Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Little Uncle

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“Okay. Come down quickly. Just look at how tired your brother is.” Xu Mingzhen smiled as she said, “We should set off too.”

Tan Jinqi breathed a sigh of relief. He really couldn’t carry Tan Mo anymore.

He quickly put Tan Mo down. Even his hands were shaking.

Tan Mo raised her head to look at Tan Jinqi. “Brother, are you tired?”

Tan Jinqi hid his trembling hands behind his back and smiled. “I’m not tired.”

Tan Jinqsheng said, “I envy my eldest brother. He can hold Mo Mo for so long.”

Tan Jinqyi chimed in, “I also envy eldest brother!”

The hands that were hidden behind Tan Jinqi’s back were clenched tightly, and he struggled to keep a steady composure.


Xu Mingzhen brought Tan Mo and Yuan Keqing to Wei Keli’s house.

When Li Xiangrong saw Tan Mo, she held her in her arms and kissed her twice. “Our little Mo Mo is really getting more and more beautiful. You haven’t seen me for so long. Have you missed me?”

“I missed you.” Tan Mo puckered her lips.

Li Xiangrong immediately tucked the loose hair behind her ears and put her cheek forward. Tan Mo planted a kiss on Li Xiangrong’s cheek.

“Mo Mo.” Wei Keli looked at Tan Mo eagerly, his face full of joy.

Tan Mo looked at the 10-year-old boy in front of her. He was really good to her, and he had never done anything mean to her nor had he bullied her.

“Brother Keli,” Tan Mo greeted him and smiled sweetly.

Tan Mo didn’t want to harm him as early as now.

As long as Wei Keli treated her well, then she would still play with him.

However, if Wei Keli wronged her, then he shouldn’t blame her for being merciless when she retaliated.

It’s just that it would be impossible for her to like Wei Keli.

“This is…?” Li Xiangrong noticed Yuan Keqing.

Xu Mingzhen smiled and introduced her, “This is my niece, Yuan Keqing. She came over to see Mo Mo and play with her at home today. Unfortunately, she had no one to look after her at home, so she went to our house. We did promise that we would come by, so I thought of bringing her here.”

Li Xiangrong didn’t mind. Since she was the junior of her best friend, she was her junior as well.

Li Xiangrong instructed Wei Keli, “You take your two younger sisters to play and take good care of them.”

Wei Keli agreed and led Tan Mo and Yuan Keqing to play.

“You’re Mo Mo’s younger sister, so you’re also my younger sister,” Wei Keli said gently. “Don’t be too reserved and just tell me if you need anything.”

“Thank you, Brother Keli.” Right after speaking, Yuan Keqing looked at Tan cautiously before saying, “Can I call you that too? Can I call you Brother Keli?”

Wei Keli looked at the little girl who appeared timid in front of him. Her round eyes appeared like those of a deer who had stumbled into a dangerous forest.

After Yuan Keqing finished speaking, she suddenly glanced at Tan Mo, then lowered her head in fear, shook her head, and said, “It’s okay. Treat it as if I didn’t say it.”

Yuan Keqing raised her head again and smiled at Wei Keli timidly.

Wei Keli glanced at Tan Mo in shock. Did Tan Mo bully Yuan Keqing before?

Otherwise, Yuan Keqing wouldn’t have acted so afraid of Tan Mo.

Then again, from the innocent expression on Tan Mo’s face, that didn’t seem like the case.

However, this still aroused Wei Keli’s protective instinct, so he said to Yuan Keqing, “Of course, you can call me that. As I have said, you’re also my little sister. Like Mo Mo, you can call me Brother Keli as well.”

Yuan Keqing nodded in surprise and gratitude. “Brother Keli.”

After she called him that, she smiled at Wei Keli thoughtfully.

Wei Keli felt even more pitiful toward this well-behaved and shy little sister.

“By the way, the last time I went out to play, I found this Barbie afternoon tea set while passing by a shop.” As Wei Keli spoke, he took out a box from the cabinet. The packaging hadn’t been opened yet.

Inside were exquisite afternoon tea tableware ranging from cups, saucers, teapots, to dessert tower plates.

“When added together with the previous holiday house set, we can play tea with it,” Wei Keli said while taking out the holiday house set. “It’s just so happened that Sister Keqing is also here, so you two can play, and I can be the butler.”

“Okay!” Yuan Keqing clapped her hands.

Different toys were also placed on the carpet.

Tan Mo and Yuan Keqing were sitting opposite each other, and a blonde doll and a brunette doll were in front of them.

Yuan Keqing saw the blonde doll at a glance, and she quickly reached out to bring the blonde doll over.

When Yuan Keqing was about to pick it up, Wei Keli quickly took the blonde doll without noticing her hand and gave it to Tan Mo. “Mo Mo, here, this is your favorite Princess Lily.”

Princess Lily was Tan Mo’s name for the blonde doll.

“Thank you, Brother Keli.” Tan Mo took the doll, and she saw that Yuan Keqing’s eyes were fixed on her blonde doll.

Yuan Keqing looked at the brunette doll in her hand and then at the blonde doll in Tan Mo’s hands. The more she looked at it, the more she found the blonde doll more attractive.

This had always been the case. Even at home, everyone would give Tan Mo the best things or let Tan Mo pick first.

Yuan Keqing lowered her head. The urge to tear off the brunette doll arose in her heart.

When Yuan Keqing looked up again, she had a sorry expression on her face. “Cousin, can you give me the blonde doll? I like that blonde doll.”

Tan Mo didn’t even have the chance to speak.

“Brother Keli…” Yuan Keqing looked at Wei Keli sadly.

“Mo Mo, you’re her elder sister, so why don’t you swap dolls with Sister Keqing?” Wei Keli wanted to convey that Yuan Keqing was relatively younger, so Tan Mo should give in to her requests.

Tan Mo sneered in her heart. From now on, Wei Keli was dead to her.

Tan Mo had a calm expression on her face, and she said crisply, “Okay.”

Yuan Keqing was surprised. Tan Mo smiled and said, “You’re my younger sister. I can let you have your way. But, Keqing, you can’t just randomly ask people for things just because you are young. Not everyone can let you have your way.”

Tan Mo stretched out her arm with the doll in her hand.

Yuan Keqing’s mouth moved, grinding her teeth, and wanted to cry.

She was told that she was randomly asking people for things. Was she a beggar?

Looking at Wei Keli again, she saw that he was actually looking at Tan Mo with satisfaction.

“Here, here you go,” Tan Mo said generously.

Yuan Keqing lowered her head and slowly stretched out her hand as if she was wronged, as if she was forced by Tan Mo to take the doll.

However, when Tan Mo was about to let go, Yuan Keqing’s hand suddenly bent, and the doll fell to the floor.

It looked like Tan Mo deliberately threw the doll on the ground to humiliate Yuan Keqing.

“Mo Mo, why did you throw the doll away?” Wei Keli was anxious. He felt that Tan Mo threw it away on purpose.

Tan Mo ignored him and looked at Yuan Keqing without any sign of remorse on her face.

She stopped playing Yuan Keqing’s tricks a thousand years ago.

Back in the day, she was the only one who was favored by the reverential master because of her superb tea art skills.

Yuan Keqing’s petty tricks were beneath her.

“Brother Keli, don’t misunderstand her. It definitely wasn’t my cousin throwing it away on purpose. If I was a little faster, I could have caught it.” Yuan Keqing hurriedly waved her hand. “Moreover, this doll wasn’t really mine. It’s actually very nice of her to lend it to me.”

Wei Keli frowned. Now, he became even more convinced that Tan Mo threw it on purpose because she was unwilling to give it to Yuan Keqing.

Tan Mo quietly watched Yuan Keqing do her acting and was about to speak when someone sternly said, “Obviously, you didn’t catch it on purpose.”

Tan Mo turned her head in surprise and saw a young man standing at the door. He looked a little like Wei Keli, but much better.

He had the kind of looks that Wei Keli could not even compare to even if he was driving a Lamborghini.

“Little Uncle.” Wei Keli quickly stood up.

Wei Zhiqian was the only one who could be called Little Uncle by Wei Keli.

He was the heir of the Wei family and the next head of the family.

Tan Mo heard her parents mention that Wei Zhiqian was now 15 years old, so he was only five years older than Wei Keli.

But Wei Keli was in awe of him.

Wei Zhiqian didn’t bother to pay attention to the idiot Wei Keli and walked directly to Tan Mo’s side, then squatted, and embraced her.

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