Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Fire

Qin Mufeng knew about it more or less, but he didn’t deal with it.

Dealing with it without Qin Muye’s consent might lead to Qin Muye being a spoiled brat.

Moreover, he also wanted Qin Muye to learn to trust her family and to be open about any difficulties rather than bear them by herself.

Someone could openly say anything to their family.

Of course, if Qin Muye chose to not say anything, Qin Mufeng would still take action.

No matter how much he wanted his sister to be more open, he wouldn’t let her be bullied.

“Silly girl, no matter what you do in the future, don’t let yourself be wronged. You must tell us. Otherwise, they will think our family is easy to bully.” Breathing heavily, Dong Hanbi was still irritated.

“Alright, it won’t happen in the future. Moreover, I already know how to deal with them.” Qin Muye sniffled and told them what Tan Mo had taught her.

Dong Hanbi’s eyes lit up. “That is good.”

“Mo Mo taught me about it,” Qin Muye proudly spoke of her new friend.

“Tan Mo?” Seeing her daughter nodding, Dong Hanbi asked, “She knows too?”

Tan Mo was the first person Qin Muye told about her grudges with the Qin sisters.

Dong Hanbi was a little sad.

What did they not do to make Qin Muye feel that she could depend on them? When something happened, others learned of it first. They were her family. They should be informed first.

“Mo Mo persuaded me to tell you,” Qin Muye said. “She said that if you knew that you neglected me because you were busy and I was bullied, you would be very anguished. She also said that it would never be too late to tell my family about my deepest thoughts.”

Dong Hanbi hugged Qin Muye, thought for a while, and said, “She sounds like a nice little girl.”

Dong Hanbi saw how Tan Mo threw the Qin sisters under the bus.

Even if Qin Muye had a hundred brains, she was no match against Tan Mo.

If Tan Mo really was good, she could protect Qin Muye.

But if not, Qin Muye would be played for a fool by Tan Mo.

Dong Hanbi was worried.

Back home, Dong Hanbi avoided Qin Muye and called Xiao Menghan.

She asked about Tan Mo. “I saw that she was sitting at your table during lunch. You have been with her for a long time, so I want to hear your opinion about her.”

Dong Hanbi cared about her daughter, so she wanted to get to know her daughter’s friends.

Xiao Menghan was very understanding.

Moreover, after the incident with the Qin sisters, Dong Hanbi found out that even her nieces bullied her daughter.

Hence, it was normal for Dong Hanbi to feel uneasy about Tan Mo, who she had just met on that day.

“Zhiqian likes Tan Mo very much and even had the idea of me recognizing her as a grandniece. He even convinced us to give her a spot at Jixia Academy.” Xiao Menghan said with a smile, “Even if you don’t believe Tan Mo, you should trust Zhiqian’s judgment. Tan Mo isn’t bad. You can try to get Muye to get along with her. If Tan Mo really has bad thoughts, then let them be separated. She’s just a little girl. What other tricks she has up her sleeves that you can’t handle?”

Dong Hanbi thought about it and thanked Xiao Menghan. She decided not to interfere and let Qin Muye and Tan Mo get along naturally.


At night, Xu Mingzhen took a shower and was sitting in front of the vanity table, doing her skincare routine before going to bed.

Tan Wenci put on his pajamas, then looked at Xu Mingzhen through the mirror and said, “I want to transfer Yuan Zhengwen to a department that isn’t so important and has no authority, but has a fixed salary.”

Xu Mingzhen gently applied the eye cream around her eyes, then turned around. “Okay.”

“I know that you gave Yuan Zhengwen his current position for my sake.” Xu Mingzhen took the initiative to mention it. “I just wanted to give my sister and Keqing a better life. Yuan Zhengwen’s abilities are mediocre. He has been unable to bring the company the corresponding return he has obtained and even caused losses. You don’t have to worry about me. No matter what, our own family is more important. We have helped him enough. We can’t help him and let our family bear the damage.”

Because of Yuan Keqing’s affairs, Xu Mingzhen was also displeased with the Yuan family.

“His abilities aren’t enough. The company has indeed lost lots of profit because of him. He relies on his relationship with us, and since his position is also profitable, he privately received much under-the-table benefits. However, he brought the company very little returns. Swapping him with someone more qualified can earn 10 times more profit for the company,” Tan Wenci explained. “He has a very big ego, so if we give him an ordinary position, he will think we’re looking down on him and that he won’t be able to showcase his abilities. If we give him an important position, he embezzles and sucks profit out of the company.”

“Why didn’t you tell me this?” Xu Mingzhen felt guilty. “I originally thought that although his ability was average, he wasn’t that bad.”

“After all, he’s my brother-in-law, and you just have one sister. We’ll help as long as we can. I’ll take care of him.” Tan Wenci’s face turned dark. “It’s just that I saw him at the entrance of Shengyue today.”

“He went too?” Xu Mingzhen wasn’t stupid either. She knew someone brought Yuan Keqing there.

“It was Mo Mo who discovered him first. Yuan Zhengwen hid in the crowd not far away, probably to make sure that Yuan Keqing could enter Shengyue, so he didn’t leave in a hurry. Then Mo Mo happened to see him,” Tan Wenci said coldly. “Yuan Keqing, a little girl, definitely can’t go to Shengyue by herself. Who sent her? I thought it was the driver or nanny at home, but upon seeing Yuan Zhengwen, I thought who else could it be? I’m afraid they had discussed it beforehand.”

Tan Wenci sneered. “Yuan Zhengwen is probably not satisfied working under me and wants to do something big. But they were wrong to think of climbing up by using Mo Mo as a stepping stone.”

Tan Wenci looked towards Xu Mingzhen. “I can’t look at my niece Yuan Keqing the same way anymore.”

“I see. Don’t bother transferring him to another position. Just fire him.” Xu Mingzhen looked frosty.

The father and daughter worked together to scheme, and they didn’t treat them as family at all.

To think that the Tan family had been helping those ungrateful people all these years…

Perhaps, Yuan Zhengwen and his daughter were not only ungrateful, but were even full of complaints.

“We have helped them so much. We don’t need them to be grateful to us, but we can’t let our generosity get us enemies either. As if we’re that bored with our lives!” Xu Mingzhen was so angry that she even forgot which cream to use next.

“Okay, don’t be angry anymore. It’s not worth it.” Tan Wenci stretched out his index finger and thumb to rub Xu Mingzhen’s eyes. “Otherwise, wrinkles will appear.”

“Get lost!” After Tan Wenci teased Xu Mingzhen, most of her sulkiness dissipated.

“However, if I dismiss him directly, what will happen to your sister?” Tan Wenci asked.

“Yuan Zhengwen had been in the company for so many years, and he has embezzled quite a lot of money. It would be enough for him to start a company or something. Doesn’t he think he’s quite capable? Then let him fend for himself.” Xu Mingzhen put on a thick layer of moisturizer. She then took the paper towel to wipe off the essence on her hands.

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