroom was on, and everything was okay.

Su Min checked the room again and thought back to the incident at the sea, “Chen Su?”

There was no response.

Su Min felt reassured and proceeded to undress. This time he changed to a different showerhead. The final drops of bloody water from earlier today had left a shadow in his heart.

As soon as he twisted the faucet, water fell onto his head.

The shower water was okay and not as weak as it was before. It was also a lot cleaner.

Su Min cleaned himself off while thinking about the events over the past two days.

The body in the pit, the hand in the ocean, the body inside the walls and the severed finger in the fish.........They were clear signs indicating that this island can kill people.

At this moment, he suddenly heard a scream.

Su Min was startled. When he returned to his senses, he saw something moving in the darkness ahead.

He quickly turned off the faucet and the screams also stopped.

The bathroom was empty. It was as if there wasn’t anything there and the sound earlier was just his imagination.

Su Min paused for a moment and then reopened the faucet. Water started to flow down.

Accompanying it was the scream. It seemed to be a little different to the one earlier and had become weaker.

Because of the water sounds, Su Min couldn’t hear it clearly. He was also confused as to why he would hear a scream.

He closed the faucet and the sound stopped again.

Su Min was puzzled. After mulling over it for a few seconds, he opened the faucet. Along with the flowing water, he could hear the non-stop scream.

Then a black figure appeared in the corner.

The black shadow moved and the light above it weakened. The water in the ditch turned a blood red colour and it flowed out into the drain.

The scream continued for almost ten minutes before it finally stopped.

At this moment, the water flow had also weakened into a trickle. It became a little murky and it slowly dripped onto the floor.

Su Min stared at the corner of the room and finally figured out what was wrong.

The dark figure looked like a person huddled on the ground. It was a shadow casted onto the wall by the light in the ceiling.

Su Min dried his body, wrapped himself with the towel and walked over.

The faucet was still open.

The drain was in the corner facing outside. He could only see something dark and that dark shadow didn’t disappear.

Su Min stopped and watched the dark shadow move.

What looked like the head of the dark shadow was bowed down. Both of them were like this but he didn’t know what it was doing.

Su Min couldn’t help but reach out to touch the shadow on the wall.

Contrary to his expectations, the it felt warm and not bitter cold. It was as if he touched the skin of someone’s body.

A faint bloody scent could be smelt.

It was only when the showerhead stopped dripping water that the dark figure disappeared. The wall now only has Su Min’s shadow.

Whose scream was it?

Su Min’s mind was filled with this question. He eventually returned to the bench and prepared to change his clothes.

The light suddenly went off.

The sudden darkness startled Su Min. He quickly put on his clothes and was ready to rush out of the bathroom.

He felt something sticking to his back.

Su Min turned around and called out cautiously: “Chen Su?”

He received a response from the darkness: “Yes.”

Su Min frowned. He thought of the fact that he was taking a shower earlier and asked: “When did you appear here?”

Chen Su chuckled: “You guess?”

Su Min had no interest in guessing. He didn’t expect the other party to take advantage of this and move closer to him.

Next to his ear, he heard a low voice: “Shouldn’t you pledge yourself to me after I saved your life?”

Su Min had just showered so his body was still hot. With the cold brought along by Chen Su, he couldn’t help but shiver.

He stepped back, “You’re thinking too much.”

Su Min had always thought that Chen Su wouldn’t be in this horror movie, so he was surprised to see him today at the sea. They had even kissed.

He pursed his lips. That doesn’t count. That was mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. No, that’s not right. It’s ghost-to-mouth resuscitation.

Chen Su answered reluctantly: “Okay then.”

Su Min remembered the shadow in the corner and asked: “Did you see the screaming dark shadow in the corner earlier?”

It was too dark, and he couldn’t see anything, so he just asked the darkness in front of him.

Chen Su retracted his hand, “I saw.”

Su Min didn’t continue asking. He guessed he probably won’t be able to get anything out from him. After all, he was never told about anything related to the plot back in “University Thriller”.

When he was about to leave the bathroom, he suddenly remembered something, “You have been here the whole time? Did you see everything?”

Chen Su touched his lips. He really wanted to kiss.

He answered in a low voice: “No.”

Chen Su’s voice was vague and incoherent, but it also carried a unique coldness within it. Su Min, whose senses were heightened in the darkness, felt a little addicted to that voice.

The truth behind his answer was unknown. Su Min pried off the cold hand and said through gritted teeth: “Keep your hands to yourself.”

Even now, he didn’t know what Chen Su looked like. All he knew was his name. He didn’t even know how the other person died.

Su Min reminded him: “Don’t be discovered by the others.”

Chen Su’s voice next to him said: “Okay. I’ll listen to you.”

What do you mean listen to me? The corner of Su Min’s lips twitched.

With Jing Xian here, he didn’t feel any danger. He touched the bench to find the clothes that he had changed out of and left the bathroom.

Chen Su also disappeared.

When Su Min came out, he ran into Chen Xingzhou who was about to go in: “You finally came. I thought something happened.”

When the bathroom turned dark, he went back to get his phone and was about to go in.

Su Min glanced at the pitch-black bathroom and said: “It’s nothing. The light bulb just went out. It’s probably because it has been used too long.”

Chen Xingzhou didn’t doubt his words, “It’s good if that’s the case.”

The two returned to the rooms. Everyone was together. When Su Min and Chen Xingzhou returned, they were all a little anxious.

Because later they would be going to Uncle He’s place for dinner.

Su Min placed down his clothes and was about to tell the others about the incident in the bathroom when he heard footsteps outside.

Chen Xingzhou asked nervously: “Who is it?”

Uncle He’s voice sounded: “It’s me Uncle He. I’m here to see if you’re ready or not. The food is ready.”

Chen Xingzhou slowly opened the door.

Uncle He was bend over with his face pressed against it.

Seeing the door opening, he quickly stood up, “Are you all ready?”

Su Min standing behind Chen Xingzhou felt awful. Uncle He earlier looked like he was peeking through the crack between the door.

It made him think of some unique horror movie scenarios.

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