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Chapter 908 - We Didn’t Do Anything Wrong

Chapter 908 We Didn’t Do Anything Wrong

“Now, can you stay away from us?” Qin Muye asked straightforwardly, “Of course I trust my boyfriend, and he really doesn’t like you. No matter how you pester him, it’s useless. But as his girlfriend, I don’t like a woman who completely ignore my existence and keep pestering my boyfriend. Even worse, you act as if I’m not a person and covets him in front of me. It’s not just me, any other girl would feel disgusted.”

“You’re not pursuing him, you’re purely here to disgust us,” Qin Muye said coldly.

“I really didn’t know that you were his girlfriend before, and Senior Ming never told me about it,” Zhu Shiyao said.

“Previously, you only used an excuse to get close to him, and you never said that you liked Ah Qing. If Ah Qing casually told you that, wouldn’t it seem like he was flattering himself? You would even bite him back and say that he had wronged you. When that time comes, wouldn’t you be the one being pitied again?” Qin Muye continued, “You’ve been pestering him a little too much these past few days. You even deliberately ignored me and said things that would make me angry and sow discord between Ah Qing and me.”

“Although you didn’t say it out loud, even fool would know what you meant. Ah Qing felt that even if you didn’t say it out loud, he couldn’t continue like this, so he took the initiative to explain it to you,” Qin Muye said, “So, this isn’t a reason for you to pretend to be innocent.”

“You don’t even need to say that Ah Qing deliberately hid the fact that he was in a relationship with me.” Qin Muye sneered. “Even at this time, you still didn’t forget to sow discord between the two of us.”

Some of the people around hadn’t reacted when Zhu Shiyao said that.

Now that they heard Qin Muye say that, after thinking about it for a while, they understood the whole picture.

Immediately, they looked down on Zhu Shiyao even more.

“Why do you have to say that?” Zhu Shiyao’s eyes were filled with tears, and her voice was choked with sobs, “I did just know you two are dating. I won’t pester You guys anymore. I’m also a self-respecting person. I didn’t think of pestering you guys.” “It’s done. I was waiting for you to say that.” Qin Muye happily clapped his hands and waved at Zhu Shiyao. “I hope you’ll keep your promise. Goodbye.”

Zhu Shiyao bit her lip.

Even if Qin Muye didn’t say it, under such circumstances, Zhu Shiyao wouldn’t be able to continue staying in this cafeteria.

She had embarrassed herself, and the people around were still pointing fingers and looking at her with disdain.

No matter how thick-skinned she was, she couldn’t stay in this cafeteria anymore.

Moreover, she didn’t want to come to this cafeteria again for a long time.

This cafeteria was a social death place for her.

Zhu Shi Yao turned around and left, she gritted her teeth in shame and anger.

“Do you still want to eat here?” Ming Yeqing asked Qin Muye.

He was worried that after the incident with Zhu Shi Yao, there would be too many people gossiping in the cafeteria, and it would affect Qin Muye’s mood. “It’s alright, let’s eat here. We didn’t do anything wrong.” Qin Muye said. Since they weren’t the ones who made the mistake, then why did they have to leave?

Ming Yeqing smiled. Qin Muye’s ability to withstand pressure had always been very strong

It was probably related to her living environment and family education since she was young

Despite Qin family would be inherited by Qin Mufeng in the future, as the child of the Qin family, it was impossible for Qin Muye to not care about anything and not bear any responsibility.

As long as she was in the Qin family, even if she bore the least amount of responsibility, she would have to bear a lot more than a child of an ordinary family.

Qin Muye had a lot since she was young, but she also had to bear a lot.

According to Qin Muye, she didn’t mind that she had to bear a lot of pressure because she also had a lot of things.

Although Qin Mufeng had more than what she had to bear, if she were to list out all the burden that Qin Mufeng had to bear, about 99% of the people were willing to do so.

Therefore, Qin Muye said that there was actually nothing worth mentioning or complaining about when it came to bearing these burdens.

Many people were willing to bear these things as long as they could have a life like Qin Muye’s.

In the end, Qin Muye felt that her life was actually very good.

There was nothing to complain about.

Perhaps, it was precisely because of this kind of temperament that made Qin Muye open-minded and able to withstand the pressure.

“Then you go back and sit.” Ming Yeqing said to Qin Muye.

“No need, I left a glass of water on the table to occupy a seat. Anyway, it’s almost your turn, I’ll go with you.” Qin Muye said.

When the people around saw the way the two of them got along, they were really lovers who were extremely familiar with each other and had a tacit understanding of each other.

They had not just gotten together, and they were not very familiar with each other. Their words and actions were still unfamiliar and probing.

The lovers who had just gotten together wished that they could stick together with each other, but they would feel embarrassed and retreat slightly.

There were some misgivings in their words and actions.

They were afraid that they would not perform well, afraid that they would lose their composure in front of each other.

They would not be able to act naturally and casually like lovers who had been in love for a long time.

But Ming Yeqing and Qin Muye were not. The two of them got along casually and had a tacit understanding.

Looking at the atmosphere between the two of them, they felt that it was extremely harmonious.

If not for the fact that the two of them were still looked young, everyone even felt that the two of them were an old couple.

Ming Yeqing and Qin Muye did not notice it.

In the dining hall, there was a table where Bian Chengping and Mao Ruiying were sitting together.

The two of them did not have an appointment. They just happened to bump into each other here.

Everyone spent every day together in the laboratory, so they were more familiar with each other than their classmates.

The two of them also witnessed the whole process of Ming Yeqing and Qin Muye criticizing Zhu Shiyao.

Mao Ruiying took a sip of soy milk and said, “I was wondering why Ah Qing and Tan Mo were so rude to Zhu Shiyao on Friday afternoon.”

After saying that, Mao Ruiying saw that Bian Chengping’s expression was not very good.

Mao Ruiying smiled and said, “Why? Don’t you agree with Ah Qing and Muye’s actions?”

They had been friends for many years. In the laboratory, they were both colleagues and partners.

They understood each other very well.

Bian Chengping was also a research maniac. All the emotions and thoughts in his heart were clearly written on his face. It was really too easy to guess. Bian Chengping nodded with a dark face, “On Friday, I felt that Ah Qing had gone a little overboard. Zhu Shiyao liked him, and it wasn’t something that couldn’t be forgiven. Why couldn’t they communicate properly? Why did he have to treat Zhu Shiyao so badly? His tone at that time was too blunt.”

“Including just now. Even if she didn’t like him, he could have said it in private. Why did he humiliate her in front of so many people in public?” Bian Chengping frowned, he said disapprovingly, “At least everyone is doing research in the lab. Even if Zhu Shiyao hasn’t been here for a long time, she still has to be with him every day in the future.”

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