Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion

Chapter 910 - Isn’t It Just Money?

Chapter 910 Isn’t It Just Money?

Tan Mo was holding her head and casually flipping through what she wanted to learn today.

She heard people gossiping about what happened in the cafeteria in the morning.

There were four cafeterias in Beijing University.

Therefore, not all the students gathered in one cafeteria to eat.

There was always a larger number of students who couldn’t see the big show in the morning with their own eyes.

But it didn’t prevent the students who had seen it with their own eyes from sharing it with those who had not seen it.

Thus, Tan Mo also indirectly learned about what happened in the morning.

Tan Mo blinked her eyes, and she was stunned when she heard it.

Tan Mo thought, could it be that people had exaggerated the matter?

Thus, Tan Mo hurriedly sent a message in her small group chat with Qin Muye and Ming Yeqing.

“@Ming [email protected] Muye!” Tan Mo typed excitedly, “I’m here for class, I heard that the two of you are officially together? Is that true?!”

Qin Muye only read Tan Mo’s words and her face turned red, “It’s true.”

The smile on Ming Yeqing’s face did not fade, and at this moment, she seemed to be in high spirits as a young man who had achieved success.

Her eyes were bright as if she wasn’t chatting on WeChat.

She had just accomplished something big.

Ming Yeqing, “This morning, Muye agreed to date with me.”

Tan Mo excitedly sent out emojis.

“Congratulations! Congratulations!” Tan Mo could be said to be an expert in ancient Chinese.

As a screenwriter, she was naturally very good at writing.

But at this time, she suddenly could not find any words to describe her excitement at this moment.

Tan Mo was so excited that even when she was typing, her fingertips were trembling.

Her two best friends were dating each other.

This was such a happy thing! “Both of you, aren’t you going to give me a red packet?” Tan Mo said.

Forget about Qin Muye, Ming Yeqing really wanted to give her a red packet. If she did Qin Muye, Qin Muye would not have thought it through so quickly. However, there was no need for Tan Mo to tell Ming Yeqing.

Ming Yeqing did not say anything and sent the matchmaker’s red packet over.

First, he sent a 666 and then an 888.

Tan Mo accepted it with a big smile.

“I’ll treat you to lunch!” Tan Mo said very generously.

Regarding Tan Mo accepting Ming Yeqing’s red packet and taking Ming Yeqing’s red packet to treat Ming Yeqing and Qin Muye to a meal, Ming Yeqing and Qin Muye did not have any objections.

Actually, even if Tan Mo did not say it, Ming Yeqing could guess it.

Qin Muye figured it out so quickly, it must be because Tan Mo had put in a lot of effort.

“Cough.” Ming Yeqing said again, “Ask Brother Zhiqian too, the four of us can have a meal together.”

Tan Mo’s eyes twitched.

Ming Yeqing sent a message, “Muye and I will have a meal together with you as a couple. The meaning is different from the


“Okay.” Tan Mo agreed on Wei Zhiqian’s behalf.

There was no need to ask Wei Zhiqian about this.

Wei Zhiqian would definitely agree.

After all, Wei Zhiqian was the one who passed on the “100 Ways to Flirt” to Ming Yeqing.

Zhu Shi Yao still remained in the laboratory.

Although everyone in the laboratory had some opinions about Zhu Shi Yao, thinking that her character was not good.

But at least she did not make any mistakes in her work.

Work and private affairs were different things.

Therefore, no one made things difficult for Zhu Shiyao on work.

It was just that apart from work, they were not very close to Zhu Shiyao in private.

Zhu Shiyao could plot against Tan Mo, who knew if she would plot against others?

They had to worry that if she was plotting against them.

If they were to get along like this, things would be peaceful.

Just like that, time passed by bit by bit.

The second season of “Broken Continent” had also passed its approval.

However, Kefeng Films was currently arranging for the broadcast. With the success of the first season, Kefeng Films now regarded “Broken Continent” as their number one brand.

They promoted the second season even harder.

Just the trailer alone had already been edited several times.

In the first season, they had relied on the Tan brothers and Tan Mo to stir up their connections. They only relied on Dong Yanzhen, Lu Man, and the others’ fame to push “Broken Continent” onto the top searches.

However, this season, they did not need to think of ways to promote it themselves, and they did not need to rely on their connections to help

Kefeng Films had already arranged for it to be on the hot searches.

They promoted the second season on their social medias every day.

On their own streaming platform, they had placed the trailer on the front page of the rolling banner recommendation one week in advance.

This was only the trailer, but it had already received the same treatment as other shows.

Moreover, those shows only received such treatment on the day they were broadcast. When they weren’t updated, they were not promoted in such eye-catching place.

Yet, they placed the trailer at this this eye-catching place.

However, after watching the trailer, they also knew why the Kefeng Films had given such good treatment to the second season of “Broken Continent”.

This trailer was already able to suppress the domestic big-budget movie whether it was in terms of special effects, quality, or the performance of the characters shown in the trailer.

The movie was about two hours long. It could be said that all the essence was condensed.

Whether it was the plot, the characterization of the characters, or the special effects production, they were all condensed essence.

Just think about how hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars were invested into the two-hour movie.

Just the special effects alone, the cost of each frame was much higher than the cost of a TV series, so the effect must be much better.

However, the special effects of the second season of “Broken Continent”, just from the trailer alone, were even better than the first season. They were also worse than those movies that had spent a lot of money to produce.

Even for the movies that were at the top of the domestic box office, the special effects were only about the same quality as the second season of “Broken Continent”.

“It’s too strong. I really don’t know how they did it.”

“They made the same investment and shot 12 episodes, but the effects were better than the two-hour-long movie.”


“To tell you the truth, I’ve watched all the trailers released so far for the second season of “Broken Continent”. I can’t get tired of watching them. I’ve watched them several times.”

“@Kefeng Films, I’m asking you, do you dare to broadcast it earlier?!”

“It’s official. I don’t expect it to be broadcast earlier. I’m asking you @ Kefeng Films, do you dare to broadcast a few more episodes at a time?”

“Isn’t it just asking for money? You can say how much an episode costs. As long as you dare to broadcast the entire episode in one


Just as everyone was rubbing their hands in excitement and couldn’t wait to watch it.

However, the Kefeng Films officially announced another news, “With immediate effect, all episodes will be canceled on-demand. The second season of “Broken Continent” will also be canceled on-demand. It will still be broadcast on a daily basis from Monday to Wednesday.”

When the netizens heard this, they instantly became anxious.

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