Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: A Spot at Jixia Academy

Tan Mo didn’t realize how deeply hurt her parents and brothers were before.

Since then, she swore that she would never let her parents and brothers experience that tragic and painful loss in this life.

How could she just let her parents and brothers keep working hard to protect her but not do anything herself?

In this life, she would protect her parents and brothers.

Tan Mo sniffed. It was quite difficult for her to poke out her face between her second and third brothers. “I’m going to Jixia Academy.”

She had to go to Jixia Academy and work hard to be capable of protecting her family.

“But if you go, you will be the only one there. We won’t be there to take care of you,” Tan Wanqi responded. “If something happens, we won’t be able to help.”

“Don’t tell me that Wei Keli will also be there,” Tan Jinsheng chimed in. “He couldn’t be trusted in critical times, and he could betray you for his own benefit in the blink of an eye.”

“Of course, I won’t depend on him,” Tan Mo replied. “I made new friends today.”

“Is it Qin Muye?” Tan Jinyi asked.

“That’s right.” Tan Mo nodded. “Although I haven’t asked yet, I think she will also go to Jixia Academy. So if I go, I definitely won’t be alone at Jixia Academy.”

They didn’t know Qin Muye, but they saw that Wei Zhiqian and his elders agreed to let Qin Muye play with Tan Mo.

With Wei Zhiqian’s and the others’ affirmations, Qin Muye was probably a good child.

Wasn’t Wei Zhiqian hostile towards Qin Murong and Qin Muxiao?

“Mo Mo, are you sure you want to go to Jixia Academy?” Tan Wenci asked. “You don’t have to decide now. For such an important matter, you can consider it for a few days. I don’t want you to make a hasty decision.”

“I’m not being impulsive. I have considered everything.” Tan Mo was sure.

Now that she had decided to protect her parents, in addition to her own abilities, going to Jixia Academy could also contribute to her future development.

So why not?

She knew she couldn’t get in before, so she didn’t even think about it.

But now that she had this opportunity, how could she let it pass?

“Dad, you can talk to Grandpa Wei and say we have agreed.” Tan Mo was afraid that things would change if they didn’t send a response quickly. “If we stall for too long, they would think we aren’t willing to. They might give the spot to someone else.”

Seeing that Tan Mo had already decided, Tan Wenci immediately called Wei Mingwen.

As soon as he hung up, Tan Wenci said to everyone, “We have already discussed the matter. Mr. Wei said that in about a week, Jixia Academy will send an admission notice. After the notice arrives, Jixia Academy will call to proceed with the general registration and a telephone interview. They will inquire about the situation of the student and talk about some things and matters to be prepared for the beginning of school.”

“Wow! So fast.” Xu Mingzhen didn’t expect that Wei Mingwen could do things so quickly and efficiently.

“I didn’t expect Mr. Wei to be such a decisive person.” When he was in Shengyue, Wei Mingwen also took the initiative to exchange phone numbers, and that really surprised him.

After all, not everyone could easily get the phone number of the Wei family’s patriarch.


Meanwhile, Qin Muye also sat in the same car with her parents and brother.

Qin Muye was sitting with Qin Mufeng, while Qin Zhenglu and Dong Hanbi were sitting next to each other.

“Dad, Mom, Brother…,” Qin Muye called out in hesitation.

“What?” Dong Hanbi was all ears to her baby girl.

“I want to talk about my cousins Murong and Muxiao.” Fiddling with her hands, Qin Muye was a little nervous, and her heart was beating fast.

Qin Mufeng’s eyebrows were slightly furrowed, and he wore a serious expression. He reached out and held Qin Muye’s hand.

She was obviously complaining about others, so why was she picking her nails?

Some people kept saying that Qin Muye was a tomboy.

Was there a tomboy who would get nervous as easily as Muye?

Those people who liked to criticize others didn’t understand Qin Muye at all!

“What’s wrong with them?” Dong Hanbi asked in bewilderment.

She knew that Qin Muye didn’t get along with the two sisters very much, but she always thought it was because of personality differences that they couldn’t play without arguing. Hence, she didn’t force her daughter to foster a deep relationship with those two sisters.

“Muxiao always asks me for things. Whenever she sees I have something new, she asks for it. Murong helps her get her way. Her words make me uncomfortable. It seems that if I didn’t give what Muxiao was asking for, it would be my fault for being selfish, for having no sense of sisterhood, and for looking down on others.” After Qin Muye had said it all, she felt relieved.

The warmth of her brother’s palm wrapped around her hands made her feel at ease.

“Those words that Cousin Murong had said, although she would change the words slightly every time, they are almost the same as what she said to Tan Mo today.”

Dong Hanbi would have hesitated for a moment if it wasn’t for that incident involving Tan Mo today.

Qin Murong was older than them. Perhaps Qin Muye misunderstood what Qin Murong meant.

But judging from the incident with Tan Mo earlier, Dong Hanbi knew that Qin Murong wasn’t as gentle and generous as she thought she was.

Just now, what Qin Muye had said was related to that same incident.

Dong Hanbi realized that Qin Muye perfectly understood Qin Murong’s words.

It’s the Qin sisters who were outrageous.

Dong Hanbi’s face sank. “Muye, don’t hesitate to tell us in the future. I would never invite the sisters to our house again. But we are all relatives, so we would inevitably see them during the holidays. If they are still like that, you can scold them. If they dare to tell their elders, don’t worry, I will defend you. I will never let you be wronged.”

“Mom…” Tears welled in Qin Muye’s eyes.

She felt good knowing that her family had her back. She didn’t have to give in to the demands of those two evil sisters.

Qin Muye wished that she had said it earlier.

She wouldn’t have to endure so much by herself.

“Come.” When the car stopped at the red light, Dong Hanbi pulled Qin Muye over and sat between her and Qin Zhenglu.

“Silly girl, how long has this been happening? How come you’re only saying it now?” Dong Hanbi held Qin Muye in her arms.

In her mother’s warm embrace, Qin Muye felt secured.

“You two are so busy, and my brother also has a lot on his plate, so it’s very stressful for me. I don’t want to bother you guys because of this. And, after all, they’re our relatives. So even if I tell you about it, will you still rebuke them?” Qin Muye looked at her mother expectantly.

“Yes,” Qin Mufeng chimed in solemnly. “You have said it. They’re just relatives, not our own family. No one can bully you, relatives or not. Don’t blame yourself for not speaking out earlier. You also said that I have a lot on my plate because I am the future patriarch. These relatives will rely on my leadership in the future. At present, they depend on our father’s leadership… They rely on us while bullying our precious little girl. I’m appalled that they dared!”

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