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Chapter 909 - Are You Thinking too Much?

Chapter 909 Are You Thinking too Much?

“I think Ah Qing’s attitude is a little too much,” Bian Chengping said.

“Besides, other people don’t know, but we all know that Muye wasn’t Qing’s girlfriend.” Bian Chengping said.

“Although we don’t know when Muye officially got together with Ah Qing, at least until yesterday when we parted from the laboratory, we all knew that they weren’t together.” Bian Chengping said with a frown, “In other words, Zhu Shiyao said that she didn’t know that Ah Qing and Muye were together. It’s true. She didn’t lie.”

“On the contrary, Ah Qing and Muye were lying, accusing Zhu Shiyao of knowing that they were together.” Bian Chengping disagreed, “I’m not supporting Zhu Shiyao, I just simply don’t agree with their actions of lying and accusing Zhu Shiyao.”

“Do you think she’s really innocent?” Mao Ruiying asked.

Bian Chengping was confused. “Isn’t it?”

“Let’s not talk about when Ah Qing and Muye were together,” Mao Ruiying said. “But Ah Qing has liked Muye for a long time.”

“Previously, we weren’t sure if Ah Qing liked Muye or Tan Mo,” Mao Ruiying said, “Because apart from Tan Mo and Muye, we haven’t seen Ah Qing being so close to any


“Of course, we have our own internal speculations. Some people guessed that Ah Qing liked Tan Mo, while others guessed that Ah Qing liked Muye.” Mao Ruiying hugged the half-finished soy milk to warm her hands, “But no matter what, it’s not Zhu Shiyao.”

“Previously, if Zhu Shiyao didn’t know, then it wouldn’t be a problem for her to pursue Ah Qing,” Mao Ruiying said, “But last Friday, it was already confirmed that Ah Qing likes Muye, and Zhu Shiyao even went to interfere. As a boy, you might think that this is nothing, but as a girl, I think that this is very problematic.”

“Besides, looking at Zhu Shiyao’s previous performance, she also guessed that Ah Qing was in love with someone. It was either Tan Mo or Muye.” Mao Ruiying could see it clearly. “I think that she knew Ah Qing was in love with Tan Mo.”

“So, on Friday, Tan Mo was obviously kind enough to bring the reporters to our lab to film the publicity, but Zhu Shiyao wanted to give Tan Mo an eye-opener in front of the camera. She implied that Tan Mo was not from our lab, and she was fishing for fame.”

“Is that what she meant?” Bian Chengping had never been good at these complicated thoughts. “Are you thinking too much?” “You always focused on research, so you’re not good at reading these things. I understand.” Mao Ruiying was not angry, “But the rest of us can see it clearly. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Old Cheng. He’s more mature than us in the way he conducts himself, and his EQ is higher as well. In this regard, you’ve always been convinced by



“Besides, Reporter Ling has interviewed many people. What kind of people haven’t he seen? Their workplace is many times more complicated than ours in research. What words can’t they understand?” Mao Ruiying said, “How can Reporter Ling not understand Zhu Shiyao’s meaning?”

“If she really believes it, what should we do? Fortunately, Tan Mo explained to Reporter Ling about her location in our laboratory early on. Otherwise, wouldn’t she really be misunderstood?” Mao Ruiying sneered, “Moreover, it’s also fortunate that it’s not a live interview. Even if it’s filmed, we can cut it off later. Otherwise, wouldn’t Tan Mo be misunderstood by the entire country’s audience?”

“Just because Zhu Shiyao suspects that Tan Mo is someone Ah Qing likes, she can talk about Mo behind his back at such an important time?” Mao Ruiying said coldly, “Don’t talk about Ah Qing and Muye ganging up to frame Zhu Shiyao. Just because Zhu Shiyao schemed against Tan Mo, they can take it as revenge for Tan Mo. I don’t think it’s too much.”

Bian Chengping did not expect that even though Mao Ruiying usually did not say much.

Deep down, she actually had such a big opinion of Zhu Shiyao.

“On Monday, Zhu Shiyao made fun of Muye.” Mao Ruiying smiled. “Looking at her actions, I can be sure. At that time, she was already sure that Ah Qing liked Muye.”

“Liking someone is indeed not wrong. Courageously pursuing someone is indeed a very courageous and admirable thing to do. However, you can’t hurt others’ feelings. Do things openly and aboveboard. No one will look down on her. Everyone will just rely on their own abilities. If the other party really doesn’t like you, then they will gracefully withdraw from the competition and leave some face for themselves. This will be even more admirable from the bottom of their hearts.”

“The reason why Ah Qing was so rude to Zhu Shiyao yesterday, wasn’t it because Zhu Shiyao was bullying Muye, and Ah Qing was supporting Muye?”


“We only confirmed on Friday that Ah Qing likes Muye, and the two of them are together today. It can be seen that Muye also likes Ah Qing. The two of them have liked each other for a long time. What does it have to do with Zhu Shiyao?”

“Think about it from another perspective. Not only is someone coveting my boyfriend, but they are also scheming against me. Why should I be polite to her?” Mao Ruiying said coldly, “From another perspective, if Zhu Shiyao is bullying the girl you like, but you are still being nice to Zhu Shiyao. Isn’t it too unfair to the girl you like? What kind of sin did that girl commit that you like her

“Look at Ah Qing. He had made it clear to her that he doesn’t like her. At first, he rejected her politely, but she started to have bad ideas. So, he started to be rude to her just to scare her off. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.”

Bian Chengping smiled bitterly, “I’m not a bad person, and I didn’t condone anyone bullying the girl I like. That’s not right, I don’t have anyone I like, nor do I have any girls chasing after me. Don’t make me sound like I’ve really committed a sin.”

Mao Ruiying pursed her lips and said, “Then tell me, did Ah Qing do something wrong?”

“I was thinking too simply.” Bian Chengping lowered his head obediently.

Mao Ruiying saw that Bian Chengping’s attitude was so good, so she did not get angry with him. She only asked him, “Then, when you saw Ah Qing in the lab today, would you still be unhappy?”

“I won’t.” Bian Chengping put his palms together and begged for mercy. “Please forgive me. I just didn’t think it through. Now that you’ve explained it to me, I’m clear as well. I won’t have any complaints against Ah Qing.”

Since Mao Ruiying had finished her breakfast, she stood up and picked up the remaining half cup of soy milk. “I’m done eating. I’ll be leaving first.” Bian Chengping nodded his head.

Just now, he felt that Mao Ruiying was really angry.

That was why he did not dare to provoke her now. She was unusually well-behaved.

Mao Ruiying took the soy milk and left.

Tan Mo ate breakfast at home, so she missed the big show in the cafeteria.

She came to class on time and sat in the middle seat.

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