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Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Raise Her as His Own Niece

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A grown man actually tried to step on a little girl like Tan Mo to kiss up to the Wei family. This pathetic move was truly disgusting.

Before Xu Mingzhen could say anything, Tan Wenci was about to speak up to defend his baby girl.

Who knew that before he had time to speak, Wei Zhiqian already spoke, “This child belongs to my family.”

The Tan brothers couldn’t take it anymore the moment they heard this.

“She clearly belongs to our family. How could she become part of his family?” Tan Jinyi was very angry. “He wants to steal our sister from us!”

As soon as he finished talking, they heard Wei Zhiqian speak again, “My niece.”

The man who had just spoken rudely to Tan Mo was startled. His face was red in shame.

He didn’t know if it was too late to apologize to Tan Mo.

Wasn’t Tan Mo’s surname Tan?

How did Tan Mo become the niece of Wei Zhiqian?

Could she be his cousin?

But he hasn’t heard that Wei Zhiqian had a cousin whose surname was Tan.

With a sheepish expression, the man was dragged back to sit down by the person beside him, but he didn’t dare to say anything more.

Old Madam Wei didn’t say anything to the man. She sat still with Tan Mo on her lap. Her actions suggested that others shouldn’t be nosy.

He must be ashamed to bully a little girl.

“This is an old problem of mine,” Old Madam Wei said with a smile. “I didn’t pay attention to my health when I was young… And because I was young, I abused my body. I focused too much on work and ruined my health. As a result, now that I am old, my body has all sorts of issues.”

Old Madam Wei smiled at Wei Zhiqian. “So, young people must not disregard their health just because they are young.”

She affectionately pinched Tan Mo’s nose again. “You should do the same in the future.”

Tan Mo raised her hand, and her soft fingertips touched the place where Old Madam Wei had just rubbed. “Grandma, does it hurt here?”

“It’s here,” Old Madam Wei directed. “Are you going to rub it for me?”

Tan Mo nodded. With a loving expression on her face, she said, “Mo Mo will rub it for you, and all the pain will go away.”

Tan Mo’s fingers lightly touched Old Madam Wei’s temples. While rubbing it, she secretly transmitted the healing energy to Old Madam Wei’s sore spots.

Tan Mo was afraid of arousing Old Madam Wei’s suspicion. In addition, with her current human body and age, the energy that could be passed at a time was limited.

She could only transfer energy slowly and in small amounts to Old Madam Wei.

The warm energy was unobtrusive, and it didn’t arouse any suspicion from Old Madam Wei.

The temperature was controlled at the most suitable for the human body.

Old Madam Wei felt relieved. She felt better.

Tan Mo’s use of force was obviously very little. Old Madam Wei felt a little itchy, but it also felt strangely comfortable. Shortly after, the headache disappeared without her knowing it.

Old Madam Wei was happy.

“My headache is gone.” Old Madam Wei hurriedly held Tan Mo’s little hand. “Rest a while now.”

“Really?” Tan Mo asked.

“It’s true.” Although Old Madam Wei didn’t think it was because of Tan Mo at all, as soon as Tan Mo came over, her headache was relieved. This made Old Madam Wei liked Tan Mo more. “It’s all better after your massage. You’re such a lucky star!”

Tan Mo wasn’t that tired after passing on some energy to Old Madam Wei.

It was much easier than when she had to relieve Xu Mingzhen’s pain when she was a baby.

Tan Mo knew it because she was a little older now.

When she grew up, she would be even more capable.

Another reason was that Old Madam Wei’s headache wasn’t that bad.

Old Madam Wei always had a doctor to treat her. Although he couldn’t make the headache go away permanently, he was working hard to make sure that she didn’t experience much pain.

So Tan Mo didn’t need to exert too much energy this time.

It’s just that Old Madam Wei’s condition had worsened over the years, so it couldn’t be completely healed after treating it once or twice.

Old Madam Wei and Wei Zhiqian were very good.

Tan Mo and Wei Zhiqian only met once, and today was the first time she met Old Madam Wei.

But both of them were very protective of her.

She didn’t want Old Madam Wei to be tortured by headaches all the time.

It’s just that Tan Mo couldn’t tell Old Madam Wei openly that she could heal her headache.

“Then Great-grandma, next time you have a headache, just call me, and I will make your pain go away.” Tan Mo made a flicking gesture with both hands.

“Good, good.” Old Madam Wei liked her very much. She didn’t want to let go of Tan Mo. “I’ll look for you if it hurts again. With you around, my head won’t ache anymore.”

The guests who heard Old Madam Wei’s remarked wondered who the child was and which family she belonged to.

Whose child was this? She was so good at social climbing.

It didn’t matter if the Old Madam would really look for her in the future.

They all brought their children, but the old madam hadn’t spared a glance at them.

How come they didn’t have that cleverness?

They were at their wits’ end.

Qin Muxiao looked at Tan Mo with viciousness and dismay, and said to Qin Murong, “Why is Tan Mo so shameless?”

“If she isn’t shameless, she won’t be able to social climb through Wei Zhiqian.” Qin Murong could only roll her eyes while watching Tan Mo. “If only the Old Madam liked you, we wouldn’t have been shamed by Wei Zhiqian in public today.”

Qin Muxiao put away her chopsticks petulantly. “Even if Wei Zhiqian doesn’t like you, as long as the Old Madam likes ‘you’, Wei Zhiqian wouldn’t have dared to treat us like this today.”

Qin Murong said angrily, “Didn’t you cause that stupid incident earlier? If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be humiliated in front of so many important people!”

“I…I will not give up!” Qin Muxiao was angry and aggrieved. “That wretched girl Tan Mo who came out of nowhere had just met Wei Zhiqian. We have known the Wei family for many years. Are we less important than that wretched girl Tan Mo who came out of who knows where?”

“It’s not just us. Our family and the Wei family have been friends for several generations.” Qin Murong lowered her voice, “How can Tan Mo compare with us? If we compare ourselves to her, wouldn’t we be stooping to her level? Don’t waste your energy on an unimportant person.”

“Sister, you’re right.”

Madam Qin, Lu Yiling, reminded Qin Muxiao, “Today, keep a low profile and listen to your sister. Let’s investigate the Tan family’s background before we do anything.”

Tan Mo didn’t know that she was now a target.

After she relieved the headache of the old madam, she returned to Wei Zhiqian’s side and whispered, “Little Uncle, I have finished eating. Can I go back to my parents?”

Wei Zhiqian lowered his head to look at Tan Mo’s angelic face. He felt the urge to keep her with him.

It was rare to encounter such a cute, sensible, funny, and quirky child. He really liked her.

He had no problem raising her as his niece.

Wei Zhiqian rubbed the side of his knuckle with his left thumb.

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