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Chapter 13

Chapter 13: The Ultimate Zenith of Tea Art


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Tan Mo’s remarks were not only heard by Wei Zhiqian, but also by everyone around them, though many people thought that Qin Murong would definitely marry Wei Zhiqian in the future.

But it was just an unspoken understanding between the Qin and Wei families. No one had explicitly confirmed it.

Now, from Tan Mo’s words, Qin Murong herself said it with certainty.

This changed things, and even made Qin Murong seemed assuming.

Wei Zhiqian still held Tan Mo. His cold gaze landed on Qin Murong.

“I have a fiancée? Why am I not even aware of it?” Wei Zhiqian sneered. “What’s your name?”

Wei Zhiqian was clearly speaking to Qin Murong.

Qin Murong was ashamed and angry in front of so many people.

Everyone tacitly understood that she would marry Wei Zhiqian.

Now, Wei Zhiqian was asking who she was?

Wasn’t he basically publicly humiliating her?

Qin Murong didn’t speak. How could she answer this kind of question?

“I’m asking you,” Wei Zhiqian spoke again, annoyed.

Qin Murong dared not to look at her family.

She didn’t expect that Wei Zhiqian would shame the Qin family like this.

If she didn’t answer his question, this matter wouldn’t end.

Her lips twitching, Qin Murong trembled with tears in her eyes. “Qin Murong.”

Wei Zhiqian then feigned an expression of suddenly recalling who she was. “Turns out you’re from the Qin family.”

“That shouldn’t be. The daughter of the Qin family can’t even afford a doll and wants to snatch one away from a little girl…,” Wei Zhiqian said disdainfully. “You’re a grown-up, yet you helped your sister bully a little girl. Is this how the Qin family raises their daughters?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Wei Zhiqian looked to the right.

Amid the crowd of people, he searched for his good friend, Qin Mufeng.

Wei Zhiqian called to Qin Mufeng from across the crowd, “I’m not targeting your family. Your uncle’s family’s lack of etiquette won’t affect our relationship.”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Qin Zhengdu, the uncle of Qin Mufeng and the father of Qin Murong and Qin Muxiao, was speechless.

The shaming wasn’t over yet?

The heir of the Qin family was Qin Mufeng.

Qin Mufeng’s family was in control.

Although he was Qin Mufeng’s uncle, he really didn’t have much authority in the family.

That’s why he eagerly wanted Qin Murong to marry Wei Zhiqian.

But then, Wei Zhiqian threw him another jab.

Wei Zhiqian said to Qin Mufeng’s parents, “Uncle, Auntie, I’m still your beloved nephew.”

Qin Zhengdu didn’t dare to utter a word.

There was no end to this shaming!

Qin Mufeng’s father, Qin Zhenglu, nodded, then ordered Qin Zhengdu in a low voice, “Take Qin Murong and her sister back!”

Still letting them hang out there? Wasn’t it embarrassing enough?

What tacit understanding that Qin Murong and Wei Zhiqian would get married?

Qin Zhengdu propagated all these rumors.

In reality, the Qin family knew that Wei Zhiqian was out of Qin Murong’s league.

Except for Qin Zhengdu, no one had such thoughts.

Qin Zhenglu also warned Qin Zhengdu, and only then did the rumors stop being propagated.

Qin Murong felt that she had been stripped of her pride and dignity, but she tried to explain, “No, it’s not like what she said!”

But who would listen to her explanation now?

It was as if she still didn’t feel shameful enough!

“Enough!” Qin Zhengdu hurriedly interrupted. “Come back!”

“Dad!” Qin Murong was reluctant. She hadn’t explained her side yet.

“Come back this instant!” Qin Zhengdu was also extremely embarrassed.

With so many piercing eyes on him, he felt as if his face was burning in shame.

Qin Zhengdu walked over and dragged Qin Murong back.

When Qin Muxiao saw this, she could only follow obediently.

Wei Zhiqian let Wei Keli save face. After Qin Murong was taken away, he called Wei Keli over.

The guests present didn’t feel that it was appropriate to continue watching them, so they focused their attention somewhere else.

Upon facing Wei Zhiqian’s dark eyes and serious face, Wei Keli cowered.

He heard Wei Zhiqian ask, “Even I don’t know when you got yourself a little aunt. Why? Besides me, do you have to recognize another little uncle?”

“But everyone said…” Wei Keli lowered his head to explain.

“Everyone said that?” Wei Zhiqian sneered. “Has anyone from the Wei family said it? Did I say it?”

Wei Keli stopped talking. Wei Zhiqian said in a deep voice, “You’re familiar with Qin Murong and Qin Muxiao?”

Wei Keli shook his head quickly. “I’m not familiar with them, and I haven’t seen them that many times before today.”

That was true.

And now, even if he was familiar with them, he couldn’t admit it.

“Then, why are you helping outsiders to bully Tan Mo? Isn’t she a good friend of yours?” Wei Zhiqian asked.

“I…I just don’t think there is any need to argue over trivial matters.” What was wrong with giving up a doll? They were just borrowing it from her for a while.

As to whether Qin Muxiao would return the doll, it wasn’t within Wei Keli’s consideration.

Wei Keli looked up to Tan Mo for help.

He saw that Tan Mo’s face was full of obliviousness, and when Wei Keli met her gaze, she smiled.

Tan Mo’s eyes were bright, as if she could see through him in a glance.

Wei Keli suddenly didn’t dare to look at her again.

He felt ashamed towards Tan Mo.

Tan Mo might not know, but he helped the Qin sisters bully her for his benefit.

Tan Mo smiled wider when Wei Keli lowered his head.

The ultimate zenith of tea art was to set up your enemy and make them feel guilty about how they treated you.

“Go and play by yourself. You don’t need to look for Tan Mo anymore today.” After Wei Zhiqian finished speaking, he stopped paying attention to Wei Keli and went to the main table with Tan Mo in his arms.

Wei Zhiqian asked someone to add another chair for Tan Mo. “You can eat here later.”

While Wei Zhiqian spoke, he watched Tan Mo.

Tan Mo threw the Qin sisters and Wei Keli under the bus in one fell swoop. Wei Zhiqian wasn’t sure whether or not she did it on purpose.

Was she really that naive and spoke without restraint, or did she deliberately throw those three people under the bus?

If she had been a little older, Wei Zhiqian would have suspected that she did so deliberately.

But Tan Mo was only six years old.

As he was thinking about it, Tan Mo obediently responded, “Okay.”

Letting go of this issue for the time being, Wei Zhiqian touched Tan Mo’s little head.

The Qin sisters were dragged back by Qin Zhenglu to sit down. Qin Murong watched Wei Zhiqian go to the main table hand in hand with Tan Mo. He even let Tan Mo sit with him.

Qin Murong despised Tan Mo even more.

She didn’t expect that she would be thrown under the bus by a six-year-old girl.

Of course, Qin Murong didn’t think Tan Mo did so on purpose. After all, she was only six years old. How could she have such a calculative mind?

Tan Mo was so stupid. She thought that Qin Muxiao didn’t even have a doll and actually went to Wei Zhiqian to blab.

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