Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Teach Him How to Spot a Green Tea

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Tan Mo couldn’t help lamenting, “There are so many green teas around.”

She unexpectedly ran into two at once.

“Green tea?” Wei Zhiqian glanced at the table inquiringly. There was no green tea on the table.

The old lady liked to drink Longjing.

Therefore, the tea prepared on the table today was Osmanthus Longjing.

“Do you want to drink green tea?” Wei Zhiqian was about to call over a waiter and serve Tan Mo with green tea.

He didn’t expect Tan Mo to have her own requirements for tea at such a young age.

“No.” Tan Mo quickly grabbed Wei Zhiqian’s raised arm to prevent him from calling the waiter.

She didn’t drink green tea. It was so bitter.

“I mean Qin Murong and Yuan Keqing,” Tan Mo explained in a low voice.

“Why call them green tea?” Wei Zhiqian asked curiously.

“‘Green tea’ is a description of a certain type of people. It refers to those who look simple on the surface, are always bullied, but, in fact, they use this facade to attract sympathy, even men. They also use this to hurt others and destroy relationships.” Tan Mo counted her fingers and explained, “It’s not just girls. Boys could be green teas too. You can call them that collectively.”

Wei Zhiqian didn’t know what to say. He motioned for Tan Mo to continue. “For example, Qin Murong, on the surface, seemed to be kindly persuading me for my benefit. However, she was actually helping Qin Muxiao bully me. Another example is Yuan Keqing, who says that it’s okay if I don’t let her play with the doll. However, her way of saying it was very indecisive and made me seem selfish if I didn’t lend it to her. This seemed fine, but she was actually forcing others to achieve her own goals. Also, she appears to be very pitiful and woeful. That M.O. is green tea.”

Wei Zhiqian was surprised to know this.

Unexpectedly, there was such a term.

But when he thought about it, that really was the case.

“So you know what they did.” Wei Zhiqian raised his eyebrows.

Tan Mo froze and was anxious.

This wasn’t good. She said too much and might have exposed herself.

Tan Mo immediately patted her chest with a naive expression on her face. “Of course, I’m very smart.”

Seeing her like this, Wei Zhiqian smiled, relieved.

This little girl, although innocent and simple-minded, saw through things very clearly.

That was good.

“However, why do you have such extensive knowledge on this?” Wei Zhiqian noticed that Tan Mo knew a lot despite her young age.

“I have three older brothers. They explained things to me when I am at a loss. In the future, my elder brothers will fall in love and marry, so if they get fooled by green teas, it won’t be good.” Tan Mo raised her head and looked at Wei Zhiqian with her big eyes. Little Uncle, you have to be careful too. You are good-looking. Many girls like you. You must discern their character so that you don’t spend your life with the wrong partner or get fooled by a green tea.”

Wei Zhiqian laughed when he saw Tan Mo’s serious face.

This little girl was really smart.

However, a child was a child, and her focus was only on good looks.

She thought that as long as people were good-looking, many people would like them.

Wei Zhiqian simply said, “Okay.”

Tan Mo saw that Wei Zhiqian was just being cordial with her, and he wasn’t taking her seriously at all.

The little snow fairy was very angry that Wei Zhiqian didn’t care about what she had just said.

There would be very serious consequences.

Tan Mo ate a mouthful of yellow glutinous rice cake, turned her head, looked at Wei Zhiqian, and decided that she must convince Wei Zhiqian and teach him how to spot a green tea. It would come in handy in the future.

Tan Mo’s arms were short, so even if the dishes turned towards her, she couldn’t reach them even if she stretched out her arms.

Thankfully, Wei Zhiqian instructed the waiter to look after her all the time and to give her whatever she wanted.

Tan Mo had a small appetite, and soon, she was full.

She was trying to find an excuse to go back to her parents and brothers, but as soon as she looked up, she saw Old Madam Wei sitting across the table, rubbing her temples.

“Grandma, are you uncomfortable?” Wei Zhiqian noticed the same time as Tan Mo.

Old Madam Wei smiled and shook her head slowly. “It’s okay. It’s just a headache.”

“Let the doctor come and examine you.” Wei Zhiqian wanted to call the doctor.

Old Madam Wei had a private doctor, but he didn’t come today.

However, Shengyue also had an infirmary and a doctor.

This was to prevent Shengyue’s guests from experiencing any physical discomfort. If the problem wasn’t serious, it could be treated immediately in the infirmary.

If they encountered any unexpected situations, they could do the necessary first aid before the ambulance arrived.

Wei Zhiqian intended to let Shengyue’s doctor see her first.

“No,” the old madam refused, waving her hand. “It’s just a headache, and it’s an old problem you all know. Don’t worry about it.”

Even so, the old madam was obviously affected by the headache, and she didn’t have much interest in eating.

Wei Zhiqian’s attention was on the old madam, and he didn’t notice when Tan Mo slid off the chair.

When he saw Tan Mo again, she was already in front of Old Madam Wei.

The other members of the Wei family, including the tables nearby, were paying close attention to the main table.

The Wei family was one of the eight major families, and the other seven families were very familiar with the Wei family.

Of course, there were also some people who weren’t key players, such as Wei Zhigong and Wei Zhijian. Although they were part of the Wei family, they would be farther from the center of power sooner or later.

Everyone would pay special attention to the dynamics of the family’s center of power.

All the people who saw Tan Mo’s behavior stared at her closely.

“Grandma, are you in terrible pain?” Tan Mo stood beside Old Madam Wei’s seat.

Who knew that before the old madam had time to answer, Wei Zhiqian corrected her on the proper way of addressing his grandmother. “You should call her great-grandma too.”

Tan Mo just stared at Wei Zhiqian.

“It’s okay. I can bear it.” Even though her head hurt, the old madam still smiled as if nothing was wrong. She didn’t want the little girl to worry.

Tan Mo retained the insight of a little snow fairy and had an intuitive ability to differentiate between good and bad people.

Even if she had never seen the mortal world’s mirror, she wouldn’t have liked Yuan Keqing.

Although she only met the Qin sisters once, she didn’t like them either.

But towards Old Madam Wei, Tan Mo felt a natural sense of familiarity.

“Grandma, do you often have headaches?” Tan Mo raised her small face. Reaching out to touch Old Madam Wei’s temple, she stood on tiptoes.

“Whose child is this? So insolent!” An unfamiliar and stern voice of a man was heard. “The old madam is uncomfortable. This insensible child is not helping her condition. Don’t disturb the old madam.”

Everyone looked for the source of the voice and saw a male guest standing beside the table while pointing to the waiter. “Go drag the child away.”

Xu Mingzhen’s heart suddenly leaped to her throat. Although she was worried that Old Madam Wei would be unhappy because of Tan Mo’s behavior, she couldn’t let Tan Mo be reprimanded by just any man.

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