Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Don’t Covet Others’ Stuff

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“Since you knew that it wasn’t yours, why did you shamelessly ask for it?” Wei Zhiqian’s face appeared scornful. “It’s disdainful to be so b*chy at such a young age.”

Tan Mo was stunned.

She had forgotten to harness her tea art powers. She turned her head and looked at Wei Zhiqian blankly.

He was such a fresh-faced young boy, yet he had a sharp tongue.

Tan Mo liked him so much.

Yuan Keqing was aggrieved and cried. No one had ever said anything like that to her.

Yuan Keqing blurted out, “But these aren’t my cousin’s either!”

These were obviously Wei Keli’s toys, so it had nothing to do with Tan Mo. Both she and Tan Mo could play with them.

“These are mine,” Tan Mo said in spite of Yuan Keqing’s astonished expression. “These were all bought for me by Auntie Rong, and because there were too many, I left some here so it would be convenient for me to play with them every time I visit.”

Yuan Keqing’s lips were trembling, and her gaze shifted between Tan Mo and We Zhiqian.

Wei Zhiqian motioned for Tan Mo to sit down on his lap and then said to her, “Don’t give your things to such a disgusting person. Burn them than give them to her. You can deal with your own things as you like. No one else has the right to blame you.”

Tan Mo looked at Wei Zhiqian blankly.

Although her parents spoiled her, they also taught her to be polite.

Only her three older brothers let her have her way.

But her brothers were also her family members.

Wei Zhiqian was the first person outside of her family to say this to her.

Tan Mo felt a strange yet warm feeling in her heart.

“Little Uncle,” Wei Keli called out hesitantly.

How could Wei Zhiqian teach Tan Mo those things?

Wouldn’t he make little sister Mo Mo wayward?

“And you, Tan Mo is your younger sister who has been playing with you. You did not protect her, and also you even helped an outsider snatch her things!” Wei Zhiqian sternly rebuked Wei Keli. “An outsider slandered her, but you didn’t trust her. Your friendship for so many years has gone in vain!”

Tan Mo’s tiny mouth was agape from shock. Wei Zhiqian turned his head and saw her expression, so he said, “Look, you guys bullied her so ruthlessly that her face is pale!”

The little girl was bullied so ruthlessly that she couldn’t speak anymore. It was so pitiful.

Wei Zhiqian was worried about letting Tan Mo stay here any longer, so he simply carried her and got up.

Before leaving, he was still fuming, so he told Yuan Keqing harshly, “At such a young age, you are already scheming. From now on, don’t covet other peoples’ stuff!”

Yuan Keqing’s entire body quivered, and under Wei Zhiqian’s gaze, she felt chilled to the bone.

“Brother Zhiqian,” Tan Mo called out.

She thought that Wei Zhiqian didn’t look that old, but she was a little snow fairy who had lived for a thousand years. She couldn’t exactly bring herself to call him brother.

Who knew that Wei Zhiqian would correct her by saying, “Call me ‘Little Uncle.'”

Tan Mo, “…”

“Just follow Keli’s lead and call me Little Uncle,” Wei Zhiqian said gently.

Since Tan Mo was Wei Keli’s little sister, then she was also his niece.

There was nothing wrong with that way of addressing him.

“Little Uncle…” Tan Mo had no choice but to change her way of addressing him.

“Good.” Wei Zhiqian touched Tan Mo’s little head with immense satisfaction.

“Little Uncle, how do you know that my name is Tan Mo?” They hadn’t seen each other before today.

“Of course, I have often heard my sister-in-law talk about you.” What Wei Zhiqian didn’t say was that when he first heard her name, he even mumbled and poked fun about who would name their child Tan Mo. How odd did that name sound?

In the room, Yuan Keqing was crying intensely that she was hiccupping. “Brother Keli, I really didn’t mean to steal something from my cousin. I didn’t know it was her stuff. I didn’t do what Little Uncle was accusing me of.”

At this time, Wei Zhiqian had already gone downstairs with Tan Mo, so he didn’t know that Yuan Keqing had already started calling him Little Uncle.

Although Wei Zhiqian asked Tan Mo to call him Little Uncle, not everyone could call him that.

Wei Keli quickly took a tissue and wiped away Yuan Keqing’s tears. “My Little Uncle speaks harshly, not just to you, so don’t take it to heart. It’s okay.”

Yuan Keqing sobbed and asked, “Brother Keli, do you believe me?”

“Of course,” Wei Keli answered softly. How could such a small girl have bad thoughts his little uncle said she did?

Yuan Keqing appeared to be a timid and sensitive girl.

Yuan Keqing was relieved and smiled at Wei Keli.

Xu Mingzhen was taken aback when she saw that Wei Zhiqian came down while carrying Tan Mo in his arms.

He was the heir of the Wei family.

Even Li Xiangrong was surprised. She asked hurriedly, “Why did you come down?”

“Sister-in-law, it’s time for you to discipline Keli properly.” Wei Zhiqian’s words frightened Li Xiangrong.

“What did he do wrong?” He was actually even caught in the act by Wei Zhiqian.

Although Li Xiangrong was Wei Zhiqian’s sister-in-law, her age was almost the same as that of Wei Zhiqian’s mother.

However, when talking with Wei Zhiqian, Li Xiangrong was still very nervous around him.

It wasn’t just because he was the next head of the Wei family.

The boy in front of her was still young, but he had an imposing nature that people couldn’t help but be in awe of him.

Wei Zhiqian simply related what he had just seen. He didn’t exaggerate.

“I won’t talk about anything else.” When Wei Zhiqian saw that Wei Keli was still holding Yuan Keqing’s hand while going down the stairs, he was even more indignant. “He isn’t capable of sound judgment. He is too easily deceived by appearances and manipulated by others. In the Wei family, being young can never be used as an excuse.”

Li Xiangrong knew what was going on as soon as she heard this, and she turned her head to look at Wei Keli sternly.

As for Yuan Keqing, Li Xiangrong didn’t say anything to her.

She was brought by Xu Mingzhen after all.

Besides, Xu Mingzhen’s facial expression wasn’t pleasant at the moment.

She felt like she let Tan Mo be bullied right under her nose.

Her three sons have always disliked Yuan Keqing, but she thought it was because Tan Mo played with Yuan Keqing all the time, and that made her three sons jealous.

Now, it seemed that her sons’ guarded demeanor was justified.

Her three sons had probably already seen through Yuan Keqing.

Xu Mingzhen looked at Yuan Keqing and sighed.

However, Yuan Keqing was only a child, so she couldn’t be completely dismissed right now.

“Young Master Wei!” At this moment, a young man came in with a box in his hand.

It was only then that Wei Zhiqian put Tan Mo down.

While he was carrying her just a few moments ago, both Li Xiangrong’s and Xu Mingzhen’s hearts tensed up. They wanted to say something but didn’t know what.

This was the heir of the Wei family, one of the top eight families in China.

This young man had a pivotal position not only in the Wei family but also in China.

Wei Zhiqian took the box and handed it to Tan Mo. “Meeting gift.”

Before he came, he didn’t know that Tan Mo was here, but she was a valued friend of his sister-in-law’s family.

Wei Zhiqian hurriedly asked someone to prepare a gift.

“Thank you, Little Uncle.” Tan Mo accepted it.

Xu Mingzhen took a deep breath. Could she casually call him that?

Even if she were good friends with Wei Keli, she still couldn’t call him that way.

The Tan family couldn’t bear the weight of that association.

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