To Be a Heartthrob in a Horror Movie

Chapter 30: Lie

Chapter 30: Lie

Uncle He over there had disappeared.

Leaving just them standing on the slope, Chen Xingzhou said: “Let’s go back. It feels unsafe out here.”

They rarely saw the islanders here.

Even the blind granny from back then was gone. They didn’t know where she was. If they did, Su Min would have definitely gone to find her to ask her some questions.

Su Min lowered his voice: “I want to take a look at that place from last night.”

Chen Xingzhou asked back: “Don’t we already know what’s happening there?”

Su Min shook his head: “I want to know where the toads there are from and if it’s the same one as those from the pit from yesterday.”

This time, they all went together.

This place was still some distance away from the pit near the beach, but it was very close to the slope and it didn’t take them more than a few minutes.

The ground was filled up by them last night, but you could still see obvious signs of it being dug through.

What was more important was that they didn’t completely cover up all of the skin. A part of it was exposed and you could see green algae on the surface.

It was very similar to the oily green algae in the pit.

Zhao Mingya spoke with surprise: “It really is from the pit.”

She clearly remembered seeing the green oily surface of the water inside the pit that was covered in green grass and algae. The toad’s skin was stained with it so that indicated that it had come out from there.

Maybe it was the toad that revealed its two eyes back then.

Zhao Mingya felt disgusted. Do all the people here have such weird quirks? Even if you eat toads, why do you have to eat it in such a disgusting manner?

Su Min covered the skin up with dirt and they left the place.

While they left, he said: “When you went into the sea yesterday, I found clothes and bones in the pit, so I think there is a body in there.”

The others asked incredulously: “What?”

Chen Yixin didn’t know how to react, “That pit had a dead body inside and I almost fell into it.......”

Fortunately, she only tripped and didn’t fall inside. Just the thought of it was terrifying.

Jiang Yunhuo suddenly raised a question: “So this island may by filled with dead bodies.”

Su Min hesitated for a moment and then nodded: “Yes.”

He didn’t know where the fish that Uncle He gave them came from, but it was probably from the same place the corpse in the sea is.

Zhao Mingya asked: “So why would they kill people?”

Was it so that they could raise the toads?

This is very unlikely. Afterall, they only saw that one man eating it and he was eating it in the middle of the night, so he was probably hiding it from the others.

Chen Xingzhou sighed: “We can only ask them to find out.”

He actually wanted to break open the wall to see who exactly is inside and whether or not it is Uncle He’s brother and his wife.

But the moment he breaks the wall open, Uncle He will notice.

Once noticed, their fates are doomed. They would practically be destined to die.

The sky over the island was very blue and the clouds where white and fluffy. It was very gorgeous.

If you listened carefully, you could hear the sound of waves crashing against the rocks, but they weren’t in the mood to appreciate such beautiful scenery.

As they walked down the road, Chen Xingzhou said: “From the beginning to the end, it was all Uncle He’s words. We don’t even know if he is telling the truth.

That is the most crucial point.

As the male protagonist, he naturally would be suspicious.

Su Min didn’t know what the original plot was like, but he could generally guess from the synopsis. He, Jiang Yunhuo and Chen Yixin would have died.

Then it would be left with the male and female protagonist.

Overpowered, what was the point even if you know of the truth?

Su Min whispered: “We now know that the one who jumped into the well is not the bride. It can’t be that Uncle He’s brother married afifty something year old grandma.”

He had a guess. The ones inside the wall was Uncle He’s brother and his brother’s wife, and the one in the well is Uncle He’s brother’s mother.

The reason why he thought this was because he wasn’t sure if Uncle He really is his true brother.

Although it sounded complicated, it’s actually rather simple.

If it wasn’t Uncle He’s brother who had died in the pit but another person, this person, his wife and his mother was killed.

But if they wanted to confirm whether or not it was Uncle He’s doing, they still needed evidence.

Chen Yixin said: “Ah, how do you know that?”

Jiang Yunhuo said: “Since we’re staying at his house, he should probably leave some traces behind?”

How can he not leave any clues behind after living there for such a long time?

Su Min was also thinking this, “Let’s go back and search through the house carefully. See if there something like an ID card.”

Although he felt that it was very unlikely finding something like an ID card.

If it really was a murder case, then things like ID cards would have long been disposed of before they came.

Chen Xingzhou thought about it: “In any case, lets search for it first.”

They might be able to find something.


The windows of the three rooms were covered in red double happiness stickers but it had accumulated a lot of dust and half of it had already faded away. Just by looking at it, you could tell that it was there for a long time.

After all, the wedding was already 18 years ago, they probably would have had several children by now.

Thinking this, Su Mun suddenly thought of a problem. Uncle He didn’t seem to mention anything about a child.

Or did this couple never have any children?

Although it wasn’t a problem not having children, Su Min felt more inclined to think that they should have one.

Of course, he might also just be thinking too much.

Their rooms had a lot of miscellaneous things including some oil, rice and various seasonings.

The things that they found weren’t very useful.

But from this, they could tell that the one who stayed here was a farmer and, seeing that he had many tools, he probably worked in the fields.

Jiang Yunhuo went to the room that they didn’t stay in.

Chen Yixin entered and then soon ran back out. She said excitedly: “The room we’re staying in is a girl’s room.”

Jiang Yunhuo: “Isn’t that obvious?”

Chen Yixin pushed him, “I meant that the person living before us was a girl or a woman. I saw a hair tie and hairpin.”

Although she saw them on the ground.

But it wasn’t surprising to find hair ties lying around. There was also face cream inside that most rough country men wouldn’t use.

Su Min thought about it and asked: “How old do you think she could be?

Chen Yixin wasn’t sure, “I’m not too sure but I think she’s probably around the same age as us based on my instincts. A woman’s sixth sense.”

Su Min tapped his finger, “Seems likely.”

He had thought that they should at least be a child but looking at it now, it looks like he was right.

This couple really did have a daughter.

The problem was, where is this daughter now?

Until now, Su Min hasn’t seen many women on this island, let alone a teenaged girl.

Chen Xingzhou said: “She was probably also killed.”

After all, her parents were killed so it is normal for their daughter to be killed too.

They will need to think about the motive behind Uncle He’s murders.

Su Min didn’t understand why he would kill that family of three, and he didn’t know what strange quirks these islanders had.

Was it because of the water and soil here?

As he thought this, Zhao Mingya from the room next door came over. She said secretively: “Come and look at what I found.”

Chen Xingzhou went up, “What?”

Zhao Mingya closed the door before pulling out something. It was a red book, “A marriage certificate.”

There was a lot of dust on the certificate and there were even traces of it being chewed on. You could tell that it wasn’t very well taken care of.

This house here is Uncle He’s younger brothers so this marriage certificate can only be Uncle He’s brother’s and his wife’s.

Chen Xingzhou asked: “Where did you find it?”

Zhao Mingya said: “I found it when I was picking up my earring from under the bed.”

If not for that, she wouldn’t have found it.

Su Min received it and looked at the photo inside. It was a young man and woman and their names and wedding date was written inside.

Zhao Mingya pointed at it, “The date of the marriage was 18 years ago.”

Su Min shook his head: “You’re looking at the wrong thing. The main focus is the person’s name. He is not surnamed He.”

The man there was called Hong Rui and the woman was called Qian Yun.

The ones looking at the book were completely confused.

Jiang Yunhuo was filled with questions. “ If he’s not surnamed He, then is Uncle He’s actual brother?”

Chen Xingzhou said: “I don’t think he is. Otherwise they’re half-siblings so they don’t share the same surname.”

Su Min felt the former was more plausible.

Hong Rui in this photo should be about forty to fifty years old now but, unless he just looks very young, Uncle He is at most forty years old.

“That’s right, I remembered something.” Chen Xingzhou spoke up again: When we came here, I called Uncle He’s younger brother but the one who picked us up was Uncle He. Could his younger brother already be gone?”

Uncle He said that he left the island. He felt that it didn’t sound very likely.

He clearly promised to take good care of them and even promised that he would act as their tour guide so how could he leave the island just like that?

Su Min whispered: “Uncle He probably fabricated that story.”

Because he had already died so he had to lie to avoid raising suspicions.

The person in the marriage certificate probably lived here. The person inside the wall was probably Hong Rui or Qian Yun. It’s even possible that both of them are inside.

And the person inside Uncle He’s well was probably an old lady who offended him.

There was also one more. The headless ghost at Uncle He’s place.

Su Min never mentioned the headless ghost to the others because he was afraid that they wouldn’t be able to eat afterwards but, now that he thought about it, it was probably the original owner of the place Uncle He stayed at.

All these people were killed and had become ghosts but for some reason they couldn’t come out to hurt people.

Su Min even suspected that they were warning them,

Chen Xingzhou held the ratty marriage certificate and didn’t know what to do, “What to do? We can’t break down the wall.”

If they broke down the wall, they couldn’t stick it back again.

They would also need to hide the bodies. If you asked them to sleep with a corpse for a night, they would rather endure the knocking in the wall.

Su Min said: “It can’t be helped.”

Chen Xingzhou’s face was gloomy: “I don’t even know who the ghost in the sea is and it even wanted me to die as replacement. Why are there so many dead people on this island?”

Su Min glanced at him: “You should be glad that we’re not dead yet.”

In the movie, the first friend died immediately and then it was followed by the second........The first one to die was him and he didn’t know who would die next.

He also didn’t want to experience failing to complete the movie in his second movie experience.

And the role that the cinema gave him was a character that would die in the bathroom. If he died in the hands of Uncle He, he probably won’t die immediately.

It’ll be over if he was tortured to death.

Zhao Mingya said with frustration: “Don’t jinx yourselves.”

The moment she said that, Jiang Yunhuo pushed open the door. There was panic on his face: “Guess what I just saw?!”

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