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Chapter 874 - Insensitve Callous Senior

Chapter 874 Insensitve Callous Senior

It was just that there was always Tan Mo and Qin Muye by Ming Ye Qing’s side. One on the left and one on the right, like his left and right guardians, occupying the only two positions by his side.

They completely did not leave his side. It was really extremely annoying.

Zhu Shiyao was unable to determine for a moment whether the person that Ming Yeqing liked was Tan Mo or Qin Muye.

Looking at Ming’s attitude towards Qin, it was not any worse than towards Tan.

Or was it actually Tan and Qin who liked him?

Both of them were fighting for him?

Zhu Shiyao’s judgment was not good and she only felt that her brain was in a mess.

She also felt that the relationship between these three people was really messy and it gave her a headache.


Entering the screen, Zhu had been paying attention and wanted to see where Ming Yeqing was sitting.

She wanted to grab the opportunity to quickly sit beside him.

Tan Mo watched coldly, thinking to herself that it would be strange if Zhu Shiyao could get her way.

Tan directly asked Qin Muye to find a seat to sit down.

Anyway, Zhu Shiyao was staring at Ming Yeqing, so it was impossible for her to sit beside Qin.

Moreover, even if Zhu Shiyao wanted to sit down first, she could separate Qin Muye from Ming Yeqing.

But on Qin’s other side, she could first occupy it for Ming.

Then she could just give up the seat to him.

At that time, she would sit on the other side of Zhu Shiyao, and together with Qin Muye, she would sandwich Zhu in the middle.

With her watching, Zhu would not be able to do anything to Qin.

Tan Mo thought this, as she lamented about how she had really worried so much for Qin Muye and Ming Yeqing.

If Zhu could sit next to Qin, that would be the best.

Unfortunately, she did not sit.

Tan Mo took the opportunity to pull Ming to sit next to Qin.

Zhu Shiyao had been staring, so the first thing she wanted to do was to come over and


However, she was not as quick as Tan Mo, and Tan immediately occupied Ming Yeqing’s other side, blocking Zhu’s path. She even deliberately put on a satisfied look and said with a smile, “I’m sorry, Junior Zhu, go find another seat.”

Zhu Shiyao was also a top student type character.

When she had entered Jing University at the age of 17, although she called Ming Yeqing her senior, she was actually the same age as him.

She was in her third year this year.

Entering Professor Yue’s research team as a third year showed Zhu’s ability.

However, she still could not compare to Tan Mo.

Even though she was the same age as Tan, there was still nothing wrong with being called Junior by her.

As a shameless gold-digger, Tan Mo naturally knew that it was not advisable to show off her pride like this. It would appear too ostentatious and superficial.

However, she also knew that this could anger Zhu, and it could also make her so angry that she would not be able to eat.

This was not a loss.

Then Tan Mo would of course choose to anger her to death.

As Tan spoke, she smiled sweetly at Zhu Shiyao.

Cheng Xiuze knew about the relationship between Tan and Wei Zhiqian.

So, he knew that Ming Yeqing definitely did not like Tan.

Whether he liked Qin Muye, he could not say for sure.

But he felt that the probability was high.

Of course, he was not very sure.

Cheng Xiuze wouldn’t openly tell others about things that weren’t very certain.

As for the others, they didn’t know about Tan Mo and Wei Zhiqan’s relationship.

But they knew that Tan Mo and Qin Muye had an exceptionally good relationship with Ming Yeqing.

It was so good that they had to secretly guess, which of these two girls liked Ming?

Or both?

And which one did Ming like?

But no matter what kind of situation it was, no one wanted the relationship between the three of them to break down because of it.

The three of them had such a good relationship, anyone who saw it would be envious.

But they could not go their separate ways just because they couldn’t handle it well.

But now they saw Qin Muye and Tan Mo sandwiching Ming Yeqing in the middle. Everyone could not understand it. Was there really going to be a scene of two women fighting over a man? Although Zhu Shiyao also liked Ming Yeqing, everyone knew that.

In the research room, Zhu’s aggressive intiative towards Ming Yeqing was so obvious.

Anyone with eyes could see her intentions towards him.

It was just that Ming had always kept a distance from her and had a cold attitude.

The attitude of rejection was quite obvious.

It was just that Zhu had never given up.

But this did not stop the crowd from not including Zhu at all.

After all, Ming Yeqing did not like her at all.

Zhu Shiyao did not have the ability to compete.

Zhu looked at the table and did not sit beside Ming. No matter where she sat, she felt that it was not good.

But the long table was not as far away from each other as when the round table was facing each other.

She thought for a moment and walked towards the seat opposite Ming Yeqing.

Tan Mo did not make a sound, but pinched Ming’s arm with all her strength.

At this time, what was the point of being in a daze?

Want to be a scumbag?

Ming was in so much pain that he let out a hiss and the corners of his eyes became red from the pain.

Hhe thought to himself, why was Tan Mo’s hand so strong? Why was there no mercy at all? Fortunately, Ming’s reaction was still fast.

He immediately looked at Cheng Xiuze who was still standing, He saw Cheng, who was waiting for everyone to choose a seat before taking his seat, and said, “Senior Cheng, Senior Bian, Senior Mao, come over and have a seat. I still have some ideas to share with you guys. Let’s eat and talk about it? Just eating and chatting leisurely over lunch feels like it’s a waste of time.”

Ming Yeqing’s words had hit the nail on Bian Chengping’s head.

Although Bian had agreed to come out for dinner, he still felt that it was a waste of time since he could totally study more topics.

So, without waiting for Cheng Xiuze and Mao Ruiying to agree, he did not notice Zhu Shiyao’s ugly expression and sat directly opposite Ming Yeqing.

He even called out to Cheng and Mao without a care in the world, “What are you two still standing there for? Come over quickly! It’s perfect, let’s eat and discuss, sounds good, sounds good.”

Zhu Shiyao: “…”

She could not help but have an ugly expression on her face.

She thought for a while and said, “I have some ideas too, I want to discuss it with Senior Ming.”

“It’s about…” Zhu said a set of words that Qin Muye didn’t understand at all.

After all, she was a professional in this field.

Usually when she was chatting with Ming Yeqing, Qin Muye also had the intention to understand his professional scope. This way, she would have more topics to talk about with him, and he would not have to blindly cooperate with her conversation content.

Even if he was her best friend, it would be tiring to continue like this.

Moreover, it was precisely because he was her best friend that she could not let him keep apologizing to her.

She also had to learn to understand him better.

Therefore, she had also learned a lot of professional knowledge and professional vocabulary from Ming.

It was definitely impossible to do calculations like him.

But when other people talked about professional vocabulary, she at least knew what it was.

But what Zhu Shiyao said now was very unfamiliar to her.

Qin Muye and Tan Mo both knew that Zhu had done it on purpose.

She specially picked such a professional vocabulary to make things difficult for Qin Muye.

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