Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Don’t Want to Splash Her with a Bucket of Cold Water

Xu Mingjing looked at Yuan Keqing tenderly. In her eyes, her daughter was sensible. “Isn’t Mo Mo going to enter Shijing with Keqing? Since school is about to start, I thought about paying a visit. It would be a great time for them to bond.”

Xu Mingzhen never mentioned to Xu Mingjing about Tan Mo going to Jixia Academy.

It’s not that they were afraid that Yuan Keqing would ruin things, but they were worried that Yuan Keqing would stir up trouble.

But now that Xu Mingjing had mentioned school, Xu Mingzhen couldn’t keep it a secret any longer. She didn’t want her sister to accuse her of deliberately keeping it from her.

“Mo Mo, she…” Xu Mingzhen was just about to explain.

Unexpectedly, Yuan Keqing interrupted her and said, “I have met a few new friends—all of whom are going to Shijing. After two days, we will find time, and I will take my cousin to meet them. This way, she will have companions in Shijing and won’t be alone.”

“Should we tell our aunt and Keqing that Mo Mo is going to Jixia Academy instead of Shijing?” Tan Jinyi asked in their WeChat group.

Tan Mo wasn’t in this group. The three brothers figured it would be easier for them to discuss and surprise Tan Mo.

Before Tan Jinqi had time to reply, they heard Yuan Keqing say, “Although her older brothers are also in Shijing, the oldest brother is in middle school, and the second brother is also going to middle school when school starts. The third brother isn’t in the same grade level as us, and he has his own circle of friends. He can’t play with us every day. Among the few friends I met this time, there are…”

Yuan Keqing turned around and asked Xu Mingjing, “Mom, what are the names of those companies?”

“There is the heiress of Chengyi Construction Company, the heiress of Xining Shoe Company, and the heiress of Haile Clothing Brand.” These three were a notch better than the Tan family. Xu Mingjing smiled. “In Shijing, they’re the crème de la crème.”

“Mom, you have forgotten the most important thing. There is also the daughter of Shijing’s principal,” Yuan Keqing boasted.

The Tan brothers instantly understood.

Yuan Keqing wasn’t so kind to introduce Tan Mo to friends. She was here to show off to Tan Mo.

Tan Jinsheng immediately replied in the group, “Let’s not tell her that Mo Mo is going to Jixia Academy.”

Tan Jinqi agreed, “Yes, she has the rare opportunity of showing off. We don’t want to ruin her moment by splashing her with a bucket of cold water.”

“Fortunately, Mo Mo chose to go to Jixia Academy,” Tan Jinyi replied. “If she went to Shijing, she would be bullied by Yuan Keqing’s little gang.”

Tan Jinqi and Tan Jinsheng nodded in unison.

The three brothers were all apprehensive.

“Cousin, I will take you to meet them in two days,” Yuan Keqing informed Tan Mo.

Xu Mingzhen felt that if she didn’t tell the truth now, she would be mean.

She was about to speak, but Tan Mo beat her to it, “You’re so impressive. When did you make so many friends?”

Yuan Keqing looked embarrassed and smiled. “I just met them by chance.”

“But, Cousin, their status is relatively high, so you must not throw tantrums around them. They aren’t like me. I could tolerate your tantrums since we’re family.” Yuan Keqing had long wanted to turn the tables towards Tan Mo.

“Especially the daughter of Shijing’s principal. Even others are very polite to her. If you have a good relationship with her, more opportunities in terms of school activities and honors will be readily available to you.” Yuan Keqing pursed her lips, then hesitated before saying, “It’s just that among the group, Cousin might be the lowest-ranked. But it doesn’t matter, because it’s better than being excluded.”

“I’ve already inquired. In each grade, the one with the best family is at the top, and everyone else has to listen to them.” Yuan Keqing turned around and asked Wei Keli, “Brother Keli, is this the same with Jixia Academy?”

“Indeed, this is probably a common problem. No matter where you are, there are relatively good and poor family backgrounds. Children in Jixia Academy are looked up to outside. However, inside the school, there is a gap. Those who are relatively poorer will be more inferior. Therefore, they are more willing to make connections with those with better family backgrounds to improve themselves and help their own families,” Wei Keli explained.

“Cousin, there is nothing you can do about this. If you want to make connections, you must have a good relationship with my friends. If you annoy them, then you might not be able to stay in Shijing. Also, if you get along well with them, it will be very helpful to my uncle’s company.”

Wei Keli didn’t expect that Yuan Keqing could already think so meticulously at such a young age.

Compared with her, Tan Mo really was a kid who didn’t understand anything.

“Keqing, Mo Mo, she…”

She’s going to Jixia Academy, so she didn’t need you to introduce her to the principal’s daughter or other heiresses.

Unfortunately, Xu Mingzhen wasn’t able to reveal the truth.

Yuan Keqing continued to blab, “Auntie, I know you dote on my cousin very much. It’s just that the matter of making friends is all about chemistry. If they don’t have chemistry with my cousin, then I can’t help it. If I can help, I will help, and all I can do is introduce my cousin to them. Therefore, my cousin herself has to work hard.”

She had always been the one pleasing Tan Mo.

She couldn’t wait to see Tan Mo humbly pleasing others.

The Tan family’s background was average in Shijing.

If Tan Mo wanted her life to be easy, she had to find allies.

To put it bluntly, Tan Mo could only be an underling.

“Our Mo Mo has never needed to kiss up to others, and she doesn’t need to bow down to others.” Although Tan Mo would never experience this, even if others were just talking about this possibility, Tan Jinqi still couldn’t bear it.

“Brother Jinqi, this is all for the sake of my cousin. Otherwise, my cousin will find it difficult at Shijing,” Yuan Keqing said with feigned sincerity. “Moreover, because I am their friend, my cousin has this opportunity to meet them. She couldn’t meet them through her own efforts.”

Tan Mo even had to thank her.

“You humbly kiss up to others, and you want to drag Mo Mo along? Mo Mo doesn’t need it!” he said coldly.

“I didn’t try to humbly kiss up to them. We just had chemistry,” Yuan Keqing defended.

Tan Jinyi sneered. So Yuan Keqing meant that she and those few were good friends, and they were going to watch Tan Mo humbly please others.

“Cousin, those heiresses are different from those people we usually know. You…”

Ding dong!

Yuan Keqing wasn’t able to finish speaking when the doorbell rang again.

Auntie Guo was surprised when she heard another visitor ringing the doorbell. She didn’t bother to inform Xu Mingzhen.

She was afraid that the other party would be kept waiting outside, so she quickly opened the door.

Upon seeing who the visitor was, Auntie Guo hurried over and whispered to Xu Mingzhen’s ear, “Madam, it’s the little girl from the Qin family. Qin Muye is here.”

Xu Mingzhen’s eyes widened and hurried to the door.

Qin Muye was ushered in.

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