Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Yeah, Right, They Will Help!

Standing beside Qin Muye was Dong Hanbi.

Xu Mingzhen’s heartbeat quickened. “Mrs. Qin.”

“I’m sorry for coming here without notice. Muye insisted that we visit Tan Mo. Since Old Madam Wei’s birthday banquet, she has been wanting to come and play with Tan Mo.” Dong Hanbi affectionately patted Qin Muye’s head and smiled. “Letting someone send her over would be rude, so I took the liberty to bring her here.”

Dong Hanbi saw the four pairs of shoes in the hallway that obviously belonged to other guests. She then remarked, quite embarrassed, “I’m really sorry that I took the liberty of coming here. I didn’t know you have guests.”

Dong Hanbi wasn’t presumptuous.

If only Qin Muye came by herself, since she was a child, she wouldn’t observe proper behavior.

It’s just that Dong Hanbi really wanted to meet Tan Mo.

Thus, she went with her daughter.

Xu Mingzhen silently complained.

Wei Keli had already been snatched away by Yuan Keqing. What if she snatched Qin Muye too?

If the older brother who was good to her in the past was easily lured and the friend she had just met was also snatched away, Xu Mingzhen couldn’t bear to think of how sad her daughter would be.

However, Xu Mingzhen couldn’t drive others away, so she smiled enthusiastically and said, “Why so courteous? Please come in.”

Qin Muye said hello politely, then changed her shoes and came in.

“Mo Mo!” Qin Muye didn’t care about the others at all and ran towards Tan Mo. Her voice was heard before she even appeared. “I heard you are going to Jixia Academy!”

Yuan Keqing was just about to say something to Tan Mo when, suddenly, the words were stuck in her mouth.

She looked at Tan Mo in shock.

Then, everyone saw Xu Mingzhen coming in with Dong Hanbi.

“This is Mrs. Qin,” Xu Mingzhen introduced her to Xu Mingjing.

Li Xiangrong was certainly no stranger to Dong Hanbi.

“Sorry, I didn’t know there were guests at home.” Dong Hanbi smiled.

“Mrs. Qin.” Li Xiangrong didn’t expect to have another surprise today.

Tan Mo’s relationship with Qin Muye was good that Dong Hanbi brought Qin Muye to visit.

Just now, Qin Muye said that Tan Mo would go to Jixia Academy…

Li Xiangrong couldn’t help but re-evaluate Tan Mo.

She had parents and older brothers who doted on her, a good friend like Qin Muye, and was even liked by Wei Zhiqian.

The benefits that Tan Mo could bring her family were great.

“The more people, the livelier.” Li Xiangrong smiled and hurriedly moved aside to let Dong Hanbi sit down.

Qin Muye sat next to Tan Mo.

Xu Mingjing was a little embarrassed and nervous.

Today, she saw not only the madam of the Wei family, but also the madam of the Qin family.

Was Xu Mingzhen usually socializing with these sorts of women?

“By the way, Muye just said that Mo Mo is going to Jixia Academy?” Li Xiangrong turned her head to ask Xu Mingzhen.

“Yes.” Xu Mingzhen nodded. “We’re extremely lucky that our Mo Mo was accepted.”

Xu Mingzhen didn’t mention Wei Mingwen.

They only gave Tan Mo a spot. If Xu Mingzhen talked a lot, it would appear as if the Tan family and the Wei family were old friends.

Wouldn’t that be social climbing?

If word got out, people would laugh at the Tan family.

“That’s great.” The spot came from the Wei family. Wei Mingwen had the right to use it at will, but Wei Zhijian didn’t. That’s why Li Xiangrong was unable to recommend Tan Mo. “This way, Mo Mo can be in the same school as Keli.”

“Keli, you have to take good care of your two younger sisters.” Li Xiangrong instructed Wei Keli, tilting her head. She then said to Tan Mo and Qin Muye gently, “In the future, in school, no matter what happens, look for your brother Keli. If you’re being bullied, let him support you.”

Qin Muye sneered. Look for Wei Keli’s support?

It would depend on the person bullying them and whether or not Wei Keli could afford to offend them.

If he couldn’t afford to provoke them, it would be good enough if Wei Keli didn’t take their side.

Despite knowing that she belonged to the Qin family, the other party still dared to bully her. Either the other party was stupid or was someone Wei Keli couldn’t afford to offend.

“I…” Qin Muye was about to mock Wei Keli.

Tan Mo grabbed her hand and gently squeezed it twice. Then, Tan Mo said sweetly, “Okay, I will look for Brother Keli if something happens.”

Dong Hanbi watched Tan Mo’s small gesture of quietly stopping Qin Muye. Her heart softened, and she was relieved.

Qin Muye was brutally honest, and she always said whatever was on her mind. Most of the time, she wasn’t aware that she was putting herself at a disadvantage by offending people.

With the perceptive Tan Mo by her side to keep her in check, Dong Hanbi was relieved.

“Don’t worry.” Wei Keli was also very happy. “It’s a pity that Keqing can’t go to Jixia Academy with us. She has to stay in Shijing alone.”

Yuan Keqing opened her mouth, but didn’t know what to say.

Yuan Keqing’s face almost turned blue.

Li Xiangrong smiled insincerely as she said, “Keqing still has her three cousins. How can she be alone? Her three brothers can help if she has any problems.”

So she shouldn’t worry about it.

Tan Jinqi laughed but didn’t say anything.

If there was a problem, they would help… Yeah, right.

Tan Jinsheng raised his eyebrows and said with a laugh, “Keqing, your friends don’t need to be introduced to Mo Mo.”

“Yes.” Tan Jinyi liked the embarrassment on Yuan Keqing’s face. “Mo Mo will not go to Shijing. She won’t have the chance to meet your friends. Just get along with them yourself.”

“Sister, why didn’t you say anything about Mo Mo going to Jixia Academy?” Xu Mingjing was quite envious.

She didn’t know how the Tan family was able to get a slot at the prestigious school.

She envied them for having good connections, but, at the same time, she was also a bit sad.

She thought that Tan Mo would go to Shijing with Yuan Keqing, but, unexpectedly, Tan Mo would go to Jixia Academy.

The gap between Yuan Keqing and Tan Mo was getting wider.

Blaming them for their inability as parents and for not creating better conditions for their child, Xu Mingjing sighed.

It’s just that Xu Mingzhen had a way to get Tan Mo into Jixia Academy. Why didn’t she tell her?

Was it because of the matter with Yuan Zhengwen? She probably had not forgiven them…

“The admission notice has just been delivered. I haven’t had the opportunity to tell you.” Xu Mingzhen shrugged. “Moreover, this matter doesn’t need to be publicized. Do you have to publicize whose child is going to elementary school?”

Xu Mingjing muttered in her head, ‘But this is different. This is Jixia Academy.’

There were three prestigious institutions, and children entering any one of them were all worthy of publicity.

One was Qingda, the other was Jingda, and then Jixia Academy.

At this time, Yuan Keqing had been pulling Xu Mingjing’s blouse a few times.

Xu Mingjing tilted her head and saw Yuan Keqing’s eager expression.

Xu Mingjing understood what Yuan Keqing meant, so she slightly leaned forward and asked, “Sister, how did you get Mo Mo into Jixia Academy? Why didn’t you tell me that it’s actually possible?”

Xu Mingzhen felt as if she was suffocating.

Was Xu Mingjing asking her in front of Dong Hanbi and Li Xiangrong to pressure her?

The children of the Qin family and the Wei family were both in Jixia Academy. They didn’t bother to ask how Xu Mingzhen managed to enroll her daughter there.

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