Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Evoking Hate for the Tan Family?

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Wei Zhiqian caught a glimpse of the Tan brothers. They looked jealous and glared at him, so he knew that what Tan Mo was saying was true.

Qin Muxiao saw this incident.

Qin Muxiao was the same age as Tan Mo, but ever since she was a child, her older sister Qin Murong had been groomed by the family to marry Wei Zhiqian in the future.

Qin Murong was the same age as Wei Zhiqian, and they both studied at Jixia Academy.

Both families hadn’t made it clear yet as Wei Zhiqian and Qin Murong were still young.

But they were already focusing on cultivating the relationship of the two childhood sweethearts.

Moreover, the Wei family had already consented.

Not only the Qin family and the Wei family, but other people also had the tacit understanding that Wei Zhiqian and Qin Murong were already meant for each other.

People around Qin Murong had long regarded Qin Murong as Wei Zhiqian’s fiancée. Although both families hadn’t actually announced it yet, everyone thought so.

However, as Qin Murong’s sister, Qin Muxiao had never received any special treatment from Wei Zhiqian.

She had never seen Wei Zhiqian treating a girl with admiration and gentleness, even if the other party was just a little girl.

Even towards Qin Murong, Wei Zhiqian had never been as amiable to her.

Not to mention carrying Qin Muxiao, Wei Zhiqian had never given her a toy.

Qin Muxiao looked at Tan Mo with jealousy.

Why did Wei Zhiqian treat that little girl so well?

Qin Muxiao ran over immediately. “Brother Zhiqian!”

Wei Zhiqian was currently carrying Tan Mo. When he lowered his head, the smile on his face disappeared. He had an icy expression on his face, as if he didn’t know Qin Muxiao.

Qin Muxiao hesitated a bit when she saw Wei Zhiqian’s expression but dismissed it and immediately raised her hand to pull Wei Zhiqian’s arm.

It was a pity that she was so short that she couldn’t reach him even if she raised her hand. She could only pull on the corner of Wei Zhiqian’s suit. “Brother Zhiqian, you haven’t seen me for a long time.”

Then Qin Muxiao glared at Tan Mo.

How could Tan Mo endure this situation?

Where did the little girl come from? She was so hostile to her out of the blue when they had not even been introduced to each other yet.

Tan Mo had never provoked anyone, but if they dared to provoke her, she would not hesitate to retaliate.

Tan Mo’s two small hands that were holding Wei Zhiqian’s neck suddenly loosened. She grabbed Wei Zhiqian’s two ears and forced Wei Zhiqian to face her.

“Little Uncle, it turns out you have other dumplings out there!” Tan Mo complained.

Confused, Wei Zhiqian looked at Tan Mo.

What the h*ll!

Her words made it sound as if he was having an affair…

Tan Mo’s fair little face turned red with anger, and she was frowning.

However, she still looked cute that even if she was angry, she was adorable. The domineering Qin Muxiao paled in comparison to her.

Even if Qin Muxiao tried acting cute, it was useless. Wei Zhiqian simply got goosebumps.

Tan Jinyi also joined in the fun. He said to Mo Biao, “Mo Mo, have you seen it now? The men outside can’t be trusted and only your brothers are reliable. We have never had other dumplings.”

Wei Zhiqian blurted out, “Neither do I!”

He got annoyed afterwards.

Clearly, his emotions got the better of him. He felt he needed to say something when he saw Tan Mo’s condemning eyes.

He didn’t think it was right after having said it.

“Then does Little Uncle know this little sister?” Tan Mo asked.

Qin Muxiao said angrily, “Who are you calling little sister? Don’t try to social climb, as if you’re worthy of it!”

Tan Jinqi’s face hardened. “We don’t have an overbearing relative like you.”

Wei Zhiqian also had a cold expression on his face, and he said solemnly, “I do know her, but she’s just the child of a family friend, and we are not related.”

Qin Muxiao was angry. She felt wronged. Wei Zhiqian and her sister were engaged to be married in the future, and both families had already agreed.

Wei Zhiqian would be her brother-in-law.

How could he say they were not related?

Wei Zhiqian had to entertain other guests, so he didn’t bother to pay attention to Qin Muxiao.

He returned Tan Mo to Tan Jinqi, who was rubbing his palms in preparation for receiving his sister, then turned around and left.

“Brother Zhiqian!” Qin Muxiao chased after We Zhiqian.

Wei Zhiqian was walking fast, and Qin Muxiao couldn’t catch up with him.

Qin Muxiao stopped and stomped her feet in anger.

Tan Wenci and Xu Mingzhen found the table with their names, then beckoned the children to come over.

As soon as Tan Mo was about to sit down, she saw Yuan Keqing approaching.

She just went to see Wei Keli, but Li Xiangrong wasn’t friendly towards her. Although it wasn’t obvious, her indifference spoke a lot.

“Auntie, can I play with my cousin?” Yuan Keqing raised her head and asked Xu Mingzhen.

Xu Mingzhen wasn’t at ease to let Tan Mo and Yuan Keqing be alone now, but it was difficult to refuse. She asked Tan Mo instead, “Does Mo Mo want to play?”

She knew that Tan Mo would rather be with her brothers, but she still asked her daughter.

Who knew that Tan Mo would readily agree? “Okay.”

Yuan Keqing definitely had ulterior motives.

If she didn’t play nice with her, she wouldn’t have the opportunity to set up Yuan Keqing.

She couldn’t miss such a good opportunity, could she?

Xu Mingzhen was surprised. But since Tan Mo wanted to go, she agreed.

“Cousin, come.” Yuan Keqing reached out to Tan Mo.

Tan Mo ignored Yuan Keqing’s outstretched hand. She didn’t extend her hand, but smiled and said, “Let’s go.”

“Let’s go find Brother Keli,” Yuan Keqing said with an innocent expression on her face.


The two of them had not gone far before they were stopped.

“The two of you look very unfamiliar. Which family are you two from?” Qin Muxiao asked arrogantly.

Tan Mo was an eyesore to Qin Muxiao.

Why was Wei Zhiqian so good to Tan Mo?

As Qin Murong’s sister, she should be the one being doted on by Wei Zhiqian, not Tan Mo.

“Who are you?” Qin Muxiao asked Tan Mo.

Before Tan Mo could speak, Yuan Keqing raised her head and puffed her chest. She proudly said, “This is my cousin, Tan Mo. You know the Tan family? They’re very powerful.”

Tan Mo’s lips twitched.

The Tan family were just average business people, and they weren’t of significant status in City B, let alone compared to the Wei family and the Qin family.

Was Yuan Keqing evoking hate for the Tan family?

Tan Mo immediately said, “Sister, don’t mind her. My cousin is still young and has little knowledge of our family. What she said was a joke. Our family is not that powerful.”

Yuan Keqing was livid. Tan Mo actually ridiculed her so openly in front of others!

She had little knowledge?

Of course, she knew that the Tan family was of insignificant status here and was just a humble family.

But she didn’t say that on purpose to evoke hatred towards Tan Mo!

Why did Tan Mo say that she had little knowledge?

Tan Mo was an idiot!

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