Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Hurriedly Cling to Him

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Wei Keli frowned. He didn’t expect Xu Mingzhen to appear so friendly but be so harsh to Yuan Keqing in private.

If Xu Mingzhen hadn’t said that to Yuan Keqing, how could she understand what those words mean? Yuan Keqing was still so young.

Weren’t they a family?

Wei Keli felt pity toward Yuan Keqing, so he stretched out his hand and said, “It’s okay. Just say that I brought you.”

Tan Wenci was holding his little princess when he suddenly heard Yuan Keqing’s voice, “Uncle, Aunt.”

The Tan family looked around and wondered whose familiar voice was it.

Was it Yuan Keqing?

They saw Wei Keli, holding Yuan Keqing’s hand, coming over.

Yuan Keqing triumphantly looked up at Tan Mo, who was in Tan Wenci’s arms.

So what if the Tan family didn’t bring her here?

Didn’t Wei Keli bring her here himself?

“Keqing, why are you here?” Xu Mingzhen asked, confused.

Yuan Keqing didn’t answer. Instead, she hid behind Wei Keli, as if she was afraid of what Xu Mingzhen might do.

Xu Mingzhen frowned. Yuan Keqing reacted as if she had scolded her.

Wei Keli felt that Xu Mingzhen was mean to Yuan Keqing in private, so he answered on Yuan Keqing’s behalf, “I brought Keqing to the birthday party.”

Wei Keli brought her?

Xu Mingzhen looked at Li Xiangrong questioningly.

Li Xiangrong didn’t know, but she couldn’t humiliate her son in front of other people. She discreetly shook her head at Xu Mingzhen.

Yuan Keqing was about to show off to Tan Mo.

‘Even if you guys didn’t bring me here, Wei Keli helped me to get in,’ Yuan Keqing thought.

Seeing that Tan Mo was whispering in Tan Wenci’s ear, Yuan Keqing had no chance to speak.

Yuan Keqing was angry and felt that Tan Mo was doing so on purpose.

However, Tan Mo was really talking about serious matters. “Dad, I see my uncle right there.”

Tan Mo pointed quietly, and Tan Wenci saw Yuan Zhengwen poking his head out in the distance.

Tan Wenci could understand the situation at a glance.

Because Xu Mingzhen refused to bring Yuan Keqing over, Yuan Zhengwen simply brought Yuan Keqing over himself.

“I know. Don’t worry. I won’t let them take advantage of this.” Tan Wenci playfully squeezed Tan Mo’s nose. The little girl’s eyes were quite sharp.

“That’s good. Dad is the best,” Tan Mo praised him.

“Little rascal.” Tan Wenci realized that his Mo Mo didn’t like Yuan Zhengwen and his daughter.

Because of Yuan Keqing’s presence, Tan Wenci put Tan Mo down.

Wei Keli said that Yuan Keqing had been invited, so Xu Mingzhen naturally wouldn’t object.

They all walked toward Shengyue together.

Yuan Keqing walked with Tan Mo.

Li Xiangrong took the opportunity to lag a few steps behind Xu Mingzhen and whispered, “Mingzhen, are you very close to Yuan Keqing?”

Xu Mingzhen looked at Li Xiangrong in shock, and Li Xiangrong continued, “We have been friends for so many years, and I have nothing I can’t say to you, so I’ll just say it bluntly. I don’t like Yuan Keqing. I know she’s your niece, but please don’t bring her to our house in the future.”

Xu Mingzhen sighed. “It’s all for my sister’s sake. To be honest, except for me, everyone in our family doesn’t like her. My husband likes her for my sake, and my three sons have made it clear that they don’t like her. Don’t worry. What she did today was embarrassing. Even if I was affectionate to her before, I wouldn’t be anymore.”

Xu Mingzhen wasn’t stupid. What did Yuan Keqing mean by hiding behind Wei Keli?

Was she implying that Xu Mingzhen was mean to her?

Li Xiangrong knew Xu Mingzhen, so she wouldn’t think of her badly.

But if Yuan Keqing did that in front of strangers, wouldn’t they think that Xu Mingzhen was abusing Yuan Keqing?

She always treated Yuan Keqing with kindness. How could Yuan Keqing be so cunning at such a young age?

“It’s good that you know.” Li Xiangrong patted Xu Mingzhen’s hand. “Enough said. I have to remind my silly boy.”

Li Xiangrong’s head ached just by looking at Wei Keli and Yuan Keqing.

Why did he keep holding Yuan Keqing’s hand instead of going to Tan Mo?

To think that back in the day, when Wei Zhiqian was at Wei Keli’s age, he was so sharp that even adults didn’t dare to underestimate him.

She didn’t ask him to be like Wei Zhiqian, but he should at least be wary of people.

Li Xiangrong hurriedly went to Wei Keli’s side and smiled at Yuan Keqing. “Keqing, you should go to your aunt first and sit with them for a while so they can be at ease.”

Yuan Keqing looked at Wei Keli and then said obediently, “I’ll go and play with my cousin.”

After Yuan Keqing left, Li Xiangrong asked, “Where did you meet Yuan Keqing, and why did you suddenly bring her over?”

Wei Keli explained what happened, and Li Xiangrong said irritatingly, “Do you have a good relationship with her?”

“Isn’t she Mo Mo’s cousin?” Wei Keli was taken aback.

Li Xiangrong’s expression changed a little. “So you’re being kind to Yuan Keqing for Mo Mo’s sake?”

Wei Keli actually wanted to say that he also liked Yuan Keqing a lot and that Yuan Keqing was pitiful.

However, upon seeing that Li Xiangrong’s face brightened when he mentioned Tan Mo, Wei Keli nodded and agreed, “Yes.”

“You don’t need to love all her family members and relatives just for her sake. You just have to be good to Mo Mo alone. Since you aren’t familiar with Yuan Keqing, don’t keep approaching her and keep your distance.”

As they spoke, they had already reached the entrance of the banquet hall. It was inconvenient for Li Xiangrong to continue speaking. Other guests might hear her scolding her son.

Wei Zhiqian was greeting a guest when he saw Tan Mo holding the Sleeping Beauty doll that he gave her.

Wei Zhiqian was very pleased that the gift he gave was so cherished.

Tan Mo was following her parents’ lead. Before she could react, she suddenly saw a figure rushing over.

The figure acted so fast that she didn’t see it coming.

Then someone picked her up, and she was thrown into the air as if she were flying.

“Mo Mo!” her three brothers cried in surprise at the same time.

They were extremely angry. Who was this jerk who dared to steal their sister?

“It seems that you like this doll very much.”

His voice was familiar to Tan Mo. When she finally had a good look at who it was, she saw that it was actually Wei Zhiqian.

At this moment, if she didn’t hurriedly cling to him, what other chance would she have?

Tan Mo was caught off guard. Her adorable chubby face lit up. She hugged Wei Zhiqian’s neck and shouted in surprise, “Little Uncle!”

When the Tan brothers heard her say this, they realized that it was the Wei Zhiqian who gave Tan Mo the doll and tried to challenge their positions in Tan Mo’s heart.

They suddenly became more on guard.

“Little Uncle, I missed you!” Tan Mo didn’t see the scowling faces of her three brothers.

“Sweet-talking little rascal!” Wei Zhiqian joked, but he was immensely pleased. He didn’t expect that he would be well-liked by a child.

Wei Zhiqian caught a glimpse of the doll in Tan Mo’s arms and asked, “Did you bring it for me to see?”

“No. These days, I carry it wherever I go.” Unhappy about being misunderstood by Wei Zhiqian, Tan Mo puffed up her face.

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