Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Self-serving

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Tan Mo inadvertently threw all of them under the bus.

Xu Mingzhen saw that Tan Mo was actually sitting at the main table, and immediately became nervous. She said to Tan Wenci, “I’ll bring Mo Mo back.”

“Don’t go,” Tan Wenci stopped Xu Mingzhen. “Probably because Wei Keli also made a mistake, that was Wei Zhiqian’s way of apologizing on behalf of Wei Keli. If we bring Mo Mo back, they might misunderstand us and think we aren’t willing to forgive them.”

Xu Mingzhen sighed. She then worriedly gazed into the distance at Tan Mo. “I’m just afraid that Mo Mo won’t feel at ease there all alone. She doesn’t know most of the people there, and she has only met Wei Zhiqian once. We can’t take care of her if she’s there.”

“Our Mo Mo has a good personality, and she’s likable. She’ll be fine.” Tan Wenci wasn’t at ease, but he could only comfort his wife this way. “As for Wei Keli, I think you should dispel the thought of matchmaking them as childhood sweethearts.”

Upon hearing his father’s words, Tan Jinqi immediately chimed in, “Mom, don’t let Mo Mo play with Wei Keli in the future. He’s still young, but he’s already helping others to bully Mo Mo for his benefit. If Mo Mo really is his childhood sweetheart and they manage to get married in the future, what we will reap is a scumbag who helps outsiders persecute his wife for his benefit.”

“Tan Jinqi’s words are right,” Tan Wenci said in agreement. “We can’t let our precious daughter be wronged by Wei Keli.”

Xu Mingzhen sighed. “Nothing happened before, and there were just play dates between children. I thought Keli was quite good at taking care of others, so even if they don’t develop a romantic relationship in the future, it would be nice to have an older brother. Who knew that the child is young yet self-serving.”

Tan Jinsheng became uncharacteristically serious. “Mo Mo already has three of us brothers. She doesn’t need another one.”

Xu Mingzhen smiled and said, “The saying goes that how one would turn out as an adult could be observed when he is still three years old. Although Wei Keli is 10 years old, he could judge what he deems right or wrong, not to mention that he is in the Wei family and cannot be compared to an ordinary 10-year-old child. He is like this at present. I’m worried about leaving Mo Mo in his care.”

Xu Mingzhen promised, “Don’t worry, I won’t match him with Mo Mo again. More than that, I will let Mo Mo play with him less.”

The Tan brothers nodded in relief.

It felt good to prevent any untoward incident in their beloved sister’s future.

Wei Keli returned to his parents. Seeing his parents’ stern expressions, Wei Keli shrank and said in a low voice, “Dad, Mom, I’m sorry.”

“You shouldn’t be apologizing to us.” Frustrated at how he couldn’t live up to expectations, Li Xiangrong reprimanded in a low voice, “Last time, you made Tan Mo upset and agreed to apologize today. Did you apologize?”

Wei Keli whispered, guilty, “I wanted to apologize, yet that incident happened, so I forgot about it…”

Li Xiangrong was about to burst into anger over how stupid her son was.

With him like that, how could she count on him in the future?

“You didn’t apologize? Last time’s incident wasn’t dealt with yet, and today, you helped the Qin sisters bully Tan Mo!” Li Xiangrong was so angry that even her ears were red.

Even if Wei Keli was able to apologize, it wouldn’t matter anymore since he helped the Qin sisters bully Tan Mo.

That apology would become meaningless. Moreover, people would never believe in his so-called apologies in the future, no matter how sincere he was.

“I…I was thinking that Qin Murong might marry Little Uncle in the future, so she will be his wife. No matter what, we should have a good relationship with Qin Murong first. Besides, it’s just a trivial matter about a doll. There is no need to make such a fuss,” Wei Keli explained.

Wei Zhijian couldn’t believe that such a stupid child in front of him was his son.

“Who told you that Qin Murong will be the wife of your Little Uncle Zhiqian? Did the second elder admit it, or did your third grandfather and grandmother admit it? Or did your Little Uncle say it himself?” Wei Zhijian asked seriously. Wei Keli was choked.

Upon seeing that Wei Keli couldn’t answer, Wei Zhijian said coldly, “Since none of them did, how did you deem so? You dared to take sides so openly and call Qin Murong Little Aunt?”

Wei Keli felt extremely wronged.

No one had ever told him that Qin Murong wasn’t.

“I won’t anymore,” Wei Keli promised.

Wei Zhijian couldn’t reprimand him at the moment. A lot of people were there. He didn’t want to humiliate his son.

Li Xiangrong looked at the main table hopelessly, then looked at the Tan family’s side and said to Wei Keli, “You come with me to apologize to Tan Mo’s parents.”

Wei Keli still didn’t think he was wrong.

He felt that he didn’t do Tan Mo wrong. What was wrong—and he fully acknowledged it—was that he had mistakenly called Qin Murong his Little Aunt. Perhaps it was a little too early to call her that.

But he was used to obeying his parents, so he didn’t refuse and obeyed.

He followed Li Xiangrong to the table of Tan family.

“Mingzhen,” Li Xiangrong called out awkwardly.

As Xu Mingzhen turned around, Li Xiangrong pushed Wei Keli in front of Xu Mingzhen. “I really have no face to show you. I didn’t teach my child well.”

“Don’t say that.” Xu Mingzhen sounded sympathetic, although she had already given up on Wei Keli.

Li Xiangrong was her best friend, so they would still get along as usual.

“The last time he was at home, he caused Mo Mo to be upset, and he didn’t have time to apologize. He said he would apologize to Mo Mo today. But who knew…” Li Xiangrong sighed. “Now, Mo Mo is at the main table, and we can’t go over there out of the blue. Otherwise, the attention will be focused on Mo Mo, which won’t be very good.”

Li Xiangrong pushed Wei Keli. “Apologize to Uncle and Auntie!”

Wei Keli said quickly, “Uncle, Auntie, I’m sorry.”

Xu Mingzhen flashed a sympathetic smile. “You don’t need to make things so serious between children.”

“That won’t work. We taught him since he was a child that he must take responsibility for the things he did wrong.” Li Xiangrong firmly held Xu Mingzhen’s hand. “Keli has many shortcomings, but he has his strengths. He is responsible and decisive. He never makes excuses if he’s wrong.”

Xu Mingzhen smiled and shook Li Xiangrong’s hand. “I know. Keli is also someone I watched grow up ever since he was a child. From now on, Mo Mo will have to bother him to take care of her as an older brother.”

Hearing this, Li Xiangrong’s heart was at ease.

After all, she and Xu Mingzhen had been best friends for many years, so she immediately understood what Xu Mingzhen said.

From now on, Wei Keli could only be Tan Mo’s brother, and nothing else.

Xu Mingzhen came closer and shook Li Xiangrong’s hand affectionately. “Xiangrong, no matter what, we will always be best friends. This will never change.”

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