To Be a Heartthrob in a Horror Movie

Chapter 29: Well

Chapter 29: Well

On a bed a metre away from Su Min, Jiang Yunhuo and Chen Xingzhou were completely unaware.

Because there was only a total of three beds in the three rooms, with Zhao Mingya and Chen Yixin using one in their room, they had two beds here.

Su Min also didn’t know why they allowed him to sleep alone.

But fortunately, they were sleeping separately. Otherwise it would be difficult to explain if Chen Su was discovered.

Not hearing his response, Chen Xingzhou waited a few seconds and asked again: “Su Min, are you asleep?”

Su Min replied: “No. I’m feeling better now, just a little sleepy.”

Chen Xingzhou: “Okay then. Go sleep.”

Su Min turned over. In the dark, it looked like there was no one next to him but there indeed was someone.

Su Min also couldn’t see him.

He used the blanket to cover his mouth and whispered: “You don’t have a place to sleep?”

As a great master that could even scare away that lantern dress, how did he get into a situation where he would need to squeeze in with him?

Chen Su very conscientiously pulled him into his arms.

Su Min is human, and his body temperature is normal. This was the complete opposite to that of a ghost, and it felt like he was holding onto an ice bottle.

Chen Su and he faced each other at just a palms distance apart. He could even feel his breath.

But Su Min didn’t know this.

Chen Su felt that he looked like a little beast looking over in his direction with unfocussed eyes.

A harmless beast that was also very fascinating.

Chen Su wanted to touch him, but he felt that it would probably make Su Min angry, so he didn’t move. He moved in front of Su Min and said: “I was worried that you’re afraid.”

Su Min moved his eyes.

Because he was too close this time, Su Min finally sensed that Chen Su’s face was right in front of him. He retreated uncomfortably.

He whispered: “I’m not afraid.”

Su Min wasn’t afraid of horror movies. This was also the reason why he chose to experience a horror movie.

No one is born without fears. He has them, but it is less than others.

Su Min didn’t know why. Perhaps it was because of his childhood experiences or perhaps it was because of his family. He had sensed this ever since he watched his first famous horror film a long time ago.

In the eyes of others, they just thought that he was more courageous.

Chen Su said: “Okay then, you’re not afraid.”

Su Min: “...........”

Why did it sound like he wasn’t taking him seriously? He really was telling the truth, but the other party didn’t seem to believe him.

Su Min lied flat again and pushed him back.

The two of them laid there together. When they touched, One felt cold while the other felt warmth.

Su Min touched the edge. The bed wasn’t big so if he moved more, he would be sleeping on the edge and might even fall off at night. He didn’t want to wake up in the middle of the night on the floor. Particularly not when he’s on this strange island.

Perhaps it was because he had encountered too many things during the day and was too tense, a wave of sleepiness attacked him when things finally calmed down.

Soon, Su Min fell asleep.

Chen Su could feel the steady breathing from the person next to him. He seemed to be in deep sleep. Through the blankets, he could feel the other person’s heartbeat.

Lively, clear and powerful.

Chen Su listened to this and ignored the snoring from Jiang Yunhuo and Chen Xingzhou.

Su Min seems to never have his guard up around him.

Chen Su leaned over to his lips and gently kissed the corner of it.

Su Min felt uncomfortable in his sleep and frowned.

The knocking in the room had stopped at some unknown point in time. Now, they could only hear their breathing and snoring sounds.

In the early hours of the next morning, Su Min was awakened by the cinema’s prompts.

Su Min who was still in daze decided that he would leave a feedback for cinema to get them to send the prompt during the day instead.

Being awakened like that in the middle of the night, even if you don’t have a bad temper after waking up, you would soon develop one.

【 Audience Member Su Min, congratulations for successfully surviving for a day. Please keep up your good work. Today’s hint: Well. 】

Su Min casually received the news and then went back to sleep.


Early in the morning, the sky is bright.

When Su Min woke up, Chen Xingzhou and Jiang Yunhuo had also just woken up. The three of them stood in the yard brushing their teeth.

The mark for the severed finger in the yard was actually very simple. A small tuft of grass was planted there, and a small yellow flower bloomed.

Chen Xingzhou was surprised: “I only planted a bud that day.”

Su Min looked at the swaying flower and couldn’t help but think of some horrible stories that he has heard of – Flowers in graveyards are often very beautiful because of the nutrients that they receive from the bodies below.

This little flower had absorbed the nutrients from the severed finger.

At this moment, Zhao Mingya came over: “Yixin and I made congee this morning. Do you want some?”

Chen Xingzhou without even spitting out the toothpaste: “Yes!”

His girlfriend asked so he naturally would agree. As for whether or not it tasted good, he didn’t stop to think about it. Anyway, even if it didn’t taste good, he would still eat it all.

Also, they didn’t eat much last night and they also didn’t eat much of their snacks fearing that it would run out, so they were starving.

It is always much more reassuring eating something made by themselves.

After washing up, the five of them sat at the table.

Su Min recalled the hint from the cinema and said: “I’m going to see if there any other wells on this island.”

He thought the hint was probably referring to Uncle He’s well, but he wasn’t 100% certain. Perhaps there are other wells on the island.

Chen Yixin asked: Why are you looking for a well?”

Su Min responded: “Uncle He said that his well was sealed off because the bride jumped in. I wanted to see if the other wells are also sealed or if’s something else.”

A single sealed well isn’t unusual. If there are many sealed wells then it’s a problem.

Zhao Mingya frowned and spoke with worry: “How should we find them?”

There are many people there and it looked dangerous. There was also the man with the shovel yesterday. If they went, they would probably arise suspicions.

Su Min shook his head: “If we aren’t exposed, we won’t be suspected. We just need to act like we don’t know anything.”

If you act ignorant, you wouldn’t raise suspicion.

Chen Xingzhou disagreed: “It’s still a little too risky.”

Su Min thought about it. He decided to mention Uncle He’s injuries when he returned last night, “Uncle He probably got into a fight with someone. The reason for it was probably because of us.”

Jiang Yunhuo wondered: “Because we’re outsiders?”

Su Min wasn’t sure: “But Uncle He seemed to have managed to persuade the other party. That man didn’t appear after that.”

Jiang Yunhuo pouted: “The more I think about it, the more suspicious they are.”

And it has something to do with them.

In fact, what Su Min really wanted to do was to open the cover over Uncle He’s well but the goal was too big and he didn’t have a proper reason for it.

Zhao Mingya thought seriously about Su Min’s proposal and said: “Su Min, I think Uncle He’s well is the most suspicious.”

Su Min agreed with her thoughts.

After the meal, Su Min and Chen Xingzhou told the others about the man eating the toad last night causing the two girls to almost vomit with disgust.

How can he eat something like that?

Su Min had his own guesses. That pit next to the road had a body and there were also toads inside. It probably meant that those toads can eat corpses.

The toads that fed on corpses were then eaten by a human.

With this cycle, it was on par to a human eating a human corpse. It was even more disgusting than eating the dead body directly.

Su Min didn’t speak of this to the others.

The five people brought their things with Chen Yixin even pretending to bring along snacks, and they went to the part of the island where the islanders lived.

Many of the houses had their doors tightly shut even during the day.

They chattered and laughed but in fact they were carefully observing the situation around them. There weren’t many houses with wells but the wells in those that did were fine.

Only Uncle He’s one was sealed.

The five stopped at a clearing.

Chen Xingzhou threw out a few questions, “Is there really a body in Uncle He’s well? The body was probably pulled out already?”

Chen Yixin said: “You’ll know when you see it.”

Zhao Mingya pointed to herself, “I have an idea. We can say that we dropped something there. Didn’t we go over to the well last night? It’s a plausible excuse.”

Uncle He also isn’t at home right now.

Because they couldn’t think of anything else, they finally decided to use this idea.

In the case of Uncle He’s return, they practised their expressions and then hurried over to Uncle He’s yard. There was no door leading to the yard.

The stone slate over the well was very big. Chen Xingzhou and Jiang Yunhuo volunteered to use their strengths.

Su Min stood on the side waiting for them to lift it up so that he could look inside.

The slate was lifted a little and a ray of light entered into the darkness that had not seen any light all year round.

Su Min saw an old granny’s head suddenly appear at the edge of the well.

Her face was covered in wrinkles and the grin on her face was terrifying. Su Min was shocked by this sudden change and he took a step back.

Chen Xingzhou and Jiang Yunhuo quickly released the slate.

Before they could ask about it, Uncle He suddenly appeared and shouted: “What are you doing?”

He strode over to his yard and appeared to be angry. The people who saw this felt their hearts inside fall.

Zhao Mingya immediately changed her expression and acted like she was about to cry.

While crying she said: “Uncle He......My necklace fell in. It must have happened last night when I wasn’t careful.”

The only one who went close to the well last night was her.

Uncle He looked at her expression carefully and didn’t think that she was lying: “It’s very deep inside. You won’t find it.”

Zhao Mingya who heard this was scared.

Su Min: “Since Uncle He said so then lets’ leave it. Mingya we will buy you a new one when we get back.”

Zhao Mingya said: “That was something that was left for me after my fiancé passed away. Without it, I won’t be able to inherit his properties...”

Su Ming was speechless after hearing this.

What did Chen Xingzhou do to Zhao Mingya for her to say that about him?

Zhao Mingya covered her face and leaned on Chen Yixin’s shoulder crying while Chen Yixin pretended to be extremely distressed. The two of them cooperated very well with each other.

In fact, that necklace was something Zhao Mingya bought from a two yuan shop.

Uncle He knitted his brows tightly together and seemed to be annoyed by the sobbing.

He looked carefully at the well and confirmed that the slate had not been moved.

They no longer wanted to delay things and pretended to be willing to leave.

Zhao Mingya continued to sob.

After going up the slope and getting a certain distance away from the well, Su Min used the bushes as cover and looked back.

Uncle He was still standing by the well looking in their direction.

Su Min felt his heart go cold. They quickly left the slope and continued until they reached the slope near where they stayed. They then released the tension inside them.

That incident at the well earlier was very terrifying. It was almost as if they were walking on the tip of a knife. If they weren’t careful, they would accidentally lose their life.

Chen Xingzhou couldn’t wait and asked: “Su Ming, did you see anything?”

When he and Jiang Yunhuo lifted the slate a little, they only saw the well wall and Uncle He appeared.

Su Min said: “I saw it. Someone really did die in there.”

Zhao Mingya wiped her face and didn’t understand: “Then the bride really did jump in the well. Why didn’t they dispose of the body? Aren’t they afraid at night?”

Su Min shook his head, “She wasn’t wearing a wedding dress.”

Although this place is rather isolated from the rest of the world, a wedding is a very important occasion. How can they hold a wedding ceremony without even wearing a wedding dress?

He clearly saw that there was a ghost in the well but that female ghost wasn’t the bride that Uncle He spoke of.

Su Min added: “There is a female ghost inside. Looks like an old granny. At the very least she would probably be in her fifties.”

Chen Xingzhou knitted his eyebrows: “So Uncle He was lying?”

Zhao Mingya suddenly thought of a possibility and uttered with disbelief: “Don’t tell me he killed his own mother?”

Just the thought of it was sickening.

If what Uncle He said was correct, then his brother and brother’s wife were dead, and now even his mother is also dead......

Su Min said: “It’s all just speculation. Don’t make haphazard guesses.”

You would easily run into a dead end by guessing and they can’t make guesses just based on Uncle He’s words. It isn’t necessarily accurate.

What they can be sure of so far was that there are dead people in the sea, dead people in the pit, dead people in the wall and now there are also dead people in the well.

Su Min was glad that none of them had died.

After all, his initial speculation of “Murder Island” was that it likely had an unfortunate ending with no survivors.

The sea breeze blew over bringing along strong smell of the grass and woods.

Jiang Yunhuo suddenly nudged Chen Xingzhou and asked curiously: “Your eyes are good. Is that Uncle He over there?”

Chen Xingzhou looked over and nodded: “It’s Uncle He.”

They were standing on the slope and had the trees blocking them so if Uncle He didn’t look carefully, he wouldn’t see them.

Uncle He stopped in place for about half a minute, walked a few dozen steps away and then went back. He looked down again and then turned in the other direction.

Chen Yixin wondered: “Why did he go halfway and then turn back?”

Jiang Yunhuo was still thinking about the well. Hearing that question, he answered casually: “He probably went the wrong way.”

Chen Yixin rolled her eyes at him and retorted: “He has been living on this island for who knows how long and yet he can go the wrong way?”

Jiang Yunhuo said: “I was just saying.”

It did look like he had gotten lost and gone the wrong way.

But Uncle He didn’t seem to be directionally challenged. He is also 40 years old so how could he not know the way around the island?

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