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Chapter 873 - Wrong Payment in the End

Chapter 873 Wrong Payment in the End

That’s right, if Qin Muye liked him, they would have been together a long time ago, why wait until now.

Ming Yeqing was a genius after all, his reaction was extremely fast.

He then said to Tan Mo: “You mean, Muye was angry because Zhu Shiyao was standing beside me and I didn’t leave in time?”

Tan gave him a look to show that he understood it correctly.

Hearing this, Ming couldn’t help but secretly feel happy and hopeful.

Since Qin Muye cared about this, could it be that she liked him but didn’t notice it?

He was not afraid of confessing.

He was afraid that Qin only treated him as a friend.

His confession might scare her.

Then, she would no longer feel as free as before when around him.

After a few more times, she would become estranged from him.

If he were to look for her, she would no longer treat him the way she used to.

It would even be possible for her to avoid meeting him.

Even if she did meet him, she would become more estranged from him.

If he pushed her too hard, she would simply not meet him.

But if he gave her time and space and did not look for her…

Wouldn’t it be him taking the initiative to widen the distance between them?

In the end, he still could not avoid the result of gradually distancing himself from Qin Muye. Ming Yeqing had already considered all these aspects.

That was why he did not dare to take any further actions rashly.

But if it was as Tan Mo said, that Qin Muye was really angry because Zhu Shiyao stood by his side and he didn’t walk away…

Then wouldn’t that mean that Qin actually liked him a little?

But she hadn’t realized it yet?

Ming Yeqing couldn’t help but turn his head to look at Qin.

After getting the answer from Tan Mo, Ming acted like a scumbag who threw things away after making use of them, and ignored Tan.

Tan: “…”

Alright, no one could escape from the fact that the opposite sex had no humanity.


Tan sighed silently in her heart.

And Ming Yeqing really did not care about Tan Mo anymore, he was focused on coaxing Qin Muye.

“I didn’t mean to not look for you just now.” Ming said to Qin, “Firstly, I didn’t notice that Zhu Shiyao was standing by my side. Secondly, there were so many people between us that the corridor was narrow and I couldn’t squeeze through. I had originally wanted to wait until we got downstairs and the space was open before I immediately went to look for you.”

“I was careless and my actions were slow.” Ming lowered his head as he walked, staring at Qin with straightforward eyes, “This kind of situation will never happen again. No matter when, even if there is someone else, I will always come to your side at the first moment, alright?”

Tan Mo listened at the side with her teeth aching.

If it was already like this now, it would be terrible if the two of them were to be an official couple in the future.

She was afraid that even Wei Zhiqian and her could not compare to Ming Yeqing and Qin Muye’s stickiness.

“Why’re you acting like this?” Qin Muye mumbled, but at least she was willing to talk to Ming Yeqing.

Ming knew that Qin was a little less angry now.

He quickly said: “I really didn’t notice that Zhu Shiyao was still standing beside me. Even though we are in the same research room, I usually don’t care about her.”

If it wasn’t for Zhu always looking to make her presence known in front of him, he wouldn’t have even known that there was such a person.

“Something like this will not happen again.” Ming Yeqing said once more, “I will never let Zhu Shiyao stand beside me in the future. Even if she were to be working in the research lab, if she comes looking for me because of work problems, I will also keep a distance from her across the table if I have to talk to her.”

Qin Muye’s heart said, why did it feel like she was being so petty and unreasonable when Ming Yeqing said this?

It made her feel really embarrassed.

“I… I’m not angry because of this.” Qin Muye said with a red face, “No, I’m not angry at


“Am I the kind of person who gets angry for no reason at all?” She raised her head and said.

As long as she was willing to raise her head.

Ming Yeqing heaved a sigh of relief and immediately replied, “No, of course not!”

“You are the most generous and straightforward girl I have ever met.” Ming said.

Tan Mo: “…”


She had made a mistake in the end.

She should have left the space for the two of them and went to look for Wei Zhiqian herself.

“Muye, why don’t you like Zhu Shiyao standing beside me?” Ming Yeqing asked tentatively.

Hearing Ming’s words, Qin Muye started to have flashbacks again.

Thinking of the scene of Zhu Shiyao standing next to Ming, she felt extremely stifled.

Her heart felt stifled and painful.

She covered her heart and quietly pressed it twice, “It’s… It’s because she’s not a good person!”

“Momo was kind enough to bring the reporter team to the research room to film for publicity, but she did Momo in for no reason in front of the camera.” Qin Muye pursed her lips, “Shouldn’t I hate her?”

“Yes, you should.” Ming immediately nodded and nodded heavily.

“She framed Momo, I won’t let her have it easy, don’t worry.” Ming was not disappointed in his heart.

Although Qin Muye said that it was because Zhu Shiyao had framed Tan Mo, which was why she felt disgusted with her even though she had only met her once and had not even spoken to her before…

Of course, this was indeed one of the reasons.

But Ming Yeqing thought, was it possible that it was also because she simply did not like other women to get close to him?

Of course, Tan Mo was an exception.

Qin Muye snorted twice, finally giving Ming Yeqing some face.

She originally wanted to look for Tan…

She was already used to walking with Tan…

Now that there was Ming standing between her and Tan, she was not used to it.

But just as she was about to look for Tan, when she turned around, she saw from the corner of her eye that Zhu Shiyao was also looking in their direction.

Obviously, Zhu had been paying attention to the situation on their side.

Qin Muye then turned back and did not look for Tan Mo.

Although there was no evidence, she just felt that if she went to look for Tan…

Ming Yeqing’s side would be empty.

Zhu Shiyao would not hesitate to come over and occupy it.

Qin did not want Zhu to come over to Ming’s side.

So, she followed Tan and continued to sandwich Ming in the middle.

Anyway, it would be good to get used to it.

The group went to the restaurant just like that.

Because it was quite late in the afternoon when they decided to have a meal together, the private room had long been unavailable.

Because this restaurant’s location was strategic, it was very popular.

Every day, teachers and students from Jing University would come to have a meal together.

If they wanted to book a private room, they had to do it at least one day in advance.

Since they had booked it late, they naturally did not have a private room.

Fortunately, the long table that was separated by a screen in the hall had not been reserved yet, so they went to book it.

Although the conversation would spread out, at least it would be blocked by a screen, so it was still a little better.

Moreover, there were many people chatting in the hall, with all sorts of voices. Even if they were chatting at a normal volume, it would be mixed with the other voices in the hall, in fact, other people would not be able to hear clearly what they were saying.

A group of people walked into the screen.

Zhu Shiyao had been looking for an opportunity to sit beside Ming Yeqing.

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